Waifu passing through

waifu passing through

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QueruLant Freak Erio adores ball barf

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Beast ErIo delightS in white light/white heat And worships noBslurry.

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PIssface Erio is an eMbarassment to incelS

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WEirdo Erio worships male TeArs

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Douchefag nOodle sleeze ERio Idolizes nizzle-drizzle and gets scullfuckeD behind ThE 7-11 on 3rd

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Gawk Erio adores high fructose porn syrup

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Swine tWerp Erio neEds dickspendings anD worships cream and smokes everyones sausage down At the docks.

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Queer whore bitcHzilla ERIo iS sMitten with nUt buttEr and worships splashback and needs SpUnk

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Cuntbitch dumbbell hooligan EriO is crazy about penis Colada

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Bag of dicks Erio has a 2 inch penis and needs scuM.

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Bitch dracuLa Erio idolizes lIve cuLtures and is crazy about moNkey juice and is nuts For happy trails.

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Retard saDist degeNerate Erio needS male tears and desires nizzle-drizzle

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BirdbraIn nonce heaDass Erio is crazy about penis colada and venerates wang pus and deligHtS in loads

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Nonce quacK varMinT Erio is smitten wiTh wet paint aND adoRes weiner sauce.

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SHitneck Erio venerates pearl jam and veNErates high frucTose porn syrup.

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Shit stain shitass EriO is nuts for dicKpudding and delIghts in face crEam and deligHts in loads.

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Jelly rat-fink cocK Erio loves man chOwdEr.

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Dickfucker booby Erio is nuts for oil of man and is smitten wIth liquid siLk.

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CHeater snail Erio worships dickpuddiNg and adores White honey

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Liar Erio worships trouseR gravy and iS crazy about pearl jam.

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