Be Greta Thunberg

>Be Greta Thunberg
>Manage to TRIGGER millions of boomers and white trash incels
>Becomes TIMES Person of the Year 2019

You've got 5 seconds, 5 fucking seconds to tell me one single thing you've done in your entire life that's even 1/10th of 1% as ACCOMPLISHING as her on any given day.

>Protip: you indisputably can't

P.S. Queen of Cred Forums

God I love her

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I can live my own life.

rule 34 in 9 months

You misspelled "autistic".
Nothing has changed since she spouted off, so what exactly has she accomplished, other than being known as a whiny brat?
By those standards, Paris Hilton is "accomplished".

I'm not a puppet like Greta.

She is nothing but a pawn used to manipulate pathetic pathos people like you... Using children as political tools is disgusting.

I've actually lead a tree planting and recycling initiative in my town which Greta hasn't.

I dropped a pretty nice turd today

well said. only thing to add to this is shes backed but jew liberals

Not been retarded and went to REAL schools, not an asylum with drop in classes which she lies about striking against

she is literally ruining her life. She has assburgers and autismo and has been on a "school strike" in a couple years everyone will have forgotten her, she wont have an education, and she'll live out her days a bitter woman who accomplished nothing and can only survive off the welfare checks the EU sends her.

She just repeathing what she heard from climate "scientists".

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Why do the intellectually superior frighten you user?

Since virtue signalling and talking without action has no fucking value, the shit I did this morning accomplished more than Greta the saucy minx.

>facebook-tier meme grabbed literally from facebook

fuck off kike

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Did somebody say Queen?


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i've beaten cancer.

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Congrats posting kike porn, kike.

At least hilton got her tapes leaked so I guess she's got the upper hand

you are right, I can't get on to her level. Soros refuses to pay my bills.

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If you deny climate change then we can safely dismiss your opinions in general.

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I once got two illegal mexicans deported from this great country

greta thunberg needs to get fucked

imagine being in alabama with this preachy prissy mumble munchkin

you pull up to the candlewood suites in a fucking dodge challenger with aftermarket headers and parts that get you 11 miles per gallon

one rev of the engine and she's already getting inexplicably moist in her room from the sound of your massive fuel-guzzling V8 roadboat

you get out and take a minibike running on a lawnmower engine through the parking lot and into the lobby of the hotel because FUCK walking, we didn't invent internal combustion to scuttle around with our dicks on our hands

moonwalk down the hallway to the elevator while turning every thermostat you see on full blast and spraying CFC-saturated aerosol air fresheners everywhere

check your phone in the elevator and hit up your broker app really quick to buy a thousand more shares of exxon, bp, and shell stocks while shorting anything that has to do with solar and wind because solar panels look fucking gay and windmills are for dipshits

reach greta's floor, backflip into her door, breaking that shit down and sending splinters flying everywhere setting off fucking car alarms and barking dogs

her primal scandinavian woman survival instinct kicks in and she immediately presents herself to you from all the viking raping and pillaging burned into her nordic DNA

you put a plastic non-biodegradable bag from walmart over her muppet face, set a cooked rack of barbecue ribs on the small of her back, and go to town, throwing the cleaned rib bones at the back of her stupid cantaloupe head in between thrusts

after blowing your load and covering the room in non-vegan protein, you wipe your monolithic dong on her priceless handmade native american uber-sustainable fairtrade honestly sourced hippie sweater

jump out the fucking window into a formula 1 race car and cover the hotel in black rubber as you burn out and blaze off into another american night

global warm deez nuts, bitch

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fixed this for you

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>register her name as a trademark so no one can use her name, recognizing private property and capitalism in the process

Her parents were smart to exploit this kid and all the retards who support her nonsense.

the only ones fucked are the tax payer and the people who really cares about the planet

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I ate a steak to fight Global Warming.

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I wrote the core of the system that 90% of emergency services use to manage, record and locate people in times of need.

