Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote for Trump again

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote for Trump again.

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He's done everything right, and the US is better now (with the exception of idiots who do shit despite him, but that's not his fault).

You should vote for him. Not only that, but EVERYONE other than extremist libs will vote for him. November 2020 is going to be a blood bath, and the blood will be blue.

Idk, makes you a shill for the corporate class? Makes you an idiot rejecting the history of American freedom and opposition to tyranny? Fall for the trap again? Idk. I'm sad all you losers are so goddamn blind

Because then you would be a same fag.

he can't spell

What's the alternative?

Zyklon ben supports him. You should too

the alternative is someone who knows how to spell, something that trump can't quite grasp

He's going to win anyways because the party he submits to currently has control of the U.S. federal government.

Doing right by his Jew allys. I respect that shit. MAGA 2020

I did not vote last time because honestly Trump would've been the better choice but couldn't bring myself to actually vote for him but this time I'm voting for him and campaigning to my friends just because of how triggered he makes all the snowflake faggots

He's getting tons of votes just because of how badly it pissed off that cunt pelosi

Because he hurt your feelings?

And who would that be?

Is there even one good alternative to Trump this time?

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isn't it pathetic that trump can't be included in the list of people that can spell?

Tiny mushroom dick

Anarchy now? I bet people would be a lot more polite if murder was legal.

All the willing factual inaccuracies.
aka, lies. Like, things where you have facts, and then you have "not facts", and he presents "not facts" as "facts".
Also, when he cherry picks data that supports his narrative of "me good". Annoys the fuck out of me.

Voting independent now. More middle ground, less medievally religious and corrupt bullshit.


For one thing, he never built the wall he promised.

Then, it's actually good that he never built the wall he promised because it was a retarded idea in the first place.

>He's done everything right, and the US is better now (with the exception of idiots who do shit despite him, but that's not his fault).
"Economy" better - but not for people who are paid wages
"More employed" - if you cherry pick months. But not otherwise. Then less.
Less freedom for the individual, but big corporations get to have less regulations. Because thats what we needed.
"Drain the swamp" - yet more corruption than ever according to Transparency International
fucking fucking fuck.
Fuck that fucking fuck.

It'll be built after the next election, dumbass. Everyone knows that.

Insulting people makes them dig in like a tick, they'll do it JUST because you insulted them. I guarantee if Hillary never called Trump supporters Deplorable, he never would have won. If you get emotional, don't expect others to react rationally. Read about the 3 Rhetorical Appeals.

How are spelling errors relevant?

It's more pathetic that this is your only argument, and it's not even a good one.

It's more pathetic that you can't answer. Tell us what you would consider a good alternative.

um maybe because he got impeached last month for paying Ukraine like a half billion to arrest the other candidates?

Got any examples?

It's all they have. It's sad really.

The wall was a metaphor.

I thought by now you would understand what Impeach means?

Because youre dumb enough to ask this place

he’s gotta pay them back some national support for the child sex party they fronted him

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No, it won't.

No, it wasn't.

Because the system cannot be reformed, which four years of Trump should have taught you. The bureaucratic state, the kritarchy, and the secret police have all worked to stymie every worthwhile initiative he proposed in his campaign. Where's the wall? Why aren't the troops home? Where's the deportations? Where's the birthright citizenship ban and the end to worker visas? New NAFTA, same as the old NAFTA. Nothing has improved on any of the important fronts, but he can find the political capital to let criminals out of prison, assassinate foreign generals without provocation, and force Botswana to accept homosexuals.

I don't blame Trump for this entirely. He's one man, surrounded by hostile, deceptive advisors and even more hostile people outside that inner circle. But it goes to show that nothing can be improved at the ballot box.

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>No, it wasn't
Not an argument. All that response proves is that you will irrationally oppose Trump no matter what, and that you have no intention of using logic.

What's to argue?

People were promised a beautiful, concrete and steel wall with barbed wire on top, on the Mexican border. With Mexico paying for it. Literally. Not metaphorically.

None of it happened.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are good indicators of a person's level of intelligence and education, generally.

because the world will continue to laugh at your stupidity

Calling other people snowflakes while voting for the biggest snowflake in denial there is.

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because your vote isn't that important, he'll win anyway and you could be doing something productive like hating niggers, beaners and chinks.

Einstein couldn't spell for shit. Next argument.

Can you show me where he made those specifications?

>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote for Trump again.

