Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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Fuck that guy


Yea, dems are done.


5 more years of your screeching about Orange Man, then this happens.

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Why is no one talking about the fact that Trump has a vagina on his neck

>weird fantasies about daddy


run a facebook campaign and you can meme it into happening.

He loves russian dick.

wish she had zerg rushed him and got her shit pushed in by secret service

>1st female prez
>trump does it again

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Why so many want to fuck him..

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oh damn that's fucking hot

Actually that would be the first thing he did that I actually could laught about.
I mean jes Trump is one big joke, but one thats not even funny.

The once and future president

He sucks, but the dems have nothing to offer.

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How about when he literally looked at the sun during the solar eclipse

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Elect a Democrat and see those unemployment numbers skyrocket. "Don't worry we're gonna take care of you". They want to just feed their voter base with money. Even the free tuition bs is just taking money from rich people who have it and giving it to the rich dems that run the educational system. It's fucking bonkers.

he has special eyes

That is Hillary

She is getting sued over her strang obsession over Russia.

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Wont just be the rich

Oh fuck yes you are right, that was hilarious too.

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I was starting to feel depressed with life, but last night after seeing Nancy Pelosi cry and throw a tantrum I got so fucking excited instead of sliding into depression I slid into some DM's and fucked 10 consecutive chicks. Now I feel fantastic!

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You're telling me, I did just about the same thing except afterward I grabbed my tools, loaded up my truck, drove to the Mexican border and single handedly constructed an additional 10 miles of wall.

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Happy Unimpeachment Day, user!

Just like trump’s people handing out money at a rally?

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me on the right

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the house plant?

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Good look for the GodKing.

Is she downy or FAS?


I'm damn near conducting the trump train, and even I thought that was fucking hilarious

And his wife's son.

This is actually a pretty quality thread. Good job op

business owner > career politician
who gonna fix the economy, someone who had a financial interest that grows with the stock market? or someone playing bush from 2004?

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Nope, I was correct in what I said.

>business owner > career politician

A business owner with nothing but bankruptcies and losses to his name?

Besides, even if you elect a SUCCESSFUL business owner, and he retains his business (as you implied), won't he just distort the economy to favor his own companies?

Like when Donald put tariffs on all that Chinese stuff EXCEPT for Ivanka's products.

You keep forgetting to finish the line. ...DT major shit for brains!

>Nothing but bankruptcies and losses

He filed 6 bankruptcies out of 120 businesses that he started. That's pretty good odds. And by the way, Ivanka had already pulled her business before he applied any tariffs. Do research before you post, so you do look like the moron you are.

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4 More Years! 4 More Years!

why did i think this was a map of florida?

the American public is his employees
who pay their taxes to support his schemes

to support winning, you silly goose, i fixed that for you sweeties

isn’t he paying Ukraine like a half billion to arrest the other candidates?

Ya never know what he's thinking...

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that was Biden to fire some guy investigating his son, its totally different, besides Joe Biden wasn't the President at the time

Ed Buck is a serial gay tranny killer

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>implying not all democrats are bad people

No, just the VP.

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That's right, little girl, stay in the background and be all mad and stuff

This man is the reason why it's #InTheBag2020

and because Dems and their cronies are fuckin' dumb

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Here for the crybaby liberals.

I love watching them flail over our superior choice.

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Climate Change is real

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Why is she going bald?

To much soy in her diet.

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