I'll explain why we are not the same and why niggers were always inferior...

I'll explain why we are not the same and why niggers were always inferior. Sadly this fucking Cred Forums site has a cap limit and what I've written doesn't fit here, so I had to edit it into shorter version. So don't judge if I use words like "u r" or "cuz"...

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Let me ask all nigger lovers this:
In bout 1500 years, European white man made countless inventions in all subjects of science, we've built ships that took us to the other side of the world, we had conquered countries, built gigantic empires, invented politics, and every single shit you can think of.
Meanwhile in Africa where nigs were, they lived in primitive huts, fighting with sticks,not knowing the basics of hygene. No inventions. No boats. No navigation. No countries. No goverenment. No churches, no structure, no unification. No schools, no hospitals
What did the niggers achieve on their own? Nothing.
IF IT WERENT FOR WHITE EUROPEANS NIGGERS TRASH WOULD STILL LIVE LIKE RATS IN THEIR HUTS. Because that's what they are in their true form. Rats. How come Greece already built waste systems in their blooming cities and the nigs back in Africa shit in the backyard?
It's simple: we r not the same.
We may be the same species, but nigs were never superior. Blacks always were inferior.
If it weren't for us, if we wouldn't discovered the worms they would still live in their huts.


Thanks to whites nigs have rights now, they can go to school, they have all our inventions, they have privileges , and everything else. We spend billions supporting their shitty continent cuz they are unable to support their own. What is that if not a burden?
Germany has been in 2 world wars, und it can not only support its own economy, but also pays billions to jews.
So don't tell me we're equal. A nigger will never be equal to say a German. Why? Cuz whites are superior. Smarter, and simply better. Niggers settled for poverty and that was good enuf for them 4 15 centuries. White man has built empires during that 15 centuries while waging inner and outer wars.

Slavery weren't bad at all. Nigs had a purpose. Nowdays what purpose they have? Make ear bleeding rap music, breed white woman and then leave when the kid is born?
A dog never abandonds it's puppy. (ok, rarely maybe but 90% no).Yet 50% of niggers abandonds the mom and the kid. What does that make them? Worse than dogs.

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Wolves ,dogs and coyotes seporated 80,000 to 40,000 years ago and can still interbreed. Humans and africans split 50,000 to 30,000 years ago. Europeans mixed with neanderthals which split from homosapians 100,000 years ago

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No you won’t. You will just spout off like a spergy little faggot.

Wow even a broken clocks right twice a day . Pretty sure that if they werent sitting on a mountain of gold the would have been on par with all the other tribal "kingdoms"

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nigger this nigger that

someone is obsessed

did tyrone fuck your mother?

Wow epic comeback my guy

>Pretty sure that if they werent sitting on a mountain of gold the would have been on par with all the other tribal "kingdoms"

You could say the same with the Europeans or the Chinese or literally any other fucking civilization. Did you even think about this?

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KKK GTFO Cred Forums

10 BLACKED and how can whites even compete threads ,1 fuck niggers thread , yeah i do think someone is obsessed alright

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I agree.

I think black should've been left to their own devices in their continent. Feeding them just makes more of them. Ideally I'd ship them all to an icy planet so they can evolve.

We've had IVF, in vitro fertilization, for how many years now? I also think brown countries would benefit from white seed, since genocide is cruel and all that shit. They would eventually be white and contribute to society or at least not shit things up.

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Oh wow a paided whore guess all us whites will have to pack up our bags and leave

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Nobody likes blacks.

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Video shows officer firing on dog, wounding girl youtube.com/watch?v=0KMwnIhF438
Police officer shooting at dog accidentally kills woman youtube.com/watch?v=pAK5DZwrS70
OKC police shoot pit bull to stop attack youtube.com/watch?v=01QEUxfrSWg
When pit bulls attacked in a pack youtube.com/watch?v=zWZbpgghp8A
Taking My Pitbull Drifting - PapaKleb youtube.com/watch?v=xPqpYtOi8JI
Virginia cop shot dead on first day on the job youtube.com/watch?v=lr9oVLX0rlY

raycist psycho white bitch shoots black gentlemen without reason youtube.com/watch?v=thVhVjn59mg

Everybody knows this it doesn't make you smart

That's not true

What the fuck are you talking about several white civilizations rose in places without resources . Ireland for example had large scale building, maths,metal working ,farming and the wheel (many parts of africa hadnt the wheel till whitey showed up) 6000 years ago and all that island has is rain and ok soil

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If all it has is rain and dirt where did the metal come from? And Arabs invented numbers anyway so again, what the fuck is your point?

