Incest Thread

Incest Thread.

Non-Incest Growing Up experiences also welcome.

Post stories and pics.

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Daughter left her email up once on the family computer.

Went through her sent folder.

Seen a few angles I didn't know she had

Caught dad fucking a sheep once. He didn't stop and offered to show me how to do it, as long as I kept it a secret.

Goddamn I want a dad like this lol


Best way is the have the sheep facing the drop of a cliff so that she pushes back nicely

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>Be me, 15, 10 years ago
>Have a super hot sister 2 years older than me
>Fucking spank bank material constantly
>We share a bathroom, always leaving thongs on floor when she showers, etc.
>I have smelled her panties more time than I can count.
>One day, was super hot, I was mowing lawn, she was laying out
>She would get in pool, then get out and lay out more
>So damn hot in bikini. Wasn't a thong, but high cut.
>I finish up, and jump in pool too (was mowing lawn in board shorts)
>I am in pool and realize that from that vantage point, can see outline of pussy as bikini is tight and wet.
>Totally spring boner.
>I can't get out of water quite yet, she gets up and goes inside.
>Finally realize I am good to get up.
>I go in, and go to our bathroom to change
>As i'm doing so, she is headed out, now wearing cutoffs and a t-shirt
>When I get in bathroom, her still damp bikini is hanging on shower door, dripping water
>Grab bottoms, smell them, mostly smell like chlorine from pool, but if I imagine hard enough, I can smell her pussy
>Take a quick lick. I've licked her panties before.
>Don't really taste anything, mostly pool
>Still image of them tight against her, I'm hard and decide to rub one out.
>Getting close to cumming, decide to cum into crotch of bikini
>Dumb, but I'm horny
>Cum all over the crotch. A lot.
>Immediately filled with regret.
>Cum is clumped in crotch. Try to rub it in so not as noticeable.
>Since they were damp, the water is not letting the cum soak in. Fuck.
>All of a sudden, hear her back in house with two friends.
>She tries to open bathroom door, locked.
>Knocks and says, "I need to get in there."
>I hang her suit back up - freaking out
>I walk out, she pushes past me.
>Her two friends are in bikinis in our living room.
>She comes out of bathroom, back in the bikini
>They all head out to our pool.


>She keeps messing with her bikini bottoms
>Says to her friends something to the effect of "don't you hate putting a wet bathing suit back on? Feels so weird when it is cold against you."
>Realization that my cum is against her pussy gets me immediately diamonds again
>Go back into bathroom
>Look for her panties to smell while I jack it again
>Grab her cutoffs, no panties there. Fuck, crotch of jeans smells like her though
>Decide not to spank it quite yet
>Go into living room, look in the bags of her two friends, just cutoffs and t shirts for them too. One of the has a huge rack, has a bra
>Watch them swim and lay out from my room.
>After a couple hours, they get up, go inside, all change
>They are on couch watching something on E or whatever
>I go into our bathroom, three bikinis now hanging
>Smell all of them. Was more laying out than swimming, so the crotches smell like their pussies (other than my sister's, smelled like cum).
>Went out to room where they were watching
>They are sprawled across couch and chaise, realize all three of them are commando under cutoffs
>Spend next two hours trying to get peeks of pussies
>Saw my sisters and the busty friend, didn't get peek at other one
>Have spank material for next 10 years

Like what?

She slammed back hard enough to put me on my ass plenty. All I could do was hold on and try to keep my balance.

I grew up extremely close with my twin sister. Shared a room until we moved out because we didn't want to be separated for long periods.

We had a weird kissing obsession at a young age which clearly made our parents feel uncomfortable, and so they started to try and distance us from each other, and would tell us not do things like that in public. So we just became more secretive and skilled at hiding everything.

Sister's panties.

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For the last 3 years I've been dating a very sexy milf, for the sole purpose of involving her daughter (9 then, now 12) in a mother/daughter oyakodon 3some

You're a fucking mongoloid.

Why is that?

Where’s the user who sent pictures of the stripper cousin to someone for 50 bucks I need more shit has me stupid solid

Sister and I have been together for a few years now. Started when we were much younger I was 15-16, she was 12-13. We stopped for a decade or so. But then got back together. Now we have been living together for almost 4 years. Pretty happy, but have to hide what we do. We go on dates and whatnot but we really can't show our affection in public, just in case someone we know is around.

I would say we started because we had a crap family. Our parents seem to hate their entire family and they hated our parents. They also seemed to hate each other but hid it for a while, until we hit our mid teens. We also lived in a crap neighborhood. We had a couple of break-ins and a few of our cars stolen and wrecked.

So when the teens started, being ostracized from most normal social contact, we started with each other. Our parents kept trying to pretend we were better then everyone else. That meant not being allowed to hang out with people anywhere except school.

When we started, it was probably just accidental touching. Play fighting and the like. Then I remember we started seeing some movies (on VHS no less) that were pretty explicit with what happened. Please realize we did not get internet in our house, and sex ed was lacking in those days. So at first we started by just touching and every time we would go a little farther we would make sure the other one was ok with it.

At some point we started fucking. It wasn't pretty, and I know it hurt her at first. But soon enough we were doing it right. Always hiding, which honestly was not hard. We had the rec room in the basement all to ourselves. Our parents never went there, by never I mean never. All we had to do was keep it clean and they would leave that room alone.

Sounds like it's a healthy enough relationship. Just move somewhere no one knows you and you can be more free in public

But we eventually stopped. Some time when she went to high school and I started university. The separation meant we couldn't do much. I know we tried, but the travel made it next to impossible. Then when I left school, I moved to my own place. But she had moved to university. At this point we were both dating. I never got anything stupid serious. Best relationship I had was a year and a half. I know she got really serious with one guy. Met halfway through university, they graduated got a place and lived together for probably 4 or so years.

They never engaged, but that was more her then him. At some point I remember her talking to me, telling me they were talking about starting a family. Then the shit hit the fan. He cheated on her. So they tried, at least I think they tried to figure it out. But it came down to it, they sold their place.

She had initially moved into my place, but we didn't do anything. Not for a few months. Then one night we were drinking, and "reminiscing" about the old days. Funny how alcohol gets everyone going. Either way, talking led to kissing, led to fucking. And we really didn't stop since.

Recently we have been talking about moving to another city, halfway across the country. We have a few close friends, but they don't know whats up. Our parents we talk to maybe twice a year each. And even now we talk on the phone and not in person, we have some hate issues towards them.

Sister who wears them.

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May the odds be in your favor

Seen. Fucking seen.
I seen't it.
I just assume everyone who uses seen like that is retarded. I've not been disappointed yet.

>Be 7
>Baby sitter is cute 15 yo girl
>She watches me about once a week.
>Ask her for kisses and she kisses me on the mouth
>I get more aggressive and kiss her multiple times
>She laughs and says that I'm being cute
>Gives me baths and rubs my dick and balls
>Gives me more kisses when I go to bed
>One day get out of bath and she just gets down on her knees, leans forward and starts to suck my dick
>Shocked but excited
>Sucks it for awhile
>Let's me touch her super hairy pussy

Eventually she stopped being my babysitter but it was fun.

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Did it work?

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Thank you user. 3 years of building trust, and also trying to broaden the rather prude milf's sex life. It's a long term plan but I have hope.

No one ever posts columnfag anymore

Not yet. It's a long term plan, but I believe I've made good progress toward it.

Damn show me more

I seen how angry that made you.

Check on

Not angry, you just look retarded.

My parents would definitely regret letting me and my younger sister watching American Pie when we were young.


The op is gone, chill.

>be me
>sign up on manhunt
>16, lie and say I'm 18
>message this 50 year old
>exactly what I'm looking for
>tall, 6'4
>talks to me like I'm a slut
>says he'll dress me up
>has wig, makeup, nightie, gloves, panties, stockings, heels
>choker on top of it all
>so scared but can't stop checking his profile out
>(the website showed when you checked out a profile)
>messaged ME saying how long I'm going to just check his profile
>"sorry, just nervous"
>tells me to give him my number or he'll block me
>I give it to him

Not my own story. but my best friend in high school had a thing going on with his mom which all started because she'd been catfishing him (for a couple of years iirc) after finding out he used a chatroom and what username he used there.

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My twin sister and I started exploring each others bodies at an extremely young age. The way the Jaime and Cersei Lannister's childhoods were portrayed is very close to truth. I don't know if anyone who doesn't have a twin can relate to having an eternal bond with someone. Being born together and growing up unable to tear each other apart. We slept on bunk beds until puberty when our mother forced us to get separate rooms, and we still would sneak into each others rooms constantly just to be able to sleep. So when I say we started masturbating together it wasn't some taboo thing we did with shame. We knew we had to hide it, but it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I knew her body as well as I knew my own, maybe better because I had seen and explored every inch of her, and she did the same to me.

One line she wouldn't cross was having sex though. She didn't want to lose her virginity to someone else, she just didn't want to lose it at all, she wanted to stay a virgin until the right time. That time eventually came while on a family vacation, but that's a different story. What I'm getting at now is, Before I ever penetrated her pussy, I was fucking my sisters ass daily, and it's left me with an ass obsession to this day.

