HELP ME I HAVE THE CORONA VIRUS!!! I never go outside only to Walmart twice a week...

HELP ME I HAVE THE CORONA VIRUS!!! I never go outside only to Walmart twice a week. Today and im from VA i feeling increasingly sick. What should i do now? Trolls will be ignored

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Cof cof Cof snigf

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Infect people

When I am sick I chug nyquil and then I law on my stomach and close my eyes and soon I am on the cusp of a massive green whirlpool so large that it encompasses all of reality.
Then I drift down towards the center and eventually I go through, and I awake 16 hours later and I either feel better or I do it again.
It's like time travel

If you actually think that you have the coronavirus, you should go to the doctor. Call them first and make an appointment rather then going to the er and infecting more people.
We need to study you to save the rest of us

But then i get quarantined and isolated. I dont think i like that


You're already quarantined and isolated. It'll be no different

Panic like the rest of the retards who also have coronavirus

Have you tried eating dicks? Well of course you have... I’m out of options for you, faggot.

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You already said that you never go outside. Just got to a hospital, and bring a book or something.

nigger what

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You have nothing going for you, the virus isn’t gaining anything by taking you out faggot

I dont think I like that
>I never go outside, only to walmart twice a week
...I dont see the difference here

Robo tripping.

thought you could only do that with tussin?

>dawg bra whoa, I didn't know different brands release medicines whoa bra


You're an idiot

Dextromethorphan is what makes you trip in he cough medicines. I've done it a few times. Fucked me up more than shrooms

ah okay. only did it once in highschool might try it again sometime soon. thanks user

Stop being a hypochondriac

You have the retard. Stop being a faggay and inject aids.

not only are you lowering your bodies immunity every time you do this but you are also making yourself more susceptible to infection this way. let your body do it naturally, you big fat fucking vagina.

No you dont and if you have got it then it serves you right for been such a huge cum guzzling fag

Chicken soup and sprite, you have a cold dipshit


cough on a nigger

Mail me a sample imma breed it and infect the uk

help i have coronavirus!!! i do not go outside only to walmart twice a week today and im from virginia i feeling sick. what i do now?? troll will be ignore


>Buy a bullet
>rent a gun?

which part of VA?
i also only go out twice a week to walmart

Underrated post.

5 cases have been investigated and tested in VA so far. All five have been negative. If you think you do have coronachan take your ass to the doctor and get checked

If you actually think you have Caronavirus go straight to the nearest hospital.
Otherwise fuck off with your hypochondriac bullshit.

Go back to Walmart and lick your palms and touch the handles on the shopping carts of every fat or ugly person you see.

Kek wills it


Robbing a bank? Are you nuts? All i want is advice on how to get over my coronavirus infection


Kill yourself already you back of shit dont go hospital or ur gonna contaminate other people diall 911 or your emergency and stfu and wait

Just do what my plan is. Take out a huge loan. Get some hookers and blow. Fuck hookers do blow. Fuck hookers with blow on fists. Overdose on every drug while balls deep in now infected hookers. Hookers spread to others. Others get infected. Everyone with aids dies. You win.



Well that just isn't true. All nyquil does is treat symptoms.

34 new corona cases in the US!!! WERE DOOMED

I thought of it randomly because I live next to an oil town. I hate People. So it works

>it's not bait I swear

I 2 have kroner virus. Wat do?

You live in Virginia, only go to walmart occassionally, almost certainly have not gone to a doctor.

You have a cold, not the corona virus.

Though there is a good chance you also have contracted the downs.

Walk around and spread it!


get busy going to the doctor or get busy dieing

Walmart is the only place you'll get the coronavirus

kys it's for the good of everyone

I just decided to keep doing what i was doing and sit it out at home and go to walmart twice a week to buy groceries. Im not old age so i wont die from coronavirus right?