>several white civilizations rose in places without resources
List these civilizations

African Americans the superior race

Here are some facts that back this up:

1) Higher test scores than whites when the test isn't culturally biased.

2) Commit fewer crimes than whites when not placed in a culturally biased setting.

3) Better at sports than whites.

4) Hung like horses. The average white guy is four inches and skinny as a pencil.

5) Better lovers.

6) Treat women better. A higher percentage of whites are convicted of domestic abuse when African Americans are not subjected to police that use culturally biased law enforcement techniques.

7) Funnier.

8) Better dancers.

9) No African civilization has ever committed genocide.

10) African American scientists have come through with the most scientific breakthroughs.

11) It is impossible for an African American to be racist. They can be prejudiced but not racist because in order to be racist, your ethnic group needs to be in power and whites have all the power in the United States.

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Can't she just get a big dildo? What are they going to do and talk 80% of the time when they are not fucking? I personally find blacks obnoxious.


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Unfortunate as probably is, we are the same species. Since we can have viable mixed offspring.

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>Arabs invented numbers
Right now i know you are retarded wtf were roman numerals and it wasnt even arabs but hindis that europeans mistaken for arabs . Dude theres metal fucking everywere (just in different amounts) the soil even contains large amount of iron ffs

Scandinavian axe cultures
Ural pot cultures
Icelantic culture
Proto germans
Proto slavs
The Greeks city states

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If there is metal in the soil then soil isnt the only fucking resource they have

Weak bait .
Would take a nigger or a chink to think this was a good troll

Heres your pitty (you)

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you must think I'm crazy to read all that shit

Man your so fucking dense like how you moved on from the embarresing numbers thing but ok . By your definition fucking air is a resource which in a sense is true but im talking about ones that effect culture and scientific developement you think cunt

I would hardly consider bog iron a resource worth getting, it was way weaker than iron and was basically the only metal in Scandinavia, but since white people arent retarded they were able to make that bog iron stronger than steel by mixing things into it

Iron and gold and any other metal can affect those things. You said that the Irish had nothing but rain and dirt but apparently also had metalworking too, but last time I checked, dirt isnt metal

Hey stop proving people wrong.

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Africa has natural resources by modern standards, but it doesn't have the fertile soils replenished by rivers that allowed agriculture and thus cities to develop between the Tigris and Eurphrates, and the Nile. Once things like fertilization and crop rotation were worked out, agriculture still required relatively constant rainfall and fertile soils, but Africa is a mix of monsoons and dry seasons, and doesn't have the super-fertile soil of the temperate range.

Once cities developed, trade spread via navigable rivers, but all the rivers in Africa are broken by cataracts and thus not navigable for long distances. Trade spread further through ports on the sea, but Africa lacks the convoluted coastline that creates harbors and deep water ports.

Early culture is based on the need for planning, i.e. a summer of plenty but a winter where you starve unless you store food, which doesn't happen in Africa, so they didn't develop cultures based on self-restraint and foresight. Later culture developed by cross-fertilization, notice how much developed in the area where three continents meet (Europe, north Africa, Asia), but central and southern African was isolated from that by the Sahara and the lack of ports.

Could go on, there's plenty more evidence that it's environment and culture, not genetic.

Wtf is your point . All youve done is act like a nigger and make the same point again and again whilst not adding 1 point to your arguement . If you are trolling wow great troll i do think your retarded. All soils contain iron ore mind blow wow i just thought that was common knowledge and not worth mentioning but again i am probably arguing with a nigger so no shock

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No not all soils have iron ore wtf
If thats the case brb Im gonna go melt the dirt in my backyard and make an axe so i can cut your stupid fucking head off

What are you talking about Chad and Zimbabwe had some of the best crop yeilds in the world when white people ruled

I don't see what's weird about this? Poop is a renewable source of food.

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Since your so fucking obsessed with soil (pic related) is african tropical red soil ,wonna know what makes it red ,since your so smart and love and know so much of soil fact can you please tell me

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Natural resources today did not become natural resources until we figured out how to exploit them. That was based on importing modern agriculture techniques, which were developed in areas where the soil was more naturally fertile, without advanced human understanding of agronomy.

is that you Mr. Sixx ?

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so sad think of all the butter that's going to be cut up all by all those butter knives

Eat my ass and find out the fun way ;)

white people are not strong enough for this world. you have no home. europe is a black continent. white people have nothing and they are
nothing just do mass suicide lol.

