Working with women is literal hell. Share your experiences

working with women is literal hell. Share your experiences

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Kill yourself, incel.


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Have sex.

U first

I’m a cop. (Won’t say where. Don’t ask) working with a female I went through academy with because we ended up in the same precinct. We’re transporting a prisoner to booking for another officer, almost at booking and prisoner asks if I can roll his window down (window has bars large enough to fit your hand through if you weren’t cuffed) rolled down the window and apparently the officer who cuffed the guy didn’t cuff him tight enough and he sure enough slipped his hand out. Opened the door the took off, chase ensued and I end up on top of this guys car in traffic fighting the dude. Meanwhile my female “partner” decided rather than to help me she was going to move from the passenger seat to the driver seat and attempt to drive the 3 feet to help me. Never once did though. She’s a worthless person and shouldn’t be a cop

>go to desk n start up pc
>office bimbo leans over cubicle and drops her tits all in my face
>"HEYYY user we're making a cardboard replica of the office after work you should come"
>"No, that sounds childish and dumb"
>"W..What do you mean?" (This slut probably never been rejected before cuz she's constantly surrounded by orbiting cucks that would do anything for a crumb of pussy)
>"I come to work to get paid. I just want to do my job and get back to my kid at home"
The look on her face was priceless as she left my desk with her dumbfounded expression

I was the onky guy working in a grocery store, women are easier dealing with than guys. Worse thing was about 15 minutes of drama talk a day and that let me know who to have working around who. The best part was the 3-4 sides pieces that got my dick wet regularly.

lazy, full of excuses, wont lift heavy things, call off constantly, cry when confronted, lie constantly, shitty attitude unless you pay them compliments...i dont think women have really accepted that equality is something you have to live up to everyday and not simply demand

Idk man. I was the only guy in my department at work. I did have to lift everything that was heavy, but I fucked a few girls and generally enjoyed being around the others.

>Manager at an aquaculture facility somewhere on the Pacific
>Get word there's a new girl starting
>First day shes okay
>Second day she becomes homesick
>Third day she forgets her boots at the living quarters
>Ask her to drive the boat back to get it. She comes back 20 minutes later
>Starts screaming heeeeeelp while floating 100ft away from the cage system.
>Tell her exactly what to do in order to get the boat to where I am
>She starts bawling her eyes out
>Becomes catatonic. Drifting in the calmest seas I've seen I'm my career.
>Have to send someone out in a second boat to get her
>Later that night just me and her in the living quarters (everyone else moved to another site)
>She just sits there crying. I feel kind of bad but I get the feeling she wants to cuddlefuck and I don't want to shit where I eat.
>Tell her shes moving in with the rest of the crew effective tomorrow and go to bed
>Fast forward to the end of the shift
>She disappears with one of the technicians
>Find out they drank together and fucked
>Her parents call the police and report her missing. Last known contact was the guy.
>Turns out she was out sleeping with people

TL;DR hiring tiny girls in a labour intensive field is just the worst. Fuck HR

Almost every job I ever had outside of contrstruction, I had a female manager directly over me, and a male boss over her that fucking hated her. The females get this fucking cringey momma hen personality complex. They do their jobs shitty, fuck everyone's hours and schedules and promotions and reviews and shit, and get emotional when you press them about it. They literally cry when you quit. I've had to walk the fuck out on so many female managers because they'll do dumb shit.

I was hired on as a delivery driver for an autoparts company. Immediately got told that I wouldn't actually be driving and I'd only get part time, but 'soon'.
They had me delivery driving even though they didn't give me the official title and therefore the benefits of the job.
I was the best driver in the county. Making good time. Customers loved me and asked for me by name. I loved speeding down backroads at Mach Jesus speeds to get the parts out fast as fuck and crack a beer with the customer and shoot the shit for a minute.
The cunt hires a woman on as driver months into me working, takes my keys, puts her in my seat. She doesn't know wher anything is. She's rude. She doesn't know where anything is. She's always calling in, lost. The majority of these places were in bum fukt egypt where I grew up driving around 24/7.

I put my foot down, and went to her boss and they put me in this big faggot city I don't know shit about in a month. She kept drug testing me out of retaliation. She couldn't figure out there was whiskey in my coke can rather than reefer in my cigarette. Dumb cunt.

