Alcohol addiction will take your money, job, house and family away. When it's all gone it comes to take you

Alcohol addiction will take your money, job, house and family away. When it's all gone it comes to take you.

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You’re right. I’ve lost my girlfriend, my apartment, and my job. I tried killing myself but freaked out and went to the hospital. I never even drank until I was 21, I’m 27 now and my life has completely fallen apart.
Fuck this, I’m going to get drunk.

So just smoke a fucking joint and quit drinking already

couple stints in rehab and AA saved my ass. Sober a year and a half in 3 days

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And all these things are bad cuz society told u so.
Such a sheep

Being self aware about his obvious, harmful habit isn't him being a sheep, fucktard.

Well done, user.
You're doing it.

U are also a sheep

Holy shit, you're a cuntish idiot of a fucking fuck.
You're so low in utterly basic social understanding it makes my nose bleed just trying to think about reasoning at your level.

You have a real similar story as me. Also havnt drank in a month but might sip a bit today in honor of stories like ours. Lost gal apartment then job bout 3 years back. Fucking liquor makes those 3 dominoes even more slippery. But heres a beer to ya!

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You tell me tough boy, when you close the browser.. what is your opinion? What is important? Is it really because society tells people so?
Maybe if u didnt have a home it would be better cuz u wouldnt be on Cred Forums. What is important for you?

Act tough online but in reality your pathethic fag trying to act non sheep

waiting for ur argument

Man, i came back to Cred Forums today in years... this place is full of braindead people like this one.
Pretty sure he's gonna realise he is wrong soon and is gonna go with himself like he is trolling...
This website is really one of the most pathethic now

I wish I had enough money to become an alcoholic.

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He's not worth it.
Yes, that's the curse of Cred Forums, it does attract the genuine idiots, who believes themselves in good company.

Don't - it's the ugliest, most painfully protracted suicide you can commit.
It takes years and slices agonizing slices off your life, inch by inch - yet you can't stop.

Alcohol makes me very happy though.

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Stay strong.

No, it doesn't make you happy, it fires up the part of the brain that makes you THINK you're happy.
Hence the addiction.
There are ways to turn off this function however, I forget the name of the medication - but search youtube for a talk on alcoholism by Claudia Christian. She has some pretty keen insights.

Agree... only spark of hope is rarely seeing someone that uses his brain. I don't come here now. Maybe you should do the same.

I get some energy of watching how dumb most of them are, but its the same thing they do...
its illusion thats not worth it :) have a good life

Addiction in general can.

Believe it or not, there are actually a few pretty solid people, with whom you can have a real talk, frequenting Cred Forums.
The problem is all the reedy, wheezy, perma-angry tits you have to wade through first though.
Good life to you too, user.

But I'm a very happy drunk, I feel good before, during, and after drinking. It doesn't interfere with my daily life and I only drink in the evenings. It helps me loosen up physically and helps me unwind mentally yo.

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And we all know happiness is the meaning of life. Lmfao

I'm wrong because you are brainwashed?
So many fucking retards here

how am i brainwashed,bruh? do you know me? tell me :)

Some people would argue that it is, living and dying happy seems like a fine goal to me.

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Please stop

Stay brainwashed.

I've been drinking from 16 and im 24 now and almost finished my second Mechanical Engineering study and im quite happy with life what am i doing wrong

You do what you do.
But I hope you'll stay cognisant of when the benefits are being outweighted by the price and stop at such a time.

Some of the world's most successful people were absolute raging fucking alcoholics. You are just using you alcoholism as a crutch fucker. Go out take a drink and get to work.

I'll go have a sip of my moonshine and stay happy friend, you do whatever it is that makes you happy, even if that's trolling people on Cred Forums.

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Again, he's not worth it.

So being completely honest about life is trolling?

Oh, I would never let myself get to the point where I'm waking up drinking and drinking all day. I was just being a little hyperbolic because I do love my drink and I'm a little dry right now. I actually distill my own alcohol so there's usually 1-2 weeks where I'm stone cold sober and it's not a big deal. I do appreciate the concern though fren.

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Powerfull Cred Forums argument! Im not qualified to argue. I should've said faggot and maybe you would recognize yourself and answer.

Really, not worth it... :D

Making declarative statements to strangers for the soul purpose of provoking a response is trolling. Like I said though, I'm not shaming you, you do what makes you happy.

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Yes. Its not worth it to have a discussion with ppl who have different opinions about life

Then you're not an alcoholic.
Unless you binge once every three months and find yourself in strange places with days missing and your pants full of shit.

