Degenerate stories?

degenerate stories?
one day a friend that i always wanted to fuck came here at home, we were playing on the computer when he said he was hungry, i went to the kitchen and made him a sandwich while he was playing, but when I was going to deliver it, I got a hard-on and started thinking about it, I took the sandwich to the bathroom and started rubbing my dick in it until I eventually came in the sandwich and gave it to he eat I still remember him saying the sandwich is delicious, we were 14 at the time, today I am 18 and I still couldn't fuck him
(Degenerate, no fucking criminal)

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What was the sandwich of besides bread and semen? Also, how much did you ejaculate?

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That's fucked.

Post face pictures of whom you wanted to fuck.

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This is criminal activity, not going to lie.

I don't know, it was four years ago, cheese, salami and mayonnaise, maybe?

lol really? this is shit

>how much did you ejaculate?

>we were playing on the computer
What were you playing? Some Far Cry Primal or Watch Dogs 2?

how am I supposed to remember this shit? a normal amount i think

remains a classic after all

This. I want to check how good looking is said person for you to want to fuck.

he looks better personally and in other photos, this is the only one I have of him rn

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>a friend that i always wanted to fuck
Do you know that friend's sexuality? Maybe he is a heterosexual.

I'm sure he is, he has a girlfriend and all this shit

Is this a recent picture of him? He looks hispanic.

from brazil, actually
this pic is about a month old

You never had the courage to tell him to insert his penis in you, then? Where you ever even close of telling him? Are you a virgin?

I'm not a virgin, but he is straight, so he would probably deny and stop seeing me, so I prefer to leave it as is
Also i want to insert my penis in him

Why all the answers are questions about my experience and nobody is saying anything about themselves


Ahh so you're still underage then. Reported

tf? He just looks younger, he really is 18, dont be a fag user

bumping for read more stories like that, this really turn me on