I nearly started at the new location when this bitch decided to dish out write ups for anything she could to me and a friend. We both quit right there and left that place fucked over to this day. They're only just now getting back on their feet after over a year.

And continuing that.

I worked in a gas station. I loved starting out working mornings, 6am-2pm, getting off at 2pm, having all this time to fuck around with buddies, party and shit, or go to gun ranges, get some pussy, and then go to sleep.

I loved picking up on all the cougars that came in going to work in the mornings. I worked with a friend there too. That was short lived though, because the night shift zombie they had, had enough. The night shift sucks. You work solo and the town is a shit hole at night, with the place being the only place open and lit up. It attracted the night life of geeked out meth heads and crazies, and drunks, etc.

They stuck me on, and after a month it was fucked. It ruined me physically. My body was meant to be awake in the day time. I got fucking bad off. Started seeing and hearing shit from sleep deprevation. Constantly having to deal with dumb assholes made me a really angry person. I put in my 2 weeks notice after 3 months of it, the manager cried and begged for me to stay a month. I did, the day came, she begged me to stay another, and then another and another. I eventually had to just walk. She slandered me all over town for that shit. Told everyone that would listen.

>be me
>have sex with half of the female staff of every job I ever had
>barely had to try for most of them
>some above in pay, most below
>do the same job
>notice that they often work harder than me
no idea why guys are mad that women want to be paid the same, but instead of getting angry, why not just have sex instead?

When I worked as a delivery driver I had a Hispanic single mother as one of the shift managers. She was constantly freaking out, and would call the drivers if they were gone more than 15 minutes at a time, even though the average delivery was close to 20 or 30. One day my vote worker who was opening called and said there was no one else there and he couldn't take orders. We missed the lunch rush becaus she just never showed up.
I had another shift manager somewhere else that was an older white woman, she was totally cool and would fight customers who got uppity. All the other girls I worked with were life guards, most were totally fine and never caused issues.

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I fucked a few female assistant managers but never tried bagging a straight up manager because it seemed like a bad idea.
The assistant managers always were good friends with the manager though, so if I gave them the good dick, they'd make sure my dumb ass got away with everything. I'd often take the opportunity when it arose to smoke weed with them to make sure I didn't get drug tested too, and sometimes that led to smoking with the manager. That made shit a cakewalk.

Yeah come to think of it, regular female co-workers are alright as long as they aren't irritating teenie boppers. The managers are cunts most the time.

Haven't worked with many women, the ones I have done are out on factory floors.
The only office based stuff I don't ever pay attention to, women and men are as bad as each other in offices, mindless drones with hunched backs & bitchy attitudes.

Having worked in construction & on utilities the men there can also be whiny faggot, a lot of them expect to get paid for nothing. Only known of one woman on the tools per se & the only complaint we hear is that she needs a buddy over nights for her protection. Because drunk faggot & violent sub humans lurk the streets.

All the bitches in my office just have cringey office banter all day, complaining amongst eachother about having to actually work.

I agree with OP and I'm married with two kids.

Stay mad kid

This is universal

Lemme guess, you have a thing for fin doms and you pay cash to be called a worthless sub human?

Sounds like you're more of a shitty employee than women having it out for you. If every woman from your dozen jobs has it out for you, you need to look at the reflection in the mirror dude. Also, if they're drug testing you constantly, it's because of how you're acting on the job, not retaliation. I wasn't surprised to see you were drinking instead of doing drugs. They were right, just not about what substance.

Yes, labor intensive jobs are not long term jobs for most women, but the turnover rate in general in those jobs is fucking huge anyway. Not giving her an outing for being a pussy, she deserved to get fired, but I know dudes that have pulled the same stunts that she did.

Hardly worth the (you).

>we're making
She was being nice you autist. A lot of jobs supoort and encourage engagement/camaraderie. You didn't have to be an asshole about it just because she has tits.

Similar to hard labor jobs, I agree that women shouldn't be in the field in military, poloce, fire, and rescue positions. It's proven time and time again that a woman in those positions are the direct/indirect cause of loss of life, destruction of camaraderie, and go flight mode instead of fight nearly every time. That being said, some females prove us wrong on a daily basis, so it's a fine line.

Sounds like you're more of a shitty employee than women having it out for you. If every woman from your dozen jobs has it out for you, you need to look at the reflection in the mirror dude. Also, if they're drug testing you constantly, it's because of how you're acting on the job, not retaliation. I wasn't surprised to see you were drinking instead of doing drugs. They were right, just not about what substance.

