Jet fuel can't melt steel beams

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

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it also can't raise insurance payouts

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I'm pretty sure a fucking plane weakens them somewhat

: pic related
> " Jet fuel can't melt steel beams. " : yes it can : inb4 : " /thread " ;

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no but it if they’re on fire long enough they can bend and eventually give in on the structure as a whole

melt beams can't jet steel fuel.

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melt fuel can't steel jet beams.

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can't jet beams melt fuel steel

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laser beams can jet melt steel without fuel

fuel beams can't melt jet steel

Jet beams cant melt steel fuel.

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but anons the plane was made out of nanothermite

When the planes hit the buildings and plowed into their centers, a large section of the exterior load-bearing columns as well as some crucial core columns were severed. This transferred additional loads to the surviving columns. NIST believes a great deal of the fireproofing insulation was likely knocked off the surviving columns in the impact, leaving them more vulnerable to the heat. In WTC 2, for instance, NIST found that the impact stripped fireproofing insulation from trusses that supported 80,000 square feet of floor space. The spray-on fireproofing, which was first used widely in the 1960s, is lightweight and fluffy and can crumble from the touch of a hand, much less the impact of plane debris flying at several hundred miles per hour. In addition, the remaining fireproofing can trap heat that reaches the steel in exposed areas, magnifying the effect of that heat.

“If the buildings had not been damaged by airplanes, they could have lost strength and still stood,” says structural engineer Magnusson. “But the airplanes did two things in terms of the buildings’ survivability: First, they damaged the structure, so they took out the towers’ redundancy, their ability to balance overload. The structure load went way up. Then, the impact struck out sprinklers and fireproofing, and the fire elevated the temperature of steel. Then you start to weaken the steel by heating it up. And it was only those two things in combination that were enough to bring the buildings down.

300 ton chunk of steel flying at 200 mph into a concrete and steel tower tends to have destructive consequences.

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that fuel burning that long plus the weight of the tower weakened the support beams allowing it to collapse.

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Then why the fuck did an untouched building do a free fall you cuck!?!?!

this bread
Plane carrying high-ranking US officers crashed in Afghanistan - Taliban 86,961 views•Jan 27, 2020
CIA jet crashed with 4 tons of cocaine 133,799 views•Jun 8, 2008

No but kinetic energy can

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it took a while to fall. the fuel burning only weakened the structure.
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i didn't know that the sprinklers were knocked out too.

“Heat also causes steel to lose strength and stiffness. But thermal expansion occurs at temperatures much lower than those required to reduce steel strength and stiffness.” At that coefficient of expansion, a 50-foot steel beam increases in length by .39 inches—more than one-third of an inch—for every increase of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on the temperatures inside WTC 7, key floor beams increased in length by more than 4.25 inches in the northeast section of the building. At floor 13, that expansion sheared the bolts that connected Column 79, in the northeast corner of the building’s interior, to the girder reaching across to Column 44 on the tower’s north face. At approximately 5:20 p.m., continued expansion pushed the girder entirely off the seat holding it against Column 79, sending floor 13 collapsing onto the floors below. A cascade of floor failures followed, according to NIST, leaving Column 79— which supported approximately 2,000 square feet of floor space—with insufficient lateral support between floors 5 and 14. The weight of the 33 floors above buckled Column 79 eastward, beginning a progressive collapse of the upper floors on the northeast corner. The sudden load redistribution, coupled with debris damage from the falling floors, buckled nearby Columns 80 and 81, according to NIST, initiating an east-to-west chain reaction of interior column failures.

Oh but wait there's more. Remember tower 7, that didn't get hit but some how also did a miraculous free LONG AFTER the towers fell.

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how thermite cuts steel beams

Because a fucking skyscraper falling down can have a slight impact on the ground and buildings surrounding it you cunt

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did it free fall?

are you implying the kinetic energy transfer and seismic activity didn't have anything to do with it?
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I really do wish the people in this thread were all merely pretending to be stupid.

