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Throwing out your masks and finding your true focus.

Tomboys, spats, fluffy hair, brown (2D) girls, lonely Christmas cakes, underboob, thick eyebrows and shark teeth

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a fuck ton of cannabis, yoga, swimming, and read every book by ludwig von mises (austrian) on ->library. get his bibliography. go through based on titles most interesting to you.

get peace and meditate to achieve this transitionary phase to greater greatness of ur life before you go, leave what u have learnt for the next to continue it on for u

other stuff

-douglass jackson rome series
-age of empires series on steam
-earths children jean auel
-boris brejcha
-dj miss monique
-unqiue leader records

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Being a mercenary in the Congo

So young, so dumb.
So old, so sarky.

Realising this website is full of people that act tough, smart and so on but in reality they waste their life time and 1 bee makes more for the universe than those people. Wasting time watching trap threads, ex pictures, rekt threads, gore and many other shit.
Realising if you spend that time for something else maybe youll have kids one day and maybe they will remember you for something else than "giving years of my life in a pathethic forum, and everything from there dissapered, only the pain in ur eyes from the PC is now there. Quitting this sinkhole is the best

ull last 60 more years. absolutely learn to shoot n move n shoot

learn to kill

nationalism is not ur collective. dont be fooled by that whose for which it is.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women

And yet...

study pre 1900s history nigger

check out kings and generals youtube channel
watch every minute of it

Took you long enough to deliver that quote, user.

Ah, my bad, I made a mistake.
So young, so wannabe.

And yet maybe once in a month i come in this sinkhole to try and get some people out of it and help... littrally first day here in 1 year this time..

Best is best.

no nigger i actually did real labour in my life u wannabe schizophrenic peasent scum bitch

Here comes the angry ranting. woohoo.

Dude, you should go smoke some weed and, like, chill out, dude.

wrong oppositional defiance disorder double speak schizo

i smoke weed and become the evolutionary superior, its how its gone for 40,000 years. uve been genetically comrpomised within 5 generations of thomas woodrow wilson fragile x down syndrome blood + the usd it signed in 1913- caused both world wars etc.

murder america.

its grandson johnathons sitting in pine gap in a schizophrenic psychosis stupor right now, aint ya john, u can thought project to him maybe if the connection switch boards up, hes stealing/reading ur subvocalisation thought

busting a nut after 1 week of no jerking

Ah, it's you.
We've set off schizo-user on another one of his lengthy, and progressively less sensible, rants.

ur permenently genetically blacklisted and reprojection of ur schizophrenic psychosis egocentrism isnt a defence

I don't know what any of that means

terrence mckenna food of the gods pdf

+smoke pure weed

He can do this for post after post.

Staying inside

ur government blacklisted im illuminati bavarian grandmaster

You sound like a legit skizophrenic. Lay off the weed

He's either that, or someone "normal" who's very good at word-salad.

A chicken sammy with honey mustard, swiss cheese, and bacon.

Doesn't sound too normal to me

Never underestimate the creative thinking needed for a good word-salad.
But that aside, I think too that schizo-user is a genuine nutter.

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...see, pathetic... i know everyone is lying here, but i know for myself its literally my first day in like 1 year. came to write this. Seems like its not a lie huh?

>I'll throw out big words into a incoherent sentence. I bet that'll make him feel dumb

Im on a streak today spreading truth that u dont see here, and trying to help atleast 1 person realize he/she is better than this shitfest

Sure buddy. Hope you're getting the help you need.

What about if a btard had a few beehives out the back while he spent his time on Cred Forums?

So you're a Jahova's witness? You see how that's working for them right? How can you tell people to leave when you're still here? That's hypocritical. No one's blind to the toxicity of this site, that reputation is the reason a lot of anons even know about it. You're not helping anyone and you're hurting yourself by still being here.

Sure baby, hope your dilation works.

It's because this place is full of newfags now.

Briliant argument. Ignorance. Typical.

I feel like you've only seen those words here and are guessing at their meaning. I genuinely hope you decide to go back on your meds.

Then what is the riddle of steel?

I feel you're merely echoing your betters, with hollow, automatic gainsaying. I genuinely hope you'll become aware of your own sad nature, and soon.

