Girls built for BBC

Girls built for BBC

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think she is?

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Might be a bit rough with her user...

more ive been stroking all morning looking for fat tits

i think she's thick enough for at least a few

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When u guys finally admit u are the ones who want nigger dick u will be set free

This is why Cred Forums sucks now a days because cucks like you

Why is she dressed like that in front of the Christmas tree? What a fucking classless whore.

Half of them are bot run you're yelling at a tincan

Shes definitely got the body to attract a few.

she wants to show off her fat tits that's why. like a bitch in heat
fuck yeah she needs it

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Her tits are huge

Hard to cover up tits like those user...

Would turn 360º and walk away

They are on the bigger side yes

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She’s built perfectly for giving the black man what he needs.

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They have to be Es at least.

ample for all those babies she'll have dumped in her
doesn't seem like she wants too

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I like that she shows them off.

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couldn't agree more

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They are definitely her best feature

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Damn nothing less than a foot long bbc would be needed to not get lost in those giant brown milkers

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Built to be breed

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She is?

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My sister

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fuck yes

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>They have to be Es at least.

you mean muritard Es or Yeuropoor Es?

With yeuropoors I tend to agree.

Arent they the same?

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Nobody answer

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