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Then why didn't the older building around those fall too? Were they not at the same risk as tower 7?

jet fuel doesnt need to melt steel beams, just 400 to 700 degrees will significantly weaken steel enough for them to sag and fail under their own weight

wait, planes are made out of steel now?

>see or here

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didnt get hit by a plane but did get hit by the huge fucking tower that fell down right next to it and that gouged out one side of the building setting it on fire too

yeah go ahead and post the steel framed structures that have totally completely failed due to fire. I'll save you the Google since obviously you're talking out of your ass. there have been 3. All on 9/11. Not one other building in history has totally collapsed due to fire.
>but mah airplane hole
a hole with structural damage enough to cause total complete failure of 100 floors UNDERNEATH the crash site?

It partially damaged a small section of one corner of WTC 7 and there were fires and explosions going off in the building before either tower collapsed. Even NIST said that the damage to the corner from the debris wasn't a factor in the collapse and they pin it all on regular office fires.

Actually there was another one a few years ago in Iran or something. It was actually caught on security camera and coincidentally looks exactly like a controlled demolition, and there were reports of explosions right before collapse and suspicions from people in the area about the whole thing.

only the ones with high ranking CIA officials on board

OP is a fucking moron

Ignoring the fact that "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" is a simplified meme and not really any kind of argument, there actually was melted steel at Ground Zero. Plenty of eyewitness accounts and documented evidence, but no way there should have been molten steel there.

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there were people in the building during and after the collapse. there is footage on YouTube that shows the actual damage to the building after collapse of the towers. 6 hours later all support to the building totally collapsed. even cold hardened steel that was unaffected by fire or damage totally completely failed.

jetfuel poured down and melted it dumbass

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Educate yourself:

It doesn't need to melt it. Weakening a structural element is enough to cause a collapse.

TIL that Descartes frequents Cred Forums ...

However it can weaken the metal sufficiently to cause it to lose its load-bearing capability. Thus the structure made of such metal will eventually collapse, if compromised by extreme heat.

It's basically metallurgy.

>the fact that nobody speaks about even if it did, the heavy black smoke indicates that the fire is poor on oxygen, thus the fire is less intense, resulting in less heat.

This thread is getting boring, let's find another excuse already
for example:
Israel had no business taking rid of the twin tower, and the media would not dare to lie to you the people.
Nobody would dare set up suck a thing so devious, twisted and evil as a false flag event and let it be a reason to take you in a war outside your borders for oil/money and land.

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jim beams can't selt the nuck buels

No, but it causes them to lose all their strength, thus the collapse.


Bs buildings were fire rated for hours longer

Jet fuel can't melt this nigga eatin beans

How old ru? Did you watch it happen? I did.




would that rating be with or without a plane crash

2 things happened: the powers that be only stripped away more of our rights and freedoms, and we went to war with countries that are also in Israel's interests to destabilize, oil rich or not, 9/11 related or not. Poor Syria.

daily planners don’t melt steel beams

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Okay, so let's begin with that the two towers had a steel beam covered in concrete inbetween every window, creating a web of steel and concrete.
Donald Trump has even claimed, the days following 9/11 that those building were a real piece of work and they would stand for anything, considering the bomb attack in the 90's.

Now, would a aluminium plane be able to penetrate a webbing of steel and concrete at 500 mph? Well here you can see a fighter jet, fly into a blob of concrete at 500 mph. Now you tell me the possibility.

You are all fucking so dumb

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Nope. That's not how it works. UL ratings and approvals. You can look em up.

Based engineering report.

While I have no doubt wtc7 was struck (your pic shows the side facing away from the towers) I find it odd the building was full of incriminating papers in black budget expenditures (billions still gone missing) and was empty at the time. They definitely had to finish the job they started.

>I didn't know the sprinklers were knocked out too
It's a fucking plane. They didn't hit a hanger, they hit an office where people walk around in 7ft ceilings. They're gonna take out a few ceiling tiles along the way.