I didn't say they have it out for me, or dozens. The job I was drinking at was a sinking ship and half the employees were in the secret little drinking club. We used to stand around at the counter waiting for parts orders or customers and drink. 5 of us. It wasn't her noticing something really about how I was acting, it was about her desperately trying to fuck me over because I went over her to her boss when I needed full time hours to live and she wouldn't give it to me. Nice bait though. One day maybe you'll get a job too.

I had a problem today with a case where I thought that what the student asked for was ridiculous, but I thought that I bu law had to provide what she asked for. Mentioned this to a female coworker during lunch. She asked me to hold onto the case until further notice.
Half an hour after lunch I got a two-page refusal with legal references for every part of the refusal.

Hellish, I tell you.

I have only worked a couple of jobs.
>DQ from 16-20
>part time Sonic 18-19
>Casino Valet 20-22
>Army 22-26
In all of those jobs, I hooked up with any woman ranging from new hires to district managers to senior coworkers in the military that would get the boot if anyone found out. I never make a big deal out of casual sex, and I know to leave my personal life at the door before I clock in. It's literally never been a problem for me. I think most dudes get pissy about this shit because they fantasize and over value their worth. Also, most Cred Forums browsers I have ever come into contact with are actually autistic, mentally not right, or flat out ugly in some form (often a tripple threat). Of course they're going to make a big deal out of it.

I work at a sushi restaurant. We have to carry our sushi rice pots out from the kitchen to the bar. My female coworker who is as tall and possible as stalky as I am refuses to carry both when 1 person is too busy to carry one of them. At the end of the night we put ice in our stations. Keep in mind. Physically she looks similar to my size. She has to carry 1 ice bucket at a time all the while shes grunting because its heavy. On the other side when carry ice buckets I have 1 in each hand and when nobody is looking I do a couple bicep curls. . . . she's slower and she doesnt speak english. We get paid the same. . . . .

I've had a couple of good female bosses and coworkers, but my last job had the worst of the women i've worked with. one girl was legit crazy, always slacked off, made excuses whenever she didn't get anything done, stole sales from people. another girl was cute as all hell but also crazy, had mood swings and would be annoying to be around sometimes because she would complain and talk too much shit. another one was my boss and all she would do is show up early and immediately leave whenever work had to be done. she'd legit just go back home, go shopping, hang out with her boyfriend, or talk on her phone in the break room. they were all cute but damn some women really do fit into the stereotype, and i'm pretty sure they were getting paid more than I was

Women are capable of doing most jobs that dont require lots of manual labor and endurance. They are constantly comparing themselves to everyone else because that's how we are raising them. We cant put a turd in the freezer and be upset when we go back in and find out it hasnt turned to chocolate ice cream.

Women are naturally insecure. Nourish their strengths instead of their weaknesses.

Worked as a cash supervisor at home depot when I was 20 or so. Started off well because I'm 6'5", good looking dude and most of them had the hots for me. The problem was I like to hold people accountable for their behaviour so when I started giving up write ups for being late or breaking dress code (no steel toes, yoga pants) they started hating me. The full timers were the worst. They had "their own" cashes and would have a shit fit if you moved them for the sake of coverage. You can also punch in 7 minutes late and it won't count as late on your pay so when I told they they have to be at her spot on time ready to work they would go off " I've been here X years, I know how this works." Fucking bitches. Went to lumber later and worked with the boys and shit was easy peasy

Simpin since been simpin since been simpin

Why can't we ban redditors yet?

I havent worked with a woman since I worked at Taco Bell years ago, and thank god. Working in an all-male business has been a godsend. Whats the benefit of working with women? Pussy? Pass. Id rather have competent coworkers.

>Similar to hard labor jobs, I agree that women shouldn't be in the field in military, poloce, fire, and rescue positions. It's proven time and time again that a woman in those positions are the direct/indirect cause of loss of life, destruction of camaraderie, and go flight mode instead of fight nearly every time. That being said, some females prove us wrong on a daily basis, so it's a fine line.
So what you're saying is they're fucking useless when it comes to maintaining & defending a civilisation? Yeah you're right, so why the fuck do they get to vote for it?

How many times were you molested as a kid?