For more of this:

Just vote for the candidate that causes the most butthurt

I would say spelling isnt very important to someones overall success. My old boss who was worth 100 million couldnt spell for shit. (actually hes the father of the music producer greg kurstin) I edited his memos and stuff, ridiculously bad.

Doesnt matter much.

>Einstein couldn't spell for shit.
Because it was his second language. Not because he was a retard.
Trump has 2020 and i don't care but at least defend your bro appropriately you sperg.

>the constitution

funny,considering trump has took a giant shit all over the constitution

Focusing on spelling is dumb. Look up a list of successful people that couldn't spell for shit. Its long.

its funny how trump can only look strong and tough in cartoons,because in real life.he's another wimpy left wing cuck

>I don't think it's important that the president knows how to spell

Usign Eisnteins speling as a agrument for trump is dumb to.

>american freedom

>voting for a president who doesnt want freedom of the press and the right to bear arms anymore

choose 1,trumptard

trump supporters literally defending illiteracy. how fucking cucked can you get?

oh right,another daddies boy like drumpf

>doesnt matter much

maybe to the people who are just as stupid as donald trump

Its literally not. Probably alot of them couldnt. The public just doesnt see that. They have people for that, just like any powerful person.

Not einstein. You are choosing to ignore that its lots of successful people.

As the point about english not being his first language is a valuable one. Look it up. Even many hugely influential writers of all people, cant spell for shit.

>successful people

this coming from the crowd who voted for a president who bankrupted a casino

id say look up the list of his failures,but like the rest of trump's idiot supporters,you'd just think its "fake news"like every other fact that makes your shit president look bad

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>the public just doesnt see that

lol,4 years straight we've made fun of trump because he cant speak and spell worth shit.not my fault your heads to far up trump's ass to see reality

16,000+ verified lies...

Pick one.

Now you are attacking the speaker, instead of addressing the point. lol. oh well.

I don't disagree that this is funny, but I want you to appreciate that you are going to go out and vote for the leader of the free world, the person with more resources at his fingertips than any other person in the world today, or ever, on this basis. I hope you are joking, and if you're not, I hope you do some self-reflection because this is seriously fucking retarded. But hey, don't worry, your vote doesn't matter anyway :)

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>My life sucks and it's Trumps fault

Cry more you little fucking cunt. Seethe more you pathetic little bitch. Whine more you inept fucking retard.

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The casino business is hugely volitile. Why dont you look at like the history of every major casino chain? They almost all have filed for bankruptcy at some point.

Why am I even doing this?

Lemmee guess, you watched the SOTU?
Maybe, hell, democrats can't run the Iowa state caucus with 170k people. Don't give them a country to play with.

>just because every other president never made simple spelling mistakes doesn't mean they know how to spell
lmao dude you're so fucking cucked you will literally defend being an illiterate retard because daddy is

Spelling/grammar errors ≠ illiteracy. And language does not determine intelligence, if you can find a reputable evidence based source stating other wise, I'll talk to you.

Your vote doesn't count during a presidential election, dickmouth.

JFK was a horrendous speller, FYI.

>Not einstein
You brought it up. It's literally the only point worth arguing over in this whole thread.
Do you think anyone will be convinced to vote one way or another in this thread?
Isn't this thread just retards reeeing each other over opinions they have instead of actual facts like every other thread on Cred Forums ?
Everyone is walking backwards and always get mad when they can see my face instead of the back of my head, turn the fuck around and look where you're going.
I honestly don't care who you vote for or even who ends up president, i've never seen one do better than another in my whole life.
I'm only interested in actual truths.

There is no good reason to not vote for him, OP.

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Lol forget it. hes just trolling, kinda badly too.

He supports Israel

I didnt say shit about einstein. that was another poster. that was a poor example. there are plenty of examples.

JFK, Fucking Ben Franklin,Da Vinci, Churchill.

My life is okay, but not because of anything that orange Turd has done. My life is not shit despite his best efforts, but not every one of my friends are as lucky. And most of them are working themselves to death.

Yeah. Trump sucks. That doesn't mean you have to suck while he's in power.

Get off your social studies high and try to become a productive member of society.

Oh. That's okay then. Since other gambling establishments are horrible, it's now okay that the moral center of the USA also is shit.

Can you give one example where he has opposed either of those?

That's not an example. Are you able to pick one and show it's a lie? Your still just making claims without evidence.

>JFK, Fucking Ben Franklin,Da Vinci, Churchill
Well done, you used good examples here's a statue just for you.
Why are you trying to argue with me? My only argument was against using Einstein as an example.
Also i found the comparison absurd. I wouldn't even compare Einstein to any of the people you mentioned.

