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does half asian count?

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I can't look at Asian girls the same anymore, not after realizing what they eat.

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any more of her?

I want some Malaysian/singaporean sluts b

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Relax, its only some Chinese girls, not every Asian girl

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Asian girls eat very much the same things as westerners

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why deleted the header image?

What was the picture?

bump for her on/off

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an on/off with some girl, been posted plenty of times before

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What's up with her eyes? no way that's normal

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What do you mean? Her eyes are cute

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im gonna be a star


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They are bigger and brighter than my future, surgery?

psh yeah the fuck right. I've married 2 CBA and they eat the most vile garbage


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Wtf is ''CBA''? And no, Asian girls eat the same thing as westerners

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Ow my neck

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Is that Esther Ku?

Just checked and I'm pretty sure it isn't but the first pic reminded me of her

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