I think that its definitely going to be a blue wave. I live in a stronghold full of trump supporters...

I think that its definitely going to be a blue wave. I live in a stronghold full of trump supporters, and from what I've been seeing a lot of the people who voted for trump are now saying that they're going to vote straight ticket Dems in the midterms.

They say that they're seeing a lot of violence coming from the right side. There are three main things that really have fired people up up right now. The three things are the impeachment trial, the quid quo pro, and intolerance. these three things have really shaken trumps base.
I think were going to see in the election that a lot of people instead of red will be voting blue

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You’re going to be so triggered in November

keep telling yourself what ever it takes to sleep at night man

At work today, everyone is talking about how strong and powerful Pelosi statement of ripping trumps speech. Nobody is talking about Trump state if the union today, Pelosi stole his thunder and made Trump look like a clown. The narrative is Trump lost and the zionist boomers here can't do anything about that.

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Yup, Dems are gonna be pulling a Jonestown-style mass suicide the day after Trump's re-elected. Haven't seen the far left reee'ing this hard since yesterday.

>Haven't seen the far left reee'ing this hard since yesterday
checked & kek'd

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True. At work today, a few people were talking about how senile and powerless Pelosi tantrum of crying & ripping trumps speech. Everybody is talking about Trump state of the union today, Pelosi embarassed herself and made Trump look brilliant. The narrative is Pelosi lost and the far left violent extremist boomers here can't do anything about that.

Ripping up the speech was all she had because she can't refute anything he said.

Even the left's much beloved propaganda blog CNN admitted Pelosi humiliated the Democrats are likely did a great deal of damage to their already dim 2020 chances on the heels of the Democrats impeachment fiasco.


>being this triggered over torn paper

Pick one.

Amen to that. seeing all the boomers on Twitter getting triggered because their beloved Nancy Pelosi is getting mocked mercilessly under the "#PelosiTantrum" hashtag is hilarious. No wonder the only support Dems have left are among boomers and rich white trust fund kids.

Want to see a snowflake ball? Check out #PelosiTantrum and see the meltdown boomer leftists are having. Literally everypne mocking Pedlosi has triggered them!! Their beloved Nancy was upstaged-and by a a piece of paper she could barely shred of all things. They really hate that-they only like it when AOC or the squad demeans the majority of Americans

>Being this triggered over Pelosi being mocked for throwing a paper-tearing tantrum

I am triggered. I thought it was funny as shit that was all she had. Didn't take away all the things he said. Just showed how petulant she was.



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Scrolled thru the hashtag - holy shit, you're right, the only ones defending Pelosi's psychotic meltdown are geriatric left wingers and spoiled rich left wing verified white folks. Everyone else is mocking her non-stop. Ricky Gervais's tweet mocking Pelosi has over 200K likes. OMG, she's a national laughing stock.

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This, tbh. The left's so eroded their base, all they have left are senile boomers and spoiled wealthy Millennials larping as leftists to rebel against their rich Mommy & Daddy.

I really loved the look on her face when they were chanting "4 more years" as he walked down the isle.

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Yet, all 4 top democratic candidates are polling ahead of him in national polls. How ironic that the majority fits into that tiny bubble you painted.

It’s the economy stupid. People vote according to their wallet when they’re in that booth. Trump will win easily in 2020. I was a Bernie bro in 2016 and only voted Clinton because idk-reasons or something. Since trump has been elected there are jobs, stock market is on fire, and he hasn’t fucked with my healthcare.

Accurate, since the left is the side slinging slurs around anyway.

>alot of TRUMP suporters are gonna vote straight dems.
Fake & gay.

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Oh, you mean the same left wing polls that showed Trump only had a 6% chance of winning in 2016? KEK! Seethe and Cope, then dilate Tranny.

Fuckin KEK!!!!! BINGO! The left are still desperately grasping to a handful of CNN & msnbc polls as their party implodes & literally everyone laughs at them.