Wait what? Since when is about the morality of gambling?

The earlier assertion was that trumps incompetence some how single handedly bankrupted a casino.

History shows us that casinos are a boom and bust business by thier very nature.

Hell, even Caesars filed not too long ago.

I could list the hundreds of awful things he has done that makes the life of the average person, not only in america but in the whole world, worse, in exchange for his own personal gain, but I think that it is pointless because you won't care. The people voting for Trump aren't doing so because they benefit from his presidency (only the super-rich does), they do it because they are brainwashed and/or malicious, it is too late for them.

Ben bappity bappity Garrison

You know it doesnt matter who wins unless your a billionaire on wall street
So go ahead and vote for orange man people who get mad at this shit are idiots

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You cant blame that on Trump. He tried every which way to get funding for it. The dems and weak willed (at the time) reps are to blame for not getting the wall built.

Better than supporting Pakistan, but not as good as glassing both.

Fuck me i forgot your statue.

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You moved the goal post because you saw yourself losing the original argument, which was questioning Trump's intelligence based solely on his spelling and grammar. Nice try.

well, get ready for another 4 years of making making fun of shit that ultimately doesn't matter because you're a bitter fuck, grasping at straws

See how he also did the ol' why are we even arguing about this thing?

Do you honestly not see yourself how your response here does nothing but prove how low the left has stooped?

Your either a paid russian shill, a trump supporter or really fucking stupid.

It's like the tearing up of Trump's speech. "Hey guys, we have forgotten all that hoity toity "rise above" stuff and really like being angry idiots. Why don't you join us in the party for literal kindergartners?"

the party is submitting to him, but i agree

President promises shit to get elected and then forgets promise vs president who promises shit and actively attempts to fulfill promise despite house that had members calling for impeachment since day one and federal judges granted too much power by previous administrations cock-blocking him on the basis of personal sentiment at every turn.

There is a difference. And yes wall is stupid but mine fields and patrols of A-10s aren't allowed either.

By all means, vote your preference. The interesting dynamic to this election will be how the voter turnout looks if all the people who didn't participate last time have a real option besides just Crooked Hillary and the Orange Derp.

He is a treasonous piece of shit


Because you’d troll the red states hard af

Does it matter? The electoral college is already set and will be voting the majority party in regardless how the public votes, in this case it's Republican

You do you.

I think its incredible that we managed to choose someone as illiterate and with little knowledge about the surrounding and distant world. Aside from the embarrassment of him speaking or appearing live, its fine enough. I'm a rich dude and wont get damaged or impacted negatively by republicans in power.

But I acknowledge that other people than myself might not have much fun with it.

Because YOU made a false claim, and YOU'RE an idiot.

>which was questioning Trump's intelligence based solely on his spelling and grammar
Different user anon.
I have no opinion on his intelligence because i've never had a one on one conversation. Only second hand and 3rd party reports on his intelligence. All of which fueled by agenda one way or another. Until i sit down over a glass or smoke or whatever the fuck he chills out with i'll withhold judgement. Even then it'd probably take a good few weeks before we get comfortable enough to assess each other as people rather than tools to use for our purposes.

the election process is just a puppet show to distract the american people. it's already decided who is winning, hopefully they put on a show as good as 2016, but i fear it'll be as dull as 2012

what false claim did i make?

Who is Nixon?
Who is Reagan?
Who is Bush?

In your native language.
And anyway, it's about adopting a convention through years of repetition so it correlates with education, but not with intelligence.

Bernie 2020 btfo incels

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Massively based.

Can you give one example? I keep asking you guys to give examples but then you stop responding. It's like you heard that somewhere and never bothered to do any research?

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>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote for Trump again.
He makes us look silly on a global scale and that's supposed to be important and junk. Realistically nothing anyone could post would convince you to not vote for him if you've already made up your mind. I still hope most anons are just meme'ing about this stuff.

I think the defeated OP is long gone, user.

Sure bud.

>The electoral college is already set
You literally know nothing?

Google is your friend.

>He makes us look silly on a global scale
>Protip you already looked silly since the 1950's

I'm not even talking to OP, I'm responding to someone who posted less than 5mins ago.

No that's not how it works. You made a claim, and it is your responsibility to provide evidence for your own claim. Thank you for confirming my suspicion that you're talking out your ass.

That's not how meme arrows work and that doesn't mean we should strive to continue to look bad.

