I'm a war reporter / photojournalist. I head back into it in 2 days

I'm a war reporter / photojournalist. I head back into it in 2 days.

Ask me anything

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ever been shot?

nah, but came real fucking close 2 weeks ago with a rRssian sniper.

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Why are they more likely to shoot reporters? Same thing with Bosnia


I’m not OP, but shut up user.
They’re dying for their politicians, not for their country.

Keep up the good work OP.

It's hard to say it is a war crime to do so, but that doesn't stop shit. Some will shoot just because they want to kill, and don't care who.

Others see a journalist working with the enemy side, and instantly think they are making propaganda against them.

Where are you heading, Ukraine?
Stay safe man.

Spot on, mate. Although at a good number of them, especially in east European wars and the Balkans fight voluntarily. They genuinely enjoy it – some 'warrior mentality.'

Yep, thats been my home for the last few months. Interesting place...

How much of war is caused by (((them))) to increase profits and how much because people are actually looking to change things? Is there any war that's for a legitimate reason?

In wich media or agency you publish ypur phtoso? How much money can you earn in a year?

why do you do it?

most horrific thing you've seen?

I have a friend in Ukraine. He lived in Kiev, and was a certified marksman at age 17 because he was on the ‘second line’. I think it’s more out of necessity, and lack of employment options.

Its everything. Wars always start for one reason, usually an utterly bullshit one. They are dragged on by people on both sides. There is money to be made, glory to be had, and elections to win. There is seldom one group of people hiding in the shadows, pushing it forwards.

Great questions, I’d love to go down this line of work if the money is alright

for some people and some units, yeh. But if you follow back the routes to the volunteer paramilitary groups like Arazov then you find those who joined for the nationalism or 'fun' of it.

Ur mate is lucky to be on the second line, that is a pretty safe and very well paying job for Ukraine.

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It really depends on the work you do. I work for Getty, but you only get paid if someone needs ur shots for news stories due to new developments – its a gamble.

Otherwise, publishing stories and articles is the most reliable way of making money. But once again is up to chance, if u can manage to find an original story which the editors like.

You can make around 500 USD per story and sell the same story a few times. But travel expenses, translators and insurance is expensive AF, so it kinda balances out.

It was a voluntary position, although the certification was paid for

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To be honest, for me, its some of the empty places. The remains of town and villages, fragments of peacetime life buried under rubble and shit. The silence is the worst.

why did you throw all the books on the floor ?

Do you know where exactly he is?

He’s now got a Masters in Engineering, but idk why I’m bothering to tell you that. You’re clearly just an idiot.

He’s in Slovakia now, working at a factory, but I don’t know where exactly in Kiev he lived

Well I hope he walked away from his time there without too many mental issues. The Ukrainians are great people, and cook like gods.

Oh yeah he never saw any action, he’s fine

Just don't go movies stuff around to try and make the photo better. Last thing you want to do it set off a booby trap left behind by the side that pulled out. If it looks interesting or out of place, don't touch it.


Spot on. My mate found an IED in a fucking coffee mug...

Also, walk the same path out that you took when you went in. Preferably within the same footprints if possible. No sense in playing irl minesweeper by blazing a new path on your way out.

Would be the absolute worst thing he could do. Hopefully he knows why.

Yeh. The worst thing is rolling the dice. Every now and then, you come across a scene that you need to photograph, but you know the area is minded. Every step feels so surreal, just waiting for a bang.

I have been offered so many fucking times. There is a fine line between building a good relationship with soldiers and committing a war crime – even if you know you won't hit anything...

You do it faggot

Well the upshot is, if you set one off, you'll likely be dead before you know what happened. Obviously it's best to stay alive but if you have to go, a quick death is preferable. If it's your time, it's your time.

hahah, idk, sadly you would probably survive an anti-personnel mine. But yeh, somewhere out there it's waiting for you, I just have to hope my number isn't up for a while yet.

Being captured as a non uniformed combatant would be a universally shitty situation.

Also, it doesn't hurt to chuck some rubble ahead of you and use them as stepping stones if you want to take a shot from a certain angle. With any luck you set the thing off from a safe distance if there was something there.
Prior service US Marine btw.

It's a good idea mate – I will start doing it.

What's your opinion of reporters, did you have any attached to you when you deployed?

did you ever get a chance to talk with the opposing side and take some interviews? do they like what you do?

Yeh, I just got back from the other side. I needed to take a little break after that trip. The official channels knew I has been working with the enemy, and approved my visit. But the soliders on the group, especially those at checkpoints and shit did not.

I ended up in a room with blocked-out windows, two guys with AKs pointed at me asking a lot of questions. I thought I was going to die, they thought I was a spy.

The worst part is that they (DPR Rebels) write the truth. They could have shot me and looted my shit, then just told the world I was smuggling weapons. It would not be the first time. Really fucking scary place...

I think it's a risky situation to be in and I would be very uncomfortable not being armed. There are some cool pictures that come out of it but these days we only see the ones that cast us in a bad light. Anti-war propaganda seems to be the order of the day. I never saw any reporters while I was deployed. The reporters are usually up where the action is. It's not very interesting to see personnel rotations on bases that have been occupied for years.

