Why do people care if other people race mix

Why do people care if other people race mix

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brainwashing from anglo culture since beginning. it was technically illegal to race mix in some places until the 60s.

Idk why exactly. Some people irl are more into the "keeping people separate" racism. They tend to believe that people should keep to their own kind for unknown reasons to me

Others, primarily online, are just trolling and say edgy things but don't actually mean it. They're the type of people to go on Cred Forums and say some shit but then go to pornhub and cum to some asians or Mexicans getting fucked

Most people who get angry are those who live in small villages and only have seen niggers on TV. So they are scared.

I visited a little "town" in a rural area last year. Almost everyone you spoke to complained how black people are taking over and how I am able to live in a big city with so many muslims and black people without being stabbedor robbed.
There was not a single brown guy in this shithole. So people are scared of this unknown cutures. Small communities are just cloistering themself from the world and like to stick to the know stuff (skin color).

Where I live it is just normal. The fucking street I live in even has more houses than the entire shithole village.
So we have more brown people, but no one cares what color the people you fuck are. We life by the rule: if you are nice, you are nice. If you are an asshole, you are an asshole.

Because races are separated and always at war in video games... or... people are dumb and brought up by dumb parents.

Yet another social propaganda thread but I'll give an honest answer. According to liberals diversity is important and different races and ethnicities need to be included because each supposedly brings something different to the table. Now think of an Afghan hound and Dachshund. Both bred to be specialists in hunting rabbits, but they do it in very different ways: the former chases them down with its speed and agility and the latter goes into their holes after them. They are both similar and special in their own way. Now breed all the Dachshunds and Afghan hounds together. Yes you've made them "one breed united" but you've also taken away what was unique and special about them.

You may either argue the importance of diversity in which case you should also argue against race-mixing as a trend to be pushed (which it currently is) or you may argue that everyone is the same and there are no racial/ethnic differences. In which case, an all white group or an all black group is the same and there is no sense in pushing for "inclusion" when you have an all white group.

You can't rationally argue for the importance of diversity and simultaneously argue that there are no differences.

I agree. Mfs will be scared of Mexicans taking their jobs when not a single Hispanic person lives in their town.

Only /pol cares, there all abunch of edgy trump supporters.


jealousy and tribal mentality, insecurity and fear.

If you mix races with someone who's at least a normal person then who cares. Mix with a black person if you want, just don't mix with a hoodrat nigger

Because nigs get the better end of the deal. They're getting hot blondes; you're getting a negress.

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Well from what ive seen niggers just get women pregnant and leave the mom. Then there’s a nigger half breed with no father that grows up to be another nigger problem.

why are so many hot blondes i see nowadays with nigs? nowonder white dudes get pissed when they see these ultimate sex toys get used by nigs

Instead of saying "race" just say skin color. It makes your stance on things more obvious to the rest of us.

>what about scholarships for blacks
Same thing. Scholarships for people with black skin color. Now it sounds as ridiculous as it is. ANYTHING SKIN COLOR-BASED IS RIDICULOUS.

Honestly it just makes me sick. I just think it disgusting like faggots and transsexuals. The thought of it and seeing it makes me uncomfortable and sick to my stomach. It’s kind of like imagine if a chick was fucking her dog would you be cool with?

The problem is that it gets advertised as being the one and only thing everyone should do, while in fact it is not a wise choice (for many reasons). I dont care that some faggots mix, I do care about is that (((they))) try and tell everyone that it should be the new normal and that white couples are bad.
Its ok to be white, and its ok to be a white couple.
Now fuck off kike.

Because it's disgusting and unnatural? You don't see lions mating with buffalo

1) I want my kids to look like me.
2) I think that different racial characteristics are beautiful and if we were all to become one single mutt race that would be boring and disgusting.
3) Because I'm kalergi pilled and care about my people's identity.

>ultimate sex toys
Pick one. Redheads are where its at

that's a fake blonde, btw.

redheads how?

I dont really.
But if white woman shoots out black baby, it is wasted White genetics. What you're left with is a dumb caramelperson. Black running genes borrow too much riboflavin from the brainstem


irrational retard, op asked why not what are the symptoms of having a subpar iq (even when the test is biased in yourfavor)

well put, but this is a shill thread, so leave goy

I don't
Keep that white pussy on the pedestal. Remember, looks are everything.

