Caught stories Thread

Caught stories Thread

>be me
>third wheel with hot friend and her chill boyfriend
>go to theme park
>have fun time
>i drink 2 beers by myself before we leave
>nipply out
>notice hot friend isnt wearing a bra
>she laughs about it cause she caught me looking
>her bf tries to give her a jacket but she refuses
>decide to creep vid her
>i record our trip back to their car and go home

>month later i decide to review the footage
>realise she noticed the camera at one point

We still hang out sometime, but she has never brought it up.

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Shameful self bump

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Well, that wasn't as good as expected.

Well heres a pic if it helps.

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I actually think that was a pretty cool story, bro.

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do you have moar?

Thanks bro
Just a few, and the clips themselves.

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post the clips

What's going on here, is she taking a big shit out in the open?

Giant teacup

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I have been collecting pictures of women I know in person for around 15 years. Everything from creep shots, some family member saves, actual wins, facebook rips, and anything inbetween. I even have pictures saved from the Myspace era and creeps I took on my very first cellphone (I very rarely take those anymore and I never really took them in public). I mainly only get a thrill from it if I know the person. I have roughly 400-500+ folders neatly organized by name on an old laptop that barely works anymore. Some folders have as few as 2 pictures while others have upwards of thousands. In total, I have over 150,000 pictures on the computer and 1,600 on my phone as of now. Roughly 2-3 times a year, I transfer them to the laptop and start all over. Maybe half of them I haven't and probably never will masturbate to, but collecting the pictures is somehow exciting. Otherwise, as far as everyone I have pervertedly stored on a computer is concerned, I am a well liked and active member in my small town community working toward becoming a high school teacher.

I was caught a few times, but never with the full catalog, and I always found a way out of being outed as the creep that I am. My ex and future mother of my child logged onto my computer and found 1 folder full of creeps of a classmate, but I told her I was doing a photoshoot collage and even though she didn't exactly buy it, she let it go pretty quickly. My mom found the disks that I put all the pictures onto when I was about 17 (after the ex found the first folder), but the pictures were labelled in a way that it just looked like pornstar names, and after a "talk", she gave the disks back and told me to keep them out of her sight. Finally, a friend caught me taking a creep of another classmate, but after he made fun of me relentlessly, he asked me to send them to him. I haven't been caught outside of high school and it's been a decade since then.

post the clips bro.

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She's hot AF. Let's see her ass. Also, she knows you were creepin but hasn't brought it up cause she's a woman and all women love attention. So deep down she's turned on by you perving on her. Play your cards right and you could be fucking her soon user.

nice is there another one. I love girls who wear their hard nips like jewelry

Thus spake The Chad-wannabe.
The ladies man, he who knows the wiley ways of the female sex, the expert.

... you have no clue about how to read social cues at all, do you?

Only clip i have of her ass.

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She's very beautiful, but for fucksake, OP - I'm getting the cringes at your behavior.
She knows you're doing it, and will be talking to her BF about it, she didn't say "stop" because she didn't want to embarrass you.

What social cues dumbfuck? This chick let's some dude go to Disneyland with her and her boyfriend, catches this dude perving on her and says nothing. If that was my girl she def wouldn't be bringing her friend with us to fucking Disneyland. Seems like you're the incel that doesn't know how this shit works...


Your wannabe chadness is embarrassing to watch.

You can see her actively trying to decide if she's going to call you out or not. At the start, she seems both flattered and angry, but she decides to let it go and ends with laughter.

This was a year ago. Weve all hung out a few times since then. Idk why she never said anything.

Also heres the first clip i forgot to post that completes the set.

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Ok Incel

>have girlfriend
>everytime together we fuck
>gets boring want to try some shit
>i always loved voyeur
>”can we please make movie”
>get bright idea to just hide phone
>put on laundry basket on chair in living room
>”she wont notice”
>we fuck on couch
>after fuck she gets up to use bathroom
>shit she found phone
>storm out wont talk for a week
>finally catch her by chance at coffeshop
>corner her and finally talk
> It's been one week since you looked at me
>Cocked your head to the side and said I’m angry
> Five days since you laughed at me
>Saying get that together come back and see me
>Three days since the living room
>I realized it all my fault, but couldnt tell you B
>Yesterday you’d forgiven me
>but its still two days till I say I’m sorry

Because she didn't want to embarrass you.

