Hey Cred Forums so basically i made a thread here some weeks ago saying that a girl from uni wanted to smoke a joint...

Hey Cred Forums so basically i made a thread here some weeks ago saying that a girl from uni wanted to smoke a joint with me.
If you guys remember i was a little bit afraid because i had never smoked weed (i thought it would make me stupid). So there you have, today was the day i accepted the invitation and smoked weed for the first time, we bought it together from a "good" dealer (i didn't pay a single cent so that was nice), we rolled a blunt and i smoked it all. It wasn't bad i actually enjoyed it quite much but the problem is i didn't feel "high" or "stoned", i just laughed a little bit and felt kinda relaxed. Then i went home kinda confused. What are your thoughts on this first time Cred Forumsros?

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you need to inhale properly

Glad you didn’t puss out. I thought you were gonna geek.

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well it makes everyone stupid so it's balanced. and sometimes you don't get high the first time. unless you smoke a dub. then you'll probably get high for sure but nobody does cuz they're posers

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Vote for Trump and stop being such a trepidacious pussy


You gotta take deep breaths

That's not because you magically don't get chemically affected by thc the first time.
They just don't know how to inhale.
The first time i smoked i got so high i fell down 3 flights of stairs, laid on a lawn, puked 7 times and then took a 4 hours walk home yelling at pedestrians on the way.

That might say more about me than the actual high, but my point is. It has to burn in ur chest.

Its not being high its absolute overdose.

If your serious....
Tell her you never got high before and start off slow.
Like take one pull and wait at least 2min

This, my first time smoking weed I hit a fat bong hit then played dark souls and died over and over again for 3 hours straight and still had fun. Bongs are joints though, you can’t really fake a bong rip.

weed is good but i digress as long as you use in moderation

I remember

Did you at least bang her? You did make it right?

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same here

are we on here too often?

you just puffed it. so you wasted weed and didnt get high. buy a pack of cigarettes and practice inhaling down to your lungs. then you get high with that girl and you give her the dick. good luck

It usually takes a few times before you really start getting high from it. Maybe offer to pay for the second one if you want to hang out with her more and try again. After three or four sessions you should be feeling it, and you can probably hook up with her by then too. Stoned sex is pretty nice.

smoke more OP

>that ''joint'' in the background

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If it’s his first time getting high his dick might not work. Just a warning OP. I would smoke by myself first before for some people it destroys libido

That sounds like a good evening, i remember my first bong rip, i puked in my friends trashcan.

Was a great evening though.

>for some people it destroys libido
Might be happening to me, I've always jacked of and smoked every night for years, but lately I just want a glass of warm milk and hop into bed.
It's like I was fucking castrated if it wasn't because I can still see them it would be the only explanation.
Any info on this or has anyone experienced the same ?

what are you 12 why didn’t you try Vicodin or oxy
by law pot is more addictive than crack and more deadly than heroin

thats sad to hear. it's weird how it affects us all differently. for example I hate having sex without smoking because its so much better when im high, i last a lot longer when high and the whole experience is definitely more fun touching/getting touched/kissing/licking all that shit

No worries
Most people I know (including myself) didn’t “feel high” the first time they smoke weed, especially when they are not used to smoking
Usualy Its a combination of not inhaling long and deep enough and/or not bieing capable of holding in smoke and coughing.
Just make sure next time you work on your breathing
And take it easy
Try to avoid the classic paranoia when you manage to actualy get high
Usualy the paranoia presents itself In the form of “o shit I got way to high and now I don’t know how to fix it”
Just relax and if you ever freak out watch this vid


Some poeple don't get high the first time they smoke, I didn't. Give it another shot, it should feel different. If not, maybe weed isn't the drug for you

It’s very much possible. Short term use decreases testosterone. Although it balances out if you smoke frequently. You can even feel it honestly. I was incapable of getting angry for the first few months I was smoking but it’s been a couple years now and I can get still get angry when I’m high.

>Although it balances out if you smoke frequently
That's what I find weird, I've been smoking for 10 years or more and this just began happening last month or so, I can still get hard, still cum, even though much less. But it's not like it used to be, I could get hard just thinking about something and now it takes a video that really turns me on and touching my dick for a while to achieve a decent erection that lasts a minute. It fucking sucks, guess I'll need to check with an urologist, if this shit is permanent I'd rather off myself tbh.

How old are you user? Maybe you just need to watch less porn or jerk off less.