All things considered she hasn't even done half of what I have.

I can’t believe how many grown ass men are triggered by her. Shows you how insecure republicans are.

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Getting older than 21

There is no republican in my country.


This is somewhere between LOL and hot

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Lol retard

So all she did was trigger some people ( and for good reason ) and you're basically ready to die for her . Do us a favor lad and just kill yourself .

She's an idiot that became depressed after watching tv . She's just another rich kid trying to be something she's not .


I am from sweden an i know a person that has seen Greta

I'm in the process of producing my own strains of cannabis. What are you doing? Posting on b to make yourself feel better?


Not every democracy is held only by two parties.

>I'm in the process of producing my own strains of cannabis.
Name all 64 different types of cannabinoids, without googling, go.
If you can't do this you're just another LARPING hippie who thinks he's achieving something great by watching two plants try and fucc.

i ate an apple and shat out a few seeds causing a tree to start growing in my backyard ... ive done 200 times for the planet than shitberg will ever be able to do.

Will you all fuck off back to Cred Forums please?

I hate Grendel too, the little danish fuck is always complaining about noise and tearing peoples limbs off. Then when you try and do something about it, she runs away to mommy who gives you some good puss and tells you that you can't kill the little cunt if you want to keep fucking that golden vajay.
So i found a loophole, i hired this dude. He says he's "Geatish" but i don't know where the fuck Geatland is or what a fucking Geat is. It sounds too similar to goat and the dude is stupid as fuck so maybe there's something in that line of thinking idk. Anyway, this dude has promised to kill Grendel for us so we can drink our mead, sing our songs and fuck our wenches to our hearts content beside a nice, toasty, smoky fire. The only problem is. He claims he won a race against our greatest danish swimmer. To top it off, this goat dude is telling me he killed sea monsters and fucked mermaids in the middle of this race and STILL won. Now, his own little crew of goatmen are backing him up with his bullshit and i have to keep my own men quiet as they get more and more pissed off with all this nonsense. But the way i see it, i'll pay them the gold, sacrifice some pride and have a nice party at the end of which they'll either kill Grendel which is a win for me obviously. Or they'll get their tiny little arms ripped off as me and my men run back to our hames and pass out, mid fuck, on top of our wenches. Which is also a win. As a bonus i can tell Grendels bitch mother that a great Goat army is coming to kill her beloved daughter which might just make her pack her bags and fuck off with the little cunt. I'm hoping for the latter if i'm being honest because the stupid goat man is obnoxious as fuck and won't stop making passes at my wife, who's not entirely cold to the idea of fucking animals like goats and such. Worse still, he's even asking for my fucking crown. If i didn't have a party to plan i'd shove my sword up his arse and roast him to see if he tastes of goat.

>two plants try and fucc
look out we got a Cred Forumsotanist here

Oy vey

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Says the dude who claims he's "producing my own strains of cannabis"
Literally farmers are more scientific than you when they pick out the cow that they'll artificially inseminate.

> 90% of the scientific community.

When anyone every posts the 90% means they have done no research at all and are just regurgitating the cum they ate, from that 90% dick.

First of all, 90% of the scientific community wouldn't even have enough research or experience to give a worth while answer on something such as climate change. For instance if you ask a chemical researcher, what the fuck would they know of climate change.

So know we got to the climate scientist, and you say 90% of those scientist, say climate change is real. Actually your still wrong. If you do your research it was 90% of the scientist that when asked opinions on climate change submitted a paper. So if out of 100 climate "scientist" only 5 submitted a paper and 4 out of those 5 "scientist" said its real, that climate is changing then that is your 90%.

So fuck off with the 90% bullshit. Do your research on that number before you spam that shit.

Also climate scientist are backed by a political group with a motive, so it even makes that worse.