Believe it if you want.. its my first day in years, im sick in bed, i came back a few days to the place where i used to live and a Cred Forums friend keeps browsing. so i argued with him about it, about what happens here...

I dont feel bad about being here now. I feel good, not sick. Because im givving my all to trigger people, to make them think, to change them. I know maybe its not goona be you or many other users, but to change 1 person's life that is struggling deep inside and doesnt realize it is alot.

So im not "still here" im not here at all..
I used to be here... now im in the real life..
im just trying to help, if the things im saying doesnt spark something in you, than maybe you're not the one and thats ok

Oh, I didn't realize it was the schizo I was talking to. Again, I genuinely hope you decide to take your meds again. You're not saying anything, your just bragging about what you THINK you're doing.

It's right at the end of this clip.
Trust no one, but you can trust steel.

Why not try instead to make Cred Forums great?

Oh, I didn't realise I was talking to a genuine idiot.
Again, I sincerely hope you'll become cognisant of your childish, trollish and embarrassing behavior.
Polishing a turd is a futile gesture.

Wrong answer

Your using an air compressor when all you need is a fan. There's ways of going about persuading people and you sir are shitting the bed royally. Your making it harder for people who actually care about Cred Forums to make it a great place again. Please just be nice.



hearing the laughter of your friends

You think its possible? To be great again? Just a regular forum that you would call mainstream has normal sane people talking normally about stuff.

Make it great again? Was it great or its your nostalgia? Look at the threads, the porn, the traps... that will never stop. stop living in fantasy and face reality. its over. move with your life

Im shitting the bed but u tell me to be nice...

No, its actually what i AM doing.
"meds".. Again, I genuinely hope you decide to take your meds again"...

Dude... typical, pathetic...not even gonna bother explaining how empty what you're saying is

stop arguing about everything you... you.
admit that your wasting your LIFe time replying to me. No1 will ever remember you, you will never achieve anything great by staying it this website. NEVER
Argue about that, c'mon. What will you achieve here? is it me thinking again or is it the true? Go on! use full brain powerfor empty insults and arguments. let me see you.

Haha, nice.

>admit that your wasting your LIFe time replying to me. No1 will ever remember you, you will never achieve anything great by staying it this website. NEVER
Hypocrite. And you're getting less coherent by every reply. Have you ever been diagnosed bi- polar?

I bet you have a big folder on your PC with reply pictures or whatever, to try and impress your anonymous friends.
I dont have that and i try to help people like you.

Think again carefully and honestly. Who needs meds?
You know im right deep inside, i know its just impossibly hard for you to admit it, but trust me. Just admit to yourself, change yourself. You know you want it deep inside.

Your argument is just invalid.
Again - This is my first day in year. its not hypocrite.
Its the easy argument you use, but its just not true.

Its like a cop being undercover to bust organized crime and you saying "you are there, you are hypocrite"
Nope, im here for you big boi. Im here to help lost souls like you.

Skip your insults, they do me no harm. They have zero meaning.

I'm a phone poster so no to the reaction folder. You're still just insulting people and bragging like you're some kind of councilor. If you want to go, then go. But you can't say you've stopped coming here if you are currently replying to and following a thread.


bet you have a big folder on your PC with reply pictures or whatever, to try and impress your anonymous friends.
I dont have that and i try to help people like you.

Think again carefully and honestly. Who needs meds? Answer me honestly. Do you have that option in your brain?

>Skip your insults, they do me no harm. They have zero meaning.
I haven't insulted you once, I don't know why you keep saying this?
>Its like a cop being undercover to bust organized crime
Seriously this isn't an insult I'm genuinely asking if you've ever been diagnosed bi- polar. I am bi- polar myself and delusions of grandeur are a key sign of a manic episode. Reading through your replies is like reading through my own journal that I write in during my own manic episodes. If you haven't been diagnosed, please seek a professional, again I'm not insulting you I am actually concerned.

Answer my last reply, please. Im curious.

For real man...
>Erratic incoherent replies
>Delusions of grandeur
>Perception of insult when I haven't insulted you
>Projecting illness on others
>Justifying unhealthy behavior
>Combative when suggested you take your meds
Seriously man just go talk to a doctor, friend or family member. Again I am bi- polar and these are all symptoms.

