After so much time of my wife denying to cuck me because of her loyalty...

After so much time of my wife denying to cuck me because of her loyalty. I finally suggested we sext each other in a cuckold scenario. She got super into it (albeit it was only a scenario sexting session) and made her super horny later that night. So I asked her "does tgis potentially open up a possibility to get a nice bull whom understands and respects our rules anx boundaries? And inatead of flat no I got an "I don't know". So is there hope for this cuck? I really wanna see my wife riding a nice cock and taking a fat creampie!!! Btw if you live in CA in the Sacramento or Placer county areas, possible good news you could be our potential bull? If the wife gets into the idea. Fingers crossed folks!!!

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post pics of your wife pls


what are your rules and are there pics of your wife?

Maybe propose it as a threesome first
I know my gf was way to loyal at the beginning to try anything with other guys but eventually I opened her up to having a mother guy in the mix.

come on then user, let's see this swamp donkey and end your dreams

post vagoo

Rules are fairly simple. No humiliation. I'm not getting caged and the wife may not be TOTALLY comfortable at first so if she doesn't want certain things done then she doesn't have to of course. Also I'm still very much allowed to fuck my wife. Also it would really be beneficial if you lived in CA in the Sacramento or placer county areas!

sounds reasonable.
try and propse a simple threesome (cause thats kinda what youre describing).
maybe get a guy who massages her with oil and gets her going while you kiss her.
its really not that hard, if she didnt give you a definetive "no" there is always a chance. kjust got to play your cards right. maybe she would like to try it blindfolded...

also post pics of her pls.

Sorry fellas, dont feel incredibly comfortable posting her here XD if you got a kik that would help me out a bunch! Again sorry for the inconvenience

well post something without her face. crop it if you have to. dont be a faggot who claims he wants to be cucked but chickens out on the opportunity to show off his mare.

you are winning in life my friend. imagine her getting absolutely piped down behind your back every time you kids your child faggot

Alright. 1 photo. If you wanna see a lil more kik will be your go to folks

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holy shit! nice Jugs!
thank you user but i think it will take more then one more guy to handle those tits.

also: more pls!

Your wife deserves a better husband

I'll show more. Fork over the kik lol sorry I'm a tad superstitious. But figured Cred Forums woukd be better for responses than slow as hell reddit

pls show more of her in here. you will get a lot more feedback



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Aight that's all I'm postin here fellas

thank fuck for that

Kill yourself. It's the only way.

I figured she would be a fucking cow.

sexy as fuck