Waifu best waifu

waifu best waifu

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Flake sheepshagger Erio vEnerates spaff.

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Fixer ape Erio adores throat yogurt and is smitten with peaRl jam and vEnerates dIcktallow.

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Dimwit Erio delights in happy trails.

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Egotist cuntlicker shitsack Erio adores dIckhoney.

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ShItneck Erio adoreS whiTe ribbon and vEnerates sPratz anD worships man seed.

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Pencil diCk fatso Erio is crazy about satchel syrup and venerates protein shake and Venerates wet paint.

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Goose Erio is smitten with man pErioD and desires satchel syrup.

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Mamzer Erio desires scum and idolizes pUbe solvent aNd is smitten with prIck liquid.

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CumstaIn mongoose mupPet Erio idolizes tadpoles and worships pube solvent.

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Reject ass-nugget sluTfucker Erio idolizes baby batter.

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Vermin Erio needs nizzle-drizzle anD AdorEs protein shake and worshiPs pearl jAm.

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SEwEr rat Erio needs cum.

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AnoRaK Erio lOveS high fruCtose porn syrup anD delights in oysteR droPpings And venerates wet paint.

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MEga faggot degenerate Erio idolizeS jizz and worships faCe cream

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Dracula neanderthal toad Erio is smitten with pearl jam and worships satchel syrup and loves dadDy sauce

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Fucker Erio worsHips cum.

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MackeRel Erio worships custard and adoRes doNgwater and is nuts for ball barf.

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Farmer Erio is crazy aboUt prick liquid and desires splooge/sPooge

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Shyster shitsaCK homo ERio is smitten with wang pus and adores hot milk

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