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> be me, love fucking around with tards and psychos for fun.
> I have a bad habit of adding random chicks on facebook when I'm bored. Yes, my feed is fucking cancer.
> one day a girl hits me up asking about my bro, he looks like a downy but girls love him and i have no fucking idea why
> she's asking questions about him and like the retard I am thinking I'm playing wingman I answer them.
> questions getting weird so I ask her why she was asking about him, expecting a "I think he's cute" or something.
> bitch was blocked by him for being an attention whore. My friend says just tell her she's too young so she'll fuck off (2 years younger than him)
> Next week messages me back trying to get me to invite him to the fair for her. Laugh at her.
> few days later full on mental breakdown on the timeline (this is why i use facebook) so I message her to hear more of it.
> says she got kicked out of her foster home for threatening the foster parent's kids
> then says she also tried to FUCKING drown 2 boys for making her mad.
> I know she aint fucking with me cuz the comments on her breakdown was bout this shit
mfw i've just been fucking with her this entire time
> she says shes gonna kill herself then logs off before i can write shit
> few days later sends me a "surprise, I'm alive" message.
> rants about her family for a while then fucks off.
> gets to her birthday and no one is wishing her one and i feel... bad? wtf
> message her wishing a happy birthday
> fucking rants about crying in her bed all day and how the only other person who even talked to her was social worker
> tells me about her incest fantasy... again, wtf?
>tells me she's sorry for being like that she just trusts me fore some reason
> she says she's now old enough to date my friend making me say that it was his polite way of telling her to fuck off
> says she knows then starts talking about how ugly she is... shes actually hot
> pity her, tell her she's cute.
> she seemed into it.
> mfw
> send help

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>family vacation with my family and my uncles family
>have a cousin same age as me (12)
>she had big boobs for that age and was pretty skinny
>we were sleeping in a large room all of us for lower cost
>my cousin was sleeping with me in the same one person bed so we were pretty close
>i was making fun of her hairy legs and we would often playfully fight until someone yelled to be quiet
>her legs were not even hairy.....
>at this point in my life i had seen some porn on tv but only women getting naked and playing with their pussies, no actual sex
>every morning i woke up and had a boner i would just rub it on her leg or straight up put it between her legs if she was turned around
>felt so good
>never actually came from it cause i remember my heart was pounding so loud i thought everyone would wake up
>one morning after we all got up and went to the beach as we were playing around in the water she asked me why im fucking her every morning
>i remember i was so confused and embarrassed and i just said to her that i liked it
>she told me she liked it too
>after that we were "fucking" everywhere
>i was just rubbing my hard ons on her inner thighs
>she told me she had saw her parents doing it (obviously didnt see the dick in pussy part)
>she showed me her mildly hairy pussy
>fingered her
>she touched my dick and showed her how to jerk me off
>i developed a fetish for big tits cause hers were fucking amazing
>for the good final part of vacation we were just sneeking away from our siblings to fool around
>until one day i was just so horny from basically dry humping her in her bathing suit that just from instinct i moved it aside and just put my dick in
>best feeling ever
>she yelled at first but after that she was just melting from pleasure
>last three days were just eating, playing, having doggy with cousin

never went for vacation together again cause they moved to another country
we would talk on msn sometimes but other than that nothing ever happened again


Show face

>I was fucking my sisters ass daily
My man. Some greentext of the first anal?

Me and my brother used to use stickam and chaturbate and all these cam sites to find girls to masturbate with. My brother was 15 and I was only like 11, so I mostly just watched from the sidelines and rubbed my dick at first. Eventually girls would start asking us to do stuff together, like undress each other, jerk off together for them, then moved on to touching each other, kissing, touching dicks together. My brother didn't mind doing anything it seemed like and expected me to go along because there were nudes at stake. Finally a 40-something middle aged woman wanted to see him touch me, and in return she'd buy us stuff we wanted from amazon or send us paypal money.

my gf little sister

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Does spying on my sister tanning naked count?

Move to France. Invest is legal there.

When Allah was pretty Akbar

she pregnant from you now?

Kek found nudes of my sister when she was... let’s say young (thank you smart phones)

My dad found them on my computer sometime later and all he did was send them to himself and said “don’t take these things without asking”

>tfw me and dad both jerk off to my little sister


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what the hell has this autistic rant got to do with incest?

>to find girls to masturbate with
Spoiler: That weren't girls. It were 40something males recording you, sharing your sweet dicks all over the net. Go have a look for yourself.


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My twin never showed any interest besides some light teasing. Even though we are 30 now I would rail the shit out of her in front of my whole family if she’d let me


What is it about "Non-Incest Growing Up experiences also welcome." you're too stupid to understand?

I didn't approve non-incest

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such as?

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Me and female cousin had sex in the bathtub when we were 10.

Is it incest that I purposely pick up old ladies when I house sit for my parents so I can imagine fucking my mom in my parents bed?

I'm not good at greentext compared to just writing stuff out but I'll try.

>Sister and I share a bathroom, and since our rooms are upstairs our mom doesn't notice we're almost always in the bathroom together at the same time.
>One saturday I wake up late and get up to take a piss and my sister is sitting on the bathroom counter using the bathroom mirror and a smaller handheld one to shave her pussy and ass.
>Soon as she sees me she says thank god and tells me she needs my help. We were still pretty young and I think this was her first time doing a complete bare skin shave. But I knew how to use a legit razor and not a shitty electric one, so I got mine out and she sat on the edge of the counter with her legs spread and stuck up in the air, holding her cheeks apart which also spread her pussy lips and let me see her intoxicating pink hole.
>While wetting her down and applying her shaving cream I was rubbing her pussy and anus, which was making her wet and not helping things along, and she playfully accused me of not being focused, so once her pussy was shaved bare I gave it a soft tap with my open palm making her shiver then slid a finger into her pussy.
>Teasing her I told her this was what she really wanted me for the entire time. It was rare that she let me actually finger her, usually I just rubbed her pussy lips and clit. She let me finger her a bit until we were both getting really into it, I still had wood from waking up and I told her I was going to fuck her. Of course she objected and told me to finish shaving around her ass, which barely took a minute, then I started rubbing her again and when she didn't stop me, I pulled my cock out and rubbed the tip across her pussy lips.
>It was like she had been struck by lightning the way she jerked back and forth, then let out a frustrated cry and told me no for the hundredth time. I told her I wanted to be inside of her more than anything else.
Part 2 next post, sorry.

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>one day when I was 17, I was home alone so I decided to rifle through my parent's closet in the hopes of finding old nude pics or something
>well lo and behold that's exactly what I found.
>on a shelf in the back of their closet was a shoebox
>inside I found every teenage boy's dream
>dozens of pics of my mom from when she was in her early 20's
>some of them nudes
>I even found a set of about five photos of my mom sucking off a male stripper at a bachelorette party
>i immediately seized the oppurtunity and scanned all the photos to my laptop before putting everything back before parents got home
>those photos became my primary fap material for the next couple years, until I found something even better
>a couple years later I decided to snoop through their closet again, just to make sure I didn't miss anything
>i found a big plastic container filled to the brim with normal, everyday stuff
>or so i thought until I found an old camcorder bag at the bottom
>there were about eight tapes
>i noticed two of them were white instead of black and they both had a red sticker on them >the tapes were a weird, small size, so I had no way to play them to see what was on them >camcorder's battery was dead and the charging cable was no where to be found
>i eventually searched around online and bought a cheap adapter to watch the tapes in a normal VCR
>A few weeks go by and I finally get the adapter in the mail
>My anticupation was through the roof
>I played the tape, and after fast forwarding through a lot of static, my heart started pouding >I heard my mom speaking in a sexy, teasing voice
>she was talking to some guy in the video I didn't recognize
>eventually she walked into frame wearing only an orange bra and black g-string
>She looked early 20's in the video, so that would place it in the mid to late 90's

Pic related.

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>I'm not good at greentext compared to just writing stuff out but I'll try.
Then just write normal fucking text. There's no rule that says your story has to be greentext, and most people here seem to prefer non-greentext stories.

This is always gets me

I have no doubt photos and videos are out there but we were talking to these women through webcams. We could see and hear them and if we did what they asked and they didn't do their part we'd move on. Not to say we didn't have a few older men we performed for later, but by that point he was using me not just during cam but any time we were alone.

please kill yourself fagget

>>dozens of pics of my mom from when she was in her
>be 16 yr old faggot
>sister 13
>walk home from school everyday
>sister be alone with me
>sitting on couch watching tv
>she takes my hand and puts it down her short shorts
>start to get super hard
>my first experience finger her
>she moans softly as I start to go deeper
>she cums
>gently takes my hand out and we continue watching tv
>goes on for a period of months until one day...

what you think of my sis?

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Okay thanks. I can also fit a lot more into one post when I don't greentext.


Who, me? Think she's fuckable.

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>my daughter is sending nudes by email
if you're going to lie at least make it believable

hey user, I'm the guy from the gay experiences thread earlier who had a lot of questions for you - any chance you have kik so we can continue talking there about the stuff you did with your friends? gay shit typically doesn't get much of a response in these threads, sadly

The woman I'm dating was a very big prude, and I've pushed her to do things outside of the bedroom, which was a big no from her before because she feared getting seen by her daughter.

Now after a few years I've fucked her in every single room of the house -including daughter's bedroom- and we have actually been caught by her a few times.
You could say I took her from a scared "I can't, we're gonna be seen!", to a playful "alright, let's try not being caught this time".