I almost thought I double posted. You need to work on highlighting posts and probably making the comment you quoted a greentext for clarity. No flak, just letting you know.

I figured my comment would piss people off, but it's a thread about discussion/debate, not what's 'fact' per say. If it sounded like bait, my bad. That being said;
>She kept drug testing me out of retaliation
>this bitch decided to dish out write ups for anything she could to me and a friend.
>She slandered me all over town for that shit.
"Dozens" was an over-play on my side, i'll give you that, but from your own words, at least 3 female work superiors disliked you or grew to dislike you and were spiteful. I have never left a job where I wasn't absolutely confident I could slap my boss' number on my resume and be praised for my performance to potential new employment. You having many "bad bosses" leads me back to the conclusion that you aren't exactly a good employee for hire. They're your employers/bosses, not your friends. You might one day have to admit that you're a part of the problem. Multiple employees drinking on the job doesn't make it okay that you specifically did it. "If your coworker jumped off a bridge..." I'm just pointing out what you wrote. If you write with more specifity from the start, maybe you'd come off less like the bad guy, but even after you explained some of the pieces, i'm still left thinking you're the one in the wrong. Finally, I have only had a few jobs, but that's because I enjoyed them until circumstances changed that, or I began looking for new opportunities elsewhere. Your final jab at me is moot.

Im in aus, havent worked too important jobs.

The women have been fine.
If they get bitchy its fucking annoying though.

We have roughly a 25% turnover rate. Its definitely not a job for everyone. Personally, I love what I do. The HR department hires based in degrees rather than labour experience. We get people that come out here and realize that we actually have to work. They get immediately disenchanted and search for the next job.

That sucks. Has anyone noticed this?

I mean, if you could get away with leaving for a while and still get paid, wouldn't you? If someone complained to her boss or actually followed through with being upfront, she'd probably be punished or fired like anyone else. Hell, I would take 1 or 2 10 minute 'shits' everyday at my valet job whether I had to or not (12 hour shifts, so it was a 50/50 chance). I would get 3 or 4 hours a paycheck for looking at facebook on the toilet. Work the system my dude.

>Women are naturally insecure
Incel neckbeards have arrived.

less annoyed with my female coworkers than I am with my (mostly male) employers for promoting underqualified women for 'muh diversity'. They mean well, but it's hard to watch someone who worked harder and would be a better fit get snubbed because they're a dude.

Everyone hates the boss, and even if they don't, they are sometimes angry enough to say they do. I would argue that you were micromanaging a touch, but you don't sound any worse than any boss I ever had. The women disliking you was obviously for the dress code enforcement and that sweet 7 minutes you made sure they didn't steal from company time. Office jobs are a whole different beast. Although I have spent this thread arguing slightly on the other side, I think you were in the right to do what you did.

>a statement that is innocuous and thoroughly documented throughout every recorded moment of human history
InCeL nEcKbEaRd SpOtTeD

Go the fuck back to myspace, you probably think Facebook is too extreme

I sure hope she reads this!


I guess I was fortunate enough to have both? Pussy is great, but so is an awesome coworker.

Oversimplification, not what I said by any means, and not relevant to the discussion. I'll actually respond to that when you give a real effort. Also, I see my typos now. Fuck.

>If they get bitchy its fucking annoying though.
Men can be "assholes" just the same as women can be "bitches." Yes, both can be incredibly annoying.

I always hsted training someone at my Valet job. They would get highered and not know how to drive a stick or not realize they had to run roughly 8 miles average on a normal shift. I thought the $30 an hour pay was more than enough for the effort needed, but I probably trained 40 people when I was a lead for a year.

I don't fuck with the aggressive nature of this thread, so disclaimer: I have had difficult/shitty co-workers of both genders, because being an unreasonable mongoloid is pretty common.

Anyway, my last place of business was a franchise. This dude named Steve owned three of the same store, except my store was 20 minutes away from the other two. His wife was the kind of woman who wants to pretend that they're a successful well-rounded businesswoman type when in reality she was clearly just a grown thot. (She even still dressed like one, north face, uggs, leggings, etc. it was like she was 19 or something). Anyway, the dude who owned the stores got sick of driving 20 minutes so he let his wife take over the other store. The store shut down 5 months later, and the employees were given less than 3 days notice. The thing that infuriated me the most is she would ONLY pop into the store to give us "seminars" (i swear to god that's what she called them) on how to use Instagram and Tik Tok to boost our sales numbers , and she also ALWAYS made sure to mention that she ran her own yoga class. I swear to god dude, she mentioned this literally every time I saw her in person, and even once on the phone. Steve wasn't the best businessperson either, but at least he could keep his stores open. Nicole botched order sheets, refused to take discontinued items off of the menu, discontinued items that the company still offered because she didn't like them, royally fucked the finances (left deposits stacking up for 3 weeks), signed out store up for Doordash without telling a single employee (also, didn't know how the service worked so we had to teach ourselves).

