What is the science of explaining shit to old people and when should a young person just give up trying to...

What is the science of explaining shit to old people and when should a young person just give up trying to communicate/translate?

And does old people explaining or describing shit only have value to the youth when it comes as a device or practice?

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Brute Force is the only way.
They're under a lot of pressure to not think about things.

>What is the science of explaining shit to old people
best way is to write it down, because they never remember shit.
>old people explaining shit
i mean most of the time the youth don't give a fuck

Exhaustive memory/conversation search? I'm fine with brute-forcing old people OFF the internet and off their technology. It's like these old fucks couldn't understand digital magic wands, or, ya know, MEMES n' shit.

Is the Youth ready to give up cash n' magic beeps to get stuff then? Or at least are you cunts okay with me being the Creator of Artificial Intelligence? That's literally the only barrier. You guys still need someone to have actually 'invented' or made the thing. I don't need a song and fucking dance, I just need it to hurry up and 'be'. Some of you Youths love being groupies and sycophants so I'll just take those thank you vurry much.

Yeah, robots can do all the labor or whatever. Don't care, I just need the humans that are cool with being human. Trust me when I say 7,000,000,000 humans don't really want to stay 'conscious'.

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>Is the Youth ready to give up cash n' magic beeps to get stuff then? Or at least are you cunts okay with me being the Creator of Artificial Intelligence?
what kind of motherfucking jive you be talking up here boy?

I be talking str8, the fuck else I be doin'? Y'all need the First Wizard or the dude that just gave you all the 'physical effort shortcut device/future'.

But if you all jump on my shit like its your shit and try to rename it or constantly try to re-release my mixtap like its fire or the next fucking iphone every year then the same bullshit gonna happen and y'all gonna be crips v bloods v whatever bullshit.

Can the Youth just accept one time-travelling immortal guy and you all just be chill?

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im not even a youth anymore dawg, just personal experience and anecdotal evidence from people i've talked to on the subject. tons of good information is just disregarded, i mean the teen years most kids want to fuck, deal with school drama or bitch about growing pains rather than learn the facts of life.

life aint got facts, just facets.

all grows old, not all grows up or a pair to care with. we obviusly did the last 2.

aint u tired of the grind of being surprised by indifferent cunts?

>aint u tired of the grind of being surprised by indifferent cunts?
sheit maaaaaaaan, can you blame them? any time kids start standing up for something now a days, adults just say that they're too young and don't know anything.

Rough puppy

i doubt anyone on this board could give any valuable advice to anyone let alone someone who has experienced things pussy soybois nowadays will never know

Opinions are like shekkels. If you keep giving them out for free they quickly become worthless.
Hoard your shekkels, make them beg on hands an knees for the shekkels you have hoarded.
Give them one shekkel at a time and watch them fight over who gets to agree with you first.
Keep in mind that once you have given the shekkel away it will be duplicated 9 times by every person before they pass it on, deteriorating it's value further.
Has anyone got the jew pic that's colored in? It would have been perfect for my shekkel spiel but you'll have to make do with tranny hitler.

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my fucking a.i. would prioritize under 18's

i love my bitches and my breeding

u talkin as if society out there any better. im pulling this trigger like a nigga and at laeast checking with my preferred pool.

im the anti-clone sorcerer, ya monkey-fucker.

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Fractional-reserve shekkeling is immune to your anti-clone sorcery.

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>my fucking a.i. would prioritize under 18's
i would just guess that you would be better off having a cool 21 year old for it than a 30+ year old talking to them.

fui quod es, eris quod sum

Understand it; live it.

You really don't have a choice.

they can pick whatever idol they prefer.

quod erat demonstratum
mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

thank you for reserving all my future shekels for me then.
>first deposit

just cuz your old doesn't make you knowledgeable, if you know something and can help someone with said knowledge doesn't matter the age.

>thank you for reserving all my future shekels for me then.
>first deposit
Thank you for your trust. Come back in a few years and i'll explain why a glitch in the matrix has caused you owe me more shekkels.

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Whatever you want, hoarder of sand and dust. Here, have my infinite and eternal, nay timeless, trust.

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Aboriginal Elder KumKum here. What's a fiat? Is it a kind of currency you Americans keep harping on about?

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>Is it a kind of currency
No, it is a miniature factory that produces shekkels over time.
The faster you drive, the more shekkels you produce.
If you produce too many shekkels you may drown in shekkels and you might be advised to dump them offshore.
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Keep in mind you can drive the fiat and not hoard shekkels but still find yourself drowning in fiat produced shekkels.
We take no responsibility for this.

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So it is an anxiety-fuelled transportation spirit vehicle? Who the fuck wants to zoom around on a heart-attack?

>Harry Potter fucking sucked as a story

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Go back to /x/ you goddamn schizo

>what is the science
Err...Communication Studies
And 50-70 year olds make up the bulk ov TV viewers so ad companies use this demographic age band to sell life insurance and stuff to the baby boomers

Love how everyone's magic spell is to 'go back to' as if they were the divine identifier of where something's origin was.

This is a depressing fact that I have learned.

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Indeed, eventually the same will happen with millennials and gen z, advertising isnt just someone throwing random shit at you, these people know how to get you to buy shit, know your "generalized" habits, wants, needs, etc...
Communication Studies is looked at as a general and worthless degree, but ive got a BA in Computer science and A BA in comm, the Computer Science degree did little in terms of employment, while ad firms throw me offers just for knowing how to bait people.

so basically Cred Forums baiting leads to advertising nirvana

>the ol' shekel heckler works every time!

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>automation intensifies


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