New kik thread. you know the drill

new kik thread. you know the drill

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kik: bigbrowncock19

feed me teens, no lims, rape/snuff/violence, asians/niggers/latinas, traps. anything.

ellie_rosew she fucks her bro

Live faggot here for exposure, kik me: WI1991

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trading estonian sluts, have many, add me if u have some and we can exchange

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Send me your wife/gg! Kik: fixedgearyy

trade 18+ stuff

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Kik gripmonkey

Looking for hung guys and sick minds to no limits rape chat my hot tight blonde fuckdoll friend.

Can share/chat about yours as well. Anything goes.

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M_orl2. Trading teens or dick pics

Piss playing and need to cum, share anything cheeko556

omg i want to smell her colon

Send for rate, wwyd or really brutald wwyd to your friends, exs, gf, wifes, sisters, moms, cousins.. any female you know.. say what you are looking for.. g0sunnyg0

Looking for someone to trib my wife, rad80x, pic related

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harlequin.zed 22 m
Hmu if Seattle are only

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Send me bbw & gay stuff
also furries


looking for my new obedient and submissive kikslut. Must be curious and into limit testing, openminded, no face needed, I accept male, femanon and sissy.

just be obedient and submissive, bonus if you have kinks, I will train you to realize them.

kik ID : benaugthy

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I want to jerk to your female family members. I’ll try any age.


Live for live family taboo stuff

Come rate a friend of mine and tell me if you think she's ugly or not.



been holding pee in for so lobg if i let go its all coming out, kik cheeko556

cuck sharing sister (non-nude), humiliate me

kik: pantycuck35

Looking for German teen leaked stuff/German spy Vids/German Incest

Kik: Andre..P

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Send me your sluts for my enjoyment or their exposure

Send me hs girls, or girls you know with their name city and state!



celebs and skinny girls

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my Dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do.

Looking for people to trib this chick. Got a few more pics, but no nudes.

Hit me up @ elmagio

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Kik: eeasmith

Cutie try and get nudes.

Whitebones888 ***

27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting. If you experimented with a group of your friends on sleepovers, campouts, school trips etc. and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.

Kik: hereforthefemboy
Looking for females, femboys, traps and cucks to dominate with my big dick

Searching for a tame slave who will be fine with cutting and all the gore, also other fucked up fetishes.


814 kik jimjub if you know her

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kik her icyvein

looking for boudoir pics

M 31 Europe
Kik john_finn66

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Showing cock
Love seeing wives and gfs

Bf is at university hmu uk lads _kirstty

Kik: jmckimmm96
M 22
Send me all the sh0ta you have plz

Wanna rp with a big dick bully who’ll tell me about my girls infidelity.

Kik veinman93


Let's trade nudes of bitches. Whatever you send, I'll match

Looking for femanons or traps
Will rate/wwyd your girl as well

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Sub/dom switch available here, wanna satisfy some ppl kinks as a good sub
I accept everthing, tap, cd, guys, femanon or trans
Be imaginative with your new toyboy

Kik: benaugthy

Anyone wanna jerk to my wife’s fat ass ? Add me on Snapchat


Anon8921. Needing a Snapchat hacked into

Tim6367. Needing to cum, cucks send me your girl/wives for me to jerk off to

More info?

Will send whatever you want, or say whatever you want to your ex, gf, sis, cousin, or mom, and show you the replies, fun to see reactions

Send me anything

want to expose my faggot brother, I have some pictures of his ass and a vid he of putting his fingers in his asshole

Also, send my wifes, gf to a real wwyd

anonib3210 trading Bay Area wins only


Your fucked up secrets and no limits chat!


Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002


Just want to bust on cam

Kik : garagedick

Send me everything, teens, traps, girlfriends, anything to get me off at work.

