Have Insatiable lust to kill

>have Insatiable lust to kill
>illegal to kill
>what do Cred Forums?

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Grow a pair and kill yourself you edgy faggot

test it out on yourself first fagget

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Join the marines


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farm livestock

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Join army or marines. Kill people and get paid to do it.

Military was my original plan but got rejected due to autism

Kill niggers

Join the military, duh.

join the military you stupid fuck

Do not join the military. Wait. Soon.


How much longer, mein brĂ¼der?

As long as you arent a pedo, youre ok

suicide isnt illegal

>join front line military unit
There is a place for people like you.

Kill yourself edgy psycho faggot

Go fight Russians in Ukraine

Kill Yourself

you're 12 or you need meds

You ever see this TV show? Just kill other murderers.

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Become a local pedo hunter, bait pedos into trying to fuck young teens, then kill them.
Bonus points if they ain't white.

kill niggers nobody will miss them, good riddance

Let me guess?

Too much gaming in the basement? No real friends except those online?

I suggest you get out of the basement and start socializing.

Alternative is go off yourself.

kill self
or develop super weapon
kill all

Go to central American country and start killing cartel members. If you need to hunt at last hunt something dangerous and worth killing.