Lol what country are you from?

Again showing to whom exactly the Dems have catered. I'd rather share a party with rednecks than people like you.

Which is a fucking travesty.

He´s incompetent:
a 75yr old business man with no previous political experience is suddenly filling the most complicated and important job in the world. There is nothing in his past that would indicate that he would be good at this. Running a country is not like running a business. Far more complicated and nuanced.

He´s immoral:
He´s entire life is a testament to his lack of morals and values. We know he lies more then any person. Some of his lies don´t even make any sense.

Sure thing, kiddo.

Go back to plebbit

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There is none.

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I didn't make the claim that was another user. And that applies to stuff like making up polling numbers or specifics about caloric deficits, but not something as common knowledge as grab'em by the pussy, or making fun of disabled reporters. L2 internet

Moving goal post and a straw man all in one, just like a professional.

I can't. If you like what you're seeing you deserve him and everything he will bring on you and the people you love.

I think I'd be okay with Tulsi, but no way in hell she's getting the nomination.

Are you sure you voted for trump the first time?

There is no electoral college until the candidates win nomination.

No that applies to basic debate, you have no idea what you're talking about. If you make a claim, you provide evidence that's debate 101.

- Dismantling environmental protections to allow companies to pollute more for profit, spreading lies that global warming etc is not real or not a problem etc.
- Discriminating against certain countries, religions and races by f.ex. denying people from there entry even if they are American citizens
- Undermining the democracy and justice system of the US by f.ex. sabotaging his impeachment trial by having his party deny witnesses etc.
- Threatening world peace by escalating conflicts with other countries like Iran for no good reason.

That's some of his worst offenses but it's kind of just a drop in the bucket.

Has president Trump done something wrong? Seems to me like the country is running just fine with him in charge.

Right but there isn't really much to debate on the subject, that's like debating the color of grass. You don't need citations to know it's green. You don't need citations to know Trump acts like a 5 year old.

Everyone of these these is only bad when seen through a liberal lense.

The third one just isnt true, unless you are willing to say the dems did the same for clinton, which they did.

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Dub dub checked
I'm from shitehole scotland

You're still not providing evidence, your just backing your already baseless claim with more baseless claims. Not just that but your giving opinions not facts, you should really read about rhetoric and how basic debate works before talking out your ass on the internet.

How is there less freedom for the individual? Trump supports legalized weed and has done actual work on prison reform.

So it's conservative to allow companies to pour cancer causing chemicals into our waters?

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Mega based.

That's not even close, wtf are you talking about

>Trump Supports Legalized Weed
>Hires AG's that are strictly anti-weed
Choose one faggot

How so?

That's not a good comparison at all, and you're stating an opinion. You still refuse to give evidence, so without further information I have to assume you don't know what you're talking about.
>You don't need citations to know it's green.
That's the same logic flat earthers and antivaxx use.

Its conservative to not over burden business with regulation.

user posted the same word for word on several threads. Probably a setup for the next democrat hoax.

Trump can't read because he's bad at spelling?


You've got to be a troll. Because if that comment is serious, then you seriously havent been paying attention.

Us liberals don't need facts or logic, those are what facists use. We use emotion and verbal gymnastics to show you the truth.

>That's the same logic flat earthers and antivaxx use.
No, it isn't, and this isn't a debate. Do I really need to cite both the pussy grabbing incident and him making fun of that one reporter? Are you that willfully disingenuous?

And for this election all the right has to do is nothing. The left is doing all the work for them.

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Is that going to be your excuse for not providing evidence to your claims? I've asked 5 different anons to show some evidence and not a single one of you has followed through.

>why I shouldn't vote
Posting Ben Garrison means you're so far out of touch with reality, you probably shouldn't vote at all.

Oh no, it's retarded

You're still not doing it. I keep asking and all you guys do is insult and evade.

Holy fuck, holy shit you actually want your country run by an illiterate retard? Fuck me.

The only real one is Iran.

Not sure if trolling, or just AOC...

Learn how to follow a thread before replying please... But let me guess, youre going to evade this just like your other liberal pals in this thread.
Libertarian you inbred hick

I'm phone fagging right now so just look up "Jeff Sessions Cannabis"

So killing the leader of the largest terrorist organization in the world is bad? But when Obama did it, it was ok? Do you guys seriously not see the hypocrisy?

There are none.
There are a great many reasons you SHOULD vote for him, so enjoy doing so, user, and enjoy making America greater still.

