What age does childhood end...

what age does childhood end? i just recently got into an argument with my buddy on whether or not middle school age is consider childhood, so basically 11 to 13. i personally believe childhood ends at 12 since that's the age many kids start to masturbate to porn while my buddy says childhood doesn't end until your 20th birthday

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>childhood doesn't end until your 20th birthday
What the fuck? How old is this guy to even think that might be possibly true?

well were both in our 30s, i truly believe childhood ends when you enter high school so 14

Childhood ends the second you realise that you're going to die and every day that passes is another day closer to death.

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so basically 13

That depends on your local culture.

In modern times? I’d say childhood ends about 13 or 14, you are still a “child” but a teenager, then you become an “adolescent” which for some people lasts their whole 20’s but for most that ends around 21-23.

Then you are an “adult” or even young adult

I’d push modern day “middle aged” back to 45 or 50 and you are middle aged until your 60’s

Sometime in your late 60’s you become “old”

i don't agree, age 12 is when you are not a fucking baby anymore since that's the age i began watching internet porn

Legally...18. Shit, they're pushing legislation in the direction of 21 in a lot of aspects. Providers are even allowing people to stay on parents insurance plans until 26. There's definitely a plot to weaken the nation and keep people functioning as kids longer than ever, hence the huge upswing in terms of manchildren and soiboiz. Grown ass men whonuse the term "adulting" and revolve their lives around video games and Nickelodeon nostalgia. Frankly it's fucking weird and scary how prevelant these types are.

That doesn't really seem to be what you're asking though. I'd say childhood in it's purest form ends ariund 11-13 depending on the person.... not to say they're adults in the slightest; but this is when kids become smarmy, know it all, rebellious little shits who think they know better than adults. Puberty starts, and in their minds "I'm not a kid anymore." This shit goes on damn near until the age of 24 for most people, when they gain real world experience and realize how little they've actually known and how much they've grown in roughly 10 years.

From 24 on its a quick rough slide into genuine adulthood. Real jobs, real taxes, real responsibilities. Maybe kids of your own.

To paraphrase Mark Twain:
>When I was a boy of 14, I thought my father was the dumbest son of a bitch in the planet. By the age of 21, I was astounded at how much the dumb son of a bitch had learned in 7 years.

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no hard cut-off daze obviously, but generally puberty marks the end of childhood

6 get plz

so 12 then?

I did too but I was still a fucking child

When was the last time you saw 13 and 14 year olds. They are kids, the very end it it but they still are extremely childlike

Probably 11 and the age of consent should be lowered to that.

I don’t disagree that age of consent should be lower but I’d say more like 13-14

That’s when most girls are biologically capable of having kids and that’s historically when men and women have generally been seen as men and women

Sometimes it’s more like 15 or 16 and sometimes it’s more like 12 and 13 depending on time and culture but 18 is just fucking retarded tbhq

Nah fuck8ng niners arent little kids you goyta be kiddi.g
16 is the age of consent in Canada. So if your 16 you can have sex with an adult.

>hey are kids, the very end it it but they still are extremely childlike
yes i get it but mentally they aren't anymore, if you have a 12 year old sibling check on his internet history i guarantee he masturbates to a shit ton of porn and probably watched r movies and plays m games. i member playing resident evil 2 at 12

Yeah I can agree. It just definitely really needs to be lowered. 18 is way too old. A 13 year old girl would make a good baby quicker too probably because that's the best age for true birthing I believe. Also society conditioned everyone to think it's wrong and "Soo bad" it's pretty retarded.

I disagree with your criteria just cause a kid has gotten into adult content doesn’t make him not a kid

Kids used to watch public executions fairly regularly does that mean they weren’t kids?

>Kids used to watch public executions fairly regularly does that mean they weren’t kids?
literally how serial killers are born

That’s not true but even if it was that has nothing to do with how you define a child or not

well it ends when you enter high school right? so 14 since thats when you have more freedom like going to school by yourself etc.


