Start dating chick who smokes a lot of pot

>Start dating chick who smokes a lot of pot
>Never really smoked myself but didn't give a shit
>She mentions how she spends too much money in weed and how her tolerance is too high
>Suggest she take a week break to lose some tolerance and save some cash
>She doesn't even make it through one day before complaining and begging me for "just half a gram"
>Keeps pestering me
>Cave so she'll shut the fuck up
>We repeat this process about 4 times before I tell her to do whatever the fuck she wants
>She still claims weed isn't addictive

Why are potheads so fucking out of touch and stupid

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Because they're out of touch and stupid.

I've known a lot of people that smoke weed and 90% of them fall into some sort of trap with it, they think they're not addicted but they try and go a day without and they can't do it. And they never have money for stuff cause they spend most of it on weed.

>chick who smokes pot

why would even fuck around with a disgusting stoner girl?

Yeah, it's not a harmful drug, so much as most people that really get into it become losers.

I feel like you guys are making this stuff up. I smoke weed daily and still do things like a normal person. I still work and I still have money to do what ever I want. I feel like the people you’re talking about have other issues they haven’t handled yet

Tell her to buy a vaporizer, she will save thousands of dollars in the long run if your story is true.

Being with you is such a shitty experience that she can’t get through it sober

Because I'm a sexually depraved degenerate and she lets me do awful things to her

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if you get addicted to weed you just are a weak willed person. I have weed that I am sitting on and haven't used in months.

I think this person is on to something.

mental and physical addictions are two separate conditions genius. It'll make more sense once you're no longer underage.


>haha look at these fucking addicts
>what a bunch of fucking losers
>all they think about is sex
>they try to go one day without it but can't
>they spend all their money chasing sex


Dude! I knew there was something going on with this shit. Maybe I’m just high though

quads of truth


Potheads absolutely SEETHING in this thread

Try again

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>I never really smoked
>three greentexts later
>...she's coming to me for half a gram
Why is she coming to you for weed if you never smoke? Try thinking out your stories completely before writing them. Try to have a clear beginning, middle and end that doesn't conflict with each other.

It depends why you smoke and if you've got nothing else to do. There's not much to do if you're in retail working

Is that what this is? I think we are all shocked that you’re pretending to have a girlfriend to bash on weed. Then you pretend to be 5 different people to make it seem like people agree with you.

weed isn't physically addictive
if she's addicted to it it's because she's using it for a reason other than pain relief

Seething? Nah. I'm calling you a hypocritical faggot because you are
you can replace weed with literally any activity and it still works in the context of OP being a butthurt retard

>why do people spend so much money and time on video games
>all they do is play games, never have money to buy anything else cause all they do is buy games
>can't go a day without buying games

>dude why can't people go a day without cinema
>they spend all their money on movies, never have money for anything else
>always saying their cinema attendance doesn't indicate addiction but they lose their shit if they have to skip a major release night

>dude why can't people stop working out
>they're always spending all their money on protein powder and weights, never have money for anything else
>say working out isn't addictive but they can't go a day without working some part of their body out
>always talk about the "high" but make fun of other people for getting high


This thread exists purely because OP eternally sucks cocks and is desperate for attention anyway IE it's bait


Some people lack self control.

Your weed is stale and shit by now.

I haven't smoked for a few days. I also grow so smoking doesn't cost me anything.

Your logic is flawless on this post. OP just needs attention.

Na some people just have more addictive personality traits than others I've smoked from time to time no issue but then i also know people an even dated a few who literally can not function without weed an build their lives around that high

3 days hardship, then you do not really think about it anymore.
I hop on and off that train as I see fit.
You are all just degenerate teenagers without experience.
Ask the almighty.

And then there are some who truly smoked their brains to shit.
You know those people, I know those people.
Nervewrecking bastards.

More than likely op is talking about the money for half a gram its implied everything doesn't have to be so literal

yeah they didn't smoke their brains to shit on weed
their brains were either always shit or they're dealing with some degenerative mental condition which marijuana is likely delaying.

Retards like you who can't see beyond the surface who then run around parroting stupid bullshit to other stupid bullshitting parrots actually do make me seethe internally.

>One girl can't stop liking being high


Hahaha what

She was asking me for permission to buy more.

Cred Forums has a bad case of "this one person means it's everyone" syndrome.

i smoke weed almost daily, but with tabacco, EU style.
I'm kind addicted to it, but i think it's the tabacco. but i have a fulltime job, got wife and kids so i dont give a fuck

As a 160 I.Q. super human, let me give you the real deal on Marijuana.