Are face tats still cool?

Unlike u, I don't live in an alcoholic fog where I tell myself "happiness" is the meaning of life.

I'm all for a discussion.
But that's not what you were doing, and you know it.
Now, relax, enjoy your hair bother someone else.

I'm not ur bruh and ur cringy as fuck

Fucking idiot.

I'm an Australian I started drinking when I was around about the age of 18 and I I have been hooked until September 2019 I managed to get myself off the drink with very painful withdrawal I used to abuse alcohol so much so do the point that I was buying the cheapest goon I could it was $6 or a bottle of tawny port it's cheap nasty but delicious now I can't have no more than 10 standard drinks before I black out without even remembering what I did say or anything else really but I do smoke which helps with the cravings and people say that smoking will kill me and I say back I would rather die of cancer then die Losing My mind

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If you’re going through an engineering program successfully you might be drinking sometimes. I seriously doubt you’re an all day drunk getting through it

Yeah, I've not blacked out or shit myself yet and I really hope I never do. I enjoy my drink too much to waste it losing the time I spent being drunk. Is that weird?

pElvis Pressly

For every one successful alcoholic there are probably thousands that have fucked up their lives or will do so.

It's always good to see someone taking my advice, keep living your dreams friend!

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That's worth a beer
Let me tell you something you coward.
That you don't drink at all simply shows that you're a little beta male. A true man would continue to drink but be able to control himsel not to start with one beer and end with a six-pack but with two or the, if he earned it that day. Screw you and screw the AA.
It's just a way for the society to give up on you.

>Successful alcoholic
A successful alcoholic is a dead alcoholic

Somtimes a troll is just a troll, for larks and fun.
But sometimes you find a guy like this, who really, truly wish to sabotage and ruin whoever he can, he wants to find a weakness to tear into - so he can feel a bit better about himself perhaps?
Or maybe because he's just a sadistic sad-sack, we may never know.

Sadism was made for hypocrite shits like you

You sound like a grown ass, responsible man, with control of yourself. More power to you.

Consumerism was invented for hypochondriacs like you

I can make up shit too

I doubt that. And even if this is true I believe that the "thousands that" probably "fucked up their lives" would have found a way to fucked up their lives anyway. So the theory is born a fuckup is a fuckup die a fuckup. The successful generally are successful and the non fuckups are generally not fucked up no matter what. So OP is a born fuckup. Don't blame drugs, bitches, anal propalypses, transgenderism, Mexicans, alcohol, autism, down syndrome, the jews, blacks, muslims....


Fucksake, schizo-user, what are you doing in this thread as well?

Long story short, I'm the sadistic kind. Don't know, I like it seeing people get fucked up. ~^~
But in this case I Kent it for real, there was no intention in sabotaging anybody. I just wanted to tell OP what I think about people who stop completely and think they've done much. Bullshit. They just chicken out of it. Instead of facing his probs.



Yep, I can do that too.

my sponcer in AA told me that if there is anything that is worth drinking over he will buy me my first drink. i told him about 4 chan. he relapse the next day


Weed is worse than alcohol, at least alcohol takes 30 years to make you retarded pot takes only once.

Yes thats true but i do drink almost every day tho not getting drunk. Mostly because beer goes good with a lot of foods and i live on a campus so there is a lot of social drinking. But i would have expected this eventually would give me the need to slowly drink more and more but i dont see the need or fun in that. I can understand that some people use it as an escape but how is it possible for them not to see the feedbackloop they put themselves in. If you have a problem solve it and if it cant be solved do not bother with it and go on.

Your thoughts are very important to you, clearly.
You don't, however, understand the nature of addiction and how destructive it is.
In the case of an alcoholic, it's either stop or die - there's no middle ground.
Do spend your sadism with people who are masochists, it's a perfect thing.

Understand normal social dynamics.

Sorry what?
Why don't you think that?
Would you like a timestamp with my face?
I think we should talk this out like two normal people...

weed is NOT a gateway drug alcohol IS a a gateway drug

Unless you don't want me to understand normal social Dynamics of course...

Understand social dynamics
Your posts gave it away.
no thanks
Don't care if you do, don't care if you don't.