Because people of other race smell bad. White people smell amazing. And you don’t want to end up with a smelly kid do you? Didn’t think so.

>Why do people care if other people race mix

in order for diversity to remain diverse, there needs to be separate and distinct "races".

mixing "races" eventually leads to zero diversity.

this is only natural since humans choose to live in different areas of the world which create distinct "races" in the first place. There is no way there is going to be a majority of blacks in canada, Russia, northern europe.

Kill yourself

It is a race not only technically if we wouldnt be something like human races there wouldn't be different colored people everyone had the same color

This is very accurate. I live in a city and have lived in NYC; they are not bad places. Very safe for the most part if you are not a retard.

People in tiny towns are TERRIFIED of cites. They won't drive through without a gun etc. Dressed in redneck shit with a big truck, gawking at people, no wonder they feel like people stare at them. From the whitest towns they feel the most terror of muslims like dude have you even met one?

Bottom line: there are good people of every color, and radical retards of every color. What matters is peace, prosperity and freedom - enemies of those things are the only enemies, not because they wear a silly hat.

I really don't care because it's #inTheBag2020

I've made some nigger girls call me daddy in bed and that's good enough for me. Have a fun thread, bud.

Racism lol why do you make these threads

>It is a race not only technically if we wouldnt be something like human races there wouldn't be different colored people everyone had the same color

can you make that sentence coherent please

Every other ethnicity chases white women as a sign of success. Accuses whites for putting white pussy on a pedestal

>undesirable nigger girl with braces
>undesirable cuck with girly hair
these are the kind of people who settle for each other and then act as if they're the future of America. lol so fuckin' cute.


>>Very safe for the most part if you are not a retard
Such as going to a black or Mexican neighborhood or walking alone at night?

Why dilute your genes with garbage? It's only good to race mix if your not White or Japanese because then your offspring would be an improvement.

What about non wh*tes genes is garbage to you other than skin color?
Wh*tes are the most inbred and most retarded race

>Wh*tes are the most inbred and most retarded race
[citation needed]

lions and buffalo are different animals, not a part of the same race lol

It not about skin color. Just look at the nigress in the OP. Pubes on her head, retarded looking face, jigaboo lips and a disgusting wide nose. She's a direct downgrade genetically.

Because then I have to deal with their retarded mutts that were most likely raised by a single mother or by the "hood".

This is the most idiotic shit I've read all day, and it's not even noon.

>According to liberals diversity is important
"Liberals", huh? Are you sure there aren't any biological factors, too? Seeking genetic diversity is literally built into our DNA. You should have paid more attention to Biology class in high school.

>different races and ethnicities need to be included because each supposedly brings something different to the table.
You can bet your ass it's absolutely critical if you want to maximize your sales across the globe (shit, even around the continental US).

>Now breed all the Dachshunds and Afghan hounds together.
We're talking about anatomically-similar subjects, not individuals with unstable physical deficiencies.

>Now breed all the Dachshunds and Afghan hounds together.
Why in the flying fuck would anyone do that?

>but you've also taken away what was unique and special about them.
You're talking about their offspring, right? Because the offspring is now completely unique. Nice job pissing on your own feet.

>You can't rationally argue for the importance of diversity and simultaneously argue that there are no differences.
Literally no one mentioned a lack of differences, you fucking dunce.

>tl;dr go take a basic biology course, and get some business experience while you're at it.

Don't downgrade your heritage, keep it pure.
Let blacks be pure blacks and let whites be pure whites.

There's plenty of genetic diversity in White people. There's no advantage in race mixing.


^they^ also tells you that it's ok for 'them' to be racist and protect their heritage.

They have nothing better to do. Complaining about others lives gives their lives meaning. Kinda sad.

All non-whites just looks like a different shade of brown and the all looks like trolls.

Why not?

More or less, jupp.

Have you seen/smelled/talked whit a muslim?

True, it was never about the skin colour, it was always about what usually follows.

i dont
discovering the control lice that weaponize some nonverbal behavior
and penis size
i know
for a fact
it does not matter
brown people were invented as caste system when the periodic table was longer


>There's no advantage in race mixing.
lmao you really have no fucking clue, do you? News flash: wallowing in ignorance will get you nowhere.

Why would white people wanna fuck a nigger?