No I'm a phone poster so I don't have a reaction folder.

Forgot screenshot

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the 4 Chan ads

For real man...
>Erratic incoherent replies
Like yours - didnt answer my question again, replying whatever you want.
>Delusions of grandeur
How am i trying to be impressive or awesome? Thats the definition for that word. Again - you're not going to answer so your argument is not true at all.
>Perception of insult when I haven't insulted you
Saying to someone "i hope you take your meds" when you don't know if they take is insult. you're saying "hey - you definetly are on meds."
>Projecting illness on others
LITERALLY what you are doing on me - projecting you ilness that you admit you have. Literally projecting illness on others. Never replying to what i argue about.
>Justifying unhealthy behavior
Same like you do in your life for a fact. Not admiting for your secret folders, justifying how normal it is. Justifying your unhealthy behavior.
>Combative when suggested you take your meds
So everyone that is "combative" to your standarts (by arguing) for meds - needs meds?

Seriosly man, see whats hypocrite?

I did answer That's besides the point though, I hope you talk to someone or take your meds if you already have them. Whatever dude, I tried helping you, its up to you now.

See how this world works man?
That's besides the point though, I hope you talk to someone or take your meds if you already have them. Whatever dude, I tried helping you, its up to you now.

The absolute same thing i can say to you.
Difference is you are the one who is really taking medication.
I hope this medication one day helps you realize you have wasted your life and years for this.
I hope you find someone you can share how you really feel inside. Lost and needing medication to co-operate like a normal human being. Quit this place. You wont achieve anything here.

>You wont achieve anything here.
Neither will you.

Atleast im trying to achieve. You are not.
Im trying - 1 day in 1 year, to help a person, to spark something in someone, to realize what he is doing.

You on the other hand - what is your cause? What did u ever achieve or try to achieve here? And infact i did achieve. 1 person for what i know today took what i say seriously and agreed. thats more thanyour last 200 sessions here

I do enough for others in real life. This is just what I do before work. Cred Forums is a site for entertainment, you should find the /sig/ thread in /out/ if you want to help people. Just make sure to keep all advice evidence based, no psuedo-science.

Before work? Nice justifying the waste of time you do. Not gonna work out, not gonna do something worht it . Your weak jelly you call brain needs entertaiment like a child.

Pseudo-science? What do you know about science? Why do you act smart when you dont know jack shit im sure about science?

Why are you even here?

>weed is the best thing in life
>projects schizophrenia on others
>"i smoke weed and become a different person"
>obviously mentally stable and definitely doesn't not have schizo

Lol, nice bait. I need something to do while I sit here sipping my coffee, why are you so triggered?

Typical brain destroyed by Cred Forums same repetative shit. Triggered?
What is triggered. Are you the first person that doesnt get triggered about stuff? triggered being emotional? You are the first human with no emotions? I doubt it man. You can act tough but you are not. You definetly cry sometimes , you definetlly get angry often. We are humans, dont pretend to be non triggered here.
Its easy to pretend to be calm, i can do the same. I have the "courage" to show that i am emotional about certain stuff in life.

Other question? Think when you read. Dont read to reply.

To tell people the truth. That watching traps,gore,pathetic nudes, rating girls youll never know and see like they care for entertaiment, being rude and pretending to be a terminator is pathethc childishi bullshit waste of time. To remind people that this website i absolute trash. This website is the biggest place for losers i have ever seen! For real!

I can't believe if you can't see it just by browsing 5seconds on Cred Forums lets say.
Maybe you now became immune to this bullshit and you thrive in it.
I wanna wake up people.

thats why im here

"FB fap thread" and im the psycho, right. Pathetic

We know where we are. Stop wasting your time and leave already.

Of coarse, but about the normal things. Getting triggered by something so inconsequential though, is a sign of emotional instability, which you for sure have issues with.

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Was going to disappoint me if no one said it in this thread

I have left years ago. I came back today to see the same disgusting shit that you people have become. You know where you are... no you dont. you are immune to this shit now. and you have zero willpower to get out from here. You are trapped just like your trap threads.
Dont reply, press X and leave this shit forever.

