What is the point of making your bed?

What is the point of making your bed?

> Forced to do this as a child
> Literally never do it as an adult
> See no downside to skipping this

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There is no point

There is no point. Maybe if you're in the military for discipline but that's all

you wouldn't want to bring a woman home to an unmade, untidy bed would you ?
kek, what am I saying

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It's more comfortable to get into at night?

If you fail at life any day, you can come home to what seems like a "put together" house. It improves your depression.

It feels good

Lmfao. What?

Why not?


a nicely laid sheet and blanket feels great, just try it user

Unless you sleep like a crazed animal, the sheet doesn't get fucked up in the night, and the second you touch the duvet it is nothing like it is when it's made and untouched.

Explain again.

I understand making bed if your bed can turn into sofa and vice verse. Creates a kind of seperation between night and day.

Because your room looks better, you look better to someone if you have a female guest or whatever. Why do you think in the army they do it? Its learning fuckin discipline. You do your bed, then you do everything else the way you do your bed. its about appreciating your surroundings and yourself. sure u can be a slack, but ull look like one, and feel like one(maybe)

Routine puts me at ease. I sleep much better peeling back a crisp clean sheet and climbing into bed. It only takes a couple seconds, but it feels good to make the room look nicer.

Discipline. Also it helps to create a more comfy atmosphere in your room.


>Why do you think in the army they do it?
To break their will so they become mindless drones
Its called drill

What army did you first though of ? USA?
No. in the past that is not the case in my country. its discipline

>after you made you bed go wash your hands, with soap. Or no tendies.

>After you washing your hands you can only go out and play after you eat all the eggs.

Its nice not having tomess around with uneven blankets