Gay or not gay?

Gay or not gay?
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Pegging isn't gay, that fuckin bowl cut is tho

You are emulating gay men. Somethings afoot....

In the world of /b everything is black or white...
So gay or not gay?

It´s faggy, but not gay.

Not gay but it is submissive which is actually a bad trait in a male.

Thats not gay, and not bi. But you're still a faggot

it's worse than gay

simulates taking a shit

no gay

lowerish quality tho

better is u on ur back doing other shit anyway and letting her have a go then 69ing or something

how could this be gay ,faggot?

Das gay

"He is niggrish, but no nigger"

Dont count.....

It’s only gay if you cum screaming “harder daddy”

>who could imagine,Rollo in the bank
so said the guy by himself
at that moment he seemed to be standing in a very small planet,like the Little Prince one

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Not gay, emasculating

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Yeah thats pretty gay

he's niggerish, but not a nigger.

Why wouldnt you shit shit on eachother while sex then?

Gay = Being sexually attractive to the same sex as yourself.

How is being fucked by the opposite sex gay?
It's just role reversal.

i dunno i think she should only be shitting on u if its effecient like she needed to anyway

one of the nicest things that ever happened to me was taking a shit while hugging her in my lap cause shes so fucking loveable. i hypothesize a scenario where she shits between my legs and it goes on my or doesnt who gives a fuck so long as shes comfortable enough to let me wipe her bum after/carry her to shower clean her up xxxx

Based and redpilled.

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she should basically be ur daughter but +sex
u can be equals its just sexes have division of labor..

ascendence is wisdom/teaching/knowledge/patiance virtue etc

google 7 virtues, recognise when ur doing 7 of the sins and do the reversal for her (that which you love) let others eat shit and die as compensence (let them be the retard first then strike, always=legal)

It's only gay if you're getting fucked by a guy in this scenario. If you're getting fucked by a woman, you just know how to party. Prostate orgasms are for all the boys

Call it what you want, it's still hot af

>you just know how to party.
hahah ayyy

It is only gay if you suck it afterwards


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Not gay. Men like it up the ass too.

Not gay

Who cares? I mean, does it matter?

Cred Forums? Definitely gay.

That position is gay, flip the guy around and have the woman jerk at the same time and it becomes a powerplay.

better positions 69 mutual rimjobbing anyway

Dubs of perversion speak truth

Gay since like most of the pegging videos have the girl saying shit like "you like this cock" or "take that dick in your ass". Shit like that where it is definitely not straight in the slightest.
Tbh, if you get pegged already, what's stopping you from just letting a guy with an actual cock fuck you?
Even if you're not attracted to that, you can always find a tranny to fulfill those same needs right? Would it not feel better than the strap on?

Sounds like you've done plenty of research faggot

Very gay. All other answers are homofaggotry cope.

What exactly is the point of your post. I'm trying to help you delusional fucks who think this is straight not be so retarded. It's at the very least bi.

It's hot.

Anal sex is gender-neutral, but good luck in trying to get the retarded majority to understand.

Got fisted once. It was alright I guess.

If this is gay then lesbians are hetero because they also use dildos.

Is taking it in the ass by a rubber dick by a woman is 'gay' then so is eating the ass of a woman and eating her pussy since giving oral is considered a "submissive position".

Real lesbians don’t use dildos, they hate penises and the act of penetration. Watch less porn.

Immediately moves from the question of if pegging is gay to pegging porn is kinda gay so you might as well fuck a guy.

>Implying posts need a point

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You're confusing Lesbians with bisexual women.

Pegging is pretty lame tbh.
If you wanna get fucked then you're a bottom/sub. And a subs duty is to please the dom or top. And in pegging the woman isn't getting pleased and probably irritated by all the work she has to put in to please her sub, which is wrong.
Just go gay, or if you're unattracted to men just get a top shemale. Win/win for everyone.
Straight, muscular bottom. Got topped by over 10 tgirls like pic related. AMA.

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Where are you getting this from? Literally where in the posts are you pulling this shit from?
If you want a definitive answer, pegging is gay.

iamgine being fucking scared of a human

just look at that bitch boy im not sure he's enjoying it but i may

>most of the pegging videos have the girl saying shit like "you like this cock" or "take that dick in your ass". Shit like that where it is definitely not straight in the slightest.
>f you get pegged already, what's stopping you from just letting a guy with an actual cock fuck you?