If I remember correctly women’s peak firtility starts in her mid teens like 16 and ends in her early 20’s

It stays fairly high until her early 30’s but basically plummets by mid 30’s

Childhood ends when you stop living in fantasy worlds, like comic book stories, or the MCU, or Trumpism.

so basically 5

I would argue it ends around. 13/14 also when I think age of consent and other privileges should be allowed, like driving drinking etc etc

All that shit about not being “fully developed” in your brain us retarded since when do you need to be fully matured to drink or drive or engage in sex that is a bad argument in my opinion.

>inb4 voting

Unfortunately I am a bit of A hypocrite here but I also don’t believe universal suffrage is an ideal political system ideally you should be required to show some level of competence and have “skin in the game” ie property or kids or something before voting at all


Lol 2015+5 and you still can’t get over your temper tantrum abort trump

Who’s the child?

age is only a number

S---source? Regardless, this is biological essentialism. Therefore, stupid convo.

Childhood ends at 12. Adolescence begins at 13 and ends at 20.
But at the end of the day, age is nothing but a number...

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I think it ends at the exact moment that you feel love and lose the personn

In just pulling out of my memory so I’m not certain but it should be close to that

You can google it but most articles and blogs on the subject will be very biased one way or another so I’d recommend reading at least actual scientific abstracts to get The real answer

What if the age of consent was 2? I think there's no such thing as becoming a "grown man or woman" maybe it's all a bunch of bullshit. Plus how is it even harmful to have sex with a kid? I'm just curious. It's not like it does anything bad. I think it'd feel good for them and benefit them because it feels good.

7 or 3

4 is Jun Amaki? I thought that her tits were bigger.

Its what you make it. Id say technically 12-13. But my childhood friends and I enjoyed typical "child-like" activities well into our teens. Id consider my childhood ending around 14-15. When I started driving myself around 16, was when I became much less innocent, and started doing teenager stuff.

>what age does childhood end?
It varies from person to person.
You enter puberty as a child and leave as an adult. So childhood ends somewhere in puberty.
A female becomes an adult when her nipples are no longer flat. This is indisputable as far as I'm concerned, and it's the perfect measurement of end of childhood. First period or first pubic hair are not good measures, because they happen too early.
The end of childhood for a male is a little more difficult. You are definitely not a child if your voice has finished changing. But in some cases that can take so long that they are no longer children even though their voice hasn't changed. Ability to grow facial hair is another one, but some guys never get that ability. A fully grown dick/balls is another one, but you never really know when it will stop growing, so it's another poor measure. Overall kind of difficult to tell.
If I had to say an age, I would say
>females are adults at age 13
>males are adults at age 16

Ask a pedophile.

I don't go with ages. But for the sake of arguement:
>16 or when capable to take physical, mental, environmental, economic care of oneself
Anything bellow 16 is %100 pedophilia & should be exterminated.

I think OP is a sick fuck trying to rationalize his/her pedophilic desires.

>I find you, I kill you

You are actually retarded sexual activity with a 2 year old is potentially extremely physically harmful for the child because they are tiny.

Unless you are carful you can cause serious damage

A wise user. Well put.

What if you just let it play around with your cock then

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number 2 for tall
number 4 for titts

>what age does childhood end?
Mine ended at age 14, later than most.
My adolescence lasted until age 23, much later than most.
I didn't achieve full adulthood until age 25, but I am still developing adult skills at age 33.
People are not all the same.

You've got the mind of a statist.

I only agree with some of what you say.
>Taxation is theft

Jeez, the subject was childhood, he said a lot about it, and that's all you got, taxation?

Dude don’t be an idiot

If you can’t see why it’s wrong for an adult t get sexual infant or toddler you need to get your head checked

You're a fucking idiot. There's nothing wrong about it.