Tl;dr dude gives his wife what is essentially a turnkey franchise location. She runs it into the ground in less than 6 months, talks about her yoga class the whole time

Oh yeah she would also yell at you for throwing out food that was clearly rotten lmfao. I'm talking "gag as soon as you smell it" rotten. Particularly the carrots. I once told her "the carrots in the back are rancid, you need to order more", and she told me that she'd order more once we went through the ones that I just told her were rotten. I threw the bag away and got yelled at for it

I'd make the argument that anyone with that little business management experience would probably have fallen flat on their faces, but the odds of being put in that position seem higher if you're a rich guy's wife.

I have a black VP that I directly report to, you all know nothing of pain and suffering. I can see beyond all at this point, I see the day I die and how, I wait for it. I would as for God to have mercy on my soul, but it left long ago. The power trips, insecurities, incompetence, lack of empathy or self-reflection is something to be studied and then locked away in a vault like small pox.

>InCeL nEcKbEaRd SpOtTeD
Hope you felt creative using text format from a Spongebob meme popularized by the very facebook culture you claim is too harsh for me to counter my insult.
>a statement that is innocuous and thoroughly documented throughout every recorded moment of human history
It's pretty easy to make that statement for both men and women, but that doesn't make it true. Most of male dominated history has systematically burried confident women by not anthologizing or validating their achievements until the last 30-50 years. Now that, m'neckbeard, is factual.

I hate women that make their life around work. Bitch, I have hobbies, study martial arts, have kids and a girlfriend I actually want to spend time with, fuck this place. Don't give two shits a out overtime, I don't need to do it, we don't, it's not a favor, that's why I say no. I'm here to do my job and do it good, I'm not going going to suck the companies cock unless I get a large bonus and a contract. Most men seem to get that, even the ones that want to go home and watch football, bitches just need a hobby beyond the shit they binge watch on TV just to talk about it at work. And that's another thing, fuck TV, reruns of Star Trek and Cops IF I have the time, your shows suck, shut the fuck up about them. I already have to listen to my woman talk about Blanche on Golden Girls, suck me off and I'll listen about whatever bullshit you're talking about.

Which part?

Like you said from the start, I think she was just a shitty person to give the job to, but the husband couldn't see that.

Dude, what?

Once they get into management it's w different game, they overcompensate, 95% need to not be in management, that's really my main issue with them. Other than that, my best friend at work is a woman, she's also not a manager and she's cute and married so she doesn't have a need to climb that ladder.

(You) tried.

I work for a large corporate bank, women managers aren't much different but have more oversight on them, sneaky and fucking backstabbing cunts. My old manager pulled me aside to tell me she was pulling up dirt on me from him, hell of a guy to do that. With my old manager, he respects me enough to talk in private and give me a heads up, new black female manager, nothing, no idea what's going on or why, she just hates me. Fucking insane. Not sure how much more I can handle, but we never should have let be in jobs for as long as they gave been it just stick to the typical ones. Honestly, I blame the kikes, flood the labor market with half the population to drive down wages, just like they are doing with spics. Which is why it's so hard to work a regular banking corporate job, good title and all.

I only worked with a women twice and they carried their weight. Shipping and receiving and a candy bar factory. Minimum wage bitches too. The ones at the candy bar factory were all middle eastern I was literally the only other white guy besides one guy and my boss.

I knew a dyke that did construction, I've seen her take down guys herself at the bar. She was chill. Only one though.

Black women as managers are next level hell my man, you have no idea, the things I've seen. I work for a corporate bank, big one you've heard of, she's a diversity higher with less education than me. Dude, I'm desperately trying to get out of here I just fucked myself because I worked so hard and moved up that it's hard to find a similar job and pay, but it's time to go. Don't ever work for a black female manager, never, all females managers are bad but they are next level, it will blow your fucking mind.

