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Trading furs and RP’ing :)

Wickr buttplease

No ferals please!!

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Hello :3
I wish a good evening everyone here

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hello user, same to you

what do you like to rp about?

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Attached: 2826.png (3508x2480, 1.43M)

Hello, thank you :3

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furry girls are for headpats and snuggles

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...NO furry gf or bf... life is empty with this realizing

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start saving for your robo fur waifu now, they ain't gonna come cheap

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Interesting alternative

But I am still attached to the possibility that I will meet A) someone who would be willing to tolerate and permit furry stuff B) someone from the furry community

possibility A) has more hope

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Anything really! Just an average furry

it's not too hard to find furries these days, especially through the internet
I think it's more if you can tolerate them, lotta weirdos in the community

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I kinda miss when people would rp in these threads, I'm not really one to join in myself but it was entertaining to watch

most folks prefer private discords or w/e these days I guess

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Unfortunately, I must agree

I'm not an example of normality myself... But most people in the community discourage me to get involved more.

All I need are my short stories and RP somewhere on the edge of fandom. But it's hard to meet someone on the same wave

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a lot of non-furries can be pretty open to the idea if you present it in the right way
focus on the art, aesthetic, and fantasy aspects otherwise people can get the wrong impression "you wanna fug dogs lul"

I can empathize with you though, it would be nice to have a real life friend I can be a furry autismo with sometimes

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wouldn't hurt to reference longstanding anthropomorphic ideas present throughout ancient and prehistoric cultures, gives you some additional credibility

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Attached: 1511212486.chibbums_kourgirlfox.png_fox_awesome_nips.jpg (768x1280, 126K)

I know it very well ;3
It was not such a problem to introduce my gf to furry gradually... she was more or less OK with it. She liked that I had called her foxy. And so she called me Mr. fox... She did not "penetrate in furry seriously" she just knew I'm kind of latent furry. But this is the past she is "my ex" now...

I like the idea to meet someone who will have a similar opinion and will not be afraid of that "weird unknown" And even betterwill be happy over nice artworks, stories or RP...

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Damn... postapo furry is my "fetish"

Attached: _comm____traverse_by_wildering_db88621-pre.jpg (1181x677, 132K)

it's a fun theme, though I'm partial to anything furry sci-fi related

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You’re Welcome


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Yes, very interesting ;3
It's a very good basis for stories and RP... Personally, I love the concept human mercenary on the side of "furry society"

Thank you for Kacey her works are very nostalgic to me

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dragon booty

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foxy booty ;3

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nice paws!;3

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Whoa M4A2 with 76mm

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Mfw theres no Puma porn

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most artists like the visual interest that spots or stripes provide when doing big cat furs

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My Kik is femalefur btw

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good night or successful day ;3
I'm disappearing to the realm of dreams...

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sleep well, user

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Who's the artist?

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Thank you user
I hope for a nice dream ;3

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back to the grind, have a nice day floofs

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needs shark girls

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Save it!

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I want to kiss a chubby furry girl

I only have shark girls with dicks sorry