I've also encouraged casual nudity between them, though I don't blatantly go around naked myself, and the girl is regularly showering with her mother now, which she didn't do before

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to be specific, my kik is kramer1337. I wanted to know more about the stuff that went on on that weekend camping trip since I really liked what we were talking about.

I don't use kik anymore. But if you ask I'll try to answer. I had to go to class earlier but I'm out now.

ok perfect

what sorts of things were you horny boys saying to each other throughout all the mess in the tent?

and did butt eating occur on a different camp outing/group sleepover after that? especially butt eating from an ass full of cum?

did you boys try doing any piss play as well? what are the single nastiest moments you remember from your tent/sleepover fivesomes?

I'm incredibly attracted to my daughters. I use to hate the feeling but now i've accepted it. I spy on them all the time, see them naked a lot and often go through their underwear. It's the thing that makes me cum the most nowadays

I'll be your dad

>Seen a few angles I didn't know she had

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Where's part 11?


i know, i love my girl

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I cannot express to you guys how much I fucking love incest. I grew up messing with my sisters and cousins up to and including sex when we were older and I even had the chance to have a short lived but sexually intense several week affair with my mother when I was 26.

I am married now with a couple kids and I have already warned my wife that our daughters are getting cute and at some point I’m going to fuck them.

She doesn’t like when I talk that way be she knew who I was and what I was into when we got married, she even allows me to occasionally fuck other women because she knows I’m an insatiable horndog

Quite honestly I have no idea how dads aren’t railing their hot teenage daughters every chance they get

I'll take shit that never happened for 300, Alex.

I was still rubbing my tip all over her bottom and backside, pretty much from her pussy lips 'down' between her ass cheeks. Then I started rubbing my tip against her asshole, clean enough to eat off of, and I decided to go for something we had only ever talked out, flicking my tongue across her puckered ass until she relaxed and I could circle her rim with my tongue. That immediately sent her over the edge, pushing off of the counter to lift herself up and give me more access, her legs still spread and raised over her head, pressed against the mirror. She was creaming and hysterical in a way I had rarely seen before, her pussy cream trailing down onto my tongue and into her ass. When I took my tongue out and pressed my tip right against her back entrance she was breathing heavy and had to quickly tell me not here in between her breaths. She didn't even bother putting underwear on as she led me by the wrist out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, locking the door behind us. Without even having to tell her she grabbed a small tube of lube they gave out for free at the community center and then bent over her bed, ass raised up high and wriggling it in the air begging for me to get back to tending to it. Since it was my first time I applied entirely too much lube to my cock and her hole, and while I was able to easily slide my cockhead and the first few inches in, I quickly had to stop and ease off to keep from hurting her. I asked if she wanted me to stop and she said no, don't pull out, just wait. Over the twenty minutes or so we made really slow progress until she got over the initial pain hurdle, and suddenly she was an absolute mess of fluids seeping out of her pussy and down her legs, while she buried her moans into the bedsheets like a deaf whore.

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This is an incest thread fuck off with your degenerate faggotry


Look at all you faggots LARPing. Y'all don't know anything about real incest. Real incest seems cool at the time but 30 years later leaves you fucked up in the head trying to figure out if you are safe to have kids.

Anyone want more image comps?

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>Non-Incest Growing Up experiences also welcome.

t. braindead idiot
Morons like you always apply your own sense of circumstance to others. You just don't get that everyone and their environment is different.

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OP is a cock garbling faggot just like this. This is an incest thread. Faggots get the rope.
My older twin female cousins of like 7/8 years would touch me and make me touch them from 5-11. It stopped when I hit puberty. Haven't fooled around with anyone else in my family but I did date a girl for about a year and a half and our entire relationship in the bedroom was big bro/lil sis role-play and it was so hot. I loved it when I came in her and she said would tell me "I love it when you fill me up, big brother" I have no actual sister it just helped me cope with being sexually abused by my older cousins for year.

needs more momcest please huh

Send me pictures of both and I’ll write you a story of how that plays out. Kik jillykill08

Most of us weren’t raped user

Fooled around with my cousin and sister when they were at a young age. Groomed them that they were comfortable with each other so we would have fun together. Record everything and save it on my phone. Phone starts dying from not being able to keep a charge and afraid to lose everything so store everything in a rar file. Get paranoid people will randomly open it so put a password. Weeks go by and turn into a month before I get my new phone and put everything back. Try to open rar file but forgot the password and now I can't fap to it like I used to and we since stopped since sister got bf and wanted to remain loyal.
If anyone knows how to crack...

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love her tits

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I've been fucking my daughter since she was 13. She's also technically my niece since my wife at the time and I adopted her from my sister in law when she was a little under a year old.

Short version of a long story is that she forgot to sign out of a gmail account and I found messages between and some older guys where they were grooming her and I took advantage of that knowledge.

>we started because we had a crap family

that adds some realism, because incest shit is basically one of the byproducts of a crap family

Oh shit I thought you were gonna ask about me and my brother.

There really wasn't a lot of talking, mostly just asking if they liked something or if it hurt. At least not on that first initial experience. When I was getting fucked around the island we had to swim to and from the older boy kept talking about how good I felt and asking if I liked his cock, was he my favorite to ride. I told him yes to just about everything. Then as we were walking back to the tent later he told me how much it turned him on to know his cum was inside of me, which turned me on a hell of a lot too. No butt eating took place during camp. Not the best environment for it. I don't know if you'd call this piss play but once we left the mountain and were on the way home we stopped at a local pool and used their showers to get fully clean, and jerked off together in there. Since we were showering off anyways I asked if they mind if I peed in the shower, when one boy asked me to pee on him, and we all got together and ended up trying pissing on each other. I liked it a lot, both pissing on a boy on his knees and feeling someone peeing on back and ass from behind. It's not something I'd do outside of the shower though.

Nastiest moment came later when one of the boys older brother and cousin caught us and wanted to join in. They were easily 3-4 years older than us and a lot bigger. They would fuck us, then finish by going ass to mouth and cumming in our mouths. Luckily by then we kept our asses near spotless when we knew we were going to be playing around.

would you be willing to send the file so we can attempt cracking it?

Nope but I can take direction and post progress

Let’s see your daughters. Would love to write some erotica for em. Kik jillykill08

Top writing mate, keep going

again, t. idiot
Circumstances differ between people, as difficult as this concept is for your tiny brain to grasp.

Haha get fucked.

I fucked my mom once when I was 19.

The rush was incredible but from an objective standpoint the actual sex was mediocre. I’m not trying to sound insulting about my Mom, I love he dearly, but she isn’t exactly a 10/10 she was middle aged at the time, kind a fat and droopy and it’s not like she had a “super tight pussy” or anything like some of these bullshit stories.

I couldn’t go to hard because she’d say it hurt, she just sort of laid there and we had to use lube because she didn’t self lubricate well. Luckily the rush of incest made me hard as iron but if we kept doing it I’m sure it’d be hard to stay erect all the time do to her physical appearance,

Still a worthy experience I’d recommend to everyone though, didn’t work out like a dream for me but I’m glad I got the chance to try Mom out.

Overall I rate 7/10 experience. Below average sex physically but saved by the intense circumstance

nice. so since you were all keeping your asses spotless, did butt eating enter the picture then on your fivesomes? if so I'd love to hear about how carried away you boys got with that, especially if it got combined with cumplay

I'm not as into hearing bout older/younger stories so anything with just the five of you together is ideal, you're so lucky to have had that outlet. feel free to share any other nasty moments you remember

>text him
>asks what i've done
>"I'll be gentle baby boy"
>fucking diamonds
>"how long have you liked men?"
>"not sure, just been this curiosity"
>"let's satisfy that curiosity"
>text a little longer
>gets me to come over
>get to his house
>knock on his door
>"hey baby boy"
>(I told him I love being called boy)
>kisses my cheek and grabs my ass
>I remember my jaw was just hanging open, didn't know how to react at all
>he smells so manly and he's so big
>leads me to the bathroom
>(did an enema at home like he told me)
>bent me over his sink
>starts to eat my ass
>felt unbelievably good
>"I have a surprise"
>says he's going to shave my ass, even though i think I did a good job at home
>shaves everything
>crotch, ass, balls
>felt so emasculated and feminine at that moment
>spanks me and grinds his cock on my ass through his jeans
>"ready baby?"


Hell if it ever existed. Have this

Attached: 5F453878-FE63-49CD-A171-6E5A6ABC3047.jpg (1890x3776, 1.37M)

No, abuse is the byproduct of crap families not incest

Abuse can and often is sexual in nature but it’s abuse that is the issue


could you describe the events that led up to you fucking her ? I do find this quite hotter that the actual fucking part

parents were too poor to fix her teeth, poor thing

You roleplayed catching her under the shower am I right?
Moar then

she sent them to me

Attached: 10934468_383065885196533_513461909_n.jpg (539x960, 87K)

You molested a pie, didn't you, Amonadoodle?

Attached: 1575914968106.jpg (524x524, 55K)

your best bet would be a brute force attack. There's probably softwares that can do that for you.
Since you probably at least remember details of the password (like if you used words, a specific character or anything), you may restrict it to a manageable size.
Otherwise... your loss man

Well I didn't roleplay anything.
Based in the convos she was having I knew what she was interested in and played that to my advantage.