Also don't underestimate weed, I always ended being fucking paranoid after my first times and i couldn't figure out how people could be relaxed by this, it's a common problem. Don't let that be a turndown because once I got used to it, i enjoyed a lot more. So just try it a couple more times then make a conclusion

32, but I've read up on testosterone and libido and it's not supposed to start decreasing until your 40's or early 50's. Before the day it suddenly stopped even being in my thirties I could easily get hard a rock just staring at a chick on the street. That's what kills me how I could go from one extreme to the other.



bullshit, it's an aphrodisiac. it also allows you to last 10x longer.

that's called aging bro

>bullshit, it's an aphrodisiac. it also allows you to last 10x longer.
I know this, I experienced that for a long time man, nothing better than smoking a couple blunts and jacking it for two hours straight. I was just curious as if some else had experienced what I have.

Yeah but I thought it would be a slow process or something you can tell over a period of time. Not something that just happens during your sleep one night.

You smoke it with your butthole, my dude. Colon.

you didn't mention anything about it "just happening one night" and your posts are barely coherent
maybe you're smoking crack instead by accident

Sounds like you got some very weak shit.

>this just began happening last month or so
I said it as an exageration, not one night exactly but a really short period of time, also English is my third language so I'm not that fluent, sorry for that.

no problem your english is fine.
how old are you?

I always get horny when smoking weed. Orgasms are more intense too.

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Keep smoking, It usually depends in where you live but if it's legal where you are than believe me it can make life easier without addiction and you can always leave it than come back and your tolerance will reset. No one really gets fucked up your first time unless you go all out at a party and majority of the time you're confused if you where high or not the first time. The more you smoke you'll suddenly realize when you're high and when you aren't.

time for a no-fap 3 month so you can reset?
That shit is for reals man. I became inpotent for watching to much porn and jacking of to much.
Thing is with porn it also makes you get excited by watching other people fucking, when you gonna fuck someone yourself it might feel unreal compared to porn.
Try a no fap, nothing to lose.

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usa has the weakest weed i have ever tried.

t. eurofaggot

get some sour diesel. That shit is good for social interactions. Maybe you got a strain that wasn't for you? How did the girl react? Some indica-type weed makes you feel relaxed and are more suitable for chilling and goofing off to tv shows or whatnot.

You didn't end up nailing her? Think you'll get another shot? I hope you do! Try it again and be chivalrous and offer to pay half. Maybe treeat her next time?

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Just like Clinton you did not inhale

10 year smoker, 23, my libido dropped off for a minute because of serious relationship, kinda just wasn't so horny until recently it kinda just came back strong, porn and sex almost every day 3 times a day when I have time

Ok Cred Forumsros OP here. I am a complete idiot at smoking but i want to give it another try. How do i inhale properly? My eyes didn't even turn red...

Go to Jamaica than.

Simply take tokes of the smoke and don't bundle it all up in your mouth, calmly toke it 3 times than pass it around (if you're smoking with someone) than keep doing that until it's all done. Never inhale the smoke than quickly let it out treat it like a cigarette minus the quick release.

Smoke some cigs first to practice so you don't waste the weed, When you inhale you take the smoke in your mouth and while you detach the smoke from your lips, you can suck it inwards and down your lungs. Probably couldn't explain it more basic

Thanks bros i will buy a pack of cigs to practice the i will buy some more weed. Oh and for the people asking weed is not legal here, i'm an eurofag.

>kinda just wasn't so horny until recently it kinda just came back strong
How long did you suffer from the low libido ? another user here, but basically same problem.

The first time I smoked I didn't actually get high either

Smoke again

And don't smoke a whole blunt for your first time, just hit it once or twice

>bullshit, it's an aphrodisiac.

I'd say provide source, but you know there isn't one because it's all personal experience, and can vary not only from person to person but also the same person day to day.

Sometimes when I smoke weed all I wanna do is nail my gf. Other times I smoke and I just wanna paint or play vidya - I turn down any advances because it just doesn't interest me at that moment in time.

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Seems like a good enough place to ask, I've been planning on trying weed soon, but I'm really worried about throwing up. It's kind of a phobia, after some nasty incidents with booze.
How likely is throwing up, and what can I to to reduce the chances?

Throwing up isn't that common. It most affects people who aren't used to inhaling smoke, rather than the high itself.

Don't mix it with tabaco or alcohol so you don't get the "spins". Smoke slowly, take one or two hits, let it into your lungs and pass out slowly then put it down for 10 minutes and see how it affects you. You can always smoke more, but you can't un-smoke a lot.

Relax, have some chilled music on in the background and something fun to do (video games, art, cool shows). Look up fun things to do high and see what appeals to you. Relaxing is key, and write down a piece of paper "I'm just high, this will be pass in like 2-4 hours" so if you start freaking out you can look at it and calm down. The peak of the high is like 10-20 minutes in, so after that you'll be less high unless you smoke more.

Have fun user, any other questions just ask.

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