At least put a little effort into your larp

>Trump loses - socialism/open borders/shemale storytime intensifies
>Trump wins - 4 more years of OP posting on Cred Forums
Feels like I lose either way.

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Lol I love that you libtards have to make shit up just to try to stay relevant!


Thought you were being sarcastic but damn, 99% of the top trending comments are roasting Pelosi, calling her a petulant child, traitor, senile. There's a shit ton of Democrat Representatives even saying she needs to apologize or resign as speaker. Dave Chapelle called her out and his Tweet has 800,000 likes. FUCK! Pelosi just doomed the Democratic party big time!

all i see from the GOP

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irrelevant as fuck when hes paying Ukraine like a half billion to arrest the other candidates

Yup, and all on the heels of the Dem's being humiliated with their impeachment shit flopping to record low TV ratings all throughout the "trial" - it's no surprise you see barely anyone outside of blue checkmark Democrat party bootlickers and dementia afflicted leftist boomers even bothering to defend Pelosi's infantile fit.

I haven't heard anybody that voted for Trump say that. Not once. OP is off his meds.

>"to arrest the other candidates"
>someone was arrested
I'll take shit that never happened for $500, Alex.

The left is more violent. I know it doesn't seem true, but it is.
Also, Dems are weaker than they've ever been, also seems unlikely, but also true. I was raised blue, and I am so ashamed at what the left now stands for. I want no part of either side now, I can't pretend the left is the lesser evil anymore.

>just doomed the democratic party big time

It was doomed as soon as she was sworn in as the speaker of the house. Her bias alone should serve as grounds for her removal

>Sucking Dick.jpg
People tend to see what they want to.

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lulz! the "#PelosiTantrum" hashtag is the #1 world-wide trend on Twitter right now, and even BBC, Al Jazeera posted Tweets mocking her. She timed this unhinged deranged fit horribly with Trump being found innocent in couple hours in the Senate and Democrats being laughed at all over social media.

I agree. OP watches too much CNN

Then after clicking the heels of his ruby red slippers 3 times while chanting, "there's no place like Seattle" OP wakes up.

I think he’s a shill. People think I’m crazy there’s definitely paid shills on the both side of the aisle.

he hasn’t completed the payment yet asstard
they’re voting today whether he has that authority or not

This is some heavy cope.

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>Sending shills to troll on the chans
Yeah baby, get those sweet sweet forbidden votes of 19 yo Brazilians, mmm what a yummy way of spending money.

LOL you are for big surprise Lib .... better get some medicine

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But I thought we here at Cred Forums do it for free...

It’s at least 50% Americans if I had to guess. And they’re not just on Cred Forums obviously. They started with Facebook and Twitter.

>paid shills
I want to get paid to shit post too.
I'm probably better at it.

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It's like last year all over again.

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Maybe it is, but it's still the case that it's a pretty young demographic and not likely to yield big crops of voters imo. And I doubt that shitposting about Trump will get many of these here young democrat-leaning college students to vote.
The thing that might get them to vote is the kind of policy Sanders and Warren promise I guess (free college, forgiving student loan debt and shit like that).

With pro-Trump propaganda, well that might be slightly different. You can see all kinds of pepe posters and other serious memesters at his rallies, so at least there is some tangible evidence that people like that exist to begin with, but I still wouldn't bet that that means it pays off to hire shills to post on Cred Forums .

Facebook and Twitter is an entirely different world. Has more young people than the average population, sure, but there's still loads of boomers and shit too.

Also as a last remark, I'm partly apologise for the sarcasm bro. Got way too riled up and egotistical there.

>43. George W. Bush
>44. Barrak Obama
>45. Donald J. Trump*
>*impeached by the House of Representatives
How does it feel drumpfkins? Your God emperor will always have an asterisk by his name in all of history.