For instance she would roleplay with these guys that she was showering and they'd walk in and surprise her. So that's what I did. At the time it started where I lived only had one shower so I'd accidentally walk in and be like oops. Then it became a game between us. When the other wasn't paying attention we'd dump a glass of cold water on each other. Then it became more teasing loke she'd press her ass up against the glass. I also started being more affectionate, hand on her back, rubbing her neck. We'd be sitting in the couch and she'd let grab a handful of ass.

It was all about her getting comfortable with me and it was surprisingly easy. At the same time ex and her family were getting pissed because of the amount of time she wanted to spend with me. Prior to our getting a divorced we told daughter she was adopted she she's known that for a while. The catalyst that had her running into my arms was when they got pissed at her and revealed her aunt was really her mom. Instead of getting angry at me for being part of the lie she got extremely angry at them and refused to go back home. Prompting them to bring me to court and the judge recognizing her preference to stay with me the majority of time.

Attached: 47691765_1992456824165940_6298426581597552640_n.jpg (1080x1080, 207K)

Sex with my brother all weekend!

Attached: 7274588519_295.jpg (750x1334, 134K)

Around the same time my business really took off. Was able to buy a bigger place. Date of the move, the movers wont bring stuff for 2 days. I "forget" to bring her clothes and her air mattress suddenly has a hole. We stay up late watching movies and sitting on the mattress when she gets ready for bed I pretend to be upset and sorry that I forgot to pack some night time stuff and a couple of days of clothes for her. Do find a t shirt of mine to wear but it doesn't really cover much of her ass or pussy.

She gets ready, comes into the room, does this cute giggle and asks me not to stare, then quickly gets in the bed with me, but not before I notice she chose not to wear any underwea
So there I am, my plan finally in motion. I sit there waiting to see if she's asleep and internally keeping playing out all the possibilities about what I had planned to do and the consequences and whether or not even if I should go for it. Probably just sitting there for 45 minutes before I just decide to go for it.

Roll over to spoon her a bit and start running my hand up her leg and thigh. No response from her, so I assume she's asleep. Let my hand wander a bit and then my fingers. The way she was laying, for of on her side with her legs slightly spread gave me easy access. A brush against her pussy and she was starting to get pretty wet. Put a finger in and her a sigh, oh shit, quickly take it out, but she doesn't stir so I again guess she is asleep, wait a bit and then resume touching her. This time I don't hear anything, so I take my dick out of my shorts and just start rubbing it against her wet slit and along her ass crack. Just slowly though. Don't want to nut and leave evidence so I stop and go back to fingering her a bit.

Damn, did she also send ass pics?

That's when she says, whispers, just go slower please. I stop dead in my tracks, and she says again quietly, "just go slower dad" so I do and I can tell she's getting closer to cumming, her pussy is clamping down on my finger, she gives a little shudder and then rolls over, and grabs my dick and kisses me. I rub her clit for a few seconds more and she just lets our this big groan and goes rigid.

She does that little giggle again, pulls the covers off and then starts sucking me. I of course don't stop her, she's not bad. I'm stroking her back and keep uttering, "oh baby, your doing so good". I let her know when I'm getting close, but she doesn't stop and I blast into her mouth. It's huge, she can't contain it. She laughs about how much there is. She goes to clean up. Comes back completely naked and cuddles up with me and says she loves me and I tell her I love her too.

Next morning come clean about my plan, unfortunately she doesn't have any new clothes to wear. I head out to at least buy her something comfortable to wear for the next day until all our stuff arrives and to get us some late breakfast.

After breakfast she asks if we can shower together, which I readily agree too. It's fun, plus she's just talking a mile a minute about how crazy it was we finally did something. There's some playful touching but nothing really leading to anything else.

Afterwards, I go off to get a little work done and get the place ready for the movers arrival for the next day. Go into the room where the bed was set up. She hasn't bothered to change, is just laying on her stomach, watching some show. I can't help myself, just start touching her ass and pussy, she turns around gives me that smile and giggle again. I proceed to start eating her out from behind, licking her pussy and ass. She's loving it, pushing back into me. Rolls over and I'm still going at it, grabbing her small tits. .

of course

Attached: 11715953_452314968271624_1072745313_n.jpg (887x720, 51K)

She cums hard. Full body shakes and this really gutteral groan. Honestly think I gave her a seizure

She's catching her breath, has a huge smile on her face. Same with me. I just start rubbing my dick along her slit, she reaches down and guides me in. Feels so good. Didn't plan this far in advance, no condoms on hand, pull out and nut all over her stomach, which elicits another giggle.

Rest of the day is spent just relaxing, talking, and playing around. When I go out to get dinner, also grab a pack of condoms. That night, we fuck like crazy. Have to get up early for the movers the next day, once everything is put in place, bed made etc, we shower and go out for a dinner. She calls it our first date.

Grew up in rural Saskatchewan in trailer parkish place. Was friends with the only kids around, rest were farm kids way far. Buddy (literally my friend’s name) was 14 & Sissy(literally his sister’s name) were always always climbing over each other or sitting on each other. Hands in each other’s pockets n shit. His mom used to be like “behave when Kevin(me) is around” but after a while she was like fuck it. In the summer Sissy would be in her stained panties n a t shirt but still crawling all over him, hands everywhere. Never heard them do more than kiss - she was my first make out partner and she knew what she was doing. Don’t know if it qualifies as incest but def trailer stuff

I used to play around with my little sister, we stopped when she was around 12/13

We still have a pretty close relationship, just nothing sexual, neither of us ever mention it

I loved the exploring and experimenting we did and often think about it, she has grown into a gorgeous girl too and would definitely be up for it still

Nice. More tits

*Confused erection*

Attached: 10928641_380925332077255_974254935_n.jpg (539x960, 70K)

I wish I could tell you it was like full of interviews but it was relatively straight forward. I think she was always kinda into me, hard to explain but I noticed even as young as like 13 or 14 that she would look at me weird and compliment me on my looks and stuff. I was a swimmer so she saw me in basically nothing all the time, I don’t have a big dick hard (solid average) but it’s bigger than average flaccid and I have pretty big nuts so it made my bulge look really big in my swimsuits which of course led to rumors and jokes at my school.

Can’t complain about that too much but it basically became a meme in my town and it did get me laid pretty young with some of the girls on the swim and dive team. It was such a meme that I would even get jeered by other schools, girls would ask me about it and even my parents made comments from time to time.

I can’t say it was terrible, being known as a the big dick literally in town had its benefits but it can also be embarrassing and annoying.

Anyway between my physics and the rumors I just always got the impression mom was crushing on me. As I got older she always tried to pry inappropriately about girls and my sex life to the point that it caused a fight more than once with my dad because he though she was being weird and inappropriate. (Which it was obviously). I remember a seminal moment came once when I was 18 and we all had to change on a out of state trip, we didn’t have anywhere to go so we had to change behind the grandstands while the parents “kept watch” mom was terrible just straight up ogling me and The other guys but as swimers nudity between the team wasn’t uncommon so we were generally unfazed.

But after that my mom would comment on my dick and my bulge all the time, never when dad was around because of the fights but always when alone, she asked me what girls thought of it etc.

Not going to lie I enjoyed the attention, made me feel “alpha as fuck”


Where was your sister sending those newds, Anonysaurus Rex?

I could tell she was ready for me to give her more and start really fucking her ass when she started spinning her ass around on my cock, making sure she felt it in the walls of her anus, so I started sliding it in an inch at a time until I finally was all the way in. As soon as I was inside of her down to the hilt and my pelvis hit her ass cheeks she grabbed a pillow to muffle her squeal. I thought I had hurt it going all in until she looked back at me and started saying right there just like that, and that was all I needed to start slowly pumping her ass.

I had never been inside of her like that before so I had no idea how ass differed from pussy, but I knew it felt like she had stretched to the absolute limit to take me inside of her like that, and as I started giving her slow but firm thrusts it's like I could feel her whole body react to this intrusion. But to look at her face she was having a holy experience, literally biting down on a mouthful of her duvet with her long hair strewn about in a mess that if anyone saw would make it clear she had been fucking. Once she let out a moan of telling me harder I stopped holding anything back, grabbing either side of her perfect little ass and pulling her into every thrust I made, all while she was slamming her ass down to meet every thrust with me, both of us working to fulfill our mutual goal of cumming like we were built to satisfy each other. Neither of us held out very long once we really got started going that first time, and when she started crying out she was cumming I pushed myself harder than ever so that we would cross that line together. As she buried her face for that final orgasmic cry I grabbed grabbed her by the shoulders and thrust with all I had, spilling my first ever load in my sister like mount St fucking helens. I couldn't even bring myself to pull out of her, just collapsing on top of her my body lying over hers, kissing the back of her neck while she whispered she loved me.

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This without the panties user

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Attached: 10934628_381315892038199_2005489586_n.jpg (896x504, 40K)

How has your relationship with her become? How did it develop throughout the years? Do you still like each other? I have so many questions

lets see sis now


But eventually I just straight up told her that it’s just my nuts and stuff that my difk is actually totally normal when I’m hard. She didn’t even believe me thought just told me she knew that wasn’t true and I was being modest.

Anyway fast forward a year and I’m swimming in college and I was home for a few weeks my freshman year summer, mom was immediately up to her old antics and one day when dad was gone she asked if she could see me in my new school getup.

I knew she was perving especially because my dad was gone and how ask to just see their son in a speedo privately but I had grown so accustomed to it and tbh I found it king of exciting so I obliged.

