Any good reason to not bring back black slavery?

Any good reason to not bring back black slavery?

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My balls would be constantly aching and I'd have basically no cum left after the first day

Definitely not a good reason

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I mean my balls really do hurt after cumming too many times

They would revolt and crush you wh*te bois

Never happened

No good reason, I would pay well for a slut like this



How they already did in the past... Waiting some white man to free them

see, your problem is the same problem all niggers have
you think jews are white
now, it doesn't really bother me one way or the other, since by conflating the two you're assuring equal destruction to both, and i'm actually fine with that
i would prefer the weak whites (possibly me) be killed for the sake of bettering the race
there's not many strong jews lol

Im already a white slave to a female black owner. What do then?

If you aren't a billionaire you're a slave dummie

Dude chill once enslaved you can still use them to cuck yourself daily

Not cost effective. Your ass can't even afford to keep a girlfriend let alone house, clothe, and feed people.

Consider how poorly slave owners thought ahead. They need them to be stronger and work harder and due to that genetic conditioning we have the current state of affairs where there is a stereotype of niggers with big dicks and evidence of females niggers with huge assets. Do you really want to have history repeat itself with another generation or two of people obsessing over being black, hanging with blacks or fucking them? I doubt it, rather inbreed them and make them docile and downtarded. Easily controlled and less prone to violent outbursts and at least if they start rambling it won't be rap or stupid made up words only nig nogs can translate.

There too retarded they won't do shit there's a reason most black majority country are poor and why whites ruled the world

I don't want to enslave black women. I want harems of willing black wives.

We have gotten better at building mechanical muscles these days. Blacks are useless even at physical labour today

Ok Thomas Jefferson

Yeah but my Roomba sucks man

No, it's better to own them and legally rape their asses even if they don't want to have sex

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I much prefer black women over white chicks.

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I would have lower standards too if I were you

You can't say you're impressed with every single white chick out there.

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They catch my attention more than black girls that's for sure and I've met too many black chicks who can go from 0 to ghetto in an instant. I want a lady not a monkey screecher.

It is a moral abomination.

I can

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I don’t even want niggers on the same continent as me let alone as slaves. They smell like shit and cause trouble

She look blacked

who says your the only person who's learned this lesson?
also you're assuming they knew slaves would be freed one day. they thought ahead just fine for what was a reasonable assumption of the future. the world wasn't exactly full of change at a rapid pace. hindsight is 2020 tho

Morality. Get some, you edgy little faggot.

You look mentally ill

and? morals are abstract and subjective. gays used to be accepted, then they were shunned, and look at their comeback.

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again, subjective concepts that changed before and will change again. you're basically saying "just do what everyone else says is acceptable so you can fit in". that's not how progress is made.

with today's communication and transportation technologies there's no reason we can't have both

Who said anything about them being aware that freedom was a thing for them? If you breed a horse to be an excellent specimen it would have to be assumed that is what they hoped for the slaves. While you're on that soap box defending them you might as well hang yourself.

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Correct. Just because they're abstract and subjective doesn't mean they're not a reason.

Look up mate Turner and the hundreds if slave revolts and you'll see why.

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>black slavery
There never was "black slavery", you goddamned moronic imbecile. There was slavery. The slaves in the United States just happened to be black because those were the most easily obtained.
To answer the question of slavery, I think it would be an excellent solution to homelessness. Obviously some people are not able to fend for themselves in a free market. It is inhumane to let them starve to death. Better to take them in and give them something to do.
If some of them happen to be hot young women OF ANY RACE, CREED, or COLOR--all the better!

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anyone have that post about the guy who went to africa and studied their language and basically discovery they lack higher reasoning?

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