Dont argue with me - do it forever and you will thank me. I dont mean you no harm. I really want to help you and no matter what u say or argue, what i say will really help you and you know it. So easy , just press X and dont waste your time here.

You never answered my question from earlier btw. Have you ever been diagnosed bi- polar?

Sure. Lets say i agree. Does that change the facts im showing and saying? About what happens in here? Thats what people do here. Skip the main point and focus on trying to be a doctor or w/e.
I agree to what you said. Can you say you agree with me about what that place is? That will show alot.

Man i wont play this game to tell you about how good my life is and what ive done. i've never had any diagnose, never did harm to other people and so on, so the answer is just no man, thats not the case. Im just emotional when i see people trapped and not aware of it.

Having a reply folder with pictures screams about many hidden issues too.

You people know where you are?
Heroin addicts, every addicts know what they are doing. They just cant stop.

Earlier you said it was one year. Now you're saying multiple years? You haven't even tried to help anyone in this thread. You've only engaged in the same toxic and blatant malevolence as the rest of this site, mean while boasting some delusion of being "like a cop going undercover". You're obviously mentally ill or trolling. Either way you're definitely retarded.

What? You're still here?

Because truth hurts, i wanna trigger people, to face it. Some people will know how that helps.

Are you trying to be a cop about what i said? 1 year - multiple years.. Yea dude, you want date to date when i logged? i havent logged a single time in 1 year - everything is the same.
Before this year i've been a few times for months. definetly irregular.

Why the case is me, my problems and everything.

Why you dont want to face what im saying.
Im arguing with a few people now and NONE of them is talking about how weird the stuff here is and how u became immune to it.
You change the subject ignoring the truth about trap threads, fb fap, rekt thread and much much more

How is posting one photo "having a reply folder"? You assume so much and still have the audacity to lecture people about being a site you are currently on. You're a hypocrite, and you've proved it throughout this entire thread.

Yes! ill be here today. then you wont see me for a very long time. So try to think in the direction im showing you. Not my problems, not that. Press Cred Forums and have a look where you are and at what are you looking. A pathethic group of people escaping their sad reality with sick twisted shitfest.

And... You! You are still here!

No, 1 year and multiple years are very different. You're a hypocrite, lier, and emotionally and mentally unstable. Everyone here see's it, you're not fooling anyone or helping anyone, you're just being an annoying faggot.

You have no idea how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works dude.

Dude, are you kidding me? Are you trying to tell me you have this one photo? Who are you trying to fool? Yourself or me? How do you handle yourself when you know you lie. Ofcrouse you have reply pictures, so what you say has additional attention and value.
Dont lie to yourself atleast. You wont lie to me :) For 1 thing you didnt prove im hypocrite, trust me ...
And again, you are looking at me, not the problem, not talking about the problem.
Again, another reply. see how i prove my point? you prove it.

You don't have anything better to do in the middle of the week? No job or school in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, and you're saying we are losers? Hypocrite.

>Everyone here

Everyone here is hypocrite - 100%, liar - 100%, emotinally unstable - 100% mentally - 100% and you know it.
You people are the one watching trap threads, fb fap, rekt , other weird sick shit that u watch it all by youself with another anonymous fags that justify what you do. A collection of sad individuals that thrive together to have their miserable life.
Again you talking about the years.
Answer me dude, why dont you face what im saying, face the problem? agree that people here are sick! most of them!

You keep telling everyone that you're helping people, but really, you've done nothing. Every post you've made in this thread has amounted to nothing. You're not telling anybody anything they don't already know. We know the content of this site. We know that it's shit. We're still not leaving just because some asshole tells us that "it's good for us" or some dumb shit. What have you really done for anyone? Nothing.

Get a load of this pseud and his 50 posts

You haven't proved anything, you're still assuming I have a folder of pictures. That's what delusional people do, they talk in circles and no matter what they are always right. Everyone knows this site is toxic, none of this is news. The issue is that some mentally unstable guy who refuses to take his meds is being an annoying hypocrite. Pic is my phone's photo folders, no reaction pic folder, again you're assuming a lot.