Do people not realize Scandinavia was way worse off than Africa when it came to fertility for crops and metals, they had gold and the weakest iron, and they lived in a place where it is almost always snow or gets cold enough to freeze the ground... frost free growing season is may to Nov that's less than most other places by a few months...

Well said, user. Good to see there are objective free thinkers out there who don't fall for the egalitarian/equality bullshit.

Europe was a black continent.... no one is actually this retarded right? This is a joke... please tell me he isnt serious

Yeah, reading less than 100 words is real fucking tough for you nigger brain.

wide diversity of mammals evolved to survive and strive in sub-Sahara African environment, except for niggers. Because of crop rotation

Fucking Muslims!!!

Which is why culture also matters. Scandinavia is relatively harsh, requiring people to plan for the winter or starve, and also had easy access to trade and the spread of ideas. Africa placed no such demands on its people, and was isolated by poor ports and the Sahara.

Are you genetically inferior because you can't understand this, or is it just information you haven't assimilated yet?

Muslim Scum

None of this true. Get back to your penis den, schlomo.

It's a nigger post, my friend. Dey wuz everything and kangz.

No it just seems like if they are able to adapt to shithole weather and iron, and yet niggers are either too dumb to come up with solutions or just too lazy. Go to any other place in a shitty area and they learn to adapt and learn and do things different, it seems niggers dont have the brain to come up with new ideas

no. europe IS a black continent
neanderthals dont deserve the same rights as us I should be laughing at you in the zoo with my family, white boy. you are pathetic. disgusting hybrid motherfuckers. dont ever disrespect a king.

Enough said. That is why the System wants you to "shack up" with blacks, to bring Whites down as much as possible.

True I forgot they have their little monkey brains still, so when they ran out of the riches they could find on the ground they couldn't make tools to dig and find more, turns out only humans and crows can create co.plex tools while niggers and all other animals are stuck with their little idea-less brains

Lol yes that is why they have black skin, obviously so they can not absorb all the minerals in the less sunny north.. your an actual tard.. no wait I forgot your a nigger so I cant get mad, that would be like getting mad at your pet for doing something wrong, it cant think on our level so I cant really get mad that your just a dumb monkey

Kek atleast try some better b8 with facts

Yeah ok nigger .

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That's the point, user. Living in areas with fertile summers where you can grow things, but with winters where you starve unless you store food, forces people in those areas to develop cultures where they think ahead, plan, and cooperate. In areas where everything is plenty year round, there's no such pressure and those cultural skills aren't developed. And given the isolation of sub-Saharan African for most of human history due to the Sahara, shitty rivers, and almost non-existent ports, it wasn't imported later.

>dont ever disrespect
Respect is earned and your species has not earned it.
>you are pathetic
Yes, you grease apes certainly are pathetic. Why else would you claim something as absurd as "Europe is a black continent?" Your child-like and dishonest minds prove exactly why if you are to be in human societies it is to be in chains only. You're certainly not up to par to be called man's equal. Sorry if this chaps your ass boy but the truth must be stated.

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I have an idea, if all these nigs think they are so great they should all go back to Africa, I'm sure with all the things they learned from us white people they could make it go from shacks and nomads to 800-1200 ad white civilization where they have stone buildings and roads... if they have the capability of remembering that much, idk how much monkeys can remember

Even people that lived in hot areas were able to come up with better solutions, even in places without winter, hell even the native in Australia and hot Asian countries were able to come up with better solutions then these monkeys, anywhere else when something went wrong or whatever they'd come up with a new technique or tool to make it easier or actually work, they just say in there dust and hoped they didnt get eaten by lions lol

Go back to Cred Forums. We are all sick of your shit

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... and you completely ignored everything I said about how culture spreads.

Given your own ability to argue, you must be one of those low-IQ niggers you like to disparage.

If you want us gone from Cred Forums then tell all the anti-whites to leave Cred Forums. Can't have your cake and eat it.