Make my gf your phone/pc background add kik anonbroszz

Really horny and slutty. I want to see all of your cocks. My kik is comedyisfun

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Send me your best sluts and I'll match

Kik:SammieHeyHey, bi, trade teens. Rape, incest, roleplay, traps, jerk off

Send whatever

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Send me a girls snap and I’ll try to get as many nudes as I can. Or just send me your worst porn

Kik: Autumnstootsies

Sells feet

Can you kik my teacher? SammieHeyHey

Sending my cock to your gf/wife/female friends on kik
Kik odinxxx


Looking for OC, family, classmates

Also got some names, if you're good at getting wins HMU

lmao bro your dick head is dry as sunbaked dog shit

Send me your sluts for my enjoyment. Wwyd your family, ex, wife, gf, etc.


Username not found

user_36 for more of my fiancée

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23m i would like to be more like a girl in private. i dont know where to start and what to aim for though, looking for someone who can help me out! kik: justsomeone235

Kik cgbcuck

Send me your best teens

kik morningpoop

Doing WWYD, rates, and captions for your hot sluts


Looking for people to trib this girl, will send more pics but I don't have nudes.

Hit me up @ elmagio

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Anyone wanna sext my girl while she cucks me over it?

She'll send nudes and probably some humiliating photos of my tiny cock.



Someone's 46 y/o cheating ex

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trade gf's

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Way to post and then give nobody a way to contact you. Fuck off

Kik hellalit556
Sharing sis and other girls for tributes and captions, and vids of you stroking

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Im serching some bi or lesbian girls which want to make wwyd to my gf (20yo, tiny, sexy)
Kik anon179179

Send me your wives, girl friends, sisters, moms, hs girls, anything really good.
Gonna be a long work shift today


26m bi usa
kik is SamFromVA
into a lot, hmu

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Need tributes and captions. Kik this either cocked or captioned to teddywiggins1 for more

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I want to rate and degrade the women you love. Janon9860

Femboy looking for some hot pics and dirty talk @risethepeace

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Use my gfs body as your phone/pc background, big bonus for pc kik at anonbroszz


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Trading my family members


Want guys to do video tributes and cum to nn teen (no limit) i know

She's mixed race. Big ass. Cute face. Sexy lips

Kik is JForest456 if interested

Submissive cuck here looking to be a good boy for big dominant bulls while sharing my gf and being forced to stroke to their cocks

Need to cum. Send girls to me at tembomb on kik. Gf, wife, ex, sister, mom, friend, doesn't matter. I'm into everything.

Marrakkor, send me anything, ill match

Send me girls to jerk off to
Kik: ehwalnkp

18 f uk.

Love attention. Only creeps and pervs tho please. If you're not I'll remove you

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Ladynaliau 17 f usa

Anyone wanna j/o to my mom's feet? Send me your kik

Will as your girls nudes to my mega collection and send you the link, kik is cgr941


Cuck whose wife cheats on him

What’s ur kik name

Add me chasehumbuger


Feed me teens let’s talk about them and jerk 18+

yeoguvina, young boys/girls feet

Dtm575 18/bi

Can't trade but down for talking about or pictures of all taboos except piss and scat


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Loyalty test. Send names MichaelM38

Looking for German teen leaked stuff/German spy Vids/German Incest

Kik: Andre..P

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Demand his ugly wife, tell him Master G sent you

Look for daughters, sisters, wives, girls, whatever but only if you have nudes.

I don't care about your Facebook photos you pathetic bitch.

Kik naivepandaaaa

18/Bi/M kik:Tessa_Slut_
Like to be Sent stuff of Trans,futa,Milfs,celebs and some taboo things

Send me gay stuff

Looking for bondage, rape, hc, rapeplay, choking, hcgangbang stuff wiaca12

Hubnersoles - degrade my ex

Kik sbridge69
Send me your sluts for wwyd / rates

Code doesn't seem to work, whats' your username?


Uk shares

kik is zimmertim
Send me any sort of fucked up taboo shit and lets talk. No limits.
Incest, rape, loli, feet...


Hit me

Jillykill08. I write obscene erotica about your young daughters, full families, teachers with their classes etc. love writing for unpostables. Nothing off limits. Kik me your requests

Kik: adri_md

Trade nudes of my teen gf. Send me of friends, your girlfriend, classmate...
You can send me tributes cumming in her pussy.

