Choose one

Choose one
A) every Cred Forums post you've ever made becomes easily available to everyone you know
B) your dick disappears and you're only left with your balls forever
C) your mom dies in her sleep tonight
not posting an answer is equivalent to choosing C
trannies and femoids need not apply

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i choose D

A. I've gone out of my way to not post dumb shit. or simply use Cred Forums as a spam playground.

A. Havent really posted anything weird.

A fo sho

say guhbye to mommy

A. Never posted anything I’m ashamed of


psychotic bitch

>C) your mom dies in her sleep tonight
My mom lived a nice, long life. Easy choice.


C I've been waiting for her to die for years this'll just speed things up


A) also, fuck you kike !


Jokes on you, been here more than a decade, no one's reading all that shit

C. She left when I was 3 and by brother was 5, along with leaving 2 half-brothers when they were about 2 with 2 different dads, like a fucking nigger

A) tbh

A, only roll shit

A, duh

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A) definetly.
That would just out me as a Dom and my wife as my submissive and some Kinks.
My liberal left (what it means not what you call liberals) political view is nothing I keep to myself.

A, however C would be a viable option if I had posted something naughty.

option a, mostly all i post about is wanting to fuck a down syndrome chick. pic related

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I have my immunity cat, but I don't mind the A, everyone knows that I hate faggots and shitskins already

And how is living as an outcast?

Mother is already dead. C.


A: Every post ever. Its not that bad, honestly.


A obv




sorry mom


how close have you gotten dude?


option 'one'

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I choose you improve your shoop skills lardass.

C. Fuck that cunt

C. I hate my mother, she's a mentally ill cunt who ruined my father's life and mine.


A. i dont really post sick and twisted shit i just tend to save and hoard it.


Definitely A


I can explain it at least


Not sure op
But I posted in your thread so none apply because once seen it can never be undone


A) obviously. Not hard to defend being a racist sexist asshole. 1st amendment guarantees my right to be a dick.

I choose A. I don't post fucked up shit.

worked with retards, some of them get the fuck with other retards and people of low social class
all the time

fuck niggers


Not being edgy, she just molested me when I was 12, his my grandpa's funeral from me and my brother, messed with his will so the house and money would all go to her, and kicked us out into the cold on Christmas Eve when she sold our house to a family of spics.

*Hid my grandpa's funeral

A. I post some awful shit but I just know my friends think I post even worse shit.

A, duh


hmm.. i think i've pretty much only ever posted gay furry porn, argued with other metalfags about what genres / albums are better, and posted something akin to "would bang if she had a penis" in various chick rate threads. all in all, not that bad. I'd go with A.

we share many interests
wanna fuck


I wonder how weird and how many troubles could i get from my older post about my maid pics, both ex-gfs, dick pics and weird sexual fantasies.

Later mom

In my defense I've been posting since highschool and if all my post became public knowledge a few cold cases wouldn't be so cold anymore and I'd go to jail for a loooong time. My mom had a good run.


C. No one should have to suffer in this society anymore. RIP.

do i sense that you have a couple cool / disturbing stories on hand?

I'd go C

A, obviously

With a history of schizophrenia, self harm and alcoholism C is the least of my mums worries so yeah that one.


I've posted about rapes, theivery, and a few morally reprehensible things if not illegal I've done.

A, but OP is about to get cancer


A fag



A. post more animal cock.

Kek and will u also become a whore like her?

haha....... sex

C since she's already dead

Where can I find downy porn?

A: I'm not ashamed of anything I said. And most of it is tl;dr.

If she dies peacefully and painlessly, i choose C. Otherwise A.


A: Need my dick, and honestly, I'd be happy if it saved my mom

This for me too

A. Im not posting disgusting shit

Easy A. Either I only talk shit for trolling or i also would say same opinion in public.

A:Never made a post get fucked faggot


A. I am not particularly reserved with my more controversial views, nothing much would change.

Maybe you should just die in sleep scum

A. like I care. everyone knows im an asshole.


A i guess

I mean it'd have to be a

Well my momma left home when I was three
And she didn't leave much to pa and me
Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze
Now, I don't blame her 'cause she run and hid
But the meanest thing that she ever did
Was before she left, she went and named me "Sue"

I'd choose B tinycocc on kik

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A, I hate you bro



just take her already you faggot ass nigger

A because it's just awesome

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a lol

I don't have a mom, so I guess C


I'll choose C because she's dead.

Also, post the entire Leah video.