>mixing "races" eventually leads to zero diversity.
holy shit, you actually think ALL humans may be mixed in the future? jesus christ you're dumb

It goes back far throughout history. It’s just people being retarded. It’s one of the reasons why Jews circumcised themselves. As a last ditch reminder to them that they were gods race and not to mix with women outside it.

>Such as going to a black or Mexican neighborhood or walking alone at night?
Or a backwoods hillbilly town?

Fucking moron...

Bullied into submission or was dropped a few times too many.

Circumcision is a good way to keep your penis cheese free, also dosen't those who are circumcised lower risk of geting a STD?

>Why dilute your genes with garbage? It's only good to race mix if your not White or Japanese because then your offspring would be an improvement.
Whites have the largest percentage of Neanderthal DNA. Literally every other race has less.

>tfw you realize Africans have less Neanderthal DNA than continental Europeans.

If it's random, rare and real, nobody cares. If it's promoted and encouraged, it's the Kalergi Plan.

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Explain how it's any advantage for ginger to reproduce with a negroid or mongoloid over say someone with blue eyes and blonde hair?

And whites have invented democracy, built motorised vehicles and visited the moon. Neanderthal DNA is a good thing.

>tfw you realize Africans are pure Homo Erectus

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Or you could just wash your dick and don't stick it a fags ass or fuck Africans. That's easier to do than slicing and bit of your dick off and reducing the sensitivity forever.

How much you willing to pay? My time ain't cheap.

Same reason why you care about what they care, faggot!

No this is .

Okay cool now that we know why you are not racemixing, tell us why you care about other people doing it

Racist, insecure, stupid, maybe all three. You take your pick.

I don't think there's a single human alive that's purely one race so they're just kidding themselves.

because niggers and sandniggers are stupid and disgusting

Yeah man and all of the white people are so smart and beutiful

much more are yes


Black men don’t want to stay faithful or care for children, seen it in my own family, in others families, and FFS look up the numbers yourself. Other then that complete race fetishized people aren’t falling in love with an individual their falling in love with how that person looks, its not ronantic and its not sincere

Because you're creating more of what they hate and betraying your own at the same time

hi JIDF, new thread?

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In reality? Jealousy and insecurity.
My bad if that got too real for some of you more delusional ones.


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>race mix

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>other people

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>people care

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>do people care

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In all honesty I don't care.
I do care when it is pounded in our faces with the force of an atomic bomb.
I care when a friend said shes dating a black guy because she feels she has to otherwise she is racist. News flash she doesn't really like the guy and hes a dick to her.
I care when I have had the same though's and was called racist because I didn't want to date a black guy.
I care when women are quite literally getting brands and are refereed to as breeders like there cattle, by people who constantly crying about slavery.
I care because saying anything makes me a Nazi.
So I stopped caring.

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They're either raised indoctrinated to believe such, low income/education/no travel background, displacing anger for one thing into another. Probably have/had shit job where the employers laid people off in favor of cheap new hire labor.

Tldr, they poor and stupid.

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well im fucking a local paki in my town. If her family knew theyd kill her

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It's fucking disgusting.

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I don't mind if jews love black cock either

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Not really humans are programmed to stay with their own it's usually the insecure and mentally ill ones who do the race mixing

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>humans are programmed to stay with their own
You mean "programmed" by their community?

>usually the insecure and mentally ill ones who do the race mixing
That's a bald-faced lie. Go back to school and take beginner's biology and psychology, dipshit.

I enjoy the non argument confirmation bias replies. They really help display the uneducated nature of the situation.

Gotta admit, it must be nice to never have to learn new things. I wish I could stomach regurgitating someone else's views in soundbyte form. Would make defending my stances so much easier to just flip one of a few auto response levers.

Enjoy your life of poverty blaming minorities for your self inflicted situation. Loooool White trash is hilariously reminiscent of ghetto black people. Ya'll poor uneducated point-finger-and-blame-scapegoat shitlords are pitiably similar.

I can't wait to watch you re elect Trump. Orange Obama is hilarious.

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BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS AND TERRORISM Facts and Details factsanddetails.com/world/cat58/sub384/item2384.html

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What are, "Things the USA performed on their own citizens." Alex.

i don't get ah

>Honestly it just makes me sick. I just think it disgusting

Brain surgery makes ME sick, but I don't think they should quit just because of little old me.


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>1) I want my kids to look like me.