>Europe is a black continent
>just do mass murder
Kek Fucken niggers cant do anything right

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Cred Forums is for this shit including anti white shit. If you’re so easily offended go to reddit

I get the culture, I listened to what you said, but please tell me how that stops them from problem solving... or are you just saying they are so incredibly dumb that they created a culture around it to always stay dumb and lazy? I feel as tho there is a difference between stupidity and culture, they have a harsh environment, most humans would do something about it to make it more survivable but nope they want to just stay dumb and keep their culture of stupidity and laziness

I am just having a hard time seeing how being isolated and having an abundance of meat would make people not have the basic human instinct to find the easiest way to do things whether that is making a new tool or a new technique for something

>In areas where everything is plenty year round, there's no such pressure and those cultural skills aren't developed.
Then why were there ancient civilizations in areas with a mediterranean climate? What you described isn't culture but natural selection which cuts out the dumb, lazy, etc and perpetuates the smarter and more industrious. These greater survivors then go on to create great cultures.


>anti white shit
Cred Forums is "politically incorrect." It is very politically correct to be anti-white so no, you are wrong.
>easily offended
it wasn't me who initially suggested that others go to Cred Forums. That's the thing, you anti-whites always want everything. You'll tell us to leave certain boards but you'll never tell your own scum to leave Cred Forums.

Problem solving doesn't happen in a vacuum. Do you think that the Greeks suddenly evolved genetically when their culture flourished in the ancient world? Or white Europeans suddenly evolved genetically during the Enlightenment? Those are two periods where people rapidly developed problem solving and other skills, and in the case of the Greeks they then descended back into obscurity during the Roman, dark and middle ages. It's cultural, and requires some very specific factors all lining up at the right time, and if one or more is absent, it doesn't happen.

That's enough ooga booga. Back into your tote, Toby.

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fuck off disgusting creep

You're not thinking it through. If you have everything you need, why work? If you have to work to get what you need, that forces you develop those skills. There's no need to find a way to make things easy if life is already easy.

This is Cred Forums we can post whatever the fuck we want

Cultures do evolve, that's kind of the point. Think of the Mediterranean -- all those cultures were set around a shallow relatively placid sea with ample ports and harbors, so it was easy to build boats, sail, and trade, which spreads culture. That's a fertile ground for the development of new cultures. In contrast, Africa is isolated by a huge desert, and has shitty ports and terrible rivers. They lived in pockets.

Ooof. The racist tards are really uppity today. What's got them so mad? State of the Union speech yesterday?


Oldest kingdom in the world: Ethiopia.
First inventors of printed text: Egypt
First robots: Egypt
First Water wheel: Egypt
First centralized monetary system: Tunis
First stone tools: Ethiopia
First use of complex mathematics: Egypt
First calendar: South Africa
First use of iron tools: Tanzania
Most gay: OP

Not saying Africa is a great place right now, but to think that this little sliver of time that you're experiencing, and the miniscule amount of information you manage to understand is all there is to know about billions of people over thousands of years is ridiculous.

Egypt has nothing to do with niggers

So we went from harsh winters to the Mediterranean Sea being the reason non-negroids succeeded. Can we just stop with the excuses? What about the Ivory and south-central coasts of Africa? Why couldn't the niggers in those areas build ships and sail somewhere?

I mean it is proven that humans try to come up with easier and better way to do things, that's part of having consciousness, learning growing and curiosity are all human instincts/human nature. Humans dont just go "oh damn it's hard to travel by rivers they are too dry, oh well I guess that's all I can do"

Um, I get that part for when they were "kangz" but after that, Africa became harsher and harsher and they didnt adapt or evolve that's what humans do they adapt to their situations and learn, unless your a nigger apparently

Oldest kingdom in the world: Ethiopia.
Bullshit its japan as far as monarchy
First inventors of printed text: Egypt
Egypt isnt black
First robots: Egypt
No it was the greek ,plus egypt isnt black
First Water wheel: Egypt
Maybe idk this but i know for sure Egypt isnt black
First centralized monetary system: Tunis
Tunis was settled by the Phoenicians who were jews
First stone tools: Ethiopia
Stone tools existed before humans predate us by 30,000 years
First use of complex mathematics: Egypt
First calendar: South Africa
Pure bullshit ,all south africa bantu languages could count past 20 ( they just said many)
First use of iron tools: Tanzania
More bullshit it was the Chinese
Most gay: OP
Not sure but ok ill give you this one

I laid out all the different factors in my very first post, not my fault you can't understand more than one at a time.

Hell, you completely failed at reading the post you just quoted. I explained the problems with African trade -- huge fucking desert, shitty rivers broken by cataracts so boats can't get very far, and none of those great deep water harbours. Africa is much larger than Europe, but has a coastline about half as long.

If that was universally and equally true at all times, then why do some culture flourish and others suck? Why do some peoples succeed in one era, but fail in others?