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>The thing that might get them to vote is the kind of policy Sanders and Warren promise I guess (free college, forgiving student loan debt and shit like that).
Should've gotten a scholarship or joined the military.

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Same media that lyied that buttiguie was actually in the military. They just dressed him up in fatigues and the libtards believe it

Now this is a good example of bad shilling.

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>can't spell "lied"
>can spell "fatigues"

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Thanks to open borders there is Corona in Texas now that an illegal crossed border infected. Die democrats

Hopefully only the liberals get infected with Corona virus

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I'm left as fuck but op is convincing me the left can't meme.
Holy shit that image is so bad

I'm not arguing policy, I'm just saying, if you're going to draw out people more than they normally do, it'll be by promising something to them.

Regarding the policy though, maybe college ought to have been free to begin with, how about that.

Fucking dishonest dems

Your blatant lying is unneeded asshole. Theres a bunch of Democrats in here trying to prove a point and a couple of retards always fuck it up with their made up shit. No wonder everything the left tries is a miserable failure lately.

>maybe college ought to have been free to begin with, how about that
But it wasn't, and isn't.
people need to learn to deal with what is real vs. what they wish was.
Besides, Does everyone living who paid their student loans off get that money back under Warren or Sanders?
What if you paid your own way? Do they reimburse you the costs incurred?
I doubt it.

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Nobody really needs to shill anything here. You have a overinflated sense of self worth thinking anyone would give a shit what a bunch of non-voting dweebs who flood an imageboard with porn think. Youre not that important in the grand scheme of things and this place is bottom of the barrel when it comes to politics. Log off and go get a life or at least interact with normal people kid.

believe what you want but after all the flips in 2018 i think you may be overestimating his support now, it's definitely changed from 2016. you may have voted for the lulzy lib reactions but some folks only voted for him because he was the republican nominee. now that they have had time to see what he's about with the shit he pulls on a near daily basis they could easily have changed their minds about him personally

Who cares? It never hurt Clinton or Jackson and it wont hurt or mean shit to Trumps legacy but you already know that.

yeah but sucking his dick still makes you a faggot

>What if you paid your own way? Do they reimburse you the costs incurred?
>I doubt it.
So do I. It'd require too much money. Did they reimburse people who paid for private (high) school or private tutors when they made public schools free though? I doubt that as well.

Still, if you have the chance to undo something that is wrong, you should probably do it even though it creates a bit of unfairness short term. The long term benefits outweigh the short term unfairness. Providing the next administration doesn't undo what you've done.
All that assuming that it indeed should have been free, ofc. I guess you could make an argument that it's only fair to make it free if it's mandatory.

His poll numbers keep rising though so stay in denial and look forward to alot more disappointment.

>mandatory government education
That sounds eerily familiar...

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Once Corona kills half the USA because of open borders the dems are done

Well golly, if you and your friends are voting Democrat , I guess me and my friends should too. Fuck off shill. I'm independent and haven't voted for a Dem or rep since bush Sr. And this time I'm voting straight rep. You Democrats have done nothing but cry like babies for four years that everything that doesn't go your way is rigged. Democrats have done nothing but try and get trump and divided us more.

When trump gets aquited today, I'm going to post pictures of me ripping up the impeachment articles on pelosis Twitter.

I work for a private data firm and Trump's numbers have never been better. The same polls have Bernie winning the DNC nomination, but getting absolutely crushed in the general election. (Many Biden, Pete, Warren and Bloomberg supporters will 100% not vote Bernie)

Nothing you said was true. Prove this nonexistent violence. Also, Trump’s approval rating skyrocketed DURING INPEACHMENT. More moderates now support him and his economy approval is at 63%. Americans vote with their wallets lmao.

0/10 weak attempt to influence.

He is the only honest president

That's why the dems hate him

Democrats will be responsible for 200 million dead

There are Bloomberg supporters?

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>mandatory government education
>what are private schools

>we're the caring people here
The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me.