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Need someone to cum trib

Kik illnessjay

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25 m bi
Bored at work. Send goth girls and big dicks. Or whatever, doesn't matter to me

Still active

I also have Discord :Anon48#7640

Hit me with some taboo


25 m
Into receiving sluts, sending sluts. Giving and receiving feedback (audio/video preferred). Sex stories, fantasies. Anything, just want to jerk off with someone

Anyone that wants to put their gf and/or exes through a loyalty test should contact me. Kik is mageknight14.

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42 M US Divorced Dad of 3, I have full time, with dad bod, but I hear that's in lol.

Love to chat with all femanon of all ages and sizes. I will chat with anyone, but I'm not interested in your wieners.

Also, I'm an ER nurse, so my healthcare peeps, make sure to stop by and say hi! Nothing sexier than RN's, CNA's and RT ladies...and guys too.

I guess it cant hurt to say I'm hung also;) kinda thick too


Femboy looking for other femboys/traps/femanons to make friends :)

I will rate, wwyd or really brutald wwyd to your friends, exs, gf, wifes, sisters, moms, cousins.. any female you know.. say what you are looking for.. g0sunnyg0

Post your wins here, make my cuck squirm

kik Lovesbecca
big titted blonde

Kik roughconfusion, show me your teen sis or.classmates and.lets have fucked while cock for them

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I like teens, cum, sucking, cocks, sissy hypno stuffand more Write me and send me Kik: phil6543210


24 m hung wannabe sissy cuck needs training
Kik dnick1223

My bf is at uni looking to chat with UK lads _kirstty

Tiny dick cuck here. Looking to be humiliated for my pathetic excuse for a penis, compare cocks, and cock/cum tributes to my gf Amanda. Pic related.

Kik imnotapantyfan and tribute this pic for her nudes

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Yes please. Dickley92

You mean these nudes?

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Let's jerk off to her


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23m i would like to be more like a girl in private. i dont know where to start and what to aim for though, looking for someone who can help me out. trying to be open for anything!
kik: justsomeone235

Kik bigdadscuck

Exposing a hot thot with snap inc

Cock azn katie for me
wick.r tribcouz1 if interested

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Join here


kik Lovesbecca
big titted slut she love the attention her tits get her

yeoguvina looking for whatever, I like feet tho

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User: standbytostandby
Sissy trap slut looking for a dominant to control.

Send me trap porn and solo sissygasms. Also straight cum shots.

Looking to trade non nude sluts

kik morningpoop

Jerking my cock to wives/gfs/femanons. Doing wwyd, captions, and rates.


Tell me what you would do to my girl cum tribute as well

19 m
Chubby with small cock
Into feet and sph hmu
Also like being catfished

Sharing ex nudes
Kik dowens213

kik: kasumita

feed me teens, no lims, rape/snuff/violence, asians/niggers/latinas, traps. anything.

Looking for people who wanna tell me what theyd do to some classmates (no nudes) preferably beast, but degrading/ humiliating/bdsm wOrks too
22/m someguy_560


Send me something to cum to. Ass/big tits/tight

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Wanna cum, send me some taboo


Use my gfs body as your phone/pc background, big bonus for pc kik at anonbroszz

Looking for bulls to talk about getting my gf into cuckolding

Kik nudesdude6699

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Kik: xxGuyNextDoor
Send me girls you fap to, gf's and ex's and I'll rate them honestly

Add me

Cum jerk to my wife. Please.


arnsawyer, looking for dick rates, will give wwyds/rates, also traps dm me

I wanna cum and show off my cock, maybe trib some hot girls

Kik @ user.994
Want to share pics of sluts. No limits

tinycocc on kik expose me tribute me

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Want to see a genuine Shit eater?
only costs 20 bucks

Send some wild porn

Looking for tribs. I got nudes: cmddder

any pics?
does she answer?

Let's see your filthy sluts and I'll rate and wwyd them. Janon9860

Cocking any pics I like that you send


Send me anything


ill cold heartedly rate your gf

I haven't gotten a response yet

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my Dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do.


send anything, also will trade dick pics

Eunoark - she wants a sugardad

Post response

Looking to trade oc for oc

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DAMN look at that Jew beak!!!