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Again talking about me.
Let me waste my time to answer again. I work for myself. I work whenever i want. Im not rich, not poor. i live normal, and i have alot of free time. live near the sea with my gf and thats it. thats why the middle of the week doesnt mean shit to me.
Now read what i said again. Face the truth. Stop thinking about whats my problem. Face yours. its time!

You're sick too, all you're proving is how much of a hypocrite you are. Yes the years matter because you lied, and now your flimsy integrity has shattered all validity to your arguments.

Sorry i cant keep arguing with 5 fags protecting each other, not paying attention to the problem that they watch
girls with dicks aka man, people dying, rekt, animal torture, watching woman that they will never have, woman that they had and just being lowlife human being

Then fuck off, faggot

How am i sick? I dont watch porn, i dont watch people dying, i dont watch dicks, i dont waste my time here regularly like you. You are the sick one. Sick and addcited - wont accept that needs help. typical

Show me the folder where u posted the duck. Let me see you. Go delete your other stuff fast :D

You are a pseudo-intellectual with a chip on his shoulder and nobody is impressed with your masturbatory high horse bullshit. Please stay gone for longer than a year this time

You are the faggot and you know it in your head. You are the faggot watching traps? Hahaha :D
You are the things you call me :) you know it. Go watch and fantasize about ur FB friends and watch people die Sick weird piece of shit human fag

Yet you feel superior because you dont yet are trying convince someone else what they enjoy it sounds to me like you are in denial and are self projecting.

Your integrity is important to the argument. You do know what Rhetoric is right? Since I already know the answer to that question, here's some free education for you...

Sure, ill come back after 2 years and faggots likeyou will still be here, achieved NOTHING in life, still watching traps,fb friends and just being worthless piece of shit for humanity. Then you will die and no1 will give a fuck about you. ever.
Your family i bet knows you suck and failed at everything
You Cred Forums fags ive seen are like 1 person.
Trap threads, reply folders and so on. Thats what you are. I know you so well:D

What if i enjoy to meek people like you and abuse them? To rape woman? To spread pictures of your mother on the internet?

Its ok if i enjoy it? Typical delusional fag.
Oh wait. You are the people here who could post their own mother

See boi,you just got fuckin rekt (took me 5 seconds)

Why do you think I watch traps? FB friends? Watch people die? You know you don't have to even look at those threads, right? Is that just all you can come up with to justify your retarded attempt to be better than everyone else?

Still assuming. Go read a book and comeback when you know how debate and rhetoric work please. You're just an ass hole justifying being an asshole. You're here the same as us, go take your meds.

Take your meds

Because you do, bro. Because you know you have done it. :) Can't fool me. I know you fags.
Dont act smart. I know how sick you are.

>go read a book,debate

What i was talking about was the current condition of this place. You took the conversation to what i am as a person
You cant have a normal conversation, cant handle it. U are Cred Forums brain damaged fag.

Destroyed again, with facts. Damn im good

You didnt show the folder, with the picture of the duck still. Hhahahahaha man, arent u ashamed by yourself atleast, not me?

Genius reply. I destroyed you bro, i know you will feel ashamed today, but your brain will try to forget this tomorrow.
All you talk about is meds, not your sick twisted brain

Good job, fags! You all proved my point. So typical, its like im talking with 1 person. Your brain is becoming the same with everyone here. You are the one becoming zombies. You are twisted shitfest people that need to be locked up. People in fuckin 9 gag are more sane, normal and do alot more in their lives, for their families and so on.
You are the worst place and people in the internet. disgusting wood head fags arguing about the wrng stuff.

You all've been destroyed by a guy that hardly knows english. You are just pathetic :D

Take your meds

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Not bad trolling, kid, not bad at all

0/10 bait. Your lack of effort is insulting.

Im just laughing at how my every argument destroyes your typical same old shit reply.
Most of you people here are not even smart. Neither intelligent. Wont even talka about empathy or emotional intelligence. thats the things you fags will never understand and lackmost, you go read about that, not a book about w/e. Thats why girls dont like you, and you will watch pictures only for life.

fuckin d e s t r o y e d man, im on a streak!

Oh man! im sure you impress all the anonymous people here with super duper awesome reply pictures!
> Proves my point ... again..

Take your meds.

