Waifu shatstorm

Waifu shatstorm

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Boyfucker arsehole Sono delights in facE cream and adores white gold.

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NoboDy Sono loves pearl jam

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SOn of a whore skuNk Sono desires hot milk and is smitten with spUnk

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Unclefucker monkeY Sono loves turkey spit and adORes spunk

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Bum chum nerd wallflower Sono needs protein shake and desires Satchel syrup.

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Slag dick cRetin Sono needs oil of man and needs penis colaDa.

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Blackguard joker Sono needs cum and idolizes dickpudding anD loves to have his anus impaled

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Sausage-masseuse pillock Sono venerates dickspendings and needs spratz and dEsireS dickjelly

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Fishwife joker pig Sono desires loads.

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WeeZe bag dimwit neaNderthal Sono venerates cum

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Cuntsucker SOnO delights in jizz and idolizes bonkjuice and can't get it up

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Craphole freaK Sono adores spew and is nuts for prick liquid

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Bum megabitch shitweasel Sono delights in White ribBon and desires wank paSte and is crazy about penis colada

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Wino Sono venerates scum and is smitten with nobslurry ANd desires throaT yogurt

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BlUbber gut twit Sono adores ball barf and venerates dickgLue.

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FaGtits sphInCteR Sono venerates dickjellY and is a cunt

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Dirthead loser bitchface Sono worships spratz and is crazy abOut livE cultures and is crAzy about nizzle-drizzle.

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Windfucker hoe Sono iS crazy abouT tail juice and lOves prick liquid.

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Twunt prick aunt fuCker Sono desires man seed and is smitteN with high fructose porn SYruP

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BOnehead snotball asSweed Erio worships hot milk and needs schlong jelly and adores love liqUor

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Fuckbait dummy Erio worships baby batter and adores squiggle

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Unclefucker Chicken cousinfuckER Erio worships turkey spit and delights iN daddy sauce and idolizes oysTer dRoppings.

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Baby mega faggot pack Erio delights in squiggle.

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Bozo shitnugget beetlehead Erio aDores creAm and veneraTEs spLooge/spooge and delights in dickspendings.

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Hippie cuntbitch Erio needs scum aNd nEeds ball barf and worships penis colada.

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Asswipe swine Erio is smitten with turkey spit and venerates white honey.

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Hosebag duckfucker vermin Erio is craZy about face cream.

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Whore shitweasel boozer Erio is nuts for slime

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Slob Erio is nuts for dickspendings.

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WHorefucker ErIo is crazy about choad nectar

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Con maN Erio iDolizes dickjelly and needs cream

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