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1) how much is the pay?
2) Is it worth it?
3) do you consider quitting being neutral and get paid shitload to promote propaganda?

Yeh, I understand you. I would not say I am an anti-war photographer, although almost every picture which reveals the realities of war speaks against war.

The thing I really envy about soldiers is that you guys have backup, for us we are often totally alone, no support...ect I am thinking of joining the army next year (British).

I think there are actually a lot of stories to be told and photographed by the guys up back. Sadly we dont get sent there, the public only liked the photos of from front...

you should be careful around russians. theyre corrupt and can often do shit to people illegally, and the worst part is no one inside russia cares, it's so big and powerful

What is the best shot you've ever taken? Can you share it?

have you seen soldiers from enemy sides interacting with each other besides gunfighs? Like in a normal convo? How was the atmoshere? Did you feel the hate between them or was it like a business meeting vibe?

1) Bearly enough to keep it sustainable and balance expenses.
2) Hard to say. At the end of the day I think its worth it just to stand by and watch the dark rumblings of history.
3) No, I would not. But at the same time I have never been offered. If I had to do one 'fake' story, and then be able to finance 10 real ones which otherwise would not get media attention then maybe.

I would love to but I dont want to get Doxed

Then just describe it.

I have seen them just fucking around with each other, playing stupid tricks over the radio, which normally gets one of them killed.

The only other time is during communication to retrieve bodies...ect
During those conversations, they tend to be pretty somber and respectful.

So from having first hand experience, can you confirm that all members of the military are murdering child raping pieces of shit and deserve no respect or sympathy? That they joined only to murder people of color and to push the racist agenda of the military? That's they regularly rape and murder innocent women and children in their world countries under military occupation by the United States? Is it clear to you that we should execute every single piece of subhuman shit in the military and their families to save the poor and people of color? Thanks for confirming all this in advance. It's time someone shone a light on the evil of the military and all its psychopathic members.

epic quads mate.
How does that fuckery gets one of them killed?

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A lady who lives on the frontlines, and is shot at by Russians every day. Her Son is fighting with the Russians and shooting at her. She flys a russian flag in her house, and has a picture of Putin. She hated the Ukranians who live next door and give her food and water.

Photo is of her with a cat on her shoulder, its hard to describe but the look on her face, he dead eye and the way the cat is sitting is just so powerful.

Here is an example pic from the serries

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Yeah, war should be a last resort. It's a messy affair and collateral damage is unavoidable. Fog of war and all that. There are some amazing stories to be told and photographs to take covering the camaraderie and tragedies that occur on our side of the war. The news is only interested in what damage we inflict on our opponents though. It is quite satisfying to call in air support for some payback though. There is something cathartic about hearing that A-10 BRRRRRRRRRRRRT into the tree line you were taking fire from or listening to the radio chatter while you wait for the JDAMs to level the compound they have been shooting at you from. If you physically fit enough, go out for the SAS. Otherwise, choose a job you can be proud of and translates into a job on the outside. You don't have to be right in it to be useful and there isn't much you can do on the outside with 4 years experience as artillery, tank crewman, etc etc

That's all BS. I think a lot of the guys who are serving (except for a few groups like ISIS) are great people. I really respect them.

how are the local military (irreguilar militia if you are in ukraine i guess) reacting towards you, like the overall attitude towards journalists and photographs? do they provide protection while you are out taking pictures? are they keen on sharing their stories?

also what other warzone did you covered so far?

Yeah man, I know exactly where you are coming from. Mass media really control everything, even us freelancers. I have not head the sound on an A10 personally but have been up and close with simular gun systems on the group – they make you believe in the wrath of god hahha.

SAS is not for me, I have my eyes on Riflemen or Gurkhas – and going the officer route

Yeah ok, pro-military propaganda shill detected. Fuck off back to the Koch brothers with your lies and bullshit. This confirms this board is a cesspool of right wing bots and Russian propaganda.

It is a bit of a toss-up. I have made some really great friends over the months, and have been treated like shit other times. It comes down the character of the individual – assholes will be assholes.

Im from Australia so most don't have any real opinion on the country, and have no idea about our political stance. They just want to hear about stories from kangaroos.

While they are meant to give protection, they have come closer to getting me killed than keeping me safe. * Let's take a short cut through no mans land...

I have been in the Middle East (Gaza) and Kashmir. But have spent the longest in Ukraine.

Good people put in bad situations. And after my last run-in with Russians I dont support them too much haha

Sounds like a plan. Here is a video of one of the best JDAM strikes I've seen. Feels good man. lol

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Are you in the Marines? My friend is and he that's his MOS. I'm wondering if you are him...are you?

oh and also, how ofter do you miss home and a comfy bed?

Nope, not an American

I moved around growing up, so it doesnt bother me too much.
However, it does get lonely, especially when you are not imbedded.

Doubt it.

Tell me all your ukraine stories op

am i fuckin blind or has no one asked...
have you watch someone die?
and when you are filming from one side of the battle, how often are you able to actually see the opposing side?

Do you respect the superior BBC?

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Yes, A guy hit by an 80mm mortar.

And depends on the location... sometimes you could almost hear them talk, other time they are 500m+ away.