You know you have your doubts. Let me check your wife's/gf's loyalty...

You know you have your doubts. Let me check your wife's/gf's loyalty. Send her kik snapchat ig or fb messanger name to joes2896 on kik or snapchat. I have a 70% success rate after initial contact.

Don't post names here due to spammers and white knights. Haters need not respond.

Pics related...

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A recent except from a convo

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Muslim gf


Dont post names here. she'll be spammed


Keep the names coming Cred Forums

Anyone messaging this slut yet?

I sent her a message

Ahhh that's some good lulz

>Posters: 3
What the fuck? This is retarded. Talkin' you yourself, OP?

Probably I'm the only other user that's not them

Keep the thread alive

Any luck?

Shes still talking. Will update in a little. Message me on kik or snap and incan talk more there

Here you go

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Little more

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Anymore OP?

GF? Is Kimberly a dyke?

Not at the moment



Hot, any pics?

I dont usually share what I give to the requester

Did she send any pics?

U want me to post them? Message me and I'll give them to u to post

Keep going

Nah dont post them, just this info is good enough

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Any more gents?

still available?

I am

gonna message you

Awaiting message

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