I'm looking for images to practise coloring, if you have some artwork or just an image you'd like to see in color...

I'm looking for images to practise coloring, if you have some artwork or just an image you'd like to see in color, post it in this thread.

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Just go on whatever booru you want and search for monochrome images. Thousands to choose from with many different art styles.

Please and thanks user
It's megumin

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Cool, thanks user.
What colour do you want the outfit?

Green please.

Looks like fun, im joining in.
Anyone wanna color this goat that i found?

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I did this Goat earlier

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give this a try opey.

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Will do, boss.

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sweet, nice job

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Thanks user ily

sans bakuhatsu

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Try this one please ~

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What size ? [ A4 ; Foolscap ; Quarto ; Letter ; ... ]
Orientation#1 ? [ Landscape ; Portrait ; 1x1 ; Diamond ; ... ]
Orientation #2 ? [ Straight ; Gay ; Bisexual ; Zoophile ; ... ]
Background / Foreground Color ? [ white / black ; transparent / black ; white / grayscale ; ... ]
Subject Matter ? [ rekt ; gore ; vore ; hardcore porn ; softcore porn ; newfag ; ... ]

Animation ? [ 2D stationary ; 2D animated ; 3D stationary ; ... ] ( pic related )

Commission ? [ GBP ; Bitcoin ; Krugerrand ; food vouchers ; cigarette dimps ; Vietnamese Dong ; USD ; ... ]

Animation ? [ 2D stationary ; 2D animated ; 3D stationary ... ] ( pic related )

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This is harder than it looked, i think i'm going to have to stop here, at least for now...

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Good work op

Ham549 here, Good luck

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i'm rubbish with coloring - let's see what you can do better user?

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pls color one of my favorite manga scenes, it would fill my heart to the brim with joy

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I couldn't really do this one justice but it was fun to play with.

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what is this from? i'd like to get some reference.

Do this one. It's mine. Interested how it would come out.

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Takemitsu Zamurai, by Issei Eifuku.

I'm sorry what?

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Please color my waifu user, thanks.
Sachiko Koshimizu, purple hair brown eyes.

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Sorry, meant to reply to this.

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Might as well

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A ref

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Stay away from mud colors.
Your coloring is too dark and takes away from the picture.
Your colors should enhance the picture.
Use darker tones to push things back and lighter tones to bring stuff forward.

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Keep the thread alive I want to see how OP(or anyone else) handles these 3

Aw it's fine ^^

Cute me says stay woke niggy

plz do this one of my wife :P

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u got skillz

Tip: You can be more brave with darker shadows and brighter highlights.

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