Waifu vibes

Waifu vibes

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waifu breb dubs

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>azur Lane waifu
>ingame they have the weakest excuses for personalities
>have to base your idea of what they’re like from doujinshi of them

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Assmunch Sono desires live cultures anD Needs scUm and lOvEs wank paste

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Crook snob Sono delights in oil of man and is crazy about cuStard.

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HorsefuckeR Sono is crazy about tail juice and vEnerates cOck droplets and idolizes satcHel syrup.

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BackwoOdsman Ass Sono is smittEn with wang pus and needs dickjam and idolizEs wEIner Sauce

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Hooplehead Sono venerates tadpoles.

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DoucheloRd SoNo is smitten with wad and deligHts in man period

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WaLlflower aunt fucker Sono is smitten with nobslurry and is crazy about live cultures and is nuts fOr man perioD

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EdgeloRd badgerfucker horse's ass Sono desires wet pAint and delights in dickjam And loves wet paInt

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Badass eunuch Sono aDores hot milk

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ChAv dunce fuckbait Sono iS nutS for pole milk.

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SAprophyte dimwit Sono needs dickspEndIngs and is crazy about penis colada

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Ne'er-do-weLl queer Sono veneraTes proteiN shake and worships dongwater

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Cow lunkhead beldAme Sono loves onward christian soldiers and venerates dickspendings

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BadgErfucker Sono loves crUd and needs snake spray and needs dickglue.

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Hippie toad bangsat Sono idolizes wormgob and is nuTs for white gold anD desires white honey.

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Jerk Sono is smitten With choad nectar and is smittEn with high fructose porn syRup

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Burden SonO dElights in spunk and adores pole milk and needs PopuLation Paste.

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Ratcatcher oxygen thief SonO adores oNward christiAn soldierS and is nuts for peaRl jam.

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Buttlicker idiot mutant Sono delights in ball barf and can't get off except from Gargling cum and is nuts for tadpoles.

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Bitch scuzzbag Sono is crazy about pole milk and adores weiner sauce and needs dickspendings

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Whore Erio sMells aNd worships cream.

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Mongoose SlutFucker fuckbucket Erio loves spew and is nuts for onward christian soldiers.

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Turdball bEast twErp Erio Loves populatioN paste and is nuts fOr monkey juice.

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Monkey weezE bag twit Erio is crazy about dick jambA juice

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Troll ERio adoRes spew and is nuts for string of pearls

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Flake cockhead Erio sucks dick

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NoodlE turd Erio delights in male tears.

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