Fuck your sister, then.

I mean you don't see succesful white women with niggers it's usually the fat or less fortunate white women who marry niggers. Same with other races

thanks for tip, shalom

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>Why do people care if other people race mix

It would lead to some kind of ABOMINATION, half Scottish, half English, neither one nor the other.

Because African (American)s have been breeding in an extremely small pool, usually the same city, same block, same hood, same gang/tribe, and often even in the same family for decades and everybody is closely related. This is causing huge levels of inbreeding. This is why they are inherently dumb and primitive and their offspring will be even when mixed. It is passed on from generation to generation.They could not help it even if they wanted to. It is the result of dozens of generations of selective breeding. There are intelligent black people but those are rare exceptions or even accidental mutations because when it happens usually only one of all siblings is intelligent and the offspring of the intelligent black person are usually again dumb even when mixing with caucasians. You are basically multiplying in a backward direction when spreading inferior DNA.

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because we want to see white people succeed and we can't do with with such copious amounts of negroid, mongoloid, kikel, and sandnigger genes

when you're ignorant, hateful, and isolated, youll believe anything if it means having a place to be accepted

It's not natural. Why do you think our ancestors left africa. I mean would you want to be stuck in an area crawling with niggers?

>Enjoy your life of poverty blaming minorities for your self inflicted situation.
Wait a minute, I thought all white people were inherently privileged and could not possibly even understand what a life of poverty would be like, even if they lived in a trailer and fucked their sister? You can't have it both ways.

literally describes the LGBTQ+ movement

> It's not natural.

Racist retard makes appeal to nature fallacy. Big surprise.

It's true we have natural drive to stay with our own kind. Same reason why you're not attracted to dogs or other animals

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>gets blown the fuck out by logic and reasoning

Shill thread confirmed. I hope you go broke shekelberg.

>posts a gif of two male goats pounding it out to "prove" that homosexuality is natural
can't have it both ways fag. i know that's what you're into, but debate isn't a sexual orientation. you can't just flip flop to the other side all willy nilly like that.
in before
you people are all the same. And I mean "you people".

Low income white people? Nigger what the fuck are you talking about? Are you high? There are no poor, uneducated white people in the USA. Their white privilege affords them all the food, water, medicine, and schooling they need free of charge.


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Less chance of their child being born without a soul

Get better quick fire muscle tissue in offspring?

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>jesus christ you're dumb

look in a mirror
you have nearly no comprehension skills.

Do you look to sea lions and buffalo as an example of proper behavior?

Being a sad loser with no friends isn’t gonna get fixed by making yourself a weirdo racist you kissless virgin

Do you really want your worldview informed by any one of these absolute losers?

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You mean the Kardashians or the wife of justice Thomas,etc?


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A weird sandperson mutt mix
>Justice Thomas
The original Based Black Man

God Bless America I'm not like everybody else youtube.com/watch?v=DNgvwgW2TSw
God Bless America - I'm not like everybody else youtube.com/watch?v=oHeTJt-Hii0
I Never Cry - God Bless America (Fan Made) Music Video youtube.com/watch?v=Mip-37TmdhQ
God Bless America (2012) Frank rants youtube.com/watch?v=52EnTtGstKg
WATCH PEOPLE DIE INSIDE part 6 youtube.com/watch?v=7tdkAY5n_f4

'Hanna' Opening Scene - "I just missed your heart" [HD 1080p] youtube.com/watch?v=LtGMFRPRh8o
IQ Tests Pt1 youtube.com/watch?v=LH3wTuu8u5U
IQ tests pt2 youtube.com/watch?v=chaEgz7VlFc

> Why do people care if other people commit crimes
> Why do people care if other people become drug addicts
> Why do people care if other people are sick

Yea man, why should we care about anyone other than ourselves. More pertinently I want my people to continue and I want my descendants to share my race. If everyone mixes then that wont be an option.

Look at Time magazine, or People or, National Geographic or any other article that gleefully predicts the "future look of humanity" brown skin, brown eyes, black hair. The special shit and the dangerous shit is always on the recessives. Race-mixing is aspiring to mediocrity by washing out recessives. You don't even have to be a "racist" to believe this. Maybe we're fucking ourselves because only a small percentage of Ethiopians have that recessive necessary to be an FTL navigator.

Collective samefagging.

Jews will save us from the racemixers like you