Some german incest tribe is about to move into our peaceful neighborhood

Some german incest tribe is about to move into our peaceful neighborhood.

Any good ideas on how to bully them out?

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>its germany.

bro i just farted i may die

gas yourself, the german will get arrested

Lulwhat, germans are fun and relaxed people... you're not polish are you?

Have you tried blaming the jews?


protip: prussians got their name from the people they genocided, not themselves->

google com/search?q=Teutonic+Order&client=firefox-b-d&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAOOQUeLQz9U3MM8uNjeSzc7LTM8oUcgvSkktKlbIT1MoyUhVSC4qLU5MSS2OEoVIFyuUpOYW5CQWKSTlJCZnn2IEG2BimZV8ipELxDQyK6iyLIaKgww-xcgJYppapmRZQNnGFVlmMLZhRl5GPExNrnFKMpRtUhafnfyLUdYbm6ucoa5axMoXklpakp-XmazgD1IBAN-n-zbSAAAA&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiZppHr_rrnAhXrwTgGHRqPDu4Q_AUoAXoECA0QAw&biw=1472&bih=741

Ahaha I always knew that some brainwashed US-Nazi-SJW's will get triggered by this.

You would like Germans asses, you are a big disgrace to your grandparents who fought the nazis in WW2.

nazis were the good guys and a response to usd created by t woodrow wilson who had fragile x syndrome

under contract formation law usd=illegal, economically set off depression + 2 world wars.

nazism was a response.

set off a wave of bullshit. ongoing.

murder usd.

that comes first.

1913 not hitler. retards

schizophrenic brain damaged psychosis genetic retardation america being murdered


German-American here
How is everyone today?
The Polish aren't that wound up, they're just missing a few haystacks in the top loft.

Historically we just segregated the Jews. It's the way they liked it, it's the way we liked it. Someone messed up the schedule, something a German doesn't do.

Prussians (none catholic faggots) still survived, in the North, those pagan fucks can't be killed off that easily. Many came to America when they got the chance a few centuries later after laying low.
So many Germans fled Nazi Germany, and many fled the German Empire- mostly academics. The reason the US beat the Nazi's was in part to all the science and technical information provided by German Americans.
Nazi's were not the good guys, they were nationalistic faggots that appealed to the most common denominator at a time people were so fucking desperate. The UK were also not the "good guys" in this situation. The only "good guys" were the US unironically. And the Irish. Crazy potato niggers, I can really respect them having to deal with the Britfags for so long though.

no it was a nation that got fucked by weimer republic bullshit after ww1, both false flagged by literal genetic down (Fragile x) syndrome usa from woodrow wilson 1913usd on.

nothing they did was wrong.

usd1913 is causation

thomas woodrow wilson

its grandson is alive pine gap australia shooting civilians with emf satelite via nsa installment

stupid schizophrenic retards

dont let them forget that nazists where germans

Knock knock

go look at how many died in the gulags

bolsheviks is the real side guilt story here
nothing else.
thats why we got stalin in, stalin = good

genetic blacklist
dclxvi dclxvi dclxvi dclxvi dclxvi dclxvi

UK reporting in here , OUT of EU and no longer under control of an non democratic dictatorship and not giving a fuck about your immigration problems

I agree, Woodrow Wilson was a faggot pussy ass racist idiot.
- Screened Birth of a Nation
- Put laws in place against 'none whites'
- Sucked the British Dick all day every day
- Bent over for the FED taking over
- Pissed off both political parties
But here's the thing, as dumb and racist as Woodrow was, it was the British that caused the fuck up against the Weimer Republic. Woodrow just again, bent over and agree with whatever the Limey said.

Interesting if true

yeah edward 7 got psyopd into being a lazy fat shit by retards on a slippery slope
unironic if theyd left me alone theyd have gotten away with it

both u n ur mum are corpses

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who has the fusion festival videos?

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I'm german, commie loser

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>german incest tribe
what is this even

Well, Germans are big on moving into peaceful neighborhoods. Just live with them and occasionaly steal their cars.

it was the British that caused the fuck up against the Weimer Republic.
How'd they do this?

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Is not more your neighborhood get used to.

you got culture enricht


Screaming "Allahu akbar" usually makes them explode for some fucking reason give it a shot

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by peaceful neighborhoods you mean poland and france

Make people believe they're nazis.