Trump lies about his second amendment support. He started off his presidency stating that the attack on the second amendment would no longer be an issue while he was in office. So far he has advocated for state and federal risk protection law (aka red flag). He attempted to ban bumstocks via an executive order. He has stated that he does not approve of the private ownership of suppressors. Now trump is back on the campaign trail telling his constituency that he once again is their second amendment advocate and champion. I personally will only vote for a candidate who truly supports our bill of rights. Which means im probably not voting.

The government telling corporations that dumping toxic waste is bad is apparently now Liberal?
Let me guess, disallowing Child labor is also very liberal

Bump stocks are not a firearm and are not protected. Can you site some sources here bud, I see a lot of claims but no proof?

I didn't support Obama doing it, either, and he wasn't a terrorist.

It's not Liberal, no. But then, that term has been buttfucked in America.

>it turns out you're a faggot op
>and faggot ops shouldn't take part in civil society

Historically yes. Woodrow Wilson was the one who helped pass the Fair Labor Standards Act, and he was Democrat.

"At the direction of the President, the U.S. military has taken decisive defensive action to protect U.S. personnel abroad by killing Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. "

there were 654 miles of walls and fencing, to that around 66 miles were added, just a another 1300 to go

Watching you guys move goal posts that you'd be having shit fits over if it was a demo is hilarious

Top Kek

well, since they are not consecutive, the current world leader in walls and length is israel, outperforming the vanished german democratic republic by a lot despite it's marginal size
walls are the future man and everyone who knows their shit let's the israeli built them, that's why letting trump do this is a failure to begin with

Nomad is love, nomad is life.

So you're just going to ignore my question? You're now the 7th person I've asked to provide evidence, and the 7th to insult and evade. It's not moving the goal post. You claimed that banning bump stocks was an example of a breach of the 2nd amendment. The 2nd grants us liberty to form a militia and bare ARMS without infringement. A bump stock is not a weapon and therefore not protected under the 2nd, meaning your statement was factually incorrect.

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Because he literally has no moral center, no conscience and is interested in nothing but his own self advancement.

He would eat your spleen if he thought it would help and when your family complained he would tell them it was their fault somehow.

If you want to be ruled by such a one, do what you must, but however powerful or successful his is, you cannot even pretend he is a good person.

All blood is blue fuck nut.

Is it bigger than the great Wall of China? Not arguing just curious.

So trump needs another 20+ terms to complete the wall?

No it's not, not even all the blood in your body is blue.

Can you give some facts and evidence? Or is your intelligence limited to emotional reactions?

get out of here ayyy trump support red flag law trump not a fan of silencers and wants to do something

I've asked 8 anti-trump anons to provide evidence in this thread and not a single one has followed through. This is why you are losing. Regardless of being right or wrong you MUST know how to back up your own claims, otherwise you compromise the integrity of your point and fail to change anyone's mind. Please research the 3 pillars of rhetoric before talking out your ass.

Why does trump make a good president?

>>it must be true, the government said so!

I responded to the other guy here... Same is true for silencers. Not a weapon or ammo, not protected.

That's not an argument, it's an opinion and a baseless one. Your paranoia is not a defence.

That's a myth, the blood vessels are blue, not the blood inside it. Blood is super dark red almost black until it contacts a large amount of open air, then it becomes classic blood red. trump second amendment support 2016

it entertains rest of the planet

But I provided you the evidence for my side, how about you do the same? Are you even able to?

Nah. Nothing will change your virginity status.

Post an unbiased source then. Of course the government would say he's a terrorist. Doesn't mean he is.

>mental gymnastics.png

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Because he's ginger.

>lol, no

racism, sexism, orange man bad, the usual stuff.

He doesn't give in to the SJWs

Whites are going extinct and crying boomers and incels can’t stop this fact. You lose.

Yes he is in favor of our 2nd amendment rights, and this video supports that claim. There's still no proof for any of the other claims made here

Do you have proof of bias? That's another claim based on your own opinions. What do you consider to be an unbiased source?

Proof please.

My life is virtually the same as before. Same pay, same healthcare. Im not even in a party. I just want things to be shooketh. Good or bad. Im tired of sameyness. I'm going to vote yang as a complete goof.

Unbiased sources don't exist, this has been scientifically proven.

All I know is that any time a democrate mentions guns, gun slaes go up because yall can't hold your shit on any change they propose. Trump does the same thing and suddenly it's okay. Party blindness is killing the country.

