What's the most evil thing you've done?

What's the most evil thing you've done?

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Threaten to dox my friend for ignoring me, I regret it of course but it verifies I'm one sociopathic fucker.

Yeah, ignoring pisses me of too

>What's the most evil thing you've done?
portuguese fast revolution on aoe3twc 2006

>be me
>be white
>vote for Trump

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I got mad at my dog for pooping on the carpet after digging through my trash and I spanked her :(

played this one cunt drunk and wrecked with half a tc out of 3 a pack of xbows and 9th shipment muskets

get wrecked schizo

legitamently what ur autistic ocuntries worth-
>funnel into losing to me in a wargame

sczhio trash garbage retards

oh man they think they are "new world royalty",
dear lord.

Voted for Trump and didn't feel bad about it.


one time I pressed the crosswalk button...

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I once bought my girlfriend a cookie and brought it to her. Then I ate it while she was in the bathroom. She wasn't pleased.

You're the reason I was waiting so long to fucking make a left turn you FAGGOT FUCKING FAG BUTT!

i killed a man


his names johnathon, grandson of thomas woodrow wilson, who also had fragile x syndrome, signed usd into existence->therefor usd ILLEGAL. he killed a pickup girl in brisbane australia, abducted, raped, tortured, murdered, dumped in a river. they found the body and some footage of him. he is holed up in pine gap australia atm shooting ppl with nsa satelite

usa=murdered for protecting it

dont ever talk to me or my son again schizos

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told kids that playing holocaust is fun.

no fucking way

>be heroin addict
>meet nice girl who doesn’t even smoke weed
>date and eventually get her to do weed then pills then heroin
>have child
>one day decide to get clean
>dump her sign away rights to child
>2 years later get career make decent money
>”user can I get some money I’m withdrawing and child needs food”
>no. Go enjoy meal at restaurant
>mfw she fucks niggers for heroin now

Had a sarcastic relationship...

Cheated on my wife with multiple prostitutes.

We weren't dating


STFU noobnoob

Are you drunk?

Grab the popcorns

I pooped in my piss drawer, pissed in my cum drawer and came in my poop drawer

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My boyfriend always says coomar when he cums
What he didn't know was that I gangbanged before we were dating xD

i made a kid who was in my highchool nearly get expelled because i didnt like him and didnt want anyone from my middle school to be in the same high school with me.

I fucked a random guy in my town and I had aids. Didn't tell him xD


Lmao you'll be dead soon haha

Happened in high school 5 years ago

>be me
>dont have school ipad
>physics class
>working together in a group
>dude in group leaves to use bathroom
>I play games on his ipad
>teacher sees
>takes ipad and deletes games
>thinks it was mine
>dude comes back
>ipad is gone
>thinks i took it
>tell him teacher saw his ipad on a game
>told him he confiscated it because of it
>other group members didnt tell him I got it taken away
>he apologizes for thinking I took it

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Aids check first for your own sake?
You might be dead as well...

How can you tell if you're inside a lucid dream or if you're in the real world?

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When I'm dreaming I can't read words the same way twice.

Cashier tells me to have a good day
Purposely don't


I can because it's not a dream, right?

absolute heracy. i love it


We don't Know

Of course you can! You just didn't believe anything was possible.

I fap to hidden cam videos of my step daughter fucking her boyfriend

threw a pinecone

I can't. When I try, every time I look back at them they're scrambled. Then I wake up.


Let a thread die by starting YLYL thread.

I was there u idiot
It was shitfest 2011

You fucking moron

Well at least someone remembers my dreams...

I fucked my daughter

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i catfished as a girl i liked. i used her name and address. pretended to be underage selling nudes.
she ended up being visited by the fbi

The city
A lame backstabbing gang
A bad feeling
I was you

I cucked a stupid faggot


This shit makes me suicidal if anything


What's your problem?

Used to massacre small birds with a pellet gun on grandpas ranch. Lots of bushes so lots of birds. Probably like 15-20 at a time. Not even trying to be edgy. Just some unethical poaching fun.

What's your problem, Oli Sykes?

I've never dreamed those things. You're a fraud.

STFU peepee

Most evil thing?
Once upon a time I used to try and be nice to people
Now they're suppression of memory and want to marry me. LMAO

It's called a reality check, there's many ways to do it.
My favorite is pinching my nose and trying to breathe through it. You can in a dream.

>raped my little sister (5) when I was (10)
>she had no idea what was going on
>I still regret it to this day

I will literally take this to my grave, I haven't told a single other soul this

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