Sub male looking for someone to be my dom


Want bulls to talk about raping her

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Wanna trade porn.
My favorite pornstars makes me sissy.
Kik: matthiuz

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RazvanC93 want to send dickpics to girls you know, mostly on kik

27 M VA bi switch
Compare/wager, show off, chat, send me anything

Kik : emilie_x20


Lets chat about our sexual experiences including first time/hook ups and favourites

Looking for someone to tribute my gf she's 18 kik walther9999

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Stupid as fuck seller


send me anything to fap to. preferably girls but trap are good too. I'll do tributes if it's good enough.

Does anyone ever send you anything?

Want to see you use my gfs body as your wallpaper on ur pc and phone, kik me at anonbroszz

Straight bull, can brutaly degrade your close ones if that is desirable. Trading megas, dropbox, pics/vids no limits.
Femanons can hit me up for chatting and fun.
Gay/bi can see more for something in return.
Loyalty test and sending girls body amd cock pics/vids on snapchat etc.
No limits chat and story sharing.
Currently looking for snaps.
All saved for saved, live for live.
Kik : lovesick9797

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Kik fxfxfxfxfx3
Look up hot girls I know on facebook and Instagram and send me which pics you like

kik throwaway123.
Willing to trade pics of gf, sister, wife, etc.

Trade gf pics on kik : hool4chan

Send me your teen gf, ex, sisters, daughters

Dwalrod2 send anything and I'll try to match no limits

Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

Trading mega. Kik is Skonemaster

Send me creepshots of ur sister, daughter, gf


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Join now before it's too late

I can cum trib your girl, set her as my background, rate, wwyd, or trade OC
KIK: Hanstoned

Racist ginger bitch who got tricked to suck a bbc (pic)

Attached: F54455.jpg (928x575, 91K)

Send me Taboo no limits

Looking for German teen leaked stuff/German spy Vids/German Incest

Kik: Andre..P

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Kik: merz783
Looking for good jerk material.

Spam this slut with dick pics and fucked up porn

28 m. Long bbc. Hmu if you want bbc pics and videos. I also accept nudes of gfs, sisters or any other lovely ladies. Trans and twinks are welcomed aswell. Cucks are also very welcomed to send there ladies
Kik soulkidd88

Attached: received_406109710042713.jpg (2704x3612, 396K)

Send me your teen gf, ex, sisters, daughters

Wife Share. Also sister-bro stories and sisters share.

Looking for submissive sissy/guy to fap as instructed when instructed
Can trade to encourage straights

RazvanC93 want to send dick pics



Kik pics of your girls booty so I can coom to her.
Thong bikini pics a bonus.


Wanna see tribs, captions pr photoshops of my young ex slut

Nuintow @kik

Attached: D40673F0-BF71-43D6-AEC2-97281D198C13.jpg (960x1280, 350K)

Sub guy seeking dom

my kik is throwaway123.
Message me to trib my gf

Looking for someone to cum tribute girls I know and send it to them

Anyone doing tribs? Hmu, steve5steve5

Cucks, send your girls for rate. Looking to trade vids with anyone too. M 24 NY

I'm hairy and fat with a small cock.
Wanna fap to your mom's/daughters/gfs/sisters/aunt's etc.
Also into lots of hentai. Send me anything.
And every female/sissy/trap is welcome to send me anything

Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

Wanna jerk off to snuff

Kik pinkbaklazan

Send sluts

Attached: D99C6871-44A4-4120-A9C7-01DC08C3AF3B.jpg (670x670, 76K)

Let me send you Facebook's and Instagrams of hor girls I know. You and me what pics you like of her and her friends.
Kik fxfxfxfxfx3


Send puke videos @ popup62626

it’s voltron2295


Trading anything and everything

hot enough to post more?

Attached: Screenshot_2019-01-07-09-47-10.png (720x1280, 978K)

Kik noggeregott ive been edging for 12hrs. Pls make me cum. Ill trade too

Yes please

hell yes

Looking for someone to repost my ex pics

Kik ocho.888


Attached: 47090537.jpg (524x1080, 138K)

Any furries in here?

