I'm honestly shocked at the current state of this website

I'm honestly shocked at the current state of this website.

Yeah, we made racist jokes sometimes, but it was all fun, right?

At the end of the day, we were all pretty much liberal, we all supported gay marriage, and we all opposed racist conservative christians (Remember trolling Westboro??)

But now? Our entire fucking site is subverted because of fucking nazis. Places of worship are being shot up because of racist, xenohpobic shitposting NEETs that operate as a collective hivemind.

But you know what? The internet is OUR platform. the LIBERAL platform. Racism, sexism, misogyny, were all confirmed to be left in the past because millenials are the most left-wing generation of all time. So why in the FUCK, do we still have to deal with nazis IN TWENTY-FUCKING-TWENTY??

Despite how much you wanna cry about how it's just a conspiracy and a boogeyman, Russian hackers ARE real, and this site is proof. We went from one of the most liberal sites in the world to supporting Orange Fucking Hitler? Nah, that's not normal progression because people only get more liberal with age, just like how you get smarter with age.

Apparently we need MUCH more strict moderation around here. And on the internet in general. I'm glad YouTube is growing a pair and taking a stand. I'm sick of all of this shit. Fuck Conservatives, Fuck Nazis, Fuck Fascists, Fuck Hitler, Fuck Trumpf, Fuck Putin, Fuck White Pride, and FUCK REPUBLICANS.

Just fucking nuke all the chans already

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heres a dead nigger cause it bhm. op always and 4ever a faggot

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>Places of worship are being shot up because of racist, xenohpobic shitposting NEETs that operate as a collective hivemind
They just take raiding to the next level

I'll take the bait.
"Fuck x, Fuck y, Fuck z":
Congrats, Liberals are the non-tolerant Nazis. Go punch yourself.


Let's get all the Neets to become nazis who want to hurt minorities. White supremacy is a hip and happening product. For the children! For gamers!


>no u
Fucking brilliant


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kys you fucking pushover.



Cred Forums>Cred Forums


I'm banned from Cred Forums

>At the end of the day, we were all pretty much liberal, right guis??
Found the newfag

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I want to force this nigga into smoking DMT

your tears are like nectar to my soul

maybe you should take a hint and fuck off then? fucking loser

Maybe they should host the next RNC in your head OP - doesn’t look like you’d charge them rent and you’d let them stay as long as they want since you do that already

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you're a funny guy

Speak for yourself, faggot.

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>fuck off

Oh no. I disturbed your little collective safespace?
so sorry

Newfag detected

to be fair Cred Forums wasn't this gay with nazism. it wasn't until 2014, early 2015

>we were all pretty much liberal
at no point were "we" anything you fag
at no point did we enjoy barack oogabooga; you can live through trump

Not OP, but maybe in yours instead, there's plenty of empty space

Our current first lady is a huge improvement from this pre-op tranny.

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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>barack oogabooga
12 y/o or just a racist with a Mississippi "education"

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cry more fag

I bet you're the one behind the BBC threads

Donald Trump was originally a joke here, a meme, a prank.
Then the conservitards and nazis came, and now they claim they were always here.
Conservatives claiming some bullshit is true, what the fuck else is new.

Looks like you triggered their feelsies user lol
All racists are the same.

>white-knighting OP
If OP is a faggot, what does that make you? The mythical ultra-mega-giga faggot?

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I imagine it's all just some faggot kike nigger bitching about some really gay shit and how he'd like to get his puddin' pounded a little harder.

Could say the same to you anons about trannies, blacks, jews, liberals, 15 year old autistic German girls
Y'all are some real snowflakes tbh

Liberals are way more racist. At least we don’t think we’re the saviors of the nigger-race, furiously beating our dicks over the thought of a nigger saying “you’re cool white boi”. It’s never gonna happen and there will be no prisoners when the eventual race war happens. Remember this when the day comes.

Yes comrade

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>Liberals are way more racist
Oh we just making stuff up now?
lol who am I kidding, that's all your side does

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How’s that evidence comin fellas? Or better yet, whatever happened to that impeachment? Do you think you’ll ever get sick of losing and just give up, or is your hatred enough to keep you going?

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You came here, you know how toxic this place is yet you're complaining about us. mental illness

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ok, boomer

the world has changed. and so with it have the people. we've changed to fit what is required at the moment to save our society, our culture, our heritage, our way of life.

Before or after the Right decided no evidence and witnesses would be allowed?
>The delusion
But don't worry, if what they want is more evidence, I'm sure they will take their sweet time continuing to drag his name through the mud until November. Like more than he does himself by opening his mouth.

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>oh no he disagrees with me
>better call him racist
that didn't work in 2016 and it won't work in 2020

is she German tho? or are you just so fucking retarded you literally don't know? lol

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Clearly another nazi propoganda thread in disguise
Orchestrated by communists

Beat me to it

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Irrelevant. Happy Unimpeachment Day, user!