How do I make sure I pee clean for a urine test tomorrow? It's been 5 days since I took 1 hit of THC oil...

How do I make sure I pee clean for a urine test tomorrow? It's been 5 days since I took 1 hit of THC oil, and over a year before that

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Should be fine for urine. Hair it'll be traceable though I wouldn't stress if you've had a solid 5 days

The question is, why would you smoke 5 days before a drug test?

I was supposed to have 11 but they suddenly moved it forward on me

But you didn't smoke for a year before this test? You couldn't wait several more days?

I'm sorry okay!? I was tempted and really needed relief man. I figured I'd be clean in 11 days but now I've got one more.
says I'll be fine but how can I really make sure?

Amazon prime yourself some thc test strips. Also, don't smoke any more until after the test , you weak-willed pussy

I ordered some already but they won't be arriving until tomorrow so it's useless now. I was supposed to have more time.

I won't be smoking any more don't worry

Orange juice

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>man this shit isn't addictive i don't HAVE to have it
>shit man im like totally stressed about life i need a hit
And you morons wonder why no one takes stoners serious

Quickly, go to your nearest headshop (place where they sell bongs) and buy some fake urine.

Zip over to Walmart/any other store and buy some hand warmers.

Go to dollar tree/any medical store (rite aid, CVS, Walgreens) and buy some cheap drug tests.

Also buy some cranberry juice while you’re at it. Chug that shit.

You’re gonna need the hand warmers to keep the fake pee at a hot temperature, as well as a flask or something small and compact to store it.

Godspeed user

pretty sure it's more the fact that they sound like lazy morons whenever they open their mouth that makes no one take them seriously. I mean look at coke heads or speed freaks, people are happy to hire them because they're useful and don't come across as functionally retarded despite the fact that they're very obviously addicts.

urine tests single out home pot use in the las 40 days through a cutoff of 50ng/ml over opiate use in the last 6 hours through a cutoff of 30,000ng/ml
grow up and switch to pain pills or quit partying if you value your job

This guy's close, but skip the majority of that and inject it into your bladder before the test. Bladders are nature's handwarmer.

Go to a sex toy shop/head shop and buy a detox drink. It's going to fuck your shit up, and you're going to pee your life away, but you should be clean by tomorrow.

flush your body with cleansing products(tea or whatever), buy catheter, get someones piss(if they test for other shit too, get some pregnant ladies piss for lulz and days of to get checked for ballcancer), dont drink the whole test day, empty and refill your bladder with proxypiss before test, get tested negative, enjoy your uti and profit.
and next time think before you take drugs. they almost always move these tests foreward to catch idiots like you.

You’ll be fine. Same happened to me and I was a more frequent user. Like once every few months. Should clear your system within a few days. Just DON’T exercise before as it’s stored in fat cells. Also, drink plenty of water the day of so your urine is somewhat diluted, but not excessively diluted or you’ll have to retest.

Thats not all all accurate. For an infrequent user like op, it will be clear in 3-4 days

you are an imbecile if you think metabolite concentration will drop below 50ng/ml in such short time

You’re fine. Be glad you didn’t take it orally. 50ng is the threshold for almost every screen I’ve heard of.

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The data is out there, ya dummy

>or you’ll have to retest.
not the worst thing in the world assuming he can manage to eliminate his intake for the period between this test and the retest

Agreed. There is absolutely nothing an employer can do if your urine is too dilute to test. If OP is convinced he’ll fail a test, don’t go the route of using fake piss or wasting $ on head shop “cleaning” gimmicks. Just drink a gallon of water 3 hours before the test. Piss like a race horse. Then drink another gallon hour before the test.

Drug tester here. Eat a small amount of soap


Start to Drink a shit load of water a few houra before the test. Make sure to piss a few times before you take the test to make sure its clear . never failed me.