Yeah for real lol, whites evolved cause harsh winters, oh people in the Mediterranean had all the fish and food they needed and yet they also still arent as useless as niggers, if good times make smart successful people and harsh times make smart successful people, then why are Africans not smart or successful

Who says we're mad? Why do you mental midgets hate conversations outside of the mainstream Overton window? Why don't you want to broaden your horizons? Funny you always tell us that we should.
Not an argument

wat about the flying men and firewalking people

Yes sometimes they flourish and then fall, that happens, that's when human ingenuity and their higher thinking comes in, that's when they are like wow something fucked up let's fix it, but in Africa nope they fell and just keep falling further and further behind

Humans adapt and learn, and how they adapt as societies is through culture, and different cultural developments have different requirements, some physical, some cultural. And the cultural requirements build on each other. When people are from areas that impeded cultural developments, it's hard to catch up. And if they're not in an area where trade and ideas can flow back and forth across a wide area, they have less exposure and thus are less likely to pick up the the cultural developments.

You're still assuming it's this universal driving force, and not recognizing it's aided or impeded by environmental factors, and exposure to other cultures.

never forget the jazz dood

Ooga booga chimp, go ape out on the welfare agent

Brother, I'm Tatar and I live near Ural mountains.
Am I white?

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Leave it to a nigger to violently chimp out when faced with truth

Fpbp, absolutely based.


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Oy vey! My vegetables!

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Again if thats the case white men are far more dominant

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It is literally in our Gene's to adapt and find easier ways because we are lazy sure culture can make things go faster but it should never stop the way it has in africa they fell and didnt care, that's why ever single African country is on the list of worst places to live, they dont care, they dont want to learn and grow, all other 3rd world countries are surpassing africa ar a fast rate, natives their just dont have brains

>Or white Europeans suddenly evolved genetically during the Enlightenment?
You are confusing the rise and fall of different cultures with genetic baselines. Even during the so-called Dark Ages Europeans had thriving cities with magnificent structures such as cathedrals and were sailing the world. Before the "Dark Ages" was Ancient Rome.
You just laid out bullshit excuses. If you really wanted to think objectively you would have figured it out by now. It's not brain surgery. Niggers failed and continue to fail by human standards because of genetics. That's what it all boils down to.

Hiro the egyptian who made the first robots was as fuck an egyptian.
Phoenicians werent jews. wtf?
>>Pure bullshit ,all south africa bantu languages could count past 20 ( they just said many)
I dont even. wat?
>>First use of iron tools: Tanzania
>>More bullshit it was the Chinese
Nope. Africa, with a margin of milennia.
And "Egypt isnt black" is thinking that since arabs moved into egypt a thousand years ago, egyptians three thousand years ago were the same.

They werent. They were very much african. We know of some pharaoes ethnicity, and although some families came from the north, most came from ethiopia, kush etc.

And for the record:
Japan ca 660 BC
Ethiopia ca 800 BC

Ethiopia is older. And fought off the Europeans during the age of colonization.

Fuck yeah it is!

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One of the defining characteristics of a species is that 1, they can reproduce together and 2, their children can also reproduce. Pretty sure whites and blacks can have fertile children so really you just should like a dumbass. PS go to a bar or literally and public place and start spouting that shit, see what happens.

Whats the ratio of white to black UFC champions?

Found nigg #1

Caucasasian definitely. White as in European White man, no.

I know two mulatto girls.
They're so pretty I'm getting a chubby just remembering them. Definitely "breedable".

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Worse than dogs though?

Puppy cannibalism can occur at birth or even after a few days of life. Female dogs of any breed or mix of breeds can cannibalize their puppies. Cannibalism may or may not be an inherited trait and it may or may not recur from one litter to the next.

Inb4 cannibal tribes of Africa

The blood of all those nigger sacrifices and cannibalistic sex orgies they have?

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>And "Egypt isnt black" is thinking that since arabs moved into egypt a thousand years ago, egyptians three thousand years ago were the same.
He's right, genetics shows that it was more Greek and Phoenician than it was Arabian with some noble burial sites containing egyptians with as much as 10% black DNA, making the blackest people discovered almost twice as black as Elizabeth Warren.

Shut up already nigger. I am not even reading your caps babble.

Nigger #2 spotted. How lazy are you


Kek what a bitch
Stay mad,nigger.

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I wonder who's behind this caps rage

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60 years

u all suck


None of you know the ethnicity of the ancient egyptians. Nobody does.