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>communists allow private schools

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>if you fund public education you're a communist
Okay boomer.

Vast majority of schools, colleges, and universities receive federal money. With funding comes stipulations

I’ve seen some bait in my day but this is YUGE

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Top kek.

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Damn. I need some of ops weed

God Bless Mitt Romney

I don’t think trump will win again but I can hope. I’ll probably still go vote for him again, but I don’t think the passion is there anymore

Republicans became liberals ages ago but this is nice. The amount of triggering must be unbelievable.

>Besides, Does everyone living who paid their student loans off get that money back
Cannabis is legal, do the potheads get released from prison? No.

I'm willing to bet if this is true, that you work in a smaller office setting filled with a bunch of 250 pound+ Karen's and Kathy's who spend more time discussing where they are all going for lunch than actually doing any work.

They are, actually.

>I think that its definitely going to be a blue wave

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You forgot the purple hair.


Can't wait for the triggering the night of Nov 3rd.

Registered GOP voter here, have been voting for every single Republican candidate since Reagan 1984, been following politics since as long as I can remember and I've seen literally all SOTU's. Can confirm, the """""presidential""""" address last night is definitely the most embarrassing thing I've seen in my life, Trump's speech made me puke. I'm beyond embarrassed for voting Trump back 2016, I'm voting for literally any Democrat candidate in November. Yes, even socialist Sanders is better than this shame.

Shocker, the same people that call Dems crybabies are crying over a hag tearing a piece of paper. Fucking faggots.

Try harder bloomberg

Greatest generation here. Been an American all my life. I fought the Nazis in WW2! This is not the America we fought for. I have never been so embarrassed in my life! When I stormed the beaches at Normandy the only thing I was thinking of was building a world for brown people and transgenders! Thank god I have three gay grandsons, two of which are mixed race and one is about to have reassignment surgery. The new America is coming racists!

Look at the number of votes

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Romney is voting to impeach. They have more than 50 votes. Trump is being removed from office

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>can't stop failing spectacularly
>"I have a good feeling about this"

Veteran and oldfag here. I've been here since the 2016 election and have thousands of posts on /ptg/ and r/donald. I gotta say I'm disgusted by all the hate for our troops I'm seeing from here and the Alt-Right. I thought we were conservatives with good christian values? Trump has also disgusted me and wants to cut our benefits. My brothers in arms and I bled and sacrificed for this country and now we are getting hung out to dry by the right.

I was a r/donald guy but I'm done with him. Voting democrat 2020.

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Voter turn out seems very low so far. Expect to see dems to have more protesters than voters. Fucking stupid nigger faggots. Almost 1000:1 more people showing out for Trump and we all know he's got the Republican nomination without even campaigning.

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bruh its not 2006 any moar. any self respecting unix/bsd install will not let you do this! think im full of shit? spin up any nix VM and try it !

>Veteran and oldfag here. I've been here since the 2016
>here since the 2016
wait what

Who from that list . Beats trump one on one?

Caucuses are fucking retarded. They only appeal to old people and spergs who have the free time to waste all day arguing why X is better than Y.
It should be a primary just like everywhere else.

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When you get to highschool they will reach you it takes a lot more then just over 50% from the senate to impeach a president.

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You're the one using larp and you're not even using it correctly. Dumbass.

Should be Nationwide primary. The way they do it is assinine.

Yeah! The only school should be optional homeschooling!

>and we all know he's got the Republican nomination without even campaigning.
Yeah that'll happen when your states stop people form voting on other candidates in that political party in the first place.

Dummy, that kind of stuff is only bad when da libs do it like with Hillary and Bernie so we can virtue signal and use it as a wedge issue, we don't REALLY care about any of that stuff.
Like when Mitch went on and on about the will of the people to justify delaying the supreme Court pick under obummer but later admitted that if the same situation happened again but he could place a candidate that HE wanted he wouldn't wait for the will of the people or whatever bs.