I'm all for the 2nd ammendment but there's nothing wrong with red flag laws. If someone is documented as violent, no, they shouldn't have a gun.

trump's time is nearly up.

where about in Scotland, im an ayrshire cunt

Yang actually seemed kinda cool

I'm not liberal I'm not sure why you think that.

>ayrshire cunt

>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote for Trump again.

He raped little girls.

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Agreed. And there are still ways to get off these lists, it's pretty hard to get on these lists, and it's not like you're on it forever.

Prove it or don't say it.

He is a total idiot.

Still making baseless claims, never providing proof. This is why you're loosing.

I’m voting for Bernie. Not because I agree with his policies, but because I wanna see how much damage he can do in four years.

I'm so confused
why is there a Ben Garrison cartoon on Cred Forums w/o jew faces shooped into it?

Every thime Trump opens his mouth he says a pile of things he can't prove, because they're lies.

If you cared about proving things, yadda yadda

>More employed" - if you cherry pick months. But not otherwise. Then less.

Incorrect. His first term compared to Obama's employment was higher.


You have a point princess

You're still not providing any evidence. Until you can prove it it's just a baseless opinion. I never said I supported Trump or anyone else, I'm just asking you to prove your claim and it seems like no one in this thread is able to do that.

>Still making baseless claims, never providing proof. This is why you're loosing.
I never made any claim other than you all look silly to the rest of the world. Which is supported by any media outlet outside of the U.S and every opinion of people who live outside the U.S with the excewption of immigrants who are moving to the U.S
They obviously haven't seen the news.
>Protip this has nothing to do with Trump

Well if you cuck libs would stop cock blocking him at every turn he would faggot.

Not an argument.

>>ITT shills shill to shills shilling shit

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Gonna call bullshit of that one. I have a Mensa certification for a IQ 0f 134 and I can't spell for shit.

That's cool and all, but do you have evidence of that? Until you can prove it, you're assuming all of that. Have you actually looked at the numbers or are you just talking out your ass?

Post it

Ornj men bedd
>shill harder you liberal faggot

Yeah, sure just let me dox myself. Would you like my ID as well?

You can blank out the name. But also yes

Because he's a lying, cheating, stealing criminal piece of shit. His state of the union was mostly lies or taking credit for things Obama did. He also wants to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. Anything else you need?

>fuck you butthurt nigger/niggerlover

Yea, how about some evidence to back up your baseless claims? I've now asked 10 people in this thread and no one has followed through. This is why you're losing.

Sure thing gonna post my social too for good measure

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I wish one of you liberal idiots was in st louis. I'd drive to you just to laugh in your face in person.

>he lies to you every day
>you're a moron if you think he doesn't cheat on his taxes
>is being forced to pay back some 2 million he stole from his charity
Yeah I know right it can't be that you are just willfully ignorant

you shouldn't vote at all it's rigged

Why would you go out of your way to embarrass yourself even further


I know I hear them from behind their keyboards but when I am out and about wearing my trump hat they are nowhere to be found

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Way easier to type "fuck trump" in all caps than to actually do anything.

it's cool Cred Forums automatically blocks it out watch


try it

How can I be ignorant of something that has no evidence. Until you provide evidence, it's just another baseless opinion.

But that's ok, you'll keep making excuses and never provide anything. I've come to terms with that.

Define weapon? anything that can be used to harm another is a weapon. The government should have no control over what we can use to over throw them. Ban bump stocks but give me military grade automatics. The 2nd amendment was put in to place so the civilians could have the same weapons as the military. How can I form a proper militia with out tanks!

>stupid faggotry

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>His stance on climate change is an actual existential threat to continued existence of our planet
>His cognitive state is clearly rapidly depreciating
>shills harder for Israel and all their kike cohorts than any other world leader on the planet
>in terms of the policies being implemented hes indistinguishable from any other neoliberal
>he continues to institute austerity measures that immiserate the white working class
>hes a fucking zionist warhawk
>has failed to implement any of his campaign promises
Fuck Cred Forums i get that youre racist, but that doesnt mean you have to have the mindset of geriatric boomer trumpist. I thought you guys were neets who love free shit, and hate Israel. I cant stand the dissonance of you niggers.