(((Solomon))) brothers

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Lol wtf? You cant be serious.

This is what they say about building 7 now? Kek

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Lol so domino effect every building in New York should have fallen down.


I'm pretty sure iraq has WMDs

Fun video, recommend/10

But yes, I still submit an aluminum plane will crash through a web of steel and concrete. It matters not only the materials, but the shape and width and angle of impact. For instance, take an aluminum pen and stab it through some steel wool in your kitchen, first with the tip, then with side of the handle.
The half concrete half window office building was built for lightweight skyrise purposes, not bunkers, and the steel was a thin vertical mesh for vertical supports, not lateral impact. Skyrises have their structural integrity at the core, so the exterior is just a thin shell to seperate the outside from inside.

You're too hung up on how this happened instead of who and why

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this evidence is strong enough for me. let's invade

>im a zoomer just now learning about 9/11 and bringing up old millennial memes.


Who said it could?

>200 mph
try 500mph

>that didn't get hit
sure it did. just not by a plane but a falling 110 story building.

>N̷̹̜̘̻̦̰͉͔̯̩̤͓͕̥̎̈́̓̀͒̈̏̃́̓̀́o̸̘̫̣̗͖̒̓̋̏̄̋̓̂ņ̶̞̯̪̤̦̟̞̹̓̏̉̄̉̄͘͜͜͝͠͝e̸͙̱̠͖̠̝̠̹̮͍̮͉̙̝͆͌̐͌͑́̌͂ ̵̢̢̛̼̗̰̰̥͎̖͛̒̔̋̂͂̓̐͋͝͠͝ǫ̵̧̛͚̼̰̣͔͗̀̈́̃͆͑̏̎͘͝͝f̴͉̫̰̤̞̏͗̉͘͘ ̵̢̘̺͕̖̪͚̀̈͂̽́̈́̄̈̓͆̋͒̕t̸̢̳͑͋̑͌̀͌̉̽̄̕h̵̨̭̻͓͚̒̃̓i̴̥̖̮͂̓̃̔̎̀͝͝s̴̨̧͇͈̩̯͚͚̙̖͓̀̌͝ ̶̡͍͍͉̫͍͙̙̖̣͇̙̼̦͇͗͒̇͛͘i̶̡͕͚̻͚͕̦̤̞̟̫͗́̀̓͜s̶̱̬̿͂͂ ̴̗̳͍̜̦̰̠̟̰̮̝̬̮̆r̷̨̧̳͉͔̣͈͓̝̜͇̞̞̽̊̋̒͋͗͂͗̓̔̀͘e̷͚̻͔͙͖͈͗͋́͗͛̈́̆̈́͝a̴̰͈̜̰̮̜͈̼̹̳̤̐̆̇̂̓͠ͅl̵̹̖̬͉̗̼̪̳͓͓̞̙͎̪̞̏͐͊̈́̇̓̀̈́͛̏̕̚.̸̡̢̣̜̰͖̌́̂̂̐̿̀̂̇̉͊̂̚͜ ̷̢͇̹͎̘̱͓̩̟̭̞̩̘̄̊̇̋̆̈́̒̓̏͜ͅP̸̨̛͚̜̬̺̱͚̼̗̫̪̩̏̾͂̄͌͂̐͗ľ̸̖͖̰̱͖͔̯̳̉̈́͊͛͠͠ē̴̡̤̖̱̳̬͉̯̬̝̑͐͗̄̑̀̕͘̕͝á̸̧̢̦̙̹̯͔̥̠̗̊̆̊͐̋͛̔́͐̔͐͝ͅs̵̠͍̪̬̀̽̒̑͗̈́̊͗͆͌͊̋̓͝͝e̵͉̯͎̗̺͂̀̓̓̋̊̾̾̉͝͝ ̷̧̢͓͙͌̋̑̕ẉ̵̢̢̫̭̭̔͑̄͝à̵̜̟́̄̈͋͌̓̀̃͝͠k̸̰̀é̸̺̩̮̳̟͎̪̫͑́͊̀̉̉͆̆̌͝

I'm not more than twice as tall and hundreds of times heavier than my fridge, nor am I flinging debris into it and severing water lines it needs for its fire suppression system.

