Scientists claim this is the last thing you see before you die

scientists claim this is the last thing you see before you die

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these are some nice feet

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Well I guess I'm going to quit smoking and start healthier life style habits. Thanks user.

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I fucking hope not! You malignant cunt!

good for you, but your fate is inevitable, also here's a better quality

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succumb to Jasiri

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Oh my!

I'm having no problem with this

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Well... i'm here, sooo... what do you mean with >What I did wrong... ?

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hey ritaman, glad to see you here

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insulting people around for no reason, if i recall correctly you told someone to kill himself, you lied about the fact that my "eye" friend commited suicide a week ago, you deny all this when presented with solid evidence

this is a fucked up thing to do, and you don't get to play it off as a joke, you got to grow up and realize what you're doing isn't right.

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thank, but now I have to go again.

I hope you're doing good

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and yeah, i know the eyes guy is you too, i don't get the reason to claim such fact
see you around, fam

yeah i'm doing alright, haven't had the time lately due to dumb reasons, but i should have a lot of time on my hands after work, so hopefully i'll see you in the next few days, glad to see you again

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imagine being american kek

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No Jasiriposter, i would NEVER do something like this. The person you are talking about... it's not ME

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imagine me not being american
how dumb do you think i am?

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You realize that i'm Gumball user... right? And as i said, i would... NEVER!!! Do something like this to you. I don't really know what's happening, but i meant what i said, i would NEVER do something like this... Never. Do you belive me my friend... Please?

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yes, you're also the eyes guy, you're also pic related, you're jotne, and you're the unikitty
its not a coincidence that some of these guys are at the thread at the same time, now please, stop trying to deny the facts.

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> Truth:

Yes ok, it's me, But... i didn't meant to be mean. And i am really sorry my friend. And..... are you mad at me... Jasiriposter? Ó~Ò

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thanks for this site, 10/10, though its clearly a lie, as Jasiri is everything.
yep, what you did is wrong, even if you didn't mean it, you got to think before you speak, as you clearly don't give a shit about other people's feelings, feel free to keep chatting with people here, just remember to behave

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But if you knew it was me... why didn't you say anything... ? You should tell me that you KNEW it was Me... Ù~Ú

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why should i claim "hey, i know its you, all these guys"
i thought it was obvious you were going by different images

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Yes. It's me, but... please... don't be mad at me, i can't handle to not be your friend. I'm sorry Jasiriposter. But... if you want... i can leave... if you don't want to see me again. I just want you to know that i will always miss you and i didn't mean to hurt you Bro... Ú~Ù

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Fuck I thought I had to join some shit foam or discord to find this level of cringe RPing

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its alright dude, as i said, just behave
this ain't rping, atleast not on my part, i only post Jasiri pictures.

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Yes, yes, yeyeyeyeyesssss... yes, i can behave, but... to who... ?

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to those you respect and seek respect from

or you know, to people in general, since its common sense

either way, im gone for today, see you later

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Ok my friend, i will. And I see you tomorrow Ú~Ù

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scientists claim this is the last thing you see before you die

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scientists claim this is the last thing you see before you die

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Hopefully it's this.

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