Ask PondMan anything. If you dare!!!!!!!!!

Ask PondMan anything. If you dare!!!!!!!!!

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When all questions have been answered.

Why do I have an ear infection?

are there frogs in your pond?

Can we join you in your wonderful pond?


>Human extinction; is it avoidable?
On a long enough timeline, it is unavoidable. Here's a list of possibilities, from soonest to latest:
>1. Threats from outside of Earth - constant threats
>1a. Large meteor impact
>1b. Gamma ray burst
>1c. Black hole or stray planet in our solar system
>1d. Extraterrestrial intelligence
>2. We could cause our own extinction - constant threat
>2a. Nuclear war
>2b. Emerging technologies & scientific mishaps
>2c. Genetic engineering
>3. Massive climate change - a few hundred to thousands of years
>3a. Human-accellerated changes, as above
>3b. Supervolcano eruption
>3c. Changes in Milankovitch cycles
>3d. Continental layout
>4. Evolutionary competition - millions of years
>5. Solar activity
>5a. Increase in solar output due to shortage of hydrogen - 1b years
>5b. Sun becomes a red giant - 8b years
>6. Destruction due to collision between Milky Way and Andromeda - 4b years
>7. End of the universe:
>7a. Heat death, if theory is true - 1 to 100 trillion years
>7b. Other ends - unknown, and no clear timeline can be established.

Pondman awesome :DDDDDDD

Because a midget coooomed inside of it

Yes they live under me and I act like their roof.

Pondman will live on long after the death of the universe just when the last light in the universe fades away all that will be left is darkness and pondman in his pond just vibing

No we fucked. But I will live on in my pond to tell the tale of you user. Don't worry.

I can see that my PondMan wisdom is already rubbing off onto you my child. Go swim and be free inside my pond.

Yes you may. But only if you take the holy pond baptism of banishing all material objects and becoming one of my frog children.

How do you keep your toenails from turning orange?

pondman what are those bubbles coming up from between ur legs?

this or shampoo/water got in your ear and didn't come out

I don't have toenails, because I feed the frogs with them.

Last nights Indian takeaway.

I am a spic that would like a white woman, where do I begin and what does my chance look like?
Blacks are no good and neither are latinas that swell up and get fat,
I don't want an Asian,
just a white woman
help, Pond Man.

life and death these things do not matter to pondman he is simply above it, he has being spectating the events of the universe unfold for aeons
Just. in his pond he was here before the universe and shall be here after

I wish to frolic with the there room for me under your roof?

Stop all the redpill and Alpha bullshit if you are doing that. Be who you want to be, eat healthy, go to the gym, get some interesting hobbies and live your own life and take control. Then women will come to you.

My frog child knows the way of the PondMan. Good luck to your mortal life young one.

Give away all those material possessions, dumb them outside of all things unholy and into the hands of the unfortunate. Then you can be with me under my "roof".