Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
Japan Edition
First 24

Post a picture and a name for it to play

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Best girl

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dis corona chan?

Nao Kaizaki

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Corona chan
As in
Coronavirus Chan

Big Chungus

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Pepsi Man

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No, that's Niggy

Based Pepsi man poster


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Brenton Tarrant

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Music pirate

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While we wait for everyone else to wake up, how've you guys been? Anything interesting coming up?

Also, we're almost done with the Cred Forums tour. We should be finished with the planned boards by tomorrow

>japan edition
that's just battle royal...

Cred Forums tour?


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Feudal* Japan
So it's weeb shit about samurais and weird tentacle ladies

Yea, hosting a game on every board on Cred Forums. We've done from Cred Forums to /s/ up 'till now. We're doing 3 more boards 12 hours from this post

Ghetto Joker

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Ty Lee

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Get Dabba don

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Good morning to those just waking up

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Cool guy

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And that's them tributes
I'll give it a little bit in case we get some newcomes, but no more than 5 minutes

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Good luck everyone.

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Wa Chin Yu

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Denbits Collector

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Alright, let's get this show on the road

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Wa Chin is not a certified hood nigga
Pepsi man goes on a quest for revenge
That tomboy even with Ty Lee would be perfection
Tsukiki thinks WRONG


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My manz

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Bet they will give lots of xp and legendary loot.

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Jerry makes interesting Friends
Blyeth takes some... interesting loot
I didn't know Mao swinged that way
How do you impale someone with a knife? Being an overlord, that's how
The fourth Reich's looking lit as fuck

wtf there's more than that gif?

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>Just got cucked two posts in a row

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Do you guys remember eelslap? Mao does
Don't worry Blyeth, you can have mine after you check These!
A spear seems more fitting to impale someone with

Is this a sign of something?

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Yeah nigga

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M-Maybe it's just a pacifist run

"Subscribe to Pewdiepie" on her forehead
What would Megumi even do with that?!
Hands off the tomboy, bitch!
Mao, are you alright?


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Get your umbrellas out, guys
Dios mío, the Chinese Luchadora!
Looks like someone wants to give Hitler coronavirus
Based Joker
Make that highscore 52

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Oh shit, it's october already?!

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Mercy and Awooo

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Really guys? She just saved your life!

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And after that amazing show of gratitude, we have a winner
>Ghetto Joker
>Brenton Tarrant

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Wait so how did this guy not win?

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Going with [Redacted].

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Ungrateful Bastards

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At least one of them had his comeuppance, if it means anything

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We really do live in a society

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thanks for hosting

Hell fucking yea mother fuckers! Why So Serious?

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Thanks for the game yo.

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thanks for hosting

Thanks for the game

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Hunger Games aint got nothin' on life in the Ghetto

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Thanks for playing yall

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk I was so close to winning gg

GG mang, see you on the next game

I thought Hitler was op

I wish I could have gassed more jews

Y'all Niggas' got what u deserved

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