>That's cool and all, but do you have evidence of that?
I submit this entire thread as evidence.
>Until you can prove it, you're assuming all of that.
It's not an assumption at all, if anything it's the media that assumes it and i report it to you. It is not my opinion but theirs.
>Have you actually looked at the numbers
I have seen zero contradictory reports by media.
Meaning 100% of media i have seen about the U.S is always portraying it as silly, stupid or some form of immature.
I withhold judgement myself because they are opinions and thus, irrelevant.
>are you just talking out your ass?
Can you please stop talking out of YOUR ass? You have literally ignored every post that isn't opinion based since the start of the thread. I found it very amusing watching the tards ree when their opinions on what is true were exposed as just that, opinions. However it quickly grew tiresome once i realized you were not going to up the game or reply to legitimate posters and i found other ways to amuse myself.
Shall i give you direct links to , say, a few uk news outlets. You will have to look through archives yourself though because i couldn't possible fit all the links to each individual time the U.S has been slandered for stupidity in the UK alone and posting just a few links would be biased which is the last thing i want to be. Or perhaps you want more foreign, non-english news outlets. Again, you will have to look through their archives yourself too for the same reasons mentioned above.

Have you been living under a rock? There's proof in the news every single day. The things he has done is not controversial, he is admitting to them himself, he is even proud of it. You can think these things are actually not bad, but you cannot claim they are false and ask for proof, that would be like asking for proof that 1+1=2.

Take for example the discrimination of people, even american citizens, originating from certain countries, this is what I'm talking about:

Or for example as for the anti-environmentalism:

>hurr durr muh evidence
if you honestly can't see the truth your opinion is worthless and convincing you serves no point. kys and save us the trouble of feeding your retarded ass

1420 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139
meet up with me fag, 10/10 you wont

Lmao yeah im absolutely terrified by some sun starved incel. 2701 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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You're replying to a post with an image defining the word "arms". Now asking me to define weapon is moving the goal post, and is completely irrelevant. Nothing is stopping you from owning a tank except money. I'm not sure where you're going with this, but it doesn't discredit what I said not does it show evidence that it was a violation of the 2nd amendment.

Hey buddy where's the evidence? Are you going to make excuses and evade like the rest in this thread, or are you actually going to post evidence to back your claims?

anyone vile conservative from anywhere in MN. hmu

Because those who have to say that the evidence will be seen or the witness will be heard, said they dont want them to be heard. And yes very obviously this is possible if the convicted person is the potus and is faggot party slave are the swamp he swore to clean up. And because of this they suck his cock, as they love power more than you, the people who helped elect them.

Still not proof, you're just posting more baseless opinions to back your already baseless opinion. There hasn't been a single post in this thread other than my own showing evidence of anything, therefore it's all opinions and no fact. Care to try again this time with logic and facts, or are you going to keep spouting nonsense?

tbh that is a joke i have tank fag thaks

>Threatens to laugh in peoples faces
>Can't afford to leave his city
Topkek user

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I don't eat mcdonalds. Its not real food.

It's a mcdonalds

>Can't ask for proof
So I'm just supposed to believe everything you say? No that's not how it works, if you make a claim YOU need to be able to provide evidence, otherwise it's a baseless opinion.
>Take for example the discrimination of people....
That's an opinion, the source just informs of the act, but shows no evidence that it was discriminatory in nature.
The other sources were good though. I'm not saying whether I'm on one side or the other, I'm just tiered of people on both sides spouting nonsense without being able to back it up. It's the end of politics when everyone makes decisions based on knee jerk emotional reactions, and insult and tell at anyone who disagrees with them. Logic, facts, and reason are the only way to change people's minds.

why would you vote for a jew-loving fag?

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Why would I waste money for that? Not travelling to laugh at idiots.

Lol, internet tough guy can't even give his real address.

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Which assertion would you like me to provide evidence for? Do you really think he believes in climate change? Do you really believe he is in any way critical of our country's relationship to Israel? This shit is axiomatic nigger, i guess youre just politically illiterate. He has an alliance with Netanyahu, and declared Jerusalem to be Israel's official capital. He's banged on the war drums for Israel hard as fuck, early in his first term with syria and then Iran. He also can't read lel. you really simping for a senile game show host zionist rn huh?

I can't believe your dumbass actually looked it up lol

Image has a Funnyjunk file name. I'm in the area, if you can prove its your address I'll be over to woop your ass in a little while.

drop a kik or something and lets do it

>Lol I was just pretending to be retarded.

