Do I have a nice butt...

Do I have a nice butt? Idk if this is the place to post something like this but honestly idk where the hell else I’d post it. I heard girls nowadays are getting more and more into guys butts and if there are any females that come across my post, please let me know what you think

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Here’s another view of it

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please sit on my face

You got snapchat cutie pie?

Yeah I do, are you a girl?

Pathethic piece of shit faggots. Not for being gay or something. What are you doing with your life idiot? Wasting your time posting your ass.
Man, fuckin 1 bee in this universe makes more to the universe than you, and you are a FUCKIN human that has a brain. You use it for that?
You look for approval for your asshole?
Its just wrong in everyway. Get a life man, quit this website and go do something meaninfull.

And your ass looks like mine and every other ass in the world is very much the same. No true person ccares about that, if some1 is lustfull you like their ass because how they act.

Grow up. Dont post your ass anywhere.

For that time you gonna post it, wait for replys. you coulde've SQUAT and make it even better?

You waste your time boi. Hope your reply to me with thanks and so on. wish you luck

"sit on my face" yea maybe if u see that guy in person you wont even gonna want that, dont wait for approval in your life from any1!

You need to immediately look into HRT.

im so sick of this
these dreadful useless ashes

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>Wasting your time replying to people who post their ass.
Stop being such a huge faggot.

Dude, are you feeling alright?

Let us enjoy our boy puss and don’t be such a damn stick in the mud.


You won't believe, but i feel perfectly fine..
Read what op said again and use your brain to analyze why a person is saying this.

Do you know how many people come here for rates? It’s not like he can post his ass on his Facebook wall and ask for opinions there. How about maybe you use your brain.

how about I shove 10 inch DildON in your ass, cremepuff.

Let us see your cock.

Your argument is that many people feel that they need to be rated.
My argument is telling him that it isnt your ass that makes you special,attrctive or anything else.

Do you know how many people don't need any approval? This guy doesnt need too, he is just wasting his time.

80% of the ppl you think that want approval actually want compliments just to feel better and better and its addictive but pointless shit of wasting time

i dont care
throw me off a cliff

You will care one day, remember this. You will care how much time you wasted in this website, how much energy you coulde've put somewhere thats worth it.

Its easy to "dont care" its hard to be responsible and "care" :) I dont wish u any bad, thats just the truth. so go on with "i dont care"
thats easy. You will care one day.

Dude quit preaching no one gives a shit we’re here for ass

We are faggots and sissy's and I bet my ass is nicer than urs. Well I know it is ;) im proud to be a sissy and having a small clitty and if U got an ass like her Ur a sissy as well embrace it baby. Lil girls like us deserve to be sissy's.

I am well past the "one day" period my friend.
regret is a pointless thing though but so is denial.

You are ass. History will never remember people like you. You remember Tesla? You look for ass beccause he wasnt looking for ass faggot. You will be forgotten the second u die

I will suck your clitty, faggot
then whos the gay one?

Hopefully someones does faggot

Both of us ;)

No. Thats what u've been brainwashed by people or god knows who to think so. You know at what age morgan freeman became famous? You know how many people dont become famous but change their lives?

It's never too late no matter what i say, better late than never. If you start today and keep doing what you reaally want, no matter if youll ever reach a goal

YOU WILL KNOW that you are freakin trying instead of wasting your time

and your kids would admire you, and your friends, and your parents

hell i dont know you, but i would admire you.
Your not past anything. just past the tought that made u accept shit.

Wer all sissy's and so are U and U know it. Just embrace it wear nappys and be as girly as possible.

How did you get it that hairless? Asking ... uhm ... for a friend.

Thanks for the kind words though I am still not convinced redemption and a proper path actually exists for everyone.
I get it though, there is some truth in what you say.

Just tell Ur "friend" to get wax herself. It's way better and Ur legs will be smoother. Trust me baby just embrace ur sissyness you deserve it.

It's 50% - 50%.
50% that a person will never workout and stay skinny or fat. that he will prove that its not possible to change.
50% that a person will keep pushing, change and reach what he wants

Believe me! i was thinking the same.. but i gave everything i could... and i was rewarded for every sacrifice..

I wish you all the best! i believe in you. its not empty words - its the truth!

I ... uhm ... my friend have so many hairs, that it’s impossible to wax it without skalping the butt.

use hair removal cream
let me rub it on for u ;)

Use scissors first.

I’m gonna kiss you right between those cheeks, you little whore.

>Cred Forums
Haha, nice one!

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Why do fags always post this gross shit here. That is not attractive at all you disgusting prick

post more

Faggot piece of shit die

Baby it's ok U need to be a sissy just come out trust me I'm just a little sissy that still wets the bed and I went out in public for the first time today with a short pink skirt and a pretty goodnight nappy. We are sissy's and going out in public is the best thing I can't stop rubbing my clitty.

Nair or veet.
Get unscented.
Leave it on if t tingles, take it off if it stings.
Wait the full time if possible.
Blast the area with water after taking it off before soaping or it stings worse.

Ur so pretty baby

It's not. There's an entire board dedicated to it.
/hm/. Post your ass there, faggot.

They don't like OC you sperg.
You already know that because you keep posting imagine the smell pics in every thread because you're such a huge faggot.
Why can't you just cope with the fact that even faggots don't want to sex you. You're only hope is to fuck a horse.

>They don't like OC you sperg.
>You already know that because you keep posting imagine the smell pics in every thread because you're such a huge faggot.
>Why can't you just cope with the fact that even faggots don't want to sex you. You're only hope is to fuck a horse.

U don't understand how hard it is for us sissy's we just wanna be girls

Grow up. Stop whining like a God Damn Kid!!! You fucking kid sperg!!!

We just dress up in our understanding mommy's house dressing all we wanna do is listen to sissy hypnosis and be girls

When you larp as a faggot so no-one can accuse you of faggotry when they check your history.
Your mom must be young if she can browse the internet. Give me her number, i'll distract her while you keep blowing loads to faggots.

You 100% know it isn't girls looking at this. Don't pretend.

you're right tho

Baby please fuck me I got a wet goodnight on and I'm in my night time pink girly dress U don't understand how us sissy's are im a proud sissy

I’d pound you heavy OP

I'll let you felch your moms butthole after you give a blue plate special.