Here are my social Dynamics.
My dick is fat
My dick is long
;) All do do is deceive girls into thinking that I don't have a big dick and then u pole them and believe I am not grateful to you. Without your micropenis, the girls would have bled.

i was at a AA meeting one guy wanted the group to read page 123 the other guy wanted to read the group page 321. both started acquzing the other of trying to sabotage the meeting. fist fight stars.

caps are called

ppl started saying that guy how called the cops was tryng to sabotage the meeting

I had to make myself wait until at least two hours before bed before I have a few beers. Two hours before I plan on sleeping, I take two Tylenol PMs and drink heineken. The rest of the day, I take kratom. It changed my life. Oh and I also quite smoking weed, and made sure to stay away from liquor.

Yeah who needs food, shelter and companionship? Interpersonal needs are way overrated and just pushed onto you by society.

will someone explane to me what step 13 of12 is and why it is important to recovery

Here is my reply
I can dance
I can sing
;) All I do is reflect the idiocy I'm presented with, and let me end on the old adage: he who smelt it, dealt it.

I see whut you did thar.

>Reflecting idiocy
Meanwhile you're fucking praying for God to not end the world
Check your shit


Which god?
No, check YOUR shit.

Lol keep telling yourself that hippie. So you've never tried other drugs or alcohol?

I didn't even say anything about gate way drugs. Thanks for proving how pot makes people retarded.

has this thred devolved into

insulting each other

No, YOU have devolved into...
Wait, did you try to actually comment on the sad state of Cred Forums?

AA? Like the batteries?

13th stepping is being an old timer preying on new comers for sex. It's not important, and not actually part of the program.

hi my name is battery and i am a alcoholic

how much u drink? how u started? how it went dis far? did u realize the process

>Things an alpha male wouldn't do
Throw insults on an anonymous Chinese basket weaving forum. A real man doesn't need to assert himself in such a way, a child does.

Your sad is showing.

Stay miserable.

then why have every sponcer i have had told me to suck him off, or he will not sponcer me?

>Weed is worse than alcohol,

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One ruins your lungs, the other your liver, stomach and general innards.
Both hamper short term memory and concentration.
There are pros and cons with everything, user, don't make this another A vs B shitfest.

Okay, but how much do y'all drink a day?

I'm on roughly 750ml of 40% spirits daily. Super abusive but hey, I wanna see who else might be where I'm at?

My life hasnt fallen apart yet but I feel the spiral. Now 27y/o

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See what I mean? They're all retards.


I drink approx. one bottle of 45% schnapps once every six - twelve months.
I'm not an alcoholic... I'm just here to support those who are.

uh, yeah I'm good continuing to just stay sober

do you, bro

I've never understood why anyone would willingly drink yeast piss.

Yeast are a living organism. When fed sugar, they excrete alcohol and carbon dioxide. The alcohol is a neurotoxin, destroying brain cells.

Alcohol is, essentially, yeast piss.

Unless you're Bear Grylls, don't drink piss.

I was at about a liter a day. to those that claim to do more and can function, all the power to you

All I know is that when I drink every day for a couple months, I start to go absolutely insane and cant tell the difference between whats real and what isnt.

Fucking DTs are the worst.

Woah bro, that's deep. You should write a book or something.

I been drinking 10 shots a night daily for the past year, it's finally time to stop

>smoking helps me stop drinking

is austrailia the land of epicly edgy underage extremeness?

Why so glum, chum? Drink up, it can only get better!

better to stop before esophageal varicies

good luck bro, you should taper down

The fuck is that

bleeding veins in your throat, ulcers.

how my dad died, just gushed blood exorcist style one day and died. I have them now too and am only 32. I've been trying to quit for a while. But I drank a lot more than you for longer.

congrats dude keep it up.

Everyone point! point and laugh!

They were never cool

Just do it once a month.
That's what I do, I go hard as fuck for just one night and then I leave it for the next month.
My addiction is now just an itch that builds over time, but because I have the release valve it never gets strong enough to break my routine.

I like rockabilly but the culture is pretty toxic

ok boomer

Only exceptionally gay people drink

He assumed that was your next argument, as that is usually the boomer go-to, since weed does not have that many measurably negative health effects, especially when put next to alcohol.

What? U want a cookie nigga!? Congrats on not doing something. Slow clap. Alchaholism is an american culture. People need to feel sorry for themselves and blame booze rather than their own shitty personalities.All these cry babies. Wahh. Part of growing up is getting off the bottle.