If its trolling you all lost in your pathethic game of yours, childish fake lying shit called trolling.
Keep repeating the same word. Your vocalbury is pathethic as your tought process

Do you really need attention this bad? This is just sad.

brain.exe has stopped working.
Arguments not found.
>has reply picture folder - proven.
>keeps talking the same shit over and over again, 0 arguments.
>has admited that he is the one that takes meds and its bipolar.

who are you going against dude. You are destroyed. Listen to me and quit. You suck even at this pathetic game,. Go work out

Take your meds please.

Take your meds please.

Dude, what attention? Thats not real life, im typing at my laptop staying quiet. Thats illusion.
The illusion of attention you people recieve here.
In reality you just stare at a brick and do nothing iwth you life (go talk about how i do it now too, ignore what i said)


I destroyed you all, in your own pathethic craft. Go rethink your life, go read again what i said, then refresh Cred Forums and argue with yourself, not with me, how thats normal.

Attention Seeking on Cred Forums is sad. Just stop and take your meds.

Take your meds.

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or go watch fb girls with clothes, start another trap thread, watch people die not question why you watch that.



It's over man, no one is falling for it. It's time to move on to the next thread. If you hate tranny's, porn, and rekt threads, why not try in one of those threads?

2020... look what you post... super original. Do you giggle for a second even or just have a stone face? just curious how damaged your brain really is.

Right here man

Take your meds

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Attached: Macaca_nigra_self-portrait__rotated_and_cropped_.0[1].jpg (1400x1400, 252K)

falling for what. no1 is willing to argue about what is normal and not, and im not trolling. People here are resistant to truth.

It's over man, take your meds or try again in another thread.

I bet you are the "waifu" type
hahahaha :D :D :D

Man, literally for 10 comments you are saying "its over" but you keep staying here, keep replying the same shit, typing captcha to post pictures.

see how weird this place is? you are still here and im stealing your attention. Waiting for another reply! Do it boi! tell me to take my meds again!

Take your meds

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Take your meds.

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Watching Conan the barbarian with schwarzenegger

Attached: 3160316.jpg-r_640_360-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx.jpg (640x256, 15K)

Look what you did to monkey

Attached: orangutan_square[1].jpg (600x600, 42K)

Ouch! Why you keep proving my point! There goes the damn reply folders.
>Any age Cred Forums faggot -
>Has reply folders, has pictures on his pc of friends he doesnt dare to talk to, jerks of to traps, anime shit, talks about pixel like a wife, has a brain damage, always is right and much more.
BANG - original content, not a fuckin piccture.
Destroyed by every paragraph

Hell yeah!

Keep browsing boy. Still totally not impressed. Keep trying.

Take your meds

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É o pau, é a pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho
É um caco de vidro, é a vida, é o sol
É a noite, é a morte, é um laço, é o anzol
É peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira

Take your meds.

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>Error: Cred Forums fagboy's arguments are over.
Bye faggots, go watch trap dicks with your waifu.
Thats your future. sad and lonely. MOst terrible wish for you would not be dead, but lack of internet or PC .
headshot again, right in the truth.

Take your meds.

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Is it original if not who wrote it?

Nice reply folder, sad cunt. Let me see how many you have.
>Insert correct grammar and writing
>Hurr durr im a phone user i dont have 5GB gallery with replys
>takes a shot of his menu, not inside his golder
>wins Cred Forums's award for ultimate faggot
>is proud

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Take your meds.

Attached: 1579454614798.gif (550x856, 188K)

You are disturbing boi. keep those weird comics shits to yourself.

Take your meds.

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To be maybe a little specific here.
I met this milf with two kids on a date, but she was like almost 10/10 in my view.
was saddened we didn't end up meeting second time.. I Dreamed of sex with that bod'
More than a year later she calls and says is lonely, we meetup and I fuck her.
Best in life was to see that that perfect ass getting bent and jiggle in front of me as she said "fuck me from behind" and I penetrate multiple postions as I'm horny.

l love sex/ sex lust / horny sex.

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Thanks bro


Holy shit, fuckin' saved. This image is hilarious. Thanks, bud.


Those silky poos that feel so nice and then you dont even have to wipe afterward

Owning a nice home by the beach, drinking out of a pineapple, having good close friends, making art.