Tried what? To get a hobby? I train for my martial arts, I'm just lifting and running when not in class, or I go for IT certs for fun. So much better than TV, it's a drug, use in moderation.

>I work as a technical consultant
>Client has an office with six women and one man working in it
>Woman 1 wont talk to woman 2,3,5 because of a disagreement
>Woman 2 wont talk to woman 1,4,6 because of a totally different disagreement
>Woman 3 wont talk to 1,5,6 because she felt snubbed at a holiday party
>Woman 4 wont talk to woman 2,3
>Woman 5 just seems to try to stir shit up with everyone and tell people that others are talking about her behind her back
>Woman 6 wont talk to woman 3 and sometimes wont talk to women 1,4
>Man 1 just keeps his head down and works

So the owner of the company has to email everyone EVERY COMMUNICATION NO MATTER HOW SMALL, because if he just offhandedly mentions passing by that something-or-other is going on, it will not be passed on to anyone not there, since most of them will speak to each other.

BONUS: Man 1 was given extra responsibilities (close to a promotion, but not quite), and two of the women filed a discrimination suit.

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Fucking Nicole, dumb bitch. I also hate when older women dress like a teen or 20's, fucking pathetic and sad, so depressing to see.

Oh, you're both of thsoe comments? Should have seen that one coming.

>work at gas station
>constantly bitching about drama shit
>it's 65 degrees out. "I'm so cold. Let me turn the heat to 80."
The niggers are worse. Leaving trash everywhere and stuffing their faces with fried chicken and playing the lottery.
>Let me get some Newport 100s, some blunts, 100.00 worth of lottery. Lemme get this candy bar on EBT.
Fuck off.

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>I mean, if you could get away with leaving for a while and still get paid, wouldn't you?

If you have to ask then never get into management. It's one thing to take advantage of it in an emergency, but you set the example and have to be one step ahead of most of the team and promote or give a raise to the ones in then 10%.

Well it was pretty obvious, you just a woman or a nigger? What's your deal?

Then just let them stay at home, I say this as a dad, let my daughter work boring office jobs in her 20's until she meets the right guy if she hasn't in college, if she's still single in her 30's then she needs to be a teacher or work for the school district. Kick women out of the labor market, create more demand, we get paid more to take care of them. Hell, out them on UBI as long as they can't vote any more and I'd be ok with it. We already pay anyway, just streamline it and let us run shit.

When men are in a bad mood, we just need to be left alone, at worse we're over it tomorrow. Women hold grudges for ages and hold it all in and won't say shit if they are still mad, you can cut the tension with a knife with the women in an office most of the time, there's always an issue with "this bitch" or " that bitch."

a special brand of stupid.

Women aren't stupid, they just aren't capable of doing what we can do, it's not their fault but we can't be in denial about it. Why are you against protecting women? Even if it is from themselves? Post your tits, you gotta be a chick or a beta fat guy. Either way, you got tits I bet.

I am already in my desired field, but thanks for the tip. Being a boss isn't all about doing what's best for the employee's happiness, though a lot of it is. It's also about maintaining the standards of the company or organization you work for. More often than not, a raise or promotion isn't your boss' first thought (small business aside), rather their superior giving them the go ahead or asking who deserves the reward. That being said, when I was a Lead at the casino I worked at, I rarely took even piss breaks because I was so busy.

Troll or not, you're too far to one side to debate/discuss anything rationally with. It's pointless when the opposition begins their argument with racism and sexism to attempt a beneficial conversation for either party. I'm a white 27 year old dude, just not one to waste my time.

Fuck, my bad. Didn't mean to double quote . I meant the second one to go to

>Working and need some more people.
>I know one. It's a woman I worked with before.
>I taught her some stuff also she completed a couple courses in the field I need
>Get her hired. First couple of weeks things are cool.
>Starts coming in late on second week.
>Starts calling in sick.
>Female office manager thinks I am fucking her on the side.
>Female office manager watches her time like a hawk.
>I don't care because if she isn't there, she doesn't get paid.
>So when she is there I can get her to clean up the loose ends.
>Tell her she needs to show up on time. And that the management is looking at her.
>Female office manager convinces owner we need to staff back.
>They let her go citing her not showing up.
>To this day the female office manager thinks I was fucking her.
That's how fucked in the head women are.