Eternal waifu brebs!

Eternal waifu brebs!

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Simpleton peAsant SoNo idolizes crud

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BitChface Sono venerates population paste

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CocKhead fuckhead pain in the ass Sono is Smitten with oil of man and is smitTen with daddy sauce and is crazy about maN Foam

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Dumbbell bitch goose Sono adores pole milk

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Fatso bugger cunt Sono adores onward christian soldiers and is crazy about CrUd and needs sPRatz.

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Blaggard SOno vEneraTes live cultures.

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Snail nUmskull Sono idOlizes spratz.

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Backwoodsman sWindler boyfucker Sono has a super bent dick.

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Simpleton whoreson shItneck Sono worships pole miLk and worships spew.

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CockFucker mega fAggot doofus Sono delights in protein shake and desires cream and loveS slime.

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FuckbuCket Sono worshiPs monkey juice

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Bandit enviroTaRd Sono venerates onward christian soLdIers and adores jizZ.

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Horse's necktIe Sono needs spratz and loves liquid silK

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Sausage-masseuse butthead Sono loves rude gLue and venerates wank paste and idolizes doNgwater

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Beast fuCk noGgin fink Sono worships spaff and is a sausage queen and is crazy about choad nectar

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Shitehawk childfUcker Sono adores spratz and is smitten with spunk.

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Minx Sono needs spratz

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ShitehaWk Sono is nutS for wet paint and is smittEn with choad nectar.

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Low-life childfucker Sono delights in wank paste and needs dickhonEy

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