Best of the best butterfaces

Best of the best butterfaces

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You're fucking nuts. She's gorgeous.

but her everything bro

youre fucking blind

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She's a pretty good example.

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Kek, wouldn't say "gorgeous" but she's pretty average looking. Nothing that you'd look twice at.

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Ugly but gives it up

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Fucked her doggy once and her butthole smelt like shit

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I wish to see more of them in clothes please. Thanks

This thread is not going well. A true butterface will make you stare at them in amazement over the fact that their jacked up, wrecked face is on top of a smokin', hot body. This girl here is thoroughly average, 5/10 tops.

Stupid tattoos. Dummies putting shitting ink all over their bodies at such a young age. What, she doesn't think she'll reach old age, eventually? That shit won't age well.

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What else would you expect it to have the aroma of?

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Left looks like Sid from ice age

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Haha Anne Joelle

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>Anne Joelle

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Whew, I'm worn out. Those were 10 of the better butterfaces I have in my folder. You all think you can manage from here and not give us average looking hoes? Push yourselves and gimme me some real uggos with decent bodies.

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