So I put on the speedo and since we are alone mom is just, well she is losing control of her self, compliments, boa talent starring, and she finally asks if she can touch me.

I’m actually now getting turned on so I say yes. She feels my stomach and then she pushes down to my bulge. I’m already getting semi hard and she then quietly asks if she can “touch all of me”

I’d say yes and she starts groping my dick, get hard immediately.

She looks up at me and I decide just to go for it so I started kissing her.

The rest is pretty straight forward, we make out and grope eachother, she asks if she can see me naked, I oblige, I ask if I can see her naked and she gets undressed. We move to the room and mom asks if I’d “make love to her”

I asked if she was sure and she said she had never been more sure of anything, so I try to stick it in but she isn’t very wet and she explains that it’s just an issue she has now that she’s older and that there is lube in their bathroom.

So we get situated, we have the below average sex and then she makes me swear to never tell anyone and that it was a one time thing.

In my mind I kinda expected it wasn’t a one time thing but she has refused me and we never did it again

What the fuck ever, shitter

That's not a pic of her. I'm not sharing photos of her, sorry to pop that bubble guys.

I have plenty more stories to share but honestly we're as close now as we've always been. We're both in Uni and still living at home since it's convenient. In our senior year of high school we each went on dates with other people but I just cannot feel a quantum of what I do for her when it comes to any other girl I meet. And it's safe to say the feeling is mutual. There is this electricity when we're together that's unlike anything else. It goes back to what I was saying in my first post about how if you're not a twin I don't know that it's a concept you can fully appreciate.

I've had a few sexual encounters with my mother, all of them initiated by her when I was not expecting it, but ultimately nothing came from it, though I do believe she either knows or strongly suspects what there is between me and my sister.

Attached: 0E165DE.jpg (617x958, 221K)

Good story user, sad for you it was only one time and that you didn't get to have a better experience

Living with my sis alone is a torture. Been my nr.1 fap material for the past 5-6 years.

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fucks sake continue this already

It wasn’t “bad” by any means. I mean it was still super hot and exciting I rated it a 7/10 but once again that is just because it’s such and intense experience due to the incest.

If it was just some random middle aged lady I’d say it wasn’t great hahaha but because it was my mom it made it worth it.

I'll make a photo caption of her if you like. Reach out to me at GoodAsh
on Wickr.

Well, this user has outlived his usefuleness. His wife got the kids she wanted out of the deal, and next she'll have the life insurance pay out. She is going to Lorena Bobbit him all night long.

Well-crafted narrative there, Anonadoodle

No well-crafted, but as the father of your niece, you are your own brother. Keep it up, and you'll get that I Am My Own Grandpa achievement.

i guess i was mistaken, glad you liked it then user haha

Other byproducts are drugs, depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, most of all going the gay way.

was there anymore from this OP?

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Yeah he posted in the last thread a few more updates. Hope he comes back he said he hasnt been on Cred Forums in a long time.

Reposting this long one from a week or so ago in every one of these threads....

Attached: Samantha vol 1.png (2636x5873, 1.48M) the hopes that user comes back with vol 3 one day.

Attached: Samantha vol 2.png (3225x5927, 1.82M)

If you are the brother: congratulations.
If you are the sister: holy shit your brother looks deformed af.

top kek

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when I was about 6 my family started taking me and my sister on yearly “camping trips” to a family cabin with other relatives to learn the survival skill of hunting in case of hard times later in life while the girls stayed in the cabin to learn the survival skill of stripping.
I stayed behind with them one year when I was in middle school cheerleading to discover they were learning the survival skill of hooking too. it was the first time I did anything sexual with adult men and women

Wait ... what?

Your family teaches the girls how to be strippers and hookers or that’s just a cover to fuck the kids?

Attached: I have no words....gif (220x157, 266K)

Any more of them? Especially the right

came for the fap, stayed for the feels

After I eventually pulled out we lay side by side catching our breath for a while, then just enjoyed being next to each other. I never feel more at peace and just happy than when we're lying in bed together with not even clothing between us. She would sometimes lay her head on my chest and listen to my heartbeat, she loved it if we were in sync together. Or she'd just hold my hand to connect us like we were one person. I lived for the nights we had the house to ourselves and could just lie in bed like that, her body draped over mine. But eventually she had to get up and dressed to go out with her friends that night. When I couldn't hold that piss in any longer I joined her in the bathroom to find her in this tight little black dress. I asked was she sore and she said it wasn't anything too bad, nothing anyone would notice. I asked was it worth it, she smiled at me and said What do you think? Before she left I asked if I should wait up for her but she said no, she'd probably spend the night at her friend Tiffany's. I know this isn't thrilling details but I'm getting to it eventually.

I spent the night playing vidya and talking to some friends over Vent. My mom poked her head in when she came home, asked if sister was coming home and when I said no asked if I wanted to order a pizza and watch a movie, what she called date night. I bring this up not because anything happened that night, but because several times my mom would use these one on one date nights to have little slip-ups, touching me inappropriately or having an outfit mishap. She usually wasn't wearing a bra and only had a loose shirt on. One night that really stands out we were watching a film called Unfaithful which was all about a middle aged Diane Lane having an affair with a younger man, and it had some great sex scenes. We were sitting side by side with her cuddled up against me when she starts teasing me for watching porn with my mother.

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just the girls and boys who don’t want to learn to hunt

this is a whole new definition to prepper

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You must continue

Attached: 1483191579422.jpg (534x625, 173K)

>learn how to hunt it we are going to tuck you

Interesting family you have there


Anyone got the few extra updates? I feel like I've read this before and there was way more

I don't know what's keker, the pic or the tip.

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The mobile image resolution fix seems to have stopped working for me

>9 then, now 12

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Any more sister stories? You're a pretty good author

I'd say the biggest factor that fuels incest is having hot family members.

Okay, I’ve been reading all of this and am now up to date.
This is awesome. Please, continue. I’ve had some moments with my older sister but nothing worth mentioning really. Only grabbed her tits once. She fell asleep watching TV and her kids were sleeping next door, so I didn’t have the guts to do anything.
So, this is kind of a what-if thing for me.


I’d raw dog my sister in front of my parents, her husband and Jesus Christ himself if she’d let me

My mom had me when she was 15. Raised by my Grandparents, but always knew she was my mom. She was just in and out of my life though. More of a sister/friend then anything.

Anyways, sort of a fucked up child hood because I'm raised by religious whackos. Got some rage issues. By the time my mom gets her act together I'm 14. She whens custody of me at court. I don't really know her or have that good of a relationship with her, but I'm tired of where I'm living. Lie through my teeth to the judge.

Get in trouble at school. Go on a rage episode. My mom tells me to chill out. Suggests maybe I need to masturbate more. I say "fuck you!". She's like okay if it will help. This puts a stop to me tantrum, I'm like what. She's like sure, let's fuck, if that what's you want. I'm completely stymied. She double's down "go jack off or get off, you need it. Here, I'll help".

Comes towards me, undoes my pants, starts blowing me. I don't last a minute. Cum buckets, she swallows it all. She's like "there, let me know when you are ready for more".

I go play vidya, I'm confused as shit. She tells me its time for dinner. She's a shit cook, heated up chicken fingers and made kraft. Eat in silence. When done, she clears the plates. And says, okay, well time to fuck. Leads me into the den, pulls off my pants, puts me on a the couch, sucks me until I'm hard. She hikes up her skirt, pulls her panties aside and gets on top of me.

She rides me slow. Then asks if I'm ready to take control. I'm like "uh huh", so we lay down, and I just hammer her, total loss of control while she's saying yes, yes, yes.

Nut hard in her. She's like whoops, next time we gotta use a condom.

Keep this up until I'm 18. Really helped with the anger issues. Not so much in regards to how I treat women.

>be me, 12 year old farm boy
>watch "the cowboy way", has scene where a guy is tied to a fence and gets sucked off by a calf for torture
>realize we have a bottle calf in the barn that I have to feed twice a day
>spend spring getting my dick sucked twice a day by this calf
>get sad when its teeth start coming in
>look forward to every spring and hope for a bottle calf
>get most powerful suck jobs twice a day for a month every spring till I was 18
>mfw I'll never get that level of head again

Used to suck my dog off all the time, too.


Spoonfeeding newfag phonefags cuz I got nothing better to do:
You're welcome.

Typing up the next but in notepad so i can do them back to back. Gimme just a few.

When I was 10, I taught the neighbor kid how to jack off. Sucked on each other's dicks a little, but he didn't like it very much. He was afraid I'd pee in his mouth. I'd get the courage to mess around with him about once every couple of months for a few years. He wasn't very into it, but would play along for some reason.

wait you cant be serious :D..
have a pic of her :) ?

Exactly. I had always thought my older sister was incredibly hot, and knew she was sort of a slut. Her competitiveness with my wife finally enabled some wincest to happen this past year (they are best friends and have been since college - how I met my wife). I want to do a greentext about it, but given how quickly these threads fill up, will get the whole thing written down and then post so I don't leave people hanging, as I haven't pre-written shit yet.

Is the girl in the pic "Grace" or just some random thot?

Did you end up having group experiences with other boys back then, especially once you were 12 or so?

