You need to suck it

You need to suck it.

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Baby where are you?

Where there’s no dick to suck unfortunately

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Pop my eye out and skullfuck me

I give you your candy today

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Give me your phone number

Find me at the mall

Ugh fuck my throat daddy~

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Then stuff my ass and unload in it~

When are you at the gloryhole we need to get a room

Drain my balls milk my prostate

Need to make out with your balls~

Fuck off brother and father

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Mmmmf yessss

I'm always going to stalk you

I'm going to steal you and take you to Mexico

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Mi gatita

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You seriously need to get away from your family and friends

I'm never going to leave you alone

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I went to jail for you

I got one you can suck

I'll take turns with the other romantic rivals of the story

When the fuck is my turn

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Do I?

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But live your bullshit.

She deserves to be raped

Everyone fucks her

Know her? Who's this cumdump?

I still need to hear all the pig shit they did to her. I couldn't be more pissed

I heard they fucking killed her. And there was an exorcism

Back when that shit was good. Before 2013 when they multiplied the gangbangs

Any ideas? That whore seems hot

Like matt Samuels killing her was innocent or some shit. And that's just him

I will seriously fucking hurt you.


Think again loser

You're always going to be a cheap whore

Yeah I do.

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I'm going to be your husband.

Hey happy Valentine's day this 30th year American piece of shit.

Mi gatita, dollface