Marijuana is great but you must be disciplined by certain conditions. First, smoke it ONLY when you're done doing your daily deeds (work/shopping etc). Second, re-read the first.

If you can do that you'll be fine. The problems comes if you smoke weed upon waking up then your motivation to do shit is completely gone.

That said if used responsibly it's quite wonderful. Sex in particular feels a lot more intense and your sense of touch/site/smell/hearing is greater. Music sounds better, food tastes better and cumming is out of this world.

Just follow the rule and you'll be ok.

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Also money wise, you can smoke every night of the week for under 50$. That's far less then drinking beer every day or even going out to a restaurant once.

If you're a poor fag on weed, it's because you're a poor fag without weed. To save money I usually just smoke at home and then enjoy a movie or some games after work. On my days off it is nice to smoke a bit and go for a long walk/listen to music. A very free pleasure.

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The weed is just a catalyst. Your friend most likely has a problem with self reflection.
People use drugs to run from this problem. Ask her what it is she's scared of.

OP here, I can get that. If you have the discipline to manage you're intake it's fine. The problem is, I see a lot of these people use weed as a crutch and they don't feel the need to limit themselves because they've convinced themselves that it isn't addictive and that they can stop whenever they want

Somebody got triggered really fast here.

Tell me more about those degenerative mental conditions Marijuana *delays*.
The only thing I ever got out of medical records is the complete opposite, but hey, you are the proffessional here.

I've never seen or heard anyone have their life ruined because of going to the movies too much or spending too much money on games. What I have seen is someone off weed for a day and someone who games daily taking a break.

The gamer acted normal/happy and the pothead became a bigger asshole than usual.

This. One hit at the end of the day is awesome.
Beats the hell out of drinking. But people who bonge all the time are the walking dead.

People have many crutches and weed can be a particularly bad one. I'd not date this girl for long OP. She needs to have her things together before she can enjoy her habit.

Does no one here grow?

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[baiting intensifies]

can you list anybody who has had their life ruined by weed specifically and not say, the criminal justice system?

oh, you can't?

oh, your post is just more bait? i'm pretty sure it is, anybody with half a brain cell has figured out by now

Yeah, I get triggered when retards act like retards. You should honestly be offended that I'm upset because it's literally only retards saying retarded shit that pisses me off.

Also when someone says they "can't find" something on Google, that tells me you didn't really look that hard because you can find literally ANYTHING on Google. Need 'proof' snow causes cancer? Google has you covered!
Christ is school out today?

Oh and by the way:
Marijuana is neuroprotective and neuroregenerative ergo the "forgetful stupid stoner" myth is pretty much just that: a myth.

Your move, faggot

Mmmm nah cannabis can 100% effect your memory. I don't care what science says. When I smoke I forget about stuff all the time, when sober I rarely forget anything. Friends and acquaintances have had the same reactions.

>I don't care what science says, my totally biased and unfounded opinion is the ultimate truth

Your post can also roughly be translated into
>senpai please respond to me i have an insatiable lust for the cock

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also the word you're looking for is "affect"
I'm high as fuck and running circles around you intellectually by the way
You should feel bad

Marijuana use in adolescents is linked to IQ decline, and I'd say 95% of people who smoke adulthood started smoking in their early to mid teens.

So I actually looked at your link and you're basically cherrypicking from your own source material which is the height of sad and pathetic

You are literally reaching
>Those who lost the average of 8 IQ points were in the most extreme group, and there were only 19 of them.
>no sources
>all hyperlinks go to different pages on the same website, all have no sources

Try again

Dude I smoke all the time you can disagree if you want but I'm still going to say the same thing. Do you even grow you fuckimg faggot?

Do you grow? No? Shut the fuck up then.

All are me.

Christ just a bunch of stoners on a high trip in this thread. I'm outie. Y'all can argue and shit by yourselves. Thought I'd get to share subcool stories since he passed away recently but no all you guys want to do is talk shit.

It's not physically addicting, but it's great to smoke when you're just trying to chill. If you have an addictive personality then you could totally get 'addicted'... And it's definitely a financial burden unless you're loaded or sell it.

Even if what you say about being a habitual smoker is true, you're buying into bullshit because you are already forgeful and blaming it on the weed.
Science says you are dead ass wrong which is the worst kind of wrong to be.

>Do you grow?

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This guy gets it.

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>I just have no problems with anything and I'm totally innocent?

Good for you.