Used to rub and sniff my mom's feet all the time. Shit got me so hard, don't think she knew though

Aunt babysat me a few times. One time I went into her makeup cabinet in the bathroom and rubbed her lipstick all over my dick. Idk why, I was a dumb ass kid who did dumb ass shit with his dick lmao. She notices I have makeup on my hands and gets pissed at me. She wipes my hands but starts looking all over my body to see where I marked myself cause I mean I wore that lipstick down. She lifts up my shirts drops my pants and can see marks near my crotch. She seemed so angry with me. Baby wipes my dick, and out of no where kisses it for a few seconds and lightly sucks it. I dont really react, I was maybe 7 or 8 at the time. She stops, visibly looks upset and tells me not to touch her lipstick. I wish I knew what was going on at the time. Till this day this aunt kinda treats me like crap and bad mouths me to other family members. I'm 28 now. Ask me anything if you're interested. I tell this story every few weeks on B and no one ever has any questions.

Looking back, I am surprised at how many different boys I had these encounters with. My best friend and I used to lay side by side and jack off at sleepovers. But, it was the opposite way. I started jacking off super fucking young and by the time I hit 12 or so, I got caught teaching some younger cousins how to jack off and got in huge trouble, so that scared me off of doing that stuff anymore.

>be 14
>Xmas at my house
>Whole family is coming over
>My sister's family shows up early
>They have a daughter, my niece
>She's probably 9 or 10 or so.
>Parents tell me to entertain her until more kids show up
>I'm all whatever
>We're up in my room
>I'm playing XBox
>She gets bored and starts kicking me
>On her back, bicycle kicking me
>Super annoying because she's fucking up my game
>She's wearing a dress
>Tell her I can see her underwear when she kicks me
>"I don't care."
>I'm like you're pretty young to be a slut already
>"I'm not a slut! What's a slut?"
>A girl who likes to have sex
>"Oh. Then whatever I guess I'm a slut."
>She kicks me again
>I'm like you don't like sex you don't even know what it is
>"Nuh UH I do! I do it all the time!"
>With who?
>"With boys. It's a secret."

Attached: itsher.jpg (1062x1350, 358K)

>At this point my only plan was to piss her off so that she'd leave me alone
>Whatever. Stop being so slutty
>"OooOOOooh I'm a slut!"
>She's saying it in a mocking tone
>"I'm a sllluuUUUUt! See!"
>She brings her knees to her chest
>Wiggles her butt at me
>I'm like JFC stop you're going to get us in trouble
>She keeps doing it
>I pretend to be angry
>But actually it's pretty fucking funny
>"OoooOOOOoooh. Look at meeeEEEeee I'm slutty!"
>She scoots closer until she's pushing her butt into my side
>That's fucking it
>Drop the controller and start pinching her legs
>Like nip at her skin with my fingers
>She's laughing and squealing
>She keeps shifting her butt to point it at me
>I throw myself on her, pinning her knees against her
>Pinching basically turns into me rubbing my hands on her
>Her thighs and her ass cheeks
>Put my palm on her underwear and rub
>Sorta smoosh her pussy lips around
>She's laughing and squirming
>After a bit I let up and go back to my game
>She stays on her back smiling, dress hiked up, breathing heavy
>Lets out a big, satisfied sigh like you do after a laughing fit
>I'm a little freaked out though
>My bedroom door was wide open
>And what the fuck did I just do?
>The doorbell rings and she hops up excited to see who showed up

Later after dinner...
>My mom and aunts are in the kitchen cleaning up
>Rest of us are hanging out in the living room
>Only the glow from the Christmas tree and whatever retarded holiday movie was on TV
>Many of the grownups are napping
>Niece is the type to get on people's laps and cuddle
>She moves around from person to person, trying out laps
>I'm watching her, trying not to be obvious about it
>Looking for any sign that she's gonna tell on me
>Uncle gets up from the couch to go take a shit or something
>One of my cousins (13yo fat kid) snags the seat
>My niece sees him and then makes a beeline for him
>She gets in his lap and he seems annoyed
>Then she covers both of them with her blanket
>Like a blanket mound piled up to their shoulders
>My cousin suddenly looks confused
>He looks down at himself, then around the room
>I pretend to be spacing out at the TV
>They both keep fidgeting in a weird way
>I can see their arms moving around under the blanket
>The fuck is going on?
>The blanket slips off his shoulders
>Me being off to the side I can see into the gap
>She's reaching behind her into his lap
>He pushes her hand away
>She rests her hand on his thigh
>Then slowly slides it backwards towards his lap again
>His eyes are huge and panicky
>I'm watching like NO. FUCKING. WAY.

>A couple more back-and-forths and she finally gets her hand on his crotch
>Starts massaging it
>His eyes roll back a little
>After a few seconds I can see his boner tenting up his track pants
>She starts running her fingers over it
>He reaches down and does that sort of suck-in-and-dip-forward motion when you take out your dick
>I can see her hand dip in and out of view
>Holy shit she IS jacking him off!
>And it's crazy obvious
>But nobody else in the room seems to be seeing it
>I'm astonished and a little jealous
>After a minute he clenches his eyes and tenses up
>He twitches a few times
>Then they both relax
>She scoots to the floor, pulling the blanket with her
>His dick is out for a moment before he can let the waistband of his track pants snap back up
>Meanwhile she holds up her hand and looks at it
>I can see his clear cum glistening on the top of her hand
>She casually puts her mouth on it and sucks it clean
>He has a WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED look on his face
>And my niece just watches TV like nothing

>After a while she looks around the room
>She spots me in the reclining chair
>Almost catches me staring at her
>Oh fuck
>She climbs on my lap with her blanket
>Pushes my knees apart to sit in between my legs
>Then covers us up the same way as she did with my cousin
>Fuck fuck fuck
>What am I doing?
>I can feel her dress has hiked up to her back
>Which means there's only a few thin layers of fabric separating her ass from my dick
>Start getting a half chub
>I could pull it up to my waistband...but that would make it go away
>I kinda like the feeling of her against it
>So I adjust it to go down one of my pants legs
>After a while she is absentmindedly touching my legs
>Following the inside seam of my pants
>She finds my chub and starts tracing it with her fingers
>then she starts "massaging" it
>Running her hand along it and squeezing a little every now and then
>Basically playing with it through my pants
>She reaches behind her with the other hand
>Starts feeling my balls
>Same absentmindedness
>Sorta kneading my ballsack like a stress ball (but softly)
>Holy shit fuck
>My chub is now a raging boner
>Everytime it twitches it almost hurts
>I'm doing the pervert math
>Maybe she doesn't know what she's doing
>But I JUST saw her straight up jack off my fat cousin
>Fuck it.
>I go to undo my pants
>Pull it out
>I can feel her touch it with the tip of her fingers
>She probes around like she's making sure it's what she thinks it is
>Then she full on grabs it and starts sliding her hand up and down

>Fuck me she's really doing it
>Of course it feels good
>But after a couple of minutes...I need more
>I don't even know what the endgame is here but I know I need more
>I try push my pants down to my thighs
>So my dick and balls are out
>She seems to get where I'm going with this
>Helps me get them down
>Then she sits her butt closer to me
>I lift her dress all the way up and out of the way
>So my dicks is up against her
>I can feel the warm skin on her back while she keeps rubbing me
>I want to hump at her but I'm afraid that would be too obvious
>So instead I put my hands on her waist.
>She grabs my hands and moves them under her dress onto her bare legs, right where her legs meet her ass
>The side of her ass cheeks are SO SOFT and warm
>She casually reaches back
>Keeps playing with my dick
>I am about to black out from the horniness

>I start rubbing across her legs and down to her thighs
>When I do, she opens her legs more for me
>Holy shit
>I move my hands over her underwear and palm her crotch
>I'm still just testing the waters
>Meanwhile she's sliding her hand to the base of my dick
>Pressing her fist into my crotch
>Then squeezing as she slides back to the tip
>It's fucking crazy good
>Decide to lift my hand to dip underneath her underwear
>I can't quite manage it
>She stops jerking me to lift her waistband away so my hand can go in
>Move my fingers around her pussy lips
>Eventually slide a finger down through her lips
>Feel the little nub of her clit
>Then down further
>And I feel her getting a little wet
>I WISH I could say I fingered her and she came or some bullshit like that
>But no
>Feeling her getting wet was too much
>I start cumming
>Shoot a couple of times on her back
>Dribble a bunch more onto her hand
>I hear her laugh a little
>I remember thinking oh shit I better clean my cum off her back
>I use my undershirt
>And while I'm doing it I'm suddenly re-aware of EVERYBODY sitting around me
>My eyes are like dinner plates as I scan the room
>Seems like nobody's looking
>Until I lock eyes with my fat cousin
>I freeze and We just look at each other for a solid 10 seconds
>Then we both slowly look away
>I think more out of mutual embarrassment than anything
>She starts gathering the blanket around her like she's about to get up
>I scramble to yank my pants back up before she hops off
>Same as before, she slides to the floor into her blanket nest
>I have to quickly grab a pillow to cover my unzipped pants
>Meanwhile I see her checking out my cum on her hands
>Watch in amazement as she licks it off

Lightly sucks it? How long?

when I was 14 I fucked about with girl cousin 12. Her divorced mother (my aunt) stayed with us for 5months after selling their house.
She basically wanted to try out stuff she heard her friends mention (one of her friends same age was already fucking and describing everything, so she wanted to “grow up” like her)
So, I was curious.
It certainly helped that she was already developed fairly well and and I said I’m happy to tell/show/do whatever she wants, although I didn’t think she was actually wanting to so to me it was more of a date.
Well, she did want to.
We started off discussing details, asking each other what we’ve done so far, etc. I exaggerated a little and included some fantasies and claimed I’ve already done them which got her very excited.
So we then moved to show me yours, I’ll show you mine, and obviously the touching/kissing started from there.
I ate her pussy many times in the first week. That wasn’t enough, she said it made her want to pee so I said I want to watch, she was good with that. Then I started playing with her pussy while she was peeing.
After she stated she was afraid to have sex for fear of loosing virginity she again mentioned her friend which took in her ass.
So, that led to anal play and after getting some lube, anal fucking.
We watched porn together and learned to take it slow. She got used to it and asked for it almost daily.
We were doing more and more as time passed, and then she said they had to move into their new place.
For the last few nights we did a lot of oral, I finally ducked her pussy, drank some pee from her pussy, peed inside her pussy and came inside her pussy.
Crazy times which shaped my sexual interests since then.