Obviously you are a "real" lesbian and not a fat bro wearing makeup in high heels.

Also I think if you were an actual female and a lesbian you would have serious problems with someone creating a grading rubric including specific sexual toy preference to determine whether they are a "real" lesbain and therefore validated.

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>implying you can handle the biggest baddragon in the pooper and stay straight

Also, trap are gay

That's why it's fucking gay user.
How about you answer this question.
Do you get pegged?

So gay it would make Freddy Mercury rise from his grave and say "I was never that gay when I was alive!"

>And in pegging the woman isn't getting pleased and probably irritated by all the work she has to put in to please her sub, which is wrong.
>Oh no a women doing her natural job of sexually pleasing the stronger sex of the human species.
Sounds based and redpilled to me.

Are you actually retarded.
I never said pegging wasn't gay. I simply called you a faggot for saying that you know what they say in "most of the pegging videos" and because of that they might as well fuck a dude

The girl I'm seeing is really into pegging and playing with man ass. She also enjoys being almost completely dominant in bed. I have no experience with any of this.

Couple weeks ago she started fingering me while sucking my cock. Felt good but for some reason I got soft. She did it again the next day and same thing, dick went soft. Is this a common thing to happen? I kinda enjoyed her playin with my ass but not as much as if she'd just suck the d. She wants to move to pegging one day, too.

>taking a (simulated or not) dick in the ass
100% gay

i got straponed a couple of times
shits cash
love it but im wary of asking
i think theres just a handful of girls that dont get freaked out by their men enjoying plastic dicks

Not gay, my wife does it to me sometimes. Its fun

>>Oh no a women doing her natural job of sexually pleasing the stronger sex of the human species.
Getting pegged or topped is about letting go of your masculinity and embracing submission. Nothing masculine about getting pegged. So might as well go for the real deal.

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Ohhhhh I see why you're acting like an idiot now. First of all I did not say that. I posed them as questions.
That's what question marks are for in case you didn't know.

It's a very easy:
Are you attracted to men?
If the answer is yes then you are gay.

So getting fucked by a girl with a plastic penis is definetly weird as fuck but not gay.


Very gay.

Bottoming during anal sex is only "gay" depending on the individual who is giving. Sexual intercourse between men and women under any circumstances is not gay no matter how masculine or feminine their positions are.


man and woman having sex = not gay :)

Is taking it up the ass gay?
How can you even doubt it?

It's a fetish and suspending disbelief and giving "dominance" to an actual woman during sexual intercourse.
>So might as well go for the real deal.
Trannies aren't women though.

not true.

are you doing genuinely recoverable sustainable labor and civilisational progression straight talk no false flag synthesis strawman shit away from actual "hesoid works and days theoi" labor?

yes - based
no? gay faggot

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Most escorts shop their stuff. I only go for the ones with videos where their real size is shown.

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You stupid idiot


I never said trannies are real women, they're a fetish. By "real deal" I meant a real cock to please instead of some dumb pink toy.
Femoids aren't real women either.

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If the guy likes it and established the fetish and arranged it to begin with, then it's pretty masculine and the woman really isn't as dominant as she thinks. It's an illusion of dominance and submission, and that's okay.

Satan has the final say.

Okay incel.

To some perhaps, luckily the world is filled with explorative people. Stop being so incel

Why don't you go play in traffic?
But sure, I get your point.

it's neither until observed by a third party

feeting is superior to fisting, especially if it involves nun bdsm

Your approach and mentality is completely wrong. You want to maintain your masculinity while also getting fucked in the ass? Lol
If that's the mindset you have while getting fucked with a strap on, you won't get the full sub experience and enjoyment.
It's a moment to let go of your masculinity and embrace your subservient side, after which you emerge more confident.

Indians, they're niggerish but still not fully nigger

Ironically, I play in train traffic for work. It's like that old game, fogger, but with trains.
Anyway, I wish you didn't have to be so mean user. We're all just here to pass the time man

Schrödinger's pegging

>man and woman having sex
Not gay.

Sexual interaction between man and woman, not gay. Doesn't matter if the roles are reversed.
Plastic dicks are not dicks. Not gay.