I provided evidence, which you ignored as per usual. You are not intelligent when you pretend you don't subscribe to assumption. This form of debate is NOT infallible because you must assume things to continue living and thinking. For instance free will is assumed by many without any evidence to support such a claim. You assume the sun will rise tomorrow. That you will not die in your sleep. That your heart won't randomly give out. That you do not have an aneurysm waiting to happen. You have no evidence for these assumptions but assume anyway.
As i said though, here are some UK news outlets for your reading pleasure. I, unfortunately, have become inured to the ravings against america by non-americans.
Do you know the meaning of the word inured?
Shall i start on the non-english European countries?

Hear, hear

All of them, without proof they are just your baseless opinions.

>You retardedly didn't post your real address to the internet!

>Doesn't provide evidence
>Insults people who ask him to
Do you have any original thoughts of your own?

Dude its not worth it. these people are long gone lol, best just to mock em for their bootlicking lol

He just got acquitted and Pelosi handed re-election over on a platter last night.
Seethe, niggerlovers, seethe.

Nah, you want to act like an internet tough guy then post it you little bitch. Don't hide like a coward now that you're called out.

He said publicly he believe climate change is a chinese conspiracy. In 2016 Trump signed a memorandum with Netanyahu granting Israel $33 billion in Foreign Military Financing grants plus $5 billion in missile defense appropriations) to Israel, dwarfing any president in the past.

How's that universal healthcare and a 10% tax cut working out for you, buddy? Isn't it great that Mexico is paying for the wall, student loan debt has been forgiven, and the wage gap has shrunk? So proud of our president for condemning third world dictators and protecting the environment from cooking like a fried egg, too.

Bro AHAHHAHAHAHAHH, i literally told u you can drop me a way to contact personally and ill prove im there. We can do it in the streets or in front of my place. Come on I want this!

No and you still haven't posted proof, just more baseless opinions to support your other baseless opinions. Those are just the front pages of news outlets. Thanks for confirming you're lazy opinions are based on absolutely nothing. And you think Americans are dumb? lmao Stay salty.

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>b-but uhhh-uhhh what evidence do you have for that claim?

You're still just making claims without proof. You can talk all day but until there is proof, it means nothing.

Trump is a retard that attracts retards. If you support him, you're a retard, retard.

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Sure bud, all you have to do is prove it. You're a pussy, now everyone knows it



I think I get what youre doing now, and im right and it its satiric seriously props

Are you really trying to defend baseless accusations? Lol remember guys Logic and Fact is the enemy of the left.

drop your kik already homie

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How is asking you to back your claims satirical? Why is it so far fetched for you guys to actually prove what you're saying? Alright, I'm tiered of arguing with idiots, if you want to remain ignorant I guess that's your right to do so.

"In 2016, the U.S. and Israeli governments signed a new 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on military aid, covering FY2019 to FY2028. Under the terms of the MOU, the United States pledges to provide $38 billion in military aid ($33 billion in Foreign Military Financing grants plus $5 billion in missile defense appropriations) to Israel. This MOU replaced a previous $30 billion 10-year agreement, which ran through FY2018. Dwarfing aid distributed by previous administrations."

Cool, thanks for confirming. You should be expecting 2 grams of cocaine to show up at your door next week, followed by the DEA after I tip them off that my neighbor is selling drugs. One less liberal vote haha.

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Mailed to my door? but you dont know my full name lol? dude ive never seen someone pussy out in such a cartoonishly hilarious manner

There you go. Now how hard was it to post that with your original comment?

Don't need your name, that's not how ordering drugs from the Dark Web works. Just gotta post it with an obviously fake alias, making it look like you ordered it under a false name. Don't worry bud the DEA will explain it all to you.

>Those are just the front pages of news outlets.
Precisely, as i said earlier you will have to go through their archives and find ME a contradictory statement because YOU are ASSUMING and CLAIMING that there MUST be one that DOESN'T paint the U.S as silly or immature.
>And you think Americans are dumb?
I literally told you i don't think that.
This is YOUR baseless OPINION ignoring actual FACTS that you can check in this very thread.
I have never once felt, thought, assumed or claimed Americans were any less intelligent than anyone else. You assumed i did.
>lmao Stay salty.
Topkek when you just behaved like every other sperg in this thread, i can do that too because high entropic states are very easy to maintain. I'll show you an example.
>The only thing salty about me is my ballsack which is being licked clean as we speak by your dad while your mom sucks the remaining salt out of my testicles. They are doing such a good job that my body is going into hyponatremia. We call this the blue plate special.

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Not how it works bud, if you make a claim it's your responsibility to prove it. Whatever dude I'm tiered of arguing with idiots. If you want to remain ignorant I guess that's your right.
>We call this the blue plate special.
Fucking A that's good.


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