He who smelt it, dealt it.

I know. It almost seems like shes panicking, but then relaxes and just lets her tits be more prominent.

Holy shitballs dude, you guys have no social skills at all!

Exactly. All she had to do was zip up her hoodie. But nah, she literally makes sure her titty is in full view.

Goddamn you really are a stupid nigger. OP says this happened like a year ago. So she never told her BF.

She did, and they were having a bit of a giggle about it and then put it aside - because it's not important.

*clap clap golf clappity*

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Damn I wanna rape her.

How old was she at the time?

Too old

I think, she check, If you are diamonds

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Had that thought too, little man.

I got caught fingering my asshole to gay porn when I was about 14 and my mom grounded me. It sucked and I was embarrassed as fuck. Then she threw my computer in a fire pit outside out of rage and called me a little faggot. So I wasn't allowed to like gay shit until I was 18 then I realized I was just curious and like anal but only with girls. So I let my wife peg me when I got married.

Aahahaha you little faggot. Your mum is based you god damn disappointment

well after you constantly posting this chick for the last while its good to hear a story behind it!
but seriously user///give it a break,,..youve been posting her alot and the creeps arent even that cleavage, no ass, barely nips showing through

im a fan on any OC dont get me wrong...but time for a break for a bit dude

shut up bitch

>freshman in highschool
>staying the night at gfs cause family likes me
>morning comes and its just gf and i in downstairs living room at 6am
>we start getting making out and and getting REALLY horny as teenagers do
>i start going down on her
>almost immidiately we hear a noise coming from the stairs
>i think it was a gasp
>gfs maybe 7 year old sister saw us then ran upstairs
>my gf and i panic and stop
>we sit on couch and just kinda go back to watching cartoons

Dont know if little sister ever told anyone about it.

fuck op I see these in every creep/voy thread. that you posting every time or have you spread her enough that you don't have to

post whole vid?
how long were you recording her for?

The fuck she got on her hands?

Lol I love when people reveal shit like this and then get upset when they're judged for it. You're the one airing your dirty laundry, you little butt slut

Caught by Aunt j

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Ex was embarrassed by her small tits, so would never let me take pics or vids. Eventually I realised I could get them without her knowing since she always got dried/dressed in front of me after a shower. Took loads, but also deleted loads when I almost got caught (shutter sound as I thought it was on silent but wasn't). I blamed old phone taking ages to lock and took screenshot instead, she bought it. Still got plenty of them, and occasionally jerk to them. She is none the wiser.

>In charge of watching younger cousin at my place.
>made her touch my dick over my pjs in living room
>ask for nudes years later
>she delivers and continues for a while until she starts getting weirded out and stops
>spread her nudes online
>get in to her snapchat and pose as her and send pics to people
>she finds out
>gets pissed but doesnt do anything cause shes pretty much the blacksheep of the family
>years later family members sat me at our table and told me my cousin said I molested her in 2 places
>she lied about both places for some reason
>i deny
>they sigh in relief
>they dont believe her

Caught and not caught. Havent seen her in years and dont want to.

what age was she when you molested her?

post em

So some chubby gut pan faced chick passes as hot nowadays for zoomers?

Yeah, one day the truth will come out you pathetic piece of shit

Nice my dude keep going.


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More available if wanted

ive been caught in a diaper before does that count?

Well, would you rather not have been caught in diapers? I have not been caught in diapers myself, so I can't say.


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i didnt want to be caught, no.

At what age btw?



What do you want?

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These look like videos taken at the Disneyland tram area.

Any at a better angle for that ass

(This is one she knew about but thought I deleted)...

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>Chikity china
>The chinese chicken
>Have a drum stick
>Brain starts clicking

>watch xfiles with lights on