But Egypt sure as fuck is Africa now.

I genuinely want to know now.

byebye. Doing math.

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Culture changes much more quickly than genes, user. It's not like the ancient Greeks suddenly had great genes in the times of Pythagoras, and then those genes vanished after Rome's ascendance.

>One of the defining characteristics of a species is that 1, they can reproduce together and 2, their children can also reproduce.
There have been instances of animals of different species producing offspring such as a bottle nose dolphin and false killer whale, a horse and zebra, and camel with a llama.
>see what happens
Are you admitting to blue pilled lemmings start chimping when confronted with something outside of the controlled info stream? That speaks badly of them not us.

You mentioned cathedrals, some of the most famous of which were built England, France, and Russia. Yet all those areas were pathetically savage and backwards, compared to Greece and Rome in the ancient ages, and also compared to China. Yet Greece and Rome slipped into obscurity, while China stayed ahead of Europe until the 15th century, when they fell far behind for one very simple reason: The Ming emperor closed their borders, cutting of cultural contact and thus future development.

I laid out actual reasons, which you completely ignored because you think Europeans are genetically superior, despite reams of evidence proving that it's based on environment and culture.

Im not racist ad one of my best friends is black my neighbour is half black, but the facts are Our genes our DNA say we're not the human race. We are human races it's only the pc brigade which doesn't allow this fact to be widely accepted. Anyone can see a million miles away we aren't the same animal. For anyone quoting ancient history who invented numbers an shit We don't know our ancient history, we don't know when the pyramids were really built.We don't know who the Greeks and Romans got their idea's from. What we do know up until now are the Sumerians, are the 1st known organised culture with writing and education. The facts are in Africa the blacks were walking on diamonds and gold but didn't have a fucking clue. Africa was surrounded by water but would the Africans jump in a boat and sail to explore? Would they fuck, would Africans be educated if it wasn't for whites no they wouldn't. Would whites be educated if it wasn't for Sumerian culture?We don't know maybe it was a white culture who taught them astronomy. It certainly wasn't blacks. Do all if these facts make it relevant today? I'd say yes it does in countries like the US. The US is by far more racist than the UK, it keeps blacks down unashamedly, it segregates and always points out the race of a person. The blacks in the UK the majority are totally integrated in our culture and we work side by side as equals. In the US the leaders have created black hell holes where its just not safe to be if you're white. The majority of blacks in America live in poverty and crime ridden areas. Its all they know so its all they do. There's always going to be dumb ugly fat sluts who are going to be only to pleased to get any cock they can. Then there are decent looking white sluts who like a trophy for a partner or pc girls who think it's clever to have a black partner. Or there's white girls who will fuck anything that has a bit money. The vast majority of white girls in the world won't go near a black man. Unlike USA

>There have been instances of animals of different species producing offspring such as a bottle nose dolphin and false killer whale, a horse and zebra, and camel with a llama.
First of all - links plz.
Second - this offspring would need to also be able to make offspring.

Let me make 2 educated guesses
>Your education stopped at high school
>You haven't read more than 3 serious books front page to cover in your life
Dumbass american

Coyote / wolves / dogs

Cuz whitey

You're a roach.

>Phoenicians werent jews
Yes i know but there both part of the semitic racial group ( the most known of are jews ,sorry i should have used the right one but the comment was so retarded i was tryna help him understand)
>Pure bullshit ,all south africa bantu languages could count past 20 ( they just said many)
I dont even. wat?
Yes thats a fact, most of south africa was in the stone age up until 1600s
>>First use of iron tools: Tanzania
>>More bullshit it was the Chinese
Nope. Africa, with a margin of milennia.
>And "Egypt isnt black" is thinking that since arabs moved into egypt a thousand years ago, egyptians three thousand years ago were the same.
Yeah they were even more white Tutankhamun was a fucking ginger

>They werent. They were very much african. We know of some pharaoes ethnicity, and although some families came from the north, most came from ethiopia, kush etc.

Hahaha we waz kings and shit nigga . Please if you want me to not think of you as a braindead retard dont say shit like that
And for the record:
>Japan ca 660 BC
>Ethiopia ca 800 BC
Come on ,ethiopia was conquered several time inbetween

>Ethiopia is older. And fought off the >Europeans during the age of colonization.
Yeah until it was conquered by Italy sho failed to colonize because they were busy losing ww2 ,if they hadnt they would have been colonized

Africans and Asians are different species than European and I can prove it. Are you attracted to their females? Exactly not same species.