>Not one other building in history has totally collapsed due to fire.

not a factual statement.

The Plasco building in Iran collapsed due to fire as did a skyscraper in Brazil.

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kek. yeah. you just keep believing everything the government tells you.

>Skyrises have their structural integrity at the core, so the exterior is just a thin shell to seperate the outside from inside.

Normally, yes. However, not the case with the twin towers, my friend. See 01:30 -

I do a different, thought experiment, instead. Imagine throwing an aluminium can at a steel beam. At what velocity does the aluminium can break the steel beam? Now what if there's a net of steel beams?

As regards to who, we will never know. The consensus is set, and near forgotten.
The most likely is a 'Operation Gladio B' type group with funding from somebody in Saudi Arabia. There were several intelligence agencies from different nations that had information that something big was about to go down in the mainland USA. And as with NSA and CIA, perhaps, being the holders of the biggest intelligence gathering tool in the world. They also knew. As the old General Stubblebine said, somebody at the very least made an error to miss that. (See more here:

And, to the why, the US needed a reason to attack Iraq, as Saddam was about change from the so called "petrodollar" to another currency. It's pretty interesting, if you can find it, to see how Tony Blair said that going to war against Iraq would be illegal, and a few years later say that "the UK would go to war against Iraq regardless of WMD's".

Everything comes back to oil. Even the "war on plastic".

imagine americans being so arrogant that they cant even believe they got attacked by terrorist from another nation that they have to make conspiracy theories saying "no no no, it wasnt terrorist, it was actually OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!!"

yikes. sometimes im not proud to be an American.

Yes office fires could take that building down. I cannot tell you how the fire started though.


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Fucking Autistic Fuckhole

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No, but my Taco Bell diarrhea can.

It's time for me to come clean. I was there on that faithful day. When that plane came crashing into the wall, I lost all control of my sphincter and the sudden relaxation resulted in an explosion. The shit blew a hole in my pants and covered the entire room in feces. In retrospect, it's kind of impressive. The stench was pretty bad, but I'll never forget the faces of those who got hit. Not only did they die, but they died covered in shit. But, anyway, my stool covered every square inch of the room and it started melting those steel beams. And that, my fellow anons, is the truth about 9/11.

>not the case with the twin towers,

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>the aluminium can break
doesnt the aluminum can need to be 300 tons and filled with fuel in the wings and traveling at 500mph to be an accurate scenario?

Oh, yeah: so how did I survive? Actually, I was there to showcase a jetpack as part of an ad campaign. I simply took the jetpack and flew out of there. If you look closely at the news footage, you can see me landing. There you go: another conspiracy theory debunked.

Nice bait

Not convinced by the first video, check that one out.

The commercial planes are very fragile. The point is, a softer material doesn't easily break a harder material on impact.

But, sure.. you could use a steel rod, which I meant to say.. not a beam, obviously

These niggers will say anything to deny 9/11, but there is no denying the War Games that took place during 9/11 with the exact same scenario.
Im sure they’ve never even heard about the War Games before, becuz its so damning the MSM did everything they could to bury the story.

havent heard that in a while

But it can heat them up to the point where they're to weak to support their own weight

Even the towers didnt bend, they both fell into their footprints with the 2nd tower hit falling into its footprint first.
Which means the only logical conclusion is that it was a controlled demolition.

