/Waifu/ tred

/Waifu/ tred

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Edgelord vampire Erio needs loads

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Landwhale asscunt Erio iS smitTen with splooge/sPooge.

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Arse Erio is nuts for cock droplets

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Robot Erio is smitten with daddy sauce and venErates custard

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Shyster verMin bLagGard Erio worships splooge/spooge and is smitten with bonkjuice and worshIps Cock droplets.

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Con man Erio iDolizes sPlashbacK and desires schlong jeLly.

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HippiE fisHwiFe envirotard Erio is smitten with dickhoney And delights in live culturEs

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HooligAn hooplEhead megabitCh Erio WorShips Jizz and aDores wormgob and desires Choad nectar

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Yes-man fucKweAsel Erio worships liquid silk and delights in Man foam and worships diCkpuddinG

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Unclefucker Erio is smitten with cRaCk wax and loves nut bUtter

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Der-brain Erio is crazy aBout pube solvent

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Fuck nugget prick Erio is smitteN wIth tail jUice.

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Troll ErIo worShips dickjam aNd veneRates liqUid silk

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Dumbass arsecunt Erio venerates turkey spit anD delights in man foam

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Wino trollface muppet Erio needs nobslurry.

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JAckass douche baby Erio loves dickjam and delights in monkey juice anD loves schlong jElLy.

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Dick-licker Erio is smitten with nizZle-drizzle and deliGhts in weiner sauce and is crazy aboUT satchel syrup.

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BuTthead eArthworm chump Erio adores white honey And is nuTs for white ligHt/whitE heat

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Varmint childfucker whore Erio is Crazy abOut liquId silK.

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Bitchface twit Erio delights In dickspeNdings and iS crazy about white Gold.

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