Oldfag here, real old. Every night after my wife goes to bed I stay up for another hour or so and watch something on Netflix or Prime - she doesn't like my shows. During that hour I drink exactly 4 oz. of Scotch, straight - no more, no less. Then I go to bed with what I figure is a blood alcohol level of .04%, exactly half the legal definition of drunk driving (but I'm not driving). I go right to sleep, sleep soundly, and feel fine the next morning - I've been doing this for many years.
From what I read, I guess my daily drink qualifies me as an alcoholic and I'm so used to it I'd probably have a hard time going to sleep without it. But - I never drink more, or at any other time of the day, and this works for me. I exercise, my weight is normal, and I don't take any medications. Different people are different, and I think moderation is everything.

Wew lads, just left rehab yesterday after two weeks, this hits close to home. I'm about to start a different program next week and going to try and find a sober house to live in. Alcohol and drugs have robbed me out of relationships, jobs, housing, and countless amounts of money. There are people that don't have problems using occasionally, I know I'm not one of them. My brain is fucked up from countless years of abuse as a kid and I turned to substances for temporary relief instead of actually trying to understand my issues better and work through them. I'm almost six years free from heroin, but had continue to use other drugs and drink in the subsequent years. I know my use and abuse of substances is not sustainable. I have been hospitalized multiple times and almost died on a few occasions. If you don't have an addictive personality, then more power to you. I know it can't work for me to keep getting high and drunk.

>I em furst trollin' I em reel ebil!

Shitt, that sounds terrible. Yeah, I'm not dependent on it yet, but I definitely will be if I don't stop. Good luck to you man

Your only 27, still time to clean up. You Dont want to be 30 and an alchaholic. Its not cute anymore after then, then your just a bum. Walk like 5 miles every other day or so, and you'll start to naturally get endorphins back and get a runners high. It can take like 6 months for your body and mind to readjust, but just stop going to the places u get booze. That really helps. Eventually drinking costs a lot of money and its a lot of weight. Your better off not drinking tbh. Most places that serve alchahol are a bit toxic anyways. You ll meet way better people in healthier settings. Also, dont count days and be a fuckin... Recovering addict/ having a disease cry baby. You dont have to be a mopey self loathing shit to be sober, just move on and dont label yourself. it gets easier to not drink and deny drinks. Just dont make it a thing.. Ya know? Because making being sober a thing is just as stressful as not being sober.

No, an alcoholic doesn't stop with 4 oz.
An alcoholic stops when they lose consciousness.
They start again when they wake up.
A daily drink does not qualify you... whoever told you that is embarrassingly ignorant.

Hear you, anons.

two day bender two days ago. Spent 900 dollars at a casino, lost my wallet, woke up in a hotel room alone. not trying to war story here.

Been to rehab twice. Managed to meet a non-addict woman who for some reason puts up with my bullshit. i hate how much my addiction hurts her. i don't even deserve her. I'm such a sack of shit.

I really want to try and get on the wagon again. I have a 2-4 in my car and I just want to throw it in the dumpster.

You're doing it, user. Keep clean and all the best.

Just like the IRS

Self hatred is a way to "punish" yourself by falling back into the shit, just saying "I don't deserve better" is the addiction wanting you back at the teat.

Cut yourself some slack, be nice yourself.
Into the dumpster it goes!
Best of luck, user.

>I'm such a sack of shit.
Dude, you can't build a foundation on sand.. Or like.. Be so down on yourself. There's good things about you, write them down if you have to, but absolutely NOTHING EVER comes from a bad self perspective or bad attitude.Its like trying to get to 10, but you put yourself at a -4.. It doesn't have to be that way, be good to yourself and that's the start to being good to others. Eat fresh things that dont come in plastic. You need good fuel to have a good mind. Then exercise and do things you want, no matter how outlandish they are. U gotta be good to yourself man. Life is for enjoying.

Some need to accept that they're an addict, and that it never leaves. Need the system of support that a place like AA gives.
Good that you can do without such "weaknesses", you're very manly and tuff and cool and all that.
Your bedside manner however needs some work...

Thanks, user. I needed a reality check and will not drink today and I've gone outside and thrown the case away. Feels good to have that ability, but I know the craving and the urge will be back when some stress comes...

Appreciate your wisdom, user. You're so right. I don't know why but that self-deprecating mindset just consumes me entirely. Thanks for reaching out. I haven't eaten at all in 24 hours and can't fall asleep from the insomnia.

I'm gonna make a smoothie and eggs. One thing I seriously lack is a decent sleep schedule and routine.

Thanks again, dude.

