Does anybody else think word tattoos are the most cringe shit?

Does anybody else think word tattoos are the most cringe shit?

I'm personally the type who thinks there's not much worth literally drawing on your body in general, but word tattoos are the gayest

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Unless it's the name of your own child, you shouldn't ever put word tattoos on you.

Tattoos in general reminds me of the bar codes on prisoners' backs.

Just put it in Word to spell check it. Is that so fucking hard!?

I love the bad grammar in that one, though.


The 2nd Your instead of You're I've seen on tatts. The other was on a Canadian chick's foot and I took evil pleasure in telling her.

and that goes for any foreign language, kanji and any made up language as well (like Elvish from LOTR or Klingon etc).

people that get words on them are the most vapid people on earth

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Your body is a temple
If you want a mural or some graffiti on your temple that's entirely up to you. But you gotta make it good. There's nothing worse than bad tattoos... well there's a few things but I don't want to rey to think of everything worse than a shitty tattoo. But now i do want to have aome equivalents. Whats just as bad as bad tattoos.


These are some of the worst ones, what the fuck are you gonna do? Forget the name of your kid?!

dont tattoo words on yourself m8

Tattoos are cringe on a woman.

and there was a dude at my college that had a tat done in Sanskrit - it was supposed to say (something like) "the one who wanders"
what it actually said was: "I wonder the one"

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Tattoos are juvenile and ridiculous, the reasons I've heard for supposed "meaningful" tattoos are all laughable.

>your holding

Jesus christ you would have thought at least one person would have corrected the grammar. The tattooist should know better.

Lmao Id do that specifically to tell people "oh yeah I just love chicken noodle soup!"

>he doesn't like chicken noodle soup
Fuck off faggot

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only sailors and whores have tattoos

How do you know they aren't an award winning chicken noodle soup maker?

You say that like those are bad things to be rather then the noble professions they are.

without evidence of their award winning soup, I'd be wary about having it tattooed.

You'd want to get the certificate tattooed on you at the very least, right?

I'm getting a full 1to1 lifesize tattoo of my face.

On my face.

That's just silly.

It's an attention-grabbing mechanism for people who know they aren't shit and will never be shit, part of the reason why they ruin their own bodies with bullshit "aRt"


>something interesting for the fellow-idiot guy hitting her doggystyle to look at

It is the dumbest fucking shit. You instantly know that the person is a low class retard and/or attention whore.

The only people who tattoo words on their body are people who don't actually read much, and so don't realize that in 20 minutes they can consume a thousand times the inspiration actually expanding intellectual horizons, instead of literally drawing someone else's meme on your body.

tl:dr shit is simply low class.

fake and gay. only a sperg virgin would think this was real. the tattoo does't even match the menu.

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A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll get a picture of some words.

Dunno. I kinda like the bible verse on the back of pam on archer. That kind doesn't bother me much. Inspirationnal quote on the other hand are always stupid. On your skin or online it's cringe as fuck everytime

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suggest you reverse image search
it's real you fucking nigger

sweet jesus

Stupid bitch.. stupid tattooist.

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That one was dumb on purpose

massive newfag virgin detected jesus christ

Everyone has their opinions. Agreebly, it is a selfish/vain choice to make.

>has 6 tattoos
>Face of a Lion
> Thors hammer-milnir
>Yiggdrasil-World tree
>Valkary-Nordic Angelic being
>Bioshock chains-"A man chooses a slave obeys

I'm a follower in CHRIST as of 2018. Can't undo the past. But I have them still for a reminder.

Word tats are okay, but biblical ones make me cringe.

That is literally taking a quote of holy scripture & making a graven image.

But hey, let people live & learn.

>Thors hammer-milnir
Look at this fucking idiot.

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waifu tats are.

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lol, I've seen this before, but I just realized he misspelled disrespectful.

Also "deceiver" lol
Dumb mexicans

I get why he did this, but now everytime she sees him shes reminded he cheats with whores.
That relationship is done.

based with a spoon full of cringe

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>pawprint on my ass cheek
>fma ouroboros (without the jew star) on my thigh

I'd like to get the pulsar map form the voyager gold disk on the back of my leg, am I degenerate?

But the tattoo doesn't match.

You have eyes, use them.

I was at Chinese restaurant and a chick with Asian tat was asking waiter what her tat meant. Getting something permanently scarred onto your body, you'd think you'd make damn sure beforehand.

Nose piercings. First glance hey always look like your snot dribbling or have a massive zit.

This. And when Alzheimer's sets in and this might be a possibility you're not going to be a read it off your wrinkly ass.

*spits on you*

may you never reach valhalla christfaggot

kek what a dumbass

I read & write moon runes, and probably a good 10% of the tattoos I see are awkward, miswritten or written backwards.

this is a good tattoo

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it’s illegal damn son


fuck that's hot. but why would one get a pawprint on their ass? love of dog cock?