Send pics of ur family members and candids/voyeur/creepshots. Hacked pics too

Kik: Alexharris43321


Attached: 36E2440A-771F-4BAB-BE68-1C18463CFCF1.png (1242x2688, 404K)

Wife share

Attached: IMG_20200205_130652_909.jpg (3264x2448, 1.57M)

@mysluttyfiance Angela

Attached: C8F02DAA-9242-431F-9F3C-2984424A2D1D.jpg (511x960, 98K)

discord gg / xmFvyj

Degrade/brutal wwyd or tribute girls I know. Or just send me anything kek.

That's a dude

Angikitt Pic is supposedly her mom but haven't gotten any of her yet

Attached: D29.jpg (640x770, 28K)

Would you actually share a lot?

want to see you use my girls body as your pc or phone background, kik anonbroszz

Cuck - anonbg609 bonus for tributes, wwyd, etc

Attached: Photo Oct 29, 4 21 47 AM.jpg (1058x1411, 358K)

jacksrevenge7 help me cum by sharing your gf


Horny send me your gfs/sisters or porn

Attached: 08C17888-4713-4B5D-B42B-FC13B4A5F195.jpg (438x644, 29K)

Looking to trade nudes east tn Kingsport Hawkins area
Kik danmantheballe

Kik- thiccdicc96
Looking to get trapped

you can't get trapped if you want it

Ask me about my cock piercing

Looking for slutty gfs and wives! Cucks send em!

G8 B8 xD

Sunnyydxx is a seller, absolute slut will do almost anything

Attached: IMG_20200203_225151.jpg (1080x1917, 357K)

I wanna jerk off to nudes of girls you know, incest
Kik: silk_7

Xenuawinche try bm

Attached: 20200202_001458.jpg (1149x2105, 1.64M)

BBC horny as fuck. Femanons to front of the line. Help me cum and I'll show off. Anons with gfs to feed or people who have oc of black or Latina girls also can pm

Kik: poeticsuperhero

The fuck is a bm

Will send whatever you want, or say whatever you want to your ex, gf, sis, cousin, mom, or any girl you know and show you the replies, fun to see reactions. Also looking for cucks who want to share their wife/gf and degenerate shit

hung bull in canada

interested in asian couples who want to try bwc


18m doing tribs and looking to jerk on cam / share kik: irtFM

Add me brk__toby

OP for this needs to post more

Attached: janetyangkim copy.png (960x960, 1.65M)

Attached: 20200113_235242.jpg (1440x1788, 1.69M)

I need to cum send me cute girls to fap. I'll send some stuff back

Kik jay45564

Add tylerrlitt

m bi 18: ruddlexox
Share your favorite porn/hentai and we can jerk off together?

Attached: 1578286224636.jpg (1280x1816, 374K)

Doesn't verify with anything unique, def a scammer

want to see you use my girls body as your pc or phone background, kik anonbroszz

Anyone get any more?

Kik is wafunnydude
I want more of her

Indirek, interested in your sisters/daughters

Pacosans2 send me anything

I wanna stroke to your wife gf or ex Kik dodgerfan4200

Kik: SendPornPlz
Send porn/nudez plz, no rules

Bowel movement or black mail?

Would like to talk to your wife/gf about if you satisfy them or not.

figures. its a kik thread

Kik: alina.bolshov
I'm trading teen stuff especially teen voyeur

Show me your sluty girls. I fap and cant cum.
Kik anon179179

Feed me big booties. Big fan of ass in leggings and candids!

Kik: dl33445

M bi 18 uncut
Share dick pics with me and I'll jerk off with you

looking for femanons to chat with


Attached: IMG_0442.jpg (544x725, 106K)

only if thats you


that a guy or a girl?





Rate my dick.

Looking for someone to do captions with my wife

Attached: 5.png (946x1600, 1.3M)

Indirek, interested in your family, especially if you want to fuck them


Need jerk off encouragement