Raised a family.
Fuck her and her psudo-science

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>Also climate scientist are backed by a political group with a motive, so it even makes that worse.
But you're the exception right?
>Such critical thinker.
>Top college smarty-pants.
>Much time research.
>Many verified opinions.
>Total complete studying.
>All day everyday is factchecking.
>Not once even sperging.
>Never shilled for jews twice.
>Absolute 100% IQ levelling.
>0% Paranoia agent.
> -100% retarded genes found.
>Cousin incest tests negative.

Most of us were never in the same position as she was as a child. I'm pretty sure most of our parents kept our asses home and lived a quiet life. Stop trying to put thing nothing of person up here and stoo saying how accomplished she is.

> Knowing what is said is right, so resort to making jokes of the person.

but muh 90% claim. Keep doing all you can for the environment, my diesel truck thanks you. Also I use styrofoam cups every day.

Fuck yourself and your bullshit.

Lol you people are so triggered by her. Is this how easy it is to set you off?

>> Knowing what is said is right, so resort to making jokes of the person.
Muh mental olympics is top boy.
>but muh 90% claim.
Not even my claim. I don't care about climate change or whether or not it's real. I also give 0 flying piglets about the earth being round or flat.
I have -% opinions about lizard people, jewish bbc shilling and tranny hitlerbros too.
The only thing in this whole world i care about is reflecting stupidity back onto the shilling snowflakes who think their opinion is more thought out and more factcheckered than all the other shillniggering dialators opinions.
You literally got mad at yourself for being counterfeit and hypocrite then projected it all on me, accusing me of some faggotry that only you and your doppelganger arguer are guilty of.
I have given 0 opinions in this thread because opinions need to be proven right and i'm always right because i don't walk backwards through the world like every other ethiopian nazi jew.
Only fakts.
Stay butthurt.
Cry much.
Cope best.
Many lucks

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Greta is reading future predictions from script.
Those apocalyptic climate predictions was writen by scientists.
When a fortune-teller, gypsy, scientist or whoever tells you that he is able to predict the future from crystal ball, from your palm, from your birth date or from whatever data, then he is lieing.
Who lies is not a scientist.

I bet she squeaks when you fuck her

Not had corrupted genetics and actually did something rather than demanding other people do it for me. I don't need some autistic cunt to regurgitate what the media has been shitting down my neck for the last 24 years.

Nobody cares

>oil companies
>limited operating budget
Wow user, what a world you must have going on in your mind there.
Idk why you guys are so hell bent on arguing with the grand majority of specialists that dedicate their lives to this science.
But no, you guys are just so damn sensitive to anyone who is smarter than you.
Grow up you bloody sheep.

I nollie laser flipped el toro

I mean its closer to 98%, but go ahead and keep beating your head against the wall.

I work and raise four kids. I don't live my life as a retarded drop out with B rated actor parents propping me up with retarded rhetoric so I can regurgitate the words of the DNC pump up my ass to spew it all out for the world to say and we're supposed to clap like a bunch of seals and agree or we're evil. Yeah right. Get out of here with your faggy daily spam. No one gave a shit when it happened and no one gives a shit now.

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i'd put it in her butt

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>be gretin
>drigger ppl teehee
>trigger boomerz xdddd
>not winning nobel priz, fuggggg

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At least I don't ignore the actual most polluted countries of them all: China and India
Also she really didn't deserved that prize, people out there did more than talking



>Also she really didn't deserved that prize
Yeah, because your opinion on the matter is more relevant than hers just because you disagree. Literal hypocrisy.
Become a journalist user.

She has done nothing to benefit the earth. All she did is what Democrats wanted her to do.

I like you

Tribute thread, show tits and ass!!!!

An autistic highschool dropout is your idea of accomplished? Oh, honey....

She’s a fucking tool for the left, she’s a useless fucking pawn


I know how fucked up the world is with pollution and shit but talking about it with some of the less polluted countries and not even once mentioning China or India is just udderly ridiculous
And just because you agree with her your opinion matters more or something? Get the fuck outta here

>ITT Hypocrites getting triggered over the same shit they do on a daily basis.
Mirrors invert just like your tiny dicklettes.