You will find the routine, give yourself a lot of time.
Be patient and understand that everything working against you is one thing, and ONE thing alone. Addiction.
Don't let that rule your life.
You'll be okay.
Eat regular meals, got to bed at the same hour, even if you're not sleeping you're teling your body that from x o'clock to y o'clock, it's lying down time. Things will follow naturally.

And then accept that you can never, ever drink.

its literally the worst drug

lost everything, got depressions and health problems, was 3 months in psychiatric institution, now almost 5 months sober trying to fix my life

alcohol isn't an addiction lmao you're just a pathetically weak loser

You should maybe educate yourself?
Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects people of all walks of life. Experts have tried to pinpoint factors like genetics, sex, race, or socioeconomics that may predispose someone to alcohol addiction. But it has no single cause. Psychological, genetic, and behavioral factors can all contribute to having the disease.

It’s important to note that alcoholism is a real disease. It can cause changes to the brain and neurochemistry, so a person with an alcohol addiction may not be able to control their actions.

It is, but drugs and alcohol aren’t the way to get there.

Cope with a drink, shakey.

You know you're scraping the barrel of life when the only jollies you get are bending yourself over backwards in attempts to aggrevate strangers on fucking Cred Forums.

>ruins your lungs
That’s a giant fucking exaggeration. It’s not good for your lungs but it’s not like cigarette smoke. When you stop smoking weed your lungs feel perfectly fine afterwards. I’m not saying there’s no lasting damage but it’s not as bad as cigarettes.

>shooting myself in the face with a 5 mm isn't as bad as shooting myself in the face with a magnum 42
^that's how stupid you sound

God faggots like this all over my town, i prefer the fake country to this shit. Music is good as hell though

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Well no user. Because cigarettes, marijuana, and guns aren’t the same thing. Your shitty analogy doesn’t make you right.

Well, taking it up the shitter, being horny with your mother and falling love with your wank-sock isn't the same thing either, but you're still a gay faggot.

ok boomer

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Try DMT it was the catalyst that made me quit drinking.

>I don't know why but that self-deprecating mindset just consumes me entirely.
You dont know why, but its the alchahol dude.not you. It does that, and the hang over and drunkenness will effect your mood no matter what. You will realize that if you sober up for a while. you were able to communicate your self deprecating mindset which seems easy, but not everyone can do that. and not everyone is willing to accept contrary opinions from others, so you have some sense.but, you dont have a drinking problem.. Dont make it a problem.or use negative phrasing such as alchaholism, addiction, disease, etc. Everyone has vices and non are worst than others. You have the solution, but only you can live it, and no one can really help u more than yourself, so it can be a bit of a introspective struggle to find who u are without alcohol, because people do use it as a means of self identification.I used to drink a 12 pack a day and then some, and i have been sober for 2 years and a few months hear and there, and off and on. I Had drinking buddies growing weed, but after it was over i sobered up. But i was a lonely drinker too. Habits take a while to break, like stopping at a gas station every some day for booze, but just stop going to those places and its easier. Your brain chemistry takes like 6 months to reset or longer, so physical and mental things will take a while. Just figure out who u are, and what u like, and persue things u normally wouldn't and talk to more people. A lot of people get sober without the melodramatics or making it a thing, so if your jonesin for a drink, talk about it to whoever.

That's not addiction that's just abuse... I'm the same way. Only time it affects me is when I have a slight hang over.

Insomnia is the reason I started drinking. I would like for a doctor that can help you find a sleeping medicine that works for you. Additionally, the further you distance yourself from alcohol, the less dependant your body becomes in it for sleep. It takes several weeks for your body to adjust and find its groove for a healthy sleep pattern.

>Killing yourself with a product that kills almost half a million people nationally is the same as killing yourself with a product that has 0 confirmed deaths anywhere ever
That's how stupid you sound user.

>you're very manly and tuff and cool and all that.
U too sir, ty. I guess it depends on the degree of addiction, but most people here can compose a coherent sentence, but like, a piss stinkin bum or someone who phsyically is declining or who is driving or just a piece of shit, probably does need something more intensive. but aa can be to drastic for younger people, who can't relate to the older folks. By all means, use all resources to improve yourself tho. Just my experience with aa was alienating and the older people were insane.this guy in aa was talking about how he would park outside his ex wives house with a gun at night, which was intense.and there were some loons with personality disorders that self medicated with alchahol, but the alchahol can't take all the blame. The 'why u drink' is more important than the addiction itself.

You my sir, have just won the internetz

Thats retarded. Just because it comes from an animal its shit and unholy.
Your honey nut cherrios are barfed up by little black and yellow shitasses