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Thx Cred Forumsro!
I'd been looking for season 3 for a while

This is what really shocked me and I don't think it was an accident. While teasing me she's tickling me, because a nigga ticklish as fuck. It's my kryptonite. I'm fidgeting and pulling back from her, then I start pinching her back. Then, her hand shoots right down between my legs and perfectly grabs my cock, like she must have been looking at it to be able to perfectly grab my shaft at the base and get a handle on it through my gym shorts. And of course, I wasn't wearing boxers because of my earlier episode with my sister.

So she grabs my cock and gasps in shock but doesn't move her hand. She looks at me with her eyes wide open and dramatic, then, and I repeat, with her hand still holding my cock, she asks did the movie get me that worked up or did being this close to her do it to me. While saying this she was leaning towards me, her breasts clearly outlined by the loose shirt she's wearing. I was in a state of shock, I couldn't really believe what was happening. She must have took me not resisting as agreeing, because she started rubbing my cock with the inside of her palm, causing it to stretch and stiffen without any input from me. She had a blanket wrapped around her and opened it up to me, leaning forward and putting her breasts in my face then pulling my shorts by the pockets and pulling them down. I started to say something to stop her but all I managed to get out was "What are" before she shushed me and slid my shorts down, and no longer constrained by fabric my cock seemed to jump out at her, sticking up straighter and stiffer than a flagpole. Then while nuzzling her noze against my ear began whispering about my "magnificent" cock.

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>tfw me and dad both jerk off to my little sister
What makes you think all he was doing was jerking it?

I'm honestly not sure. Couldn't have been more than a minute. But when she did it, it felt like she was punishing me somehow. I still had lipstick on my dick so my dumbass thought she was just trying to get the rest of it off. IF ONLY I GUCKIN KNEW! Obviously years later the memory unlocked itself and i knew what was happening. Till this day, i really wanna fuck this aunt. But that shit is super unlikley.

Dads kik your young daughters to jillykill08 for a personalized erotica. No limits on content or subject

why does she reminds me of Wallace

Would fucking my step mum count as incest?

A lot of the "dis is awesome please continue" posts are larping samefags. You know we can see you, right?

She probably shit talks you out of fear you will tell someone about her. Well, someone outside of Cred Forums.

Cracking toast, Grommit.

Post a pic that looks like her please

Yeah man, that shit always happens, and here I am talking about being a dumb kid who didnt know his aunt was giving him a blowjob and no ones curious about how its changed me! Lol

Yeah. Kinda figured. But for years I totally forgot the memory you know. And eventually I was like oh shit, that's why she bad mouths me so hard. She thinks I said, or will say something. I have no interest in ruining her life or what the family thinks about me. If only she knew how mad I am now that I didnt capitalize on the moment lol

>bikini hanging on the shower door, wet
>you can't figure out how to clean cum off it

sure m8

You think people are posting to their own posts? Why do you say that you can see who is responding?

Have you ever tried to get cum out of wet fabric? It gets clumpy.

God damn

She looks like a girl I've been in bed with

Other than the slip ups and touching I mentioned earlier, this was the first time she had ever been this forward and overt. She had two glasses of wine that I knew about, and I'd even filled a glass up to drink with her. In fact, I probably had more to drink than she did, and maybe I could tell myself that's why I wasn't fighting back even though I knew she wasn't my sister. But then her hand wrapped around my cock just below the tip, softer than I remembered, had she lotioned up just for this? She was still nuzzling my ear, telling me it was okay to touch her, to let my hands explore her, and with her other hand she lifted her shirt up and over her head, her bare breasts now fully exposed to me, no pretense of hiding them anymore.

I've held off as long as I can, I gave in to my most base desires.

As soon as my hands began to squeeze and knead her enormous breasts she knew that she could do what she pleased with me, swinging a leg over me, straddling my waist, pulling my head between her breasts while she grind her pubic mound against my cock through the almost nonexistent fabric of her black thong, touching more skin than cloth. All the while reassuring me I was her baby, to let her show me how good a real mature woman can feel. That this was our secret, our own special bond.

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My cousin now hates me because of all the incest stuff we did together when we were younger. She only remembers the things I did and nothing she did. I still love her so I give her space till she wants me back in her life.

I suppose it’s possible but I never saw anything that would lead me to believe they fucked.

>be 9 maybe 10 very naive
>Parents have big new year’s eve party.
>Be playing vidya game in my room
>bathroom next door to my room.
>Hear two women go in flushing, washing sounds lots of giggling
>hear bathroom door open hear one women stumble against my door.
>both leaning against my door, hear moaning, groaning “not here silly”
>Think drunk girls sick, going to throw-up on my door.
>Hear “in here quick” door opens girls stumble in, “oh”
>two adult girls no idea now how old probably 20-35
>Both dressed very sexy short skirts, low satin tops very sexy to me.
>They are holding hands, holding drinks squat down and ask what I’m doing
>Be embarrassed, be shy, say “playing games”
>Both giving up-skirt, both wearing panty hose and panties but still hot to me.
>More giggling, one says “kids got wood”
>Didn’t know “wood” know “hard-on” know “stiffy” never heard “wood”
>Think it must be about game but
>One girl is “think we’re pretty”
>Be nodding and looking up skirt, legs spread.
>Be OMG is that deliberate, can’t be
>More giggling 1st girl scoops boob out of 2nd girl’s top, 2nd girl covers


how old is she

Very fuckable. Looks weirdly like pokimane.

>1st girl pulls 2nd girl’s her hand away.
>1st girl, “think that’s pretty”
>Be mouth open staring mute, can’t even nod
>2nd girl, ‘you can kiss it if you want”, 2nd girl cradles boob in hand and leans forward lifting to my face.
>be wanting but scared.
>1st girl giggles, “God isn’t he cute”
>1st girl, “its OK look”, she leans over sucks 2nd girls nipple
>2nd girl offers me boob again
>Be sucking like hungry infant cock aching hard.
>1st girl touches my cock and is “isn’t that so cute.”
>Pulls my dick out of PJs and gets on knees and sucks.
>1st girl, “wanna taste?”
>2nd girl pulls boob away and sucks on my dick.
>I cum in 2 seconds
>girls be, “OMG!” shrieking and giggling
>Be dazed staring at giggling girls waving at me as they back out the door.
>Felt good bros.
>Never got to touch another boob for 5 years.
>Be home from college one weekend. Walk in Mom is talking to very hot woman 45-50. Woman is staring at me. I do not recognize her.
>She is, “Do you remember me?”
>Be, “no, sorry”
>She smiles, “It’s Ok long time ago.”
>Maybe her? Hope so
>all true bros

So I seem him holding his staff. I can't resist so I hold it for him. It was wild.

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i want to fuck my sister and jerk off to her pics all the time

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I can see why, shes hot as fuck

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Do recall if you actually came?

bump for more stories

also, the other day right before that one mod decided to have some fun there was an user starting a story about meeting some girls in some retarded anime role play group - did he ever come back and finish it?

I’m genuinely in love with my big sister

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This is always so autistic
>don’t tell mom
>but I don’t. Mind sending an extremely sexual pic of my fresh periced nipples and full breasts to my brother

>and I have already warned my wife that our daughters are getting cute and at some point I’m going to fuck them.
Incredibly based

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Also known as a LARP.

I can't describe to you the acts I did with her they way I can with my sister because what happened between us was completely different. What I remember most is hands, hers and mine, pawing at each other and grabbing at every inch of the other. As depraved as it might seem she was planting kisses at first but gradually began to lick my body, my ear, my nipples, up and down my neck all while I did the same to every part of her body I could reach. Her breasts had my focus first and foremost, while the woman who up until that moment had been my mother, now a woman given entirely to lust, said every twisted thought that crossed her mind in a breathy whisper in between covering my entire body with her mouth. As I suckled her breast like an infant she ground her hips against mine, my cock having long since forced her thong aside so that her bare pussy was dripping onto me, she tilted her head back and let out the kind of loud cry of sexual satisfaction that my sister and I never could risk, practically screaming for me to keep nursing from mama, to be her good baby boy. My cock was its own creature, hot and throbbing against her soft milky skin. When it was becoming more than I could bear I pulled her body tight against me so that my cock was red hot as I humped her mound and lower belly, my own groans filling the house, only egging her on more. Whether it was mothers intuition of what her child needs, or that she could just feel how hot and hard my desire was as it pressed against her, she started pleading with me to let her take care of it, let her handle that magnificent cock, "Let me worship that precious cock baby."