>projection: the post

It was pretty entertaining watching pelosi squirm and seethe while listening to the dude she "impeached". THAT HAG IS SO FUCKING MAD *rips paper at Greta*

Bro, she’s speaker of the house trying to make a statement against trump, by ripping up a speech that was mostly dedicated to those who gave their lives for this country. You should be pissed off too and the fact that you’re not shows your libtard bias/blind hatred for anybody who disagrees with you.

Trump’s base is probably not voting for Democrats. Likely many just won’t be voting at all. That’s a typical response to coming to terms with the idea that your leader is a fraud.

Prove he’s a fraud. Numbers speak volumes and the facts are against you. Your statement has made everybody a little bit dumber. Kys.

If pelosi throws this big of a tantrum over just a fucking speech, she's gonna get fucking REKT when he gets reelected. Somebody give that lady a suicide helpline!

You in for some serious disappointment. You are also probably an intern for Bernie or Fauxcahontas

>Somebody give that lady a suicide helpline!

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suck his dick harder faggot, everyone knows he's a fraud

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Just out of curiosity, since I haven't been paying close attention, what did Trump lie about? What was actually untrue, and not a "well, ackshually" moment?

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Literally proving my point; that you libtards are all the same. All talk, no bite. Nice job with that proof there buddy

Add another asterisk reminding people that he made peace in both Korea and the Middle East.

Mandatory education is the problem right? And allowing "private" schools as an alternative to public isn't much better so by process of elimination all that's left is homeschooling and of course if it was a mandatory education it'd just end up as public education with extra steps too.
So we're left with voluntary homeschooling as the only option.

Fake news!

Nice selective editing,
You left out the "government" part.

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>its definitely going to be a blue wave

if this pic didn't do it, that excerpt clearly denotes this as a shill thread

Attached: 1580936516397.png (610x601, 276K)

But then when that other user brought up private schools you(assuming you're the same person) implied that allowing private schools is little better. Even if there were just private schools the government still influences them. They even influence homeschooling and it's kinda inevitable when you think about it. If "schooling" is mandatory at all then there must be some standards to make sure that's actually happening.
Once again, all that's left is voluntary homeschooling and maybe some voluntary private schools.

Unless, of course, he were to get a criminal charge that could preclude his presidency.
For example a sealed indictment related to violations of election finance laws that he has already been connected to in court filings as unindicated co-conspirator "individual one".

>I think that its definitely going to be a blue wave.

me too but not the one your thinking of. It will be a river of your tears
when republicans take booth the houses and congress by storm

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Not the original user, but you could have a requirement for mandatory education (and should) without it being GOVERNMENT education like whatwas referring to.

Okay Rachael.

Attached: 1454793323645.jpg (500x427, 53K)

Just continuing this -possible- scenario:
Can you imagine who Republicans would run if they lost trump?
Mitt? After impeaching trump? Ha!
Poor sweet messy jeb? Lol

Well someone have to set some standards unless the education is voluntary.
There have already been cases of homeschooling parents not wanting to teach whole fields of study.

hey Democrat operative:

>you forgot to remove the word "midterms" from your stale post

Yet again, one more false accusation to remove him is failing and they're all ready stirring up for the next one. Pace yourself democrats you've got another 5 years, you'll run out of things to accuse him off at this rate.

Cruz or Rubio.

>set some standards
And there are, at least here in the states.
But you don't HAVE to send your kids to a government school, an option which would disappear faster than a new black father under "democratic socialism."

Attached: 1514168974953.jpg (900x1366, 443K)

Just because you can't accept or are ignorant of the truth doesn't mean he's "making things up", it means you are clueless of the world around you.

Typical lib...someone mentions positives and you totally ignore it. Instead you bring up more bullshit way outside the realm of the subject. You people are children who can formulate a decent, well thought out response to someone's talking points. Congrats on making yourself look like the beta bitch you are.

Imagine being as gay and retarded as OP