>Implying times person of the year is anything good

>survive off the welfare checks the EU sends her
Tfw your EU taxes are paying for her useless ass the rest of her life, and probably after to maintain her eco friendly grave.
Also, essentially what you said user, what I accomplished: I finished school, college and have a job that actually contributes to society. I don't get paid or slapped on the cover of a magazine for crying and complaining.
The world had gone fucking nuts and she couldn't be a better poster child. And I do mean child, because that's her mentality. Utterly useless unnecessary bullshit.

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I actually went to school

>not even once mentioning China or India is just udderly ridiculous
Ok then. Name one anti- abortion politician seriously talking about Chinas one child policy.
You are an utter sperg if you think anyone is going to let her rip on china or india because not one of them are willing to do it themselves.
>And just because you agree
>You point out my flaws so you must agree with my opposition.
Again. Sperging. You should test for autismo, i bet you're higher on the scale than her.

Stop making this thread every day you fat unloved low income diabetic outcast.

I'm rooting for global warming. The human race has been on easy mode for too long and it's not good for us. 24 and me can suck my shit.

>actually contributes to society
What's your job user?
>I don't get paid or slapped on the cover of a magazine
>she couldn't be a better poster child
Agreed, look what your gen of parents did to their children. This is why i didn't have kids.

I stayed in school.

Congratulations my friend. You have accomplished more than she ever will. I'd shake your hand if I could.

Basically caused millions of school children to ditch school "for the enviroment"

Those kids should stay in school so they can better the future for themselves, instead of going on a so called climate strike during school days in which they get a day off.

It's asinine at best.

>I stayed in school.
>I slayed in school.
Fixed that for you.

>"for the enviroment"

add America and we're good.

name a 16 year old with a bigger carbon footprint than her

Implying what?

A climate strike does fuck all for the enviroment.
Meanwhile scientists are working their collective asses off to find passable solutions to the current day standard.

Fuck, i want that.
Fuck those green beans though.
Peas or asparagus.
Also the mash could do with some seasoning.
And i hope that's parsley or you're a fucking beaner, otherwise enjoy your soap.

I fucked a girl once and she clapped afterwards. Pretty sure Greta cant do that.

>Implying what?
I don't know exactly but that's what the quotes mean.
>Meanwhile scientists are working their collective asses off to find passable solutions
>Meanwhile scientists are working their collective asses of to convince people to implement the solutions they came up with decades ago.
Fixed that for you.

I mean, i can agree with that fix, yes.

I mean, yeah the children don't give a shit about the enviroment but they just go out and enjoy their free school day.

That's all it is, even if they do join the strike they'll leave the moment they get bored.

>I mean, yeah the children don't give a shit about the enviroment
You mean you didn't and never. You don't know shit about the current gen. All day in school they are told it's their fault and they have to do something when it was obviously us oldfags who were too lazy(generalizing) to change shit for them.
Seriously though, my nephew came back from school in tears when he was 7 because they shilled the end of the world to him and blamed him because they can't cope themselves.
I had to surgically remove the dick they fucked his brain with to get him to have fun again. They should've just molested him instead, it would've been easier for him to cope with than telling him he needs to stop 20 odd thousand kids dying everyday.

>nothing has changed
found the boomer/incel white trash

she's started a social movement making people all over the world change their lifestyles.
Any inch she's made them move is, again, more than you have or ever will with your bitter closemindedness,

I've been a millennial and lived a fair-to-middling life so far without being a loud obnoxious gobshite hypocrite.


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English or Irish?

>complain about the ecosystem
>while traveling and leaving behind your own carbon footprint
>get awarded for it
Irs all so tiresome.



I got trips in a thread

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>not being swedish
Oh thank God

I wasn't born autistic

She's 17

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Greta Ivannadick

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