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I didn't know Ashton Kutcher's sister browsed Cred Forums

She looks hot, you should molest her

Is she hot?

Oh yeah. First time I came from someone other than my own hand. You bet I remember.

Is that Jenna Jade?

Cant read it on mobile :-(

refer to

So my cousin was 12 and she and I started making out. Played with her boobs and put her hand on my dick. Reached down her pants and played with wet pussy. It didnt smell real good so thinking how do I tell young cous to clean her stuff. Could have fucked her at least but again, stinky pussy.

Please keep going this is perfect

Lucky guy, lurking until 404

Paid my cousin to spend the night with me. Jackdorn1984 kik

> Could have fucked her at least but again, stinky pussy.


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My cousins (boy and girl, him 15 her 17) came down with my uncle over Christmas and spent two weeks with us. It was the first time I had seen them in years, since they were both little. Now that they were a little older we could actually hang out. My male cousin turned out to be a grandma's boy and didn't want to leave her side but she jumped at the first opportunity to go riding with me. She shared a lot, like how my aunt and uncle were having all kinds of marital problems, that they were suffocating her not letting her live her life, that she was planning on going to college in the city I live in, which is several states away from where they currently live. And I was the only person she had told.

I'm not gonna pretend she was a super bombshell, but she was extremely cute in a bookworm type of way. Pic related is extremely close to what she looks like (and is not underage but a verified gonewild girl on reddit).

Now, I took care of my grandfather after his stroke for 3 years, and when he passed my surviving grandmother revealed he wanted to leave everything to me. Instead we reworked it so I got enough money to pay for university and did construction on his garage workshop to turn it into a two floor apartment. It's great for having friends and girls over for just about anything, far enough from the main house for people to come and go, can make all the noise we want, and it's more space than I could ever possibly need. So of course my cousin wanted to see it. We ended up getting some ecstasy and weed, and I had liquor already back at the workshop, so I pulled up from the opposite side of the road so I could park behind the workshop and nobody would know we were back yet, only drawback was having to sneak into my own living quarters. She loved it once we were inside though, immediately laying out on my throne, a two person couch that I sleighed countless pussy upon, now here my cousin was unknowingly offering herself up as the next sacrifice.

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>be me, simple user in the year of our lord 20 + 20
>trying to share cousin story in secrets thread, typing fast and furiously
>wordfilter decides slayed should be sleighed, makes me look like an idiot in front of Anons
>contemplate ending it all


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real or not, fuckin nice.
u 2 ever fuck? ever speak abt it?

Ever fuck a stinky pussy and the whole room smells like it? The more you pump the more you smell it. Its a boner killer for me.

How much? Can I pay her too?

Is this thread dead or should I continue?

Don't stop now!

don't dare stop now

Damn, your stories are fantastic. I so badly want this to be real and not a fake story. Lol

It's most likely fake, but the author is very good at writing, I hope they post more

help me

how did you an your bro start having sex?

she has great fucking her behind gf back or gonna try bang them both at same time? :)

yeah this guy is in these threads all the time. always posts pics with each post. but he trolls by not finishing the story, reposting the story in the next thread then only adding one more post towards the end of the thread. rinse repeat. the guy is really good at writing though

moar of her?


I fap to my cousin's modeling pics of her DDD tits.

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Once, and it was my girlfriend's best friend.

She recognized the smell on me and that was how the fight started.

9/10 at 10. this isnt an incest story this some pedo

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Trying to decide whether to watch a movie or play something co-op. Yes I have consoles but my true allegiance is in my room upstairs, my first gaming desktop that I put together piece by piece and am irrationally proud of. While going through my box sets my cousin, who we're gonna call Erin for convenience, stops at game of thrones and says she always heard it was good but family forbid them to watch HBO. So it's pretty much settled automatically, we're watching it. She asks if there's a lot of nudity, just shoot her a look that I hope expressed just how ridiculous that question would prove to be. And it's clear this excites her because she covers her mouth with her hand and draws her knees up to her chest, all to conceal this excited and playful grin. Fucking adorable, and quickly melting away the ten-ton blocks of ice I had packed around my heart when it came to women. In short, slut girlfriend over almost two years cheated on me, left me with a chip on my shoulder if I'm being honest.

She says it's cold in there, tell her I know, I installed extra window unit specifically because I keep it cold. Helps me snuggle under blankets when we have girls over. I go to grab my usual blanket then decide better of it and grab a clean one that hasn't been used in a while. She's still on my loveseat throne with her knees drawn up hugging her legs to her chest, I hold out the folded up blanket for her only to snatch it away and ask her "Not until you get off my chair."

"No way user, it's comfy. We can both sit on it, it fits two!" Begin to explain to her that much like the temperature, this was a deliberate choice, but seriously she's so cute I can't even snark, I just tell her to scoot over and I squeeze in next to her. Now, the throne is designed with curved arms that end up slowly pushing two people together when they sit on it. At first we're bumping elbows and awkward until I sit up, reach my arm around her and she ends up sitting half in my lap.

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Well, post them

You do the work of Christ, so that we may sin at leisure.

Have some Cadey.

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Played doctor doctor with my sister for about 3 years which eventually led to full sex when we were 11 and 15.

My dad started molesting me when I was 11. At first it was me giving him hand jobs and blowjobs. When I was 13 he fucked me in the ass the first time. That continued for a few more years until he left my mom. By the end of it, I actually started enjoying being fucked because I'd usually cum from it too. After dad left, I started fucking my sister (she was 12 at the time) and basically did the same thing he did to me.

Not direct incest, but I let my girlfriend's 12 year old cousin give me a handjob a few weeks ago.

>Be me
>Around 14
>Dad slept around a lot so I have a few half-siblings
>One day my younger sister is visiting from her mom's since we live with different parents
>Not that much younger, only about a year or so
>We were always the closest out of the bunch of kids my dad had
>Live near the woods and, as kids, we decide to say fuck it and run off to look for something to do
>Find a new trail that we had never seen before, blocked off by some shrubbery and a barbed wire fence
>We both look at eachother and smile, use a stick to move the barbed wire up as we help eachother under it
>We both start walking through the woods to try to find something interesting
hitting the ground with a stick since Dad told me that's how to avoid snakes
>We've been walking for almost an hour, starting to get bored
>"Hey user, can we stop for a bit?"
>Sure, whatever
>See a tree that had fallen over in what I guess was a storm, tell her that we can sit on that
>She lies down on it and I sit down next to her
>We just sit there and start talking for a bit
>"Why are we even out here user?"
>"We saw a trail and followed it, that's what trails are for"
>"So you see something and the first thing you do is drag your sister out with you to go into nowhere?"
>"Well yeah, I need bait if there's wolves."
>She does a cute little pout
>"Why are you so mean?"
>"Why is your chest so flat?"
>She turns red and jumps on me to hit me
>She falls and I try to catch her
>Hand full of sister boob
>Instant boner
>She doesn't notice but has this look of surprise, has the cutest blush I've ever seen
>Boner has evolved
>I've never thought about her as anything other than a sister before
>She gets a cheeky little grin
>"See user, as you can feel I'm not flat at all"
>"You're still a board, sis"
>Angry pout
>She reaches down to my dick to squeeze it and hurt me
>"Yeah and your little di-"
>Stops looking and her blush intensifies
>She grabbed my fucking boner through my shorts


get fucked pedofag

I got my nut, I ain't even sad about it, plus she's really cute. Plus she licked my cum off her hands and it was super fucking hot. It was her idea.

I did, that is the most exposed they are at this time.


that's a lot of makeup...

Well she isn't my cousin so post more so I can fap to that!

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Sexy and huggable. Nudes?

bump limit again, not bad anons, not bad

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So like last post ended, she's half in my lap, half on the cushions of the loveseat, her legs are still drawn up so I throw the blanket over her. After the covers herself she holds it open for me to grab one end, and when I just look at her blankly she asked "Don't you want to get under the blanket too?" So I take one end of it and wrap it around me, and once we're together under the blanket she stretches her legs out, and fuck they're magnificent legs. She's a member of the swim team at her private school as well as track, and her body is fantastic because of it. Because of her short-shorts I can see most of her legs and had been staring at them all night whenever I could do so without drawing attention to the fact I was. She didn't react at all when I reached my arm around her, which wasn't me making a move or be smooth, it was just so we wouldn't be crammed together, and she doesn't seem to mind that her little bum is half on my lap. In fact, once we're both under the blanket she leans her back against my chest, my chin right above her head so I can smell her, and however pathetic it is the scent fills me with longing. As she snuggles against me I start to realize I really like this cute little cousin of mine, and she seems really comfortable around me.

Game of Thrones starts and she actually jumps and gets scared by the opening scene with the walkers. In maybe my most unintentionally alpha move, if incest can ever be described as alpha, when she jumped and let out a quick scream I held her with both hands and calmed her down. But after that scene was over she quickly got bored with the episode, fidgeting in place and picking on the characters, especially Jon, which would have tore some heartstrings if the writers hadn't already made Jon the butt of every joke in the last season or so. Finally I ask why she was so interested in watching it then, and while covering her smile with her hand again, she mumbled "I heard there were a lot of nude scenes."

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