Dont forget building 7, some Alaskan university released a study a while back confirming building 7 could not have fallen into its footprint like it did from the fire damage.
The fact that building coincidentally held all the receipts and black budgets for the ATF, FBI and CIA were moved there after the Oklahoma City Bombing’s building is just a coincidence or how literal a day prior to 9/11, Donald Rumpsfeld came out saying there’s 2 trillion dollars missing and we need to investigate and coincidentally the building (7) that had said receipts, strategically fell into is it footprint.

Not weak enough that they’d fall into their footprints which the 2nd tower hit falling first, especially considering where they were hit.
But keep drinking that kool-aid, boy.

it was thin steel cladding on the outside. the planes punched thru like a pencil thru a soda can. try again.

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>fell into their footprints
not hey didnt they damaged 40+ others building outside their footprint

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fuck this thread it's not even funny

simply a matter of physics and velocity. You can shoot a ping pong ball thru wood it you do it fast enough. thin steel cladding was no match for 300tons at 500mph. please stop being retarded.

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But this >thin steel cladding

yes. a much lighter planes traveling at a much slower speed. Lost in the fog was their premsie. try physics.

707 dumbass

>simply a matter of physics
This relies on the assumption that it is possible to shoot a ping pong ball that fast.

>Terminal velocity

Explain bullets and armor.

That was from debris. Do you even know the difference between a building collapsing vs falling into its footprint?

Here’s a hint, if the building doesnt topple over and 90% of it collapses straight down, it collapsed into its footprint.

A new weapon can

Your first video actually makes me believe the mainstream story a bit more. I never knew they used a new technique and skimped on interior steel and focused on the outer walls being the load bearer. That actually makes sense if a plane penetrated the wall and wreaked havoc on the weak interior that it would collapse. Interdasting.

You clearly don't know what 'falls into its own footprint' means. Videos clearly show WTC did not fall straight, the upper sections toppled about 8°, and unevenly crushed the floors below causing a cascade failure that you can literally watch happening. 90% did not collapse straight down.

>Here’s a hint, if the building doesnt topple over
Behold, toppling of the collapsing upper floors.

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Top of the building vs the entire building.

The towers was specifically made to take a plane, stills free falls like a demolition building.

..... notice how the rest of it and even the top is collapsing into itself?

The War Games are ALWAYS ignored when that alone is proof there is way more to the story than a bunch of saudi’s with box cutters.

But, wouldn't that mean the stronger frame would remain?

Yeah, i wonder how that happened?

And all the other buildings was just fine?

Notice how the top is visibly NOT collapsing into itself and is toppling? That isn't a controlled collapse, that is horribly uneven and you can see multiple vectors for debris even in that short gif. Dude your argument is dead. It did not collapse into its own footprint. It collapsed into an area 500 metres larger than its footprint. The upper 17 floors (of South Tower) tilted more than 9° as they collapsed and provided the largest outburst from the footprint.

Coincidentally that was the only other building to collapse and coincidentally that building held the finical records for the ATF, FBI and CIA which was going to be audited or w/e becuz a day prior on 9/10, it was announced that 2.3 trillion dollars were missing and a formal investigation would begin, but then a day later 9/11 happened and all those records burned up when Building 7 magically collapse in on itself.

Funny that is, no?

>911 thread
this is the /b i remeber

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Jet fools can't melt feel memes

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And the rest magically feel in on itself, but no, clearly it was just some saudi’s and planes behind it all.
Nothing else to see here boys, what? There were two other planes? One hitting the pentagon with literally zero footage of it being hit and the only security camera to catch the impact cant be released to the public becuz the FBI deemed it a threat to national security, bur every year, ever news and history station constantly shows the towers being hit?
Nope, totally no inconsistencies.

Boy, kool-aid sure tastes great, dont it?

>it was announced that 2.3 trillion dollars were missing and a formal investigation would begin
No money was missing. Records of INTERNAL TRANSACTIONS were incomplete. 2.3 trillion is more than they even had. They did not loose more money than they had.
>but then a day later 9/11 happened and all those records burned up when Building 7 magically collapse in on itself.
Last time you retards argued this it was 'they burned up in the wing of the pentagon that got hit'.
>Funny that is, no?
No. Because no money was ever found to be missing. They didn't lose any money, they just had really shitty internal filing.

