In this thread post average looking girls, around the 4-5-6/mark, not more and not less...

In this thread post average looking girls, around the 4-5-6/mark, not more and not less. I want to see what the average female in your eyes look like. I'll post some first.

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Average, but a face you just want to fuck

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Those eyes are something else though. Despite being a bit too far apart, lol.

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Eyes are good besides the position, or what you wanted to say?

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Exactly. Love em.

its just the distortion from fisheye lens

Yeah I see it, too!
This face still makes me horny as hell.
Especially with the teasy character she has

Wtf she's cute
If you have more of her, clothed preferably or not you'd make me happy.

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wtf i wanna have goofy sex with her and pump her holes with cum over and over

She's 7/10

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Post more of the blond girl, I beg of you user.

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Not much sadly

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It's alright. Thanks dude, in any case.

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So far this an accurate average thread.

the one in the front is nice

I'd bang her and her sister on the right.

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Yesh... moar

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Checked, and post more user

You're a real champ. If you have more and have the time, don't hesitate to dump

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Aand that's all I have from her.

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lucky you

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Post moar, user

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I NEED the nudes!

Doesn't get much "4'er" than these two sisters. Thin, pretty okay bodies, but terrible faces.

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Yuck, I'd say that they're even 3 or lower. Good find, user.

First time I ever got a "good find" for ugly looking girls. lol

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Doing God's work

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I don't even know what's average anymore. The women I see IRL are either old or single parent meth whores, and every one of them is a 2 to me. The women I see in porn are 7-10, but I have no idea what share of the larger "not shitty small town" population they are.

Definitely over 6

more of her
I hope you surely have more photos to share with us Cred Forumsros, user. Don't be shy.

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I do, but there are no nudes

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It doesn't matter. You're the man!

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Solid 5

my contribution

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Christ did you photoshop their faces or something?


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MORE please you'd make me happy

Cute AF, like most girls in this thread...

know her?

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me and my friends are pretty divided on her. some thinks she is uglly, some thinks she is cute... i guess thats a average girl?

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This one is a real moped

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Jew bitches are 2s max. Don't post these wastes of space.

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The face only meth could love.

It's not that. It's just that since I've seen the French writing on the wall, it triggered my desire to know more, as a frog. Post anything, clothed or nude.


You seem overly preoccupied with drugs. Is there something you feel you need to talk about?

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These two asked for a threesome yesterday

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Thats at least a 7 bro

But i didnt believe them so i asked if they could prove it

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Got more of her feet?

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Two 7.5's, yes please.

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I guess his gf saw him posting her pictures on the internets. The upside is, she looked so average nobody will notice

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how's that bait taste?

Just some cuck who had no balls

Five but with big fat tits

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lmao well too late for him

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I’m into it


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Imagine wanting to hide this like wtf

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Fuck, she gets me hard, expose this cuck's Asian slut

the classic butterface

Shame I could only retrieve this much

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I saw her before, she's been plauging Cred Forums for weeks

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i went to the archive to see if she'd be worth reposting ... and nope'd the fuck out of there. hideous.

>Click here
eeeewww wtf.

more please

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tfw girls here are hotter than the 10/10 thread


No tits but I bet she got long nips.


Please tell me where I can find more of her.

You sick fuck


left seems to be nice

would fuck all


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