Robo waifu best waifu

Robo waifu best waifu

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FUckhead whore hillbilly Erio loVes satchel syrup

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HooliGan Erio needs wang pus and idolizeS white Light/white heat and iDolizes oil of man.

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Idiot Erio delights in pube solvent And has a super bent dick and is crazy about face cream

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Dumbbell cuntbitch Erio venerates cOck snoT and loves penis colada

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Windsucker dickhead fart ERio deliGhts in happy trails and delights in wank paste and desires dickspendings.

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ArSeface pain in the ass Erio worships man foam.

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Keyboard warRiOr moron dEsperado Erio Desires splashbacK anD venerates pearl jam.

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Shitweasel Erio idolizes Male teArs and worships jizz and Venerates wad.

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Nimrod inbred backwoodsman EriO venerates rude glue and loveS liVe cultures and adoreS protein shake

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BlOckhEAd sHitwEasel Erio is smitten with spew aNd loves dongwater and is crazy about pube solvent

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Cunt son of a bitch EriO delights in custarD

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ChAuvinist Erio desires wormgob and veneratEs wAng Pus anD is craZy about spratz.

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Buffoon ERio loves string of peArlS aNd is smitten With weiner sauce

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Thief Erio venerates tadpoles and wOrships wet paint and is smitten With choad NeCTar

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Ho lamebrain butthead Erio is incapable of intellIgent thought and venerates spunk

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TweRp fishwife twunt Erio venerateS dicKgluE and is crazy about oyster droppinGS and dElightS in White ribbon.

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Gorilla Erio venerates dickjam and delights in BonkjUice aNd Is incapable Of intelligent thought.

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ArsebrEath ouTlaw Dimwit Erio has a tranny addiction.

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Horse's neckTie vermin Erio lies about as poorLy as trump

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ChilDfuckEr Erio Is crazY about Throat yogurt.

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Donkey Sono venerates rude Glue and is smitten with live cultures and is crazy AboUT ball barf.

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Fugly SOno Loves wad and is smitten with satchel sYRup

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Mega faggot crack whore SonO needs diCkspendings and loves spunk.

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Scumbag Hoe SonO worships dicksPendings and worships baby batter.

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Idiotist toad ignoramus Sono adores happy trails.

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BespawLer bitchwad Sono loveS whitE ribbon and is smitTen witH onward christIan soldiers

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Caveman cockwomBle ogre Sono loves crud anD needs crud and desires bonkjuice.

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Muppet Sono is sMitten with tadpoles And delights in tail juIcE and desires spaff.

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Oxygen Thief brotherfucker dummy Sono loves spratz and idolizes WillYmilk and Is nUts for spew

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Sadist Sono idolizes snake spray

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Pig bell-end Sono idolizes ball barf and is nuts for ball barf.

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Fatso Sono idoLizes wad and loves string of pearls and Adores throat yogurt.

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Arseface Sono deLighTs in squiggle and needs pearl jam.

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Ruffian wIndsucker goof Sono worships high fructose porn syrup and idolizes crack wax and venErates baby batter

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Vampire Sono delights in wet paint and idolizEs turkey sPit and loves pole milK.

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Windfucker SoNo adores monkey juice and delighTs in liquid silk and Venerates cock snot.

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Crack whore SOno desires wet Paint and is nuts for nut butter.

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Puppet SoNo is smitten with dicktallow

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Booby SoNo veneratES face cream anD loves dickjelly and desires wormgob.

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