Another funny thing is how almost a year earlier they decided to plan a scenario which included commercial airplanes flying into high-rise buildings.

And also on the day of the attack the nearest Air Force base was having an exercise, which meant the fighter jets involved weren't armed. And also how the east coast air defence was disengaged.

>And the rest magically feel in on itself
No magic. Simple physics. The rest was a cascade failure of otherwise undamaged floors, what way did you think that shit would fall? 17 upper floors went fucking flying, 17/110 is not 10%, 18.7% of that building fell diagonally and the rest was crushed. It didn't fall into its footprint. At all. 500 metre debris expulsion is not 'into it's footprint'.

>One hitting the pentagon with literally zero footage of it being hit
Wrong. There was footage and it was released.

>Nope, totally no inconsistencies.
No, only in your deluded mind.
>Boy, kool-aid sure tastes great, dont it?
Dunno, let me know when you're done sucking it through a tinfoil straw to stop the evil gubmint teleporting mind control chemicals into it.

Those were different records that were destroyed conveniently at the pentagon.
Or do you think its a coincidentally that record section of the pentagon and Building 7 that held records were coincidentally targeted by our enemies? When the only people that’d benefit is the US and whoever doesnt want their dirty laundry exposed?
cant follow the money if you blew up the buildings holding the receipts.

No, it wasnt just a year prior, those scenarios were literally played out on 9/11, at the same time as the real attack happened.
Everyone forgets about the war games that happened the same day.

It was missing in the sense that it was unaccounted for. They knew that it existed somewhere and had been moved over somewhere else, which nobody could answer where that was. Coincidentally, in 2007 there was an estimation that the US had spent 2.5 trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As for the Pentagon bit, as I recall it the struck part of the Pentagon was under reconstruction at the time. And there was an ongoing investigation in WTC7. Although, the way I remember it, that investigation had something to do with corruption on Wall Street.

I think the argument of the investigation being in the Pentagon comes from a Joe Rogan podcast.

There. Was. No. Money. Missing.

Internal transfers. Brainlet.

Excuse me for being off by 8% you pedantic ass.
How exactly, does 18% topple off the building which simultaneously crushing the remainding 80%? Cant really crushed something if it topples off the building :/

As for the pentagon footage. No it literally was not. There is no footage of the actual impact, i know exactly what you’re talking about and the FBI confiscated the 8 or 18 frames of the impact becuz “national security.”
There’s also literally zero footage of the plane prior to impacting the pentagon, you’d think if a commercial jet liner was flying THAT low something other than a single security camera would have caught it flying into the literal pentagon.

They knew where the money was. They just didn't know how it had moved through the Pentagon to get there.

You don't need to melt something in order to weaken it you utter fucktard. Now go kill yourself and stop using our oxygen you waste of blood and organs

The trillions could not be accounted for, if you want to be pedantic as say it wasnt strictly missing, fine. It still couldnt be accounted for and the places that happened to hold their records were burned up a day later.

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Except there’s literal footage of literal molting metal oozing out of the buildings.... You dont have to melt something to weaken it, but if there’s evidence shit was melted, you kind of have to account for that...

Research fire loading and the effects on structures.

>Excuse me for being off by 8% you pedantic ass.
8.7%, it was nearly twice what you said.

>How exactly, does 18% topple off the building which simultaneously crushing the remainding 80%? Cant really crushed something if it topples off the building :/
So something toppling 9° as it falls can't crush what is beneath it? Fuck your brain must be a hard place to live.

>As for the pentagon footage. No it literally was not. There is no footage of the actual impact, i know exactly what you’re talking about and the FBI confiscated the 8 or 18 frames of the impact becuz “national security.”
It's literally still on YouTube.