Yes it is

There is one thing when you are talking about teenagers that are fully capable of having kids and sexual interactions

Infants and toddlers don’t understand what’s happening and are physically incapable of sexual activity

That’s like asking why it’s wrong to have a retard or a vegetable do sexual things.

They don’t understand what’s going on and therefore cannot consent to it

>hurr durr when does childhood end
The fact that OP's question is retardedly worded, and that many of you are intentionally being obtuse, is really bringing out the autist in me.

What the fuck does "childhood" even mean. Be specific. Are you talking about physical development? Emotional/behavioral development? In legal terms? How you feeeeeeeel? FUCKING WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

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That's what this is like. I hate you fucking idiots so much today.

10/10 post user

Yeah. Kind of "pearls before swine" here.

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i didn't start masturbating until i was almost 15 and during all of highschool i thought girls were yucky i think i might be retarded

18 is an agreeable age. His concept of Government=morally good & taxation being for adults is not something I agree with.

Hence the post.

Used to be 14 back in the day

anyone under 25 is still a kid in my book..

Rollin Bong

It’s not a good idea

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I was an adult when I was 6.

Teaching me the words of Christ? Well played user.

43 obviously.

It all depends on how you define it.

Childhood, and all the innocence and lack of understanding of the wider world comes to end between the ages of 9-12, depending on how quickly the child had to take on responsibility based on an issue with the parents (single parents, illness/disability striking the parents etc).

From there, you're still a child till you're around 16-18, which is where you're more equipped to handle real life and you're mostly done physically growing. Up to the age of 16-18 isn't really childhood anymore, it doesn't have as much of a carefree feeling to it, but you're still incapable of looking after yourself entirely and you haven't got enough experience to handle all situations well. So you're still a child, but you're not in childhood if that makes sense.

I can see why your buddy said around 21 - that's when most people really are done growing, they've finished college/uni and have entered the real world. After this age you can still have fun, but your idea of fun is more adult activities and things that are childish might bring you joy in the form of nostalgia, but won't actually bring you real joy. Childhood is long gone by this stage.

(Note that you're always growing in the sense of learning about life and the world, but the most rapid growth happens between 0-21).

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I used to be a camp counselor. The middle school kids were the absolute worst to be in charge of bc their development was all over the place.

You’d have some still playing with toys, afraid of the dark, pissing the bed and you’d have others sneaking smokes, trying to get laid, listening to legit bands.

I’d say by 14 even the betas were developed enough to realize they needed to at least act like an adult.

So I’d say 15 to be safe. By 15, you should be driving, going to parties, having sexual encounters. Really 14/high school but I’m choosing 15 to be safe. Also should be the age of sexual consent

As long as you keep having those kinds of arguments, you are a child





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13 year old is ready for sex

I would say when your brain has fully developed, which is like what... 25? Maybe 21. My reasoning is that people are fucking idiots when they finish high school and leave the nest and in no way act like 'adults'.

probably 13 or so

it's spelled thirTEEN for a reason, it's the age where they stop being kids and become teens


Depends on the context

The problem with this debate is that it's not based in reality. You can debate what arbitrary age you become an adult all day long and never get anywhere unless you are talking about puberty. In that case, you are mature around 13.

If you want to argue when someone becomes responsible/accountable, that's another story. For women, it's never. For men, it's when they are self sufficient.


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>My reasoning is that people are fucking idiots when they finish high school and leave the nest and in no way act like 'adults'.
maybe high school should be reworked to turn teens into adults then, and stop dragging down the smart ones to appeal to the dumb ones.

1 Corinthians 7:36

It ends when they start to bleed and they are interested in dick. Some are ready sooner than others

It's different for everyone. Some people are forced to grow up sooner than others.

>you still can’t get over your temper tantrum

Also: childhood ends when you start debating facts and logic.

Only children argue about the other guy's emotions.

>age is nothing but a number...

No, it's actually how old you are.
The number is a representation of that. We could measure it some other way, but you'd still be that age.