>There’s also literally zero footage of the plane prior to impacting the pentagon, you’d think if a commercial jet liner was flying THAT low something other than a single security camera would have caught it flying into the literal pentagon.
How many people do you think video the sky? Fucking brainlet.

Found the child

I know that. Anyway i saw the news that day and saw thermite ignition flashes, so your argument is invalid in any scenario. Somebody fucked up big time.

Yeah but 90% vs 80% isnt that big of difference.

It can crush some of it, NOT THE ENTIRE REMAINING 80% for both buildings.
Especially if its accidents and not controlled demolitions.

No it literally isnt. There is no footage of the actual impact of the “plane” if you think you have footage of a plane hitting the pentagon, go for it. I’ll wait.

When there’s a literally liner flying lowering than buildings heading for the pentagon, yeah, i think a lot of people would be filming the sky or y’know traffic cams and other police cams, hell even news helicopters would be recording it becuz its a literally commercial jet liner, that they knew was hijacked, flying suicidally low.
At least 1 person or public camera should have recorded it, but instead all we get is a signal security camera that doesnt show the actual plane impacting the building.

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Also how do you defend the war games going on at the exact same time that had the exact same scenario as 9/11 happening?
What? Did the saudi’s with their box cutters interception classified training operations?
If so, why’d everyone and their mother try to burry the fact the war games were happening at the same time?
Have you never wondered why jets werent scrambled? Becuz they were, but they were conveniently directed in the opposite direction of the hijacked planes.

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Israel + inside job = 911-IX XI

Steel didn't melt, and it doesn't have to melt

A 9/11 thread? Really?

lighter fluid..

Yeah except for the evidence of molten metal, but Im sure none of that was steel, right?

You must be a newfag

It was aluminum

LMAO sure

What are planes made out of

No, just tired of this stupid shit

>post more memes fagots

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Might have something to do with a large building smashing the fuck out of it.

>evidence of
show us

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>I wasn’t born yet but I’ll pretend wearing a tinfoil hat somehow changes the world I live in

It doesn’t matter, boy. They got away with it one way or the other and the world will never be the way it was. Much like the Holocaust, at this point it literally doesn’t matter whether they were gassed or startled to death or were on a tropical holiday and made it all up. It shaped the world in a permanent way.

Stop focusing on this and focus on preventing the next big paradigm shift before it is too late.

No, they were not. There were no records of those transactions, that's the issue they had. The money was all present and accounted for you brainlet, they just didn't know how many hands it had gone through internally.

Wait are you serious? You think the molten metal was from the planes? LMAO usually you retards with say its metal from the building besides steel, but nope, you took retarded route like that.

Cope harder with your ridiculous assumptions.

Wait you dont know about it? Usually you retards are informed and just say its other metals from the buildings besides the steel, but your even more uninformed. Yikes.

Steel loses strength when under temperature. This phenomenon is called creeping (under temperature) . Yes it didn't melt the beams but the heat weakened the material. Don't trust me? A blacksmith for example heats up steel too when forging. That's easiest engineering knowledge. Steel hot => easy to deform

And why do you not think it was not aluminum? Any proof the metal had to be steel?

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.


This guy explains how you can cut steel beams with thermite, also, the alumunium thermite glows white, but if you use other stuff, it will be different colored.
how thermite cuts steel beams

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No it doesn't

And there is no evidence of thermite use

ok, aluminum emits whiteish light at an excited state

a plane is made mostly of aluminium

It literally doesnt matter about the steel beams.
The War Games alone prove the government was behind it and not a handful of saudi’s with box cutters.

No it doesn't

Also not true

Lol talk about denial. All the proof is right there in the vid. You’re just to weak to watch it like the lil NPC bitch that you are.

Cope harder, loser.

>conspiracy theories

You're all retards. It was an advertising stunt for Raid Shadow Legends. Man, were they ahead of their